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Thanks to TMNT-Raph-fan, who generously made this animated icon! Here is a little bit about them and some of their social media outlets!

I'm a huge fan of several media, such as Marvel, Transformers, and of course TMNT, as they are the top fandom I contribute to with art and stories.

I first discovered TMNT during the run of the 2003 television series and have always held Raph as my favorite turtle, although I'm also partial to Donnie from the 2012 series.

I currently use Photoshop Elements, Photoshop CS5 and Sai when creating artwork. I often switch between the two Photoshops, as Elements is better for drawing (in my opinion) and CS5 is better with creating effects. I'm honored to have my artwork and icon represent the group TMNT2012.




Thank you thank you so much again! We really appreciate it!
Hello, all! We, the admins, of the group, have decided to make a contest for a member to make an icon for the group and be featured on the group profile! Here are the rules:

1. You must be a member of the group. New members welcome.
2a. Can not have OCs. Canon characters only.
2b. Can not be a crossover, either.
3. Can be non-turtles, but turtles are appreciated.
4. Must be 2012 ONLY. This is a 2012 group; you can not submit any other universe.
5. Please tell us in the comments if you are at least planning to join, so we can have rough estimate to see if we may have to extend the deadline.
6. Must meet DeviantArt TOS (SFW only)
7. Must be YOUR ART. Do not take a screenshot of the TMNT 2012 series and edit it and give it to us. It will not be accepted.
8. We will do this every few months. If you do not win, please do not start a ruckus in the group.

OK, now for other stuff.

Deadline: February 28, 2019
Date winner will be announced: TBA
Current number of potential entries: 1
Winner will be picked randomly with a number generator so no one gets hurt if they are not chosen.

Comment on this journal with any questions!

Good luck!
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Group Info

This is the first group for all 2012 TMNT fans. This new version of our favorite mutant ninjas is weird but it is cool! So join us! Everybody is welcomed! Please only submit 2012 (or crossover with 2012) entries; anything else will be denied!
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Aug 5, 2012


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