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TMNT fans by DrawingMelee
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Tmntcowabunga-1-6 by joshdancato
TMNT Fan-Comic Promopic by joshdancato
We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by NATSZ
The Raphael's by NATSZ
Group pics FULL
TMNT by MasonEasleyStudios
TMNT! by geeshin
TMNT NES game cover recreation by Gekroent
Anniversary recreation commission by Gekroent
Insert punchline here by pensyl-art
TMNT Leo by joshdancato
TMNT Future Leonardo by joshdancato
TMNT-COWABUNGA-Rework-Leonardo by joshdancato
Rise Raph by XxGreenNinjaChickxX
Like a boss! by pensyl-art
TMNT Raphael Fan Art by lady-cybercat
TMNT Raffaello by joshdancato
Shelldon and Donnie by Sourraspberry
Fancy Techman by Sourraspberry
FUTURE! Donatello by Sourraspberry
Science! by pensyl-art
Mikey - pose practice by Sourraspberry
Cowabunga! by pensyl-art
TMNT Michelangelo by joshdancato
TMNT Future Michelangelo by joshdancato
Master Splinter
TMNT-COWABUNGA-Rework-Splinter by joshdancato
TiSSplinter by tisbore
Splinter by Chamoldim
Master Splinter as Mickey Mouse by VioletRose13-Art
Half a dozen turtle tots by Wildandcrazyart
Mine by Nakuru-Nebelung
01 by fonaraww
02 by fonaraww
Casey Jones
Casey Jones!! by The-nostalgia-runs
You don't need a hat, just take the mask off! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Anime Casey by Hazlamglorius
TiSCaseyJones by tisbore
April O'Neil

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O'Neil wearing April's clothes by Zaidan
Other characters
Rex-1 (1987 Fred Wolf Animated Style) by woeisoz
Bad guys
Triceraton Warrior by The-nostalgia-runs
Prequel Unexpected Delivery-- Part 1Also found on AO3:: a soft grunt, Raphael lifted the wooden crate to his shoulder and glared at his buddy's doubtful expression, "C'mon! A whole crate of soybeans to snack on while watching the game tomorrow!" Casey Jones scratched the back of his head and shrugged. "It's not what I meant by beer nuts but, if you want to eat them... Freegan away." His voice trailed off into confused silence. Casey gave a leery glance at the words branded into the side of the box, 'Perfection Farms' and deflated further. Jones nearly regained his voice by the time Raphael snorted and with a teasing tone, prodded his sports buddy. "It's just because you don't know the price of edamame. This stuff is prime. And it's healthy. In fact, it is healthier than beer nuts." If he had any doubts, Raphael wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth and he swung up onto the nearest fire escape and made for the roof. "Hey! Wait up, Raph," Casey's plaintive cry only got a grinning green face looking down from the rooftop and one lifted finger over the edge. "Really? Really, Raph?" So goaded, Casey Jones raced up the nearest fire escape and in moments the alley was empty. Just in time to miss the mutant turtle and the meat head, the back door of the yuppie dive swung open and a short man in a bow tie and apron scuttled out searching the ground. "You better get that trash in the dumpster where it belongs! I'll not have anyone thinking we use those GMO beans in our food!" His manager's shrill words sped him over to the dumpster and flipping the lid back, the waiter's hand closed over nothing while his eye's looked for space in the overflowing dumpster. After two more gropes the waiter finally looked down and noticed the missing box. "Lucille! It's gone!" Not willing to believe anything could be quite that easy, Lucille herself stepped outside for a look. The waiter pointed down at various markings near the dumpster, "Look, boots!" (Casey Jones being obviously unable to avoid stepping in mud and worse.) Lucille looks and scratching her chin sighs, "Fresh, too, Todd." Todd and Lucille look each other in the eyes, "Freeganers!" and with that Todd leads the way inside. Just before the door closes, Lucille smiles and sighs, "Bless their stingy little hearts, now if only they keep a lid on where they got those soybeans!"
Funny things
turtle-sensei by fearlarsen
If they would be humans
Crime Never Takes A Break by XxGreenNinjaChickxX
Casey and April by XxGreenNinjaChickxX

Mature Content

[FANART] TMNT Darkness Wins - Halloween 2020 by tamalero
Siren Watching | RotTMNT OC by Darkus-Woody

Mature Content

Sketch - TMNT Empress of Mean 2 Cover and Page 01 by Lady-Scorpion
Sketches and WIPs
Null for TMNT 2012 Season 6 by 4xEyes1987
Ask blogs
Ask April - Q5 by LeaderInBlue84
RPG related
*Trumpet noises* by DANDLEsecret
There is a ghost! by sampsonknight
Avatars and icon
Mikey Pixel Wink by sampsonknight
Ninja x Family by XxGreenNinjaChickxX
Happy 1st April Day!!! by Ivy95
Turtles weapons collection by Wildandcrazyart
Other ninja stuff
This is a TEST  -TMNT by whittingtonrhett
Adults stuff or rated art

Mature Content

Rise of the TMNT - Apprehensive by becky016
Contest IV: Welcome
CONTEST ENTRY:TMNT Fans by 000123456
Contest V: Evil turtles
Old contest works
I don't know where this belongs
RTW AU dump by XxGreenNinjaChickxX

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Raph by mateofugu Raph :iconmateofugu:mateofugu 6 0 Leonardo TMNT by RatGnaw Leonardo TMNT :iconratgnaw:RatGnaw 102 18 Raph and Mikey goof by Lersso Raph and Mikey goof :iconlersso:Lersso 10 3 TMNT by MasonEasleyStudios TMNT :iconmasoneasleystudios:MasonEasleyStudios 291 13 Shredder by preceptorexe Shredder :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 29 2 Mirage Shredder by preceptorexe Mirage Shredder :iconpreceptorexe:preceptorexe 6 0 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles UK Poster by ElfSong-Mat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles UK Poster :iconelfsong-mat:ElfSong-Mat 23 0 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ish 67 cover by ElfSong-Mat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ish 67 cover :iconelfsong-mat:ElfSong-Mat 28 3 TMNT- color pencils by ROSchwoe TMNT- color pencils :iconroschwoe:ROSchwoe 5 4 Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru By TMNTSisterTurtle152 by T95Master Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru By TMNTSisterTurtle152 :icont95master:T95Master 14 13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo (color) by le0arts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo (color) :iconle0arts:le0arts 512 18 Teenage mutant ninja turtle soup by kanoarogers Teenage mutant ninja turtle soup :iconkanoarogers:kanoarogers 31 4 Leo by Matou31 Leo :iconmatou31:Matou31 59 6 TMNT by ROSchwoe TMNT :iconroschwoe:ROSchwoe 7 1 TMNT Shinigami by Ayamchan TMNT Shinigami :iconayamchan:Ayamchan 212 28 Master Splinter by solitaryzombie Master Splinter :iconsolitaryzombie:solitaryzombie 24 6
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Welcome to TMNTfans group!

:tmnt1: :iconanimeace-plz-t: :iconanimeace-plz-m: :iconanimeace-plz-n: :iconanimeace-plz-t: :tmnt2:
:tmnt3: :iconanimeace-plz-f: :iconanimeace-plz-a: :iconanimeace-plz-n: :iconanimeace-plz-s: :tmnt4:

Welcome you all who are fans of TMNT, i know that here is already so much groups to TMNT series, but is there never enough of them? I hope that people will going to like from this group and you all who comes here, welcome and thanks if you add your art here :w00t!:.
If there is anything to ask, don't hesitate to take contact to me, admin :iconkharotus:

Rules of this group:

:tmnt1: Anyone can join
:tmnt2: All art should be related somehow to TMNT movies, comic books, series, characters etc. Not just of turtles, all other characters too what have been at TMNT series. Or your OC's, I just mean that anything what is even little somehow part of TMNT =).
:tmnt3: Fanart, fanfiction, pairings, drawings, digital art, adults stuff, rpg, traditional art, etc, as long as it is your art and you haven't steal it from anyone, it is welcome.DO NOT SUBMIT SCREENSHOTS
:tmnt4: To add your (as submit) or someone else art (as fave) you have to join first.
:ninja: When you have joined, mention of this group in your journal =).
:ninjastar: We try to keep 2 contest in year.
:katana: Please, try to remember to put your art in right folder, it helps much this group "masters" and it is easier to other members too :meow:

Have fun!

TMNT plz and icons:

:icontmnt: :icontmnt-plz:
:iconlaleonardoplz::icon2k3leoplz: :iconyesleoplz: :tmnt2: :iconna-leoblushplz: :iconleonardoplz::iconleototplz:
:iconladonatelloplz::icon2k3donplz: :icondonplz: :tmnt4: :iconna-donblushplz::icondonnietotplz::icondonniestacheplz::icondonnieyayplz:
:iconlaraphaelplz: :icon2k3raphplz: :iconraphplz: :tmnt1: :iconna-raphblushplz::iconraphtotplz::icon2012raphael-plz:
:iconlamichelangeloplz::icon2k3mikeyplz: :iconmikeplz: :tmnt3: :iconna-mikeyblushplz: :iconmichelangeloplz: :icondummymikeyplz::iconmikeytotplz::icontmntfav1plz:
:icontmntcasey: :icon2k3april: :iconsplintersantaplz: :iconsplinterplz: :iconklunkplz:
:icon2k3shredderplz: :iconshredderplz: :iconchrellplz:
:icontmnthunplz: :iconhunrapefaceplz: :iconkaraiplz: :iconultimateninjaplz:
:iconhappybishopplz: :icontmntbishopplz::icontmntspikeplz::iconhighthreeplz::iconicecream-kitty-plz:

ninja plz and icons:

:iconninja--plz: :iconfoxninjaplz:
:spyed: :ninja: :katana: :ninjabattle: :ninjastar: :meditate: :ninjaeat: :teleport: :yakuza: :ninjadart: :ninjaplot:

If someone knows more of these icons/plz what are related to TMNT or ninjas, send comment or note =)


Feel free to take contact if you have questions or just want to say hi :D





Group Info

Fangroup for Teenage mutant ninja turtles

- we accept all art as long as it is related to TMNT

- From 80's to this day, we love all versions of shows/characters

- This group accept too all villains/friends/other characters from series

- Biggest fan group what isn't concentrated to certain character/season/movie of TMNT

Feel free to join =) New members are always welcome!
Founded 12 Years ago
Aug 18, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

2,532 Members
2,384 Watchers
391,181 Pageviews
It has been a while since we've reached out via journal to say "Hi!" to all our members. Understandably, DA hasn't been as lively as it once was, and unfortunately, your group admins are not as active either.
That being said, please be patient with us as we try to keep up with all the new submissions. You can help by submitting your work to the proper folder. If it is submitted to the incorrect folder, it probably won't be accepted.
For instance, if the folder is labeled "Group pics" then there must be at least two canon characters in the image. Screenshots are not accepted! A montage of screenshots will not be accepted either, even if it's called a 'crossover'.
Submissions should be your art, your fanfic, your cosplay. If you submit someone else's art, it should only be because you have the right to - such as you paid a commission to have it drawn.
We want everyone here to have a good time, to enjoy the fandom by enjoying fan creations, and to treat each other with respect.
Long live TMNT!
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