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Crossover Contest Entry 12

By tmntart
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TMNT with Calvin and Hobbes entry by kya-kyabetsu ~ Kya-Kyabetsu

Heh... well in ~tmntart they're running a ninja turtle/??? crossover contest. i thought i'd missed this deadline, but HT tells me otherwise... so here's Raphael and Michelangelo as "Calvin and Hobbes".

EDIT: Now resubmitted as a larger size for your viewing pleasure! (HT admits she somehow saved the thumbnail version instead of the full version... :oops: )
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Skyrider-1's avatar
^_^  You make me smile.  I love this!
ohTHATsean's avatar
wow neat. You captured it perfectly.
54viruses's avatar
Mad love here. :XD:

I love Master Splinter in this. :dance::boogie:
ZombieHarlot's avatar
so cute
I love it!!!
H-Anon's avatar
This warms my black heart.
Fav on the grounds of making me glad that dA exists for once.
Vecto's avatar
Oh, sweet Lord....

VERY clever!
PlayfulPuck's avatar
haha nice this is great! :D
v3rdinha's avatar
this is brilliant.. u made my day! :clap:
Polar15's avatar
errr.... Calvin and Hobbes I mean... sheesh... *turns red*

Very cool all the same. :boogie:'s along with them
Polar15's avatar
LMAO!!!! Perrrrrrfect.... TMNT goes alvin and Hobbs

lisardo's avatar
Don't think my last post showed up. I really do like this one as I like Calvin and Hobbs! Good job drawing and coloring it!
lisardo's avatar
This is cool! And I love Calvin and Hobbs too! Such and original idea! But I also like the way you drew them and colored them. Good job!
elijahtrevelyan's avatar
peppermintwind's avatar
oh, this one's got MY vote. It perfectly captures the spirit of both TMNT and C&H. n.n
Kya-Kyabetsu's avatar
Wow! thank you. :blushes: i'm just happy you guys like it. :D
RachelGreenleaf's avatar
*nearly passes out from laughing* I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, and even more Ninja Turtles! This rocks socks! You... are... the greatest!!!
Kya-Kyabetsu's avatar
Nooo! do not pass out! :fear: she canna take too much mor'a this, cap'n!! she's gonna... fall over.

but i AM glad you like it. thank you for your kind words! :heart:
RachelGreenleaf's avatar
You are so funny!
And your welcome, your work is just too cool!
loolaa's avatar
:lmao: :rofl: That's sooooooooooooooooooo funny! Cute drawings too... just like Calvin and Hobbes... in turtle form. :love:
Kya-Kyabetsu's avatar
yaaaaaaaaay. thank you! :dance: :dance: :dance: :heart:
diibish's avatar
this has to be one of the cutest things i've ever seen. :D
i like that raph's the short one. it strengthens my insistance that he has a "short man's complex." ^__^
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