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Raph vs the world by alecable
Raphael by MichaelMayne
Portrait of a Warrior by Soposoposopo
Dude from the sewer by GeroVort
The turtles
Fight your shadow by ChemistryOfaDream
sup by angry-aries
Raphael by Jeddy017-VZ
Page 2 Wip by Seigaku-san
LOVE by angry-aries
zach and caitlyn by Shadowofjustice123
rip tmnt 2k12 by Bricus27
Human Slash - (school au) by SugarBonePowder
Welcome to the Bishop's laboratory by wanderer1988
Meat Sweats [Fan Art] by Foziz105
Karai: Higanbana by fireangel21
Rise of the TMNT - Hypno by battleknight245
Group Pictures
[Request] Pizza Contest by L4Dragon
Imagination [TMNT fanart] by ChemistryOfaDream
This is a TEST  -TMNT by whittingtonrhett
TMNT - Father and Daughter by Daswhox
Canon x Canon
Is It uwu Time I Think Its uwu Time by angry-aries
I think Lou Jitsu likes you by Emaberry
His Little Chinchilla by OmegaFoxy
LHXDon by Felhesznelenev
OC and FR
Pokey  by GhostFreak-Artz
Tomohiro Miyamoto by fireangel21
[TMNT OC] Knife Rain by L4Dragon
[C]- Remy And Vinny by R-Blackout
Canon x OC
commission: cherry-line by angry-aries
tmnt fake screenshot by angry-aries
first date by angry-aries
TMNT 2012-save landing by PastellTofu
Yay! I'm helping! by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Must be pretty good if you bring your own stick by ThePrincessRobotRoom
Batman vs Teenager Mutants Ninja Turtles by Hatredboy
Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Bat Mikey by theofficialRobertMan
Icons and animations
Grazie, Master Splinter by fireangel21
She's gone! [Animatic TMNT AU x SU] by Foziz105
gif: Gloomy by angry-aries
select your turdles by angry-aries

Mature Content

Apritello The Date... by njanay21
Mature Folder
Raph by sampsonknight
sketched and line art
[TMNT fanart ] relax time by Daswhox
1 more au for the table by angry-aries
Secret Santa
Secret Santa for JayJayRey by ralloonx
Submission folder
More human au by Drawing-Soul



pizza chef

pizza baker




Submission Guide


Submission Folder: For convenience, you may submit your work to the appropriate folder. Submit your work to the Submissions Folder if you're not certain where it needs to go. Please refer to the Folder Descriptions below.

➤ Submissions must be related to TMNT. They can be any media and any style (e.g. pencil, digital, photography, collage…).

➤ To check if your deviation fits into the group and what kind of art and fiction we accept, please take a look at the Folder Descriptions.


➤ No art/sketches on lined paper or the likes. Artwork need to look clean.

➤ No screenshots/altered screenshots. No photo manipulations.

➤ No duplicates. Please do not submit sketches, lineart, and colored versions of the same artwork.

➤ No journals and rants of any kind

➤ No submissions for the selling of OCs or Adoptables.

➤ OC submissions must include either a canon TMNT character or have it clearly shown in the description that the OC is a TMNT OC.


➤ Can be written in any language.

➤ No RP-Chat style or theater script. Fiction should be written in Prose. Lyric may be accepted in special cases.


➤ Only advertisements of TMNT-related contests and fandom-events.

Request affiliation

➤ The group needs a minimum of 25 members OR watchers

➤ The group needs to be related to TMNT

➤ The group needs to exist at least one month

➤ It needs to be an active group

➤ In most cases, we do not accept affiliations from groups that are based on a OC


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HeroXero Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have a question regarding your first rule about art not being on lined paper and the like, does that include pixel art on grid paper?
TMNTFanfictionHub Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2019
Mostly we're concerned that the art is done as well as possible, not quick scribbles on notebook paper.  If it has a polished look and is on grid paper because that's the normally recognized medium for the type of art, then it's ok.
HeroXero Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you.  I kinda figured that's what the rule was referring to but I just wanted to make sure before I tried to submit my art.
RavenshellRorschach Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Let's see it!  If you're using the grid and not just drawing over it, I kind of think that's a different animal.  The lined paper rule is mostly because the lines are distracting and detract from the quality of the art, and the previous owner of the group wanted to avoid sketchy looking art someone had just doodled on their notebook at school.
HeroXero Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll submit it as soon as I finish it, I was just doing some research and wanted to make sure of that rule before I tried to submit it.
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