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:icontmnt-discourse: a friendly spot to discuss topics and share work created by two or more fans or work that has been inspired by another.

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The community also has opportunity to be involved with giving the rewards/prizes. If you have any spare points and would like to contribute them to the group then please go to FoxKids1302 page's and donate to them. When donating state that the points are for the group. :XD:


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Welcome to the TMNT Community Awards Group.

This group has one purpose and that is to celebrate, reward and promote self-improvement among the fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as brought to life by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Think of it as the Oscars but for fans of TMNT.

In 2014 it will be thirty years since the lean mean green ninja kick butt machines came into our lives and we thought it was about time to celebrates the fans who have helped that happen.

So whether you have been a fan for thirty years or three weeks, this group is for you.

Every month we will nominate twelve pieces of artwork/literature split into four categories (general artwork/literature and turtlecest/slash artwork/literature) which have been submitted to our gallery for the communities vote. Don't worry if turtlecest/slash isn't your thing, everything will be marked and set out in folders so that you can pick what you look at.

The winning four artists and writers will then be awarded with their own statuette (deviation which can be displayed on their page) personalized to them and a feature on the groups page.

At the end of the year we will have the ultimate prizes for those who have shown improvement and involvement throughout the year. For information about the groups mission, rules and rewards please see the about us page.

So come one, come all let's celebrate the fans and their work.

July Winners!

Tue Aug 15, 2017, 11:02 PM by FoxKids1302:iconfoxkids1302:

Well, this is it, guys! My last journal entry for this group.

Many have contributed wonders to this group, and it's a privilege to introduce them all to you. Please remember that even after I no longer run it, I'll still be watching you.

So let me give this to you, one last time, the winners of July:

General Art: "bad future bullshit 2 - FINISHED" by angry-aries - bad future bullshit 2 - FINISHED by angry-aries

General LIterature: "Encounter: Raph and the Firefighter" by Hummerhouse - Encounters: Raph and the Firefighter
Encounters: Raph and the Firefighter
Raphael had just parted company with Casey Jones and was on his way back to the lair when a bright orange glow along the nearby skyline caught his attention.
He was experienced enough to know what that meant. Swiftly changing course, Raph raced across roof tops, rushing to find the source of that glow. Raph had gone about twenty city blocks when he began hearing sirens, some of them speeding past him on the street below.
In another few blocks Raph came upon the emergency that had drawn both he and a multitude of emergency responders.
Flames shot out of the lower floor windows of a twelve story apartment building. The building was old and in disrepair; a veritable tinder box with only one external fire escape. Raph kept track of the apartment buildings in the area he patrolled and he knew that the owner of this one had been cited a number of times for safety violations.
Fortunately, only about half of the apartments were occupied and from the

Tcest/Slash Art: "Rabbit season" by Emaberry - Rabbit season by Emaberry

Tcest/Slash Literature: "The Direct Approach" by RavenshellRorschach - The Direct ApproachThe Direct Approach
“Hey.  Marry me.”
Those were the absolute last words he expected to come from his brother’s mouth.  He froze, mid-kata, nunchaku awkwardly ceasing their whirling trajectories.  Michelangelo’s head slowly capsized, etched with an expression of utter bemusement, brows scrunched together, beak forming a confused O.  Across the dojo, Leo and Don ceased their sparring to watch.
Raphael crossed his arms at his loud brother’s sudden reticence.  “Come on, yes or no?  I ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie here, and I ain’t got all day.”
“Raphie—“ he started, but nothing else would come out, the utter shock cutting off all communication from the normally verbose turtle.
The hot-tempered brother seemed to take the continued silence as a negatory.  “Yeah, well… I wouldn’t wanna marry me either.”  He turned to leave, looking ashamedly at his

Congratulation to all the winners! Your statuettes will be ready for display in due time.

Thank you deeply for your participation as Guest Juror Ryu-Amio. You have no idea how much this means to me.

For Honorable Mention, I'd like to present elisamakesart. Their shading skill is of legendary, and their gallery varies from angst, fluff to steaming smexy turtles. Hit them up with a commission if you will

So there you have it, folks. Since no one contact me to take up the mantle, I'll leave the position open for anyone who wants it. In the mean time I'll send back all the donation points to the original donors. I wouldn't be using them anyway, so it's best to return it.

Bear in mind that this is not goodbye. I'll still be around...

Journal Skin by EnsoDancer
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