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My Bio

My name is Nicole Macdonald.

Animation is my dream job, but I also enjoy creating characters, stories and comics, whether they be original or based on a fandom. I create what I love and post it here for anyone else who wishes to enjoy it with me.

Fandoms I Belong To:

| Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Transformers | MARVEL | DC Comics | Hellboy | Dreamworks | Disney/Pixar |

Favourite Visual Artist
Sophie Campbell, Erica Henderson, Derek Charm, Noelle Stevenson
Favourite Movies
Beauty and the Beast, Logan, X-Men First Class, Fantastic Four (2005), TMNT Out of the Shadows
Favourite TV Shows
TMNT (2003), Teen Titans, Smallville, Batman the Animated Series, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Transformers: Prime
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Green Day, Avril Lavigne
Favourite Books
Beastly, Enemies and Allies
Favourite Games
Legendary: MARVEL deck building game, Batman: Almost Got 'Im, PS4 Spider-man
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4 and GameCube
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop Elements 2020, Sai
Other Interests
Animation, Movie Making, Comics, Writing, Character Development
I have a Patreon with a few low-payment tiers. Any support you can give is much appreciated!
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Sorry my remaining MerMay pieces continue to be delayed. I'm currently dealing with a lack of motivation. But I will finish these, even if it kills me.
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Hey Guys! Just wanted to give a little heads up. I experienced some minor technical difficulties earlier today and although I've since solved the problem it did take some amount of time to figure out the issue and apply the fix. This also generated a bit of stress for me on top of some other anxieties I've been dealing with this past week and I've come to the realization that I may be headed for a burnout. So I have decided that I need to take it easy to prevent that from happening. That being said, Day 24 of my MerMay pieces will be delayed and I may later decide to take some extra time to complete the rest of the prompts. I don't plan on giving up entirely as I only have 8 left to go, but there's a chance some of the last ones will be posted during early June instead. It all depends on how I'm feeling in the following week. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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Stamp Collection

TFP Ratchet Fan stamp
TFA Prowl Fan Stamp
Transformers Bumblebee Fan Stamp
Beauty and the Beast Dance stamp
Stamp: TMNT OotS - Logo
TMNT 2014 Stamp: Talking Turtle Extended
TMNT 2014 Stamp: Raph Fan
TMNT 2K3 - Raphael Stamp
TMNT 2012: Raph fan stamp
2K3 Raph Fan Stamp
Stamp: Fantastic Four WGH - The Thing
Stamp: Civil War - Team Captain
Deadpool Stamp: Did I Leave the Stove On
Fantastic Four 2015 Stamp: Duty Calls
Fantastic Four WGH Stamp: I Ship Ben x Alicia
Fantastic Four 2005 Stamp: I Ship Ben x Alicia
Fantastic Four 2015 Stamp: Ben Grimm
Avengers II Stamp: Ultron
Amazing Spider-man 2 Stamp: Rescue
Xmen DOFP Stamp: Beast
Xmen Evolution Wolverine
Xmen Evolution Beast
Xmen Evo: Beast Transformation stamp
2013 Marvel Logo stamp

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Heeeeey, it's Marise! Found you XD
lol I haven't been on DA the whole time I was preparing for FanExpo. I have so many messages. XD
Its all good, I figured you were busy XD
Sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday to you!!Spideypool - Happy Birthday 1 Spideypool - Happy Birthday 2 
Awe, thank you! :aww: