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Crossover Contest Entry 1

Contest entry by mirabex *mirabex

Teeange Mutant Ninja Carebears! :D
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wow that's some wierd, i'll never be able to look at a turtle or care bear in the same way again
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Too awesome! They look adorable and ready to kick butt! :lol:
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Very cute but it rocks! :headbang: Awesome Job! :D
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Very amusing, and I mean that sincerely
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Random info- Back when the TMNT first came out, there was a role playing game. You could create and play your own mutant or one of the turtles.

One of the villians the DM could use was a rip on the care bears. I wanna call them the nightmare bears, but I don't think thats right. Basically, they were tortured into being evil and NOTHING could change em back. Evil lil bstids...cuddly...but evil.

But yes, cute pic ^^;

*goes away*
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way from it alittle, but it would of been cooler imo if their fur was the colour that their bandanas are, ya know? its still groovy.
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That is hilariously adorable! XD
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:rofl: that just rocks :)
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*laughs* I love this picture every time I see it! It's so well done and just such a cute concept.
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Beware the Carebare Ninja Stare! Lol, still loving this one and Mikey's still so cute! :heart:
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Liked it the first time, and i'm still giggling even on the second posting! :giggle: very nice job!
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thats funny :clap:
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That's quality.
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