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Welcome to TMNT-AllStories

Welcome to the group

This group is solely for submitting TMNT stories and TMNT related fan fiction (please no artwork.) The purpose of this group is so TMNT Fans can find fan Fiction & Comics of all types from CC to OC to even human TMNT characters.

We accept cannon characters, OC, Human tmnt, crossovers and more.

We do accept t-cest and mature rated stories and comics but if you do submit any such stories, please make sure the mature rating is set and some warning.


1) We accept all TMNT Fan Fictions & Comics from CC, OC, Human TMNT, Crossovers, T-cest… as well in languages other then english.
2) All folders have stories ranging from PG to R (please make sure your stories have appropriate warnings if they are over PG.)
3) Please submit stories & comics to the appropriate folders.
4) Only Comics that have a story to it will be accepted to the group. (So comics that only have images but no text are not accepted)
5) No scripts or RPG style stories. (Such as <Donnie took a walk.> Donnie: Hi )
6) No Trolls, haters, or spasm
7) No Advertisements
8) Have fun!

Any one can Join even if you don’t create fan fictions or Comics!


Fan Fiction Folders

1) CC folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A fic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello folder)

2) OC folders are stories that are based or POV around an OC.
(Example your OC story is about meeting Leo, but the story is told by the OC POV.)

3) Group stories go to the group folder
(Sample your story is based around Mikey and Leo POV or more go there)

4) Human versions of the turtles stories placed in the Human Folder

5) Turtle Tot Stories go to the Turtle tot Folder.

6) Any T-cest please put it in the T-cest folder

7) Any X Readers please put it in the X Reader folder

8) Any stories that are not in English please put it in the Non-English folder

9) Any contest or information related to fan fiction or comics please put in the Contest and other info folder

10) Other Folder is for any stories that you're not sure where to put, I will move them in the appropriate folder later if they fit in any of the other folders, but I will consult you before doing so.

(If you're not sure what folder you think your story fits in then go with the folder you believe suits it best. For instance if you have a story that is mainly about Donnie and has a lot of POV of your OC you can put it in OC or Donnie's folder; you're the writer and you know best and I trust you would pick the right folder. I hope this helps with some of the confusion that some members are having.)

Comics Folders

1) CC comic folders contain stories that are based or POV around that CC.
(Example: A comic that is about Donnie is placed the Donatello comic folder)

2) T-Cest Comic folder - contains all t-cest comics

3) TMNT-Group Comics folder - is for the comics that have the whole gang or two or more.

4) Other Comic folder - Contains all comics that doesn't follow the other folders rules.

5) Comics that are not in English please put it in the non-English comic folder.

Picture-Stories and Story Cover folder Rules

This folder will allow any entries that are images (not comics or covers) but art pieces that have within the description some form of story or poem. The group will not accept such pieces that only have some form of description only about the image. It has to be some kind of story like any other fan fiction. Alternatively, covers made for fanfics may also be added here, provided they contain a link to the story they are for within the description, be it a link for the story on this site or another.

Not sure how to submit a piece to the group? Here are some tutorials that people put up that can help.

Tutorial to submit through the group

Tutorial to submit through the piece (only way for journals)

How to use Stash Writer for stories Writer Tutorial: Literature Deviations by HugQueen


NEW MINI BATTLES MONTHLY! Please check out the group for more info.

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The first TMNT Literature base group on DA!

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it's a great community to get involved with!

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Gallery Folders

Not ThereThe plan was simple enough: scout around the graveyard for kids who were up to no good, and mess with ‘em until they left, or chase them out. Don even designed a voice modulator, to make whoever was wearing it sound all deep-voiced and spooky and super intimidating. Raph was hoping to get a crack at using it later on, because Fearless Leader of course got to use it first, the spoiled jerk.Still, Raph had to admit screwing with people who deserved it was one of his favorite pastimes. Granted, in their line of work, they didn’t run into a whole lot of people who didn’t bring upon themselves the kind of wrack and ruin dealt them by the turtles. If he wanted to get into the deep reflection type of thing Leo favored, they were a sort of green, reptilian karma. Except Mikey, maybe. He would happily adopt anyone they ran across rather than giving them what was coming to them.After Mikey negotiated his position as team spooky-sound-effects guy, they went stealth, dodging silently across the graveyard, looking for wrongdoers. Every Halloween, teenagers were out in force, hopping the cemetery fence to go play around in the spoopy surroundings. Some were on dares. Some wanted to see or contact a ghost. Some… were there to wreck shit. And these were the groups the turtles were there to scare off. And somehow, doing it in face- and body-obscuring costumes felt more appropriate to the holiday. There was a difference running someone off as a weird mutant turtle and a ghost or a grim reaper. Leo had even planned for the eventuality of having to throw his jack-o-lantern head at some particularly dumb kid, whereupon he could just tuck his head into his shell and appear headless. Raph was itching for the opportunity to call him Headless Leader at some point tonight. He himself was decked out as a grim reaper in a hooded black cloak with a somewhat see-though panel over the face.Don, in his glowy bone-suit, appeared briefly from behind a tomb on his left, and he tracked Leo’s movements up ahead of them… He assumed Mikey was somewhere behind him, as he hadn’t spotted him. The kid managed to keep his mouth shut while stealthing for once.They made a wide circle around a group using ghost-hunting equipment, so as not to be caught on any sort of infra-red cameras, and left them to their messing around, but it wasn’t long before they ran across a group of slightly drunken teens tagging and kicking over headstones. He growled under his breath.The creepy noises started before Raph thought that Mikey could have possibly gotten in place, especially since they seemed to be coming from the other side of the group… Mikey would have had to skirt the group before he could start, and hadn’t he been behind Raph? And man, was he nailing the blood-curdling noises!He winged a couple rocks at the troublemakers, careful not to his the little ladybug of the group, as she seemed insistent that the others stop wrecking things. Good for her, for all it did to get them to stop, which was little to nothing. But that was where their job started.A tree overhanging the group would be the ideal perch, he decided, scaling it up to the first strong bough with almost no effort. He checked the position of the others… Don, darting around, showing himself just enough to get noticed. Leo, ducking behind a grave, where he could jump out and pull his boogity-boogity act on the teens. And Mikey…? He looked toward the source of the ghastly moans, seeing no trace of a Charlie Brown ghost, but a weird sparkling, see-through vapor of some sort, hovering over the headstones. It almost had the shape of a woman with long, flowing hair and an airy dress that trailed out to the side in the wind… A low moan reached his ear holes on the wind.No, I did NOT just see that… he told himself adamantly, and looked away. He’d look back in a moment, he told himself, and figure out what he was looking at while Leo was booming at the intruders. He snuck a look. Nothing.Honestly, it was more disturbing that there wasn’t something white and gossamer to see out there, nothing to confirm what he’d initially seen. Either he was seeing things, or it was there, and now had moved, which wasn’t comforting at all.But he had other things he needed to focus on. One of the boys had pulled a knife. Granted, he was holding it like an amateur and looked like he was about to wet himself, but Raph didn’t take any chances, slinging a shuriken to knock the blade out of his hand. The shuriken decapitated the fake knife, and the teen’s jaw worked like he was trying to scream, but no sound came out. Oh. Plastic. Of course it was plastic… what kind of moron would go around with real weapons for Halloween? He looked over the group again and decided, on the other hand, he wouldn’t put it past them. Idiots, he thought as Leo chased the leading hoodlum and his friends to the gates.The whispering came up again, words indiscernible, sounding like it was right behind the tree. “Knock it off, Mike,” he muttered, gritting his teeth and hoping his little brother would cut it out instead of being a jerk. Probably too much to hope for.“…there is no Mike here…” a whisper said, right behind his head, and a bolt of ice went down his spine.He could turn around and look… sure he could, he convinced himself. If he wanted to. But he wouldn’t. If there was something there—say, a transparent woman with sunken cheeks and withered features, with no eyeballs in her sockets—he would never sleep again. The image he conjured up for himself was bad enough! If he saw it, he would have to admit it was real, and he just didn’t want to have to deal with that. Instead, he jumped down out of the tree to deal with the abandoned trick-or-treater holding Leo’s pumpkin head in her arms. “You tryin’ ta get ahead in life, or can I take that off your hands?”“Oh, um… All yours,” the ladybug girl stammered, handing off the jack-o-lantern to him.Leo showed back up, and the laugh he got at the girl calling Leo out on the voice modulator was a welcome distraction, but he didn’t really breathe a sigh of relief until Michelangelo showed up on a path near the gates. Whew… the thing he had seen had not gotten him. Of course it hadn’t, because it wasn’t really there. But Raph’s eye ticced a little when Michelangelo declared to the eldest, “Leo, there’s real ghosts here…”No there’s not, nutball; don’t say that… he thought to himself, ‘cuz if you saw somethin’ too, that might mean this ain’t all in my head…Again, he welcomed the distraction of helping the ladybug over the fence, but his hope that Mikey would for once shut up did not hold out.“I’m telling you guys, there’s real ghosts here! How come you never see what I see?!”“We’re not the ones seein’ things… That pretty much covers it,” Raph jeered, to take the attention off his own anxious mood.Unfortunately, they had to go back into the depths of the cemetery for hours of patrolling yet. He caught a smudge of white out of the corner of his eye as they went back to scouting. Mikey was waving toward it. Raph pulled his hood up further so that it blocked his peripheral vision, but it didn’t block the eerie singing of “Byeeee, sweeetiiiieeee, eeeeeee… Eeeeeee! Ouuuhhhh…”Raph wasn’t sure if that was directed at Michelangelo or himself. But it didn’t matter, of course, because it didn’t exist. Ignore… he told himself. Ignore, ignore, ignore… It ain’t really there. We’ll talk to Don about it, and he’ll explain it away with something more comforting, like… a brain tumor. Or that I’m as crazy as Mikey. Ugh… maybe I’ll just keep this to myself…. he decided.“Did you guys hear something?” Leo asked, looking around at the strange sounds.“No. Nobody heard anything,” Raph said adamantly.
A-Maize-ing StoryThe four turtles pushed their way around stalks of corn taller than they were. It was a new experience for them, the shushing and rattling of the leaves as they made their way further and further into the field.“How far in is this maze thing suppose to be?” Raphael snarled, not happy about being dragged out to the middle of nowhere to play in a corn maze that had yet to appear.“It has to be around here somewhere!” Michelangelo insisted. “According to the map, it should be right here!”“At this rate, we’re not gonna be able to see our own beaks, much less be able to navigate a maize-maze!”“Cool it, hothead. If Mikey says it’s here, we’ll trust him and keep looking,” Leo insisted.Raph grumbled to himself. “And to think, I’m missing out on watching ‘Who Wants to Be a Celebrity Hockey Player?’ with Casey for all this…”Donatello stepped up beside his orange-banded brother. “Lemme see that map…” He took a flashlight from his belt to light the map in the darkening field. He turned the map 180 degrees, handing it back to Mikey. “North is that way.”Leo looked skeptical. “How can you tell?”Don pointed at the sky. “They don’t call that the North Star for nothing.”“Whoaaa…” Mikey observed, “there’s more than one star!”“There are billions of stars, actually. There’s just so much light pollution in the city, we can’t see hardly any of them,” Don explained.“Mikey?” Leo asked.“Hm?”“Where are we going?”“Oh, right! Sorry, dudes.” He took the map and flashlight from Donatello and examined it. “According to this, the corn maze should be right…” he pointed directly behind him, “…thirty-seven and three quarters of a mile that way.” Everyone groaned at this proclamation.“Okay, that does it!” Raph announced, seizing his brother by the arms and spinning him in a wide circle, mowing down cornstalks around them. “Enough of you and your corny maze!” He let the shouting Michelangelo go, sending him sliding backward on his shell several yards.“Cowabungaaaa!” Mikey hollered as he slid, crushing the corn as he slid and spun to a stop, where he stood up dizzily and looked at the little spiral pattern of flattened corn. He laughed, jogging back to his brothers “Again!!”Raph shrugged. “If you say so!” And with that, grabbed Mikey again, spinning him through the corn and tossing him off in another direction, his brother whooping and hollering. “You too, brainiac!” he said, snatching up Don by the ankles.“Hey! No! I didn’t sign up for thiiiiiiiii—” his voice trailed off as he was launched off into the field.“What about you, Fearless Leader?”“I don’t think so!” Leo laughed challengingly as he met his brother’s hands. He dug his ankles in, causing Raphael to spin as he tried to pull his elder brother off his feet. In retaliation, Raph dug his own heels in and hauled Leo off his feet, spinning him a hundred and eighty degrees, before Leo caught some purchase on the soil and did the same to him, the two of them alternating swinging each other around, knocking down more corn around their path.“First one to let go gets a one-way ticket into the corn!”“You’re on!”Mikey and Don arrived back in time to see their brothers pass by, spinning in their dual orbit.“Centrifugal force is fun!” Donatello commented.“Wanna go for a spin, bro?” Mike offered, and the two of them crossed arms and joined hands, leaning back to spin until they lost their grip and both went shooting off, leaving further ruts in the field.At this point, all plans to find the maze were out the window.“Dunno! Just woke up this mawrnin’ and there it were! Weren’t me… had to’ve been them aliens!” the overalled man said into the mic pushed in his face.“The geometric pattern and angles suggest that this is a communication of some sort, relaying information the same way bees relate information in the hive,” explained a man with no hair in the front of his pate; what was left stuck out like he stuck his tongue into an electrical socket on the daily. “What it is they’re trying to say, though, we haven’t managed to figure out.”The red-haired reporter appeared onscreen. “Crop circles. Elaborate hoax, or proof of visitors from another world? Area residents report sightings of four little green men entering the cornfield, but did they come in a flying saucer? There have been no such reports of any unusual flying objects within the local airspace. Did aliens create this geometric phenomenon? This reporter has her doubts. April O’Neil, Channel 6 News.”
The House with the Worst CandyThe doorbell chimed. The cheerful ding-dong seemed out of place with the interior decoration of metal, metal, and more metal, not to mention echoed terribly around the undampened vast space. It also echoed around his metal kabuto and tended to give him a headache. They should have never had it installed, but in such large accommodations, they tended to not hear a knock.“Shredder! Get the door *waark!*”“Ugh… Can’t you get it this time?” the ninja master whined.The giant mechanical suit housing the brain alien in its stomach turned toward him. “I am installing a very important upgrade to the Technodrome’s main operating system!” it croaked at him. “Right now it’s stalled at eight *pur*cent… I have to stay here to make sure it actually goes up. Aha! Nine percent! Installing Windows 10 will be completely *worth* the wait, and then this wretched dimension will be mine!” The alien wrung his tentacles in satisfaction.“Ahem?” the ninja prompted.“…Ours,” Kraang corrected himself. “Go answer the door!”The Shredder heaved a world-weary sigh. “Fine…” he picked up the large bowl of candy from a pedestal and dragged himself to the elevator. It wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t have to go down seventy-three floors to get there. The technologically advanced lift was fast, but not nearly fast enough for the distance it needed to cover. The bell sounded again. “Coming!” he called apologetically.He opened the sliding panel door to the familiar stench of his hench-mutants, holding out a plastic jack-o-lantern and a bunched-up pillow case.“Trick or Treat, Bawss!” the rhino called merrily.“Yeah! *snort*,” the warthog echoed. “Trick or Treat!”Shredder made sure annoyance showed in his eyes. When it was the only part of the face one could see, nonverbal communication was key to getting his point across.“Aren’t you two a little old for trick-or-treating?”“Aw, Bawss, you’re never too old for fun!” Rocksteady admonished, shaking a pudgy finger at him.“Yeah, or free candy!” Bebop grunted while his companion nodded in affirmation.Shredder raised an eyebrow. “Where are your costumes?”“Dese areour costumes, Boss” the hog announced.“We put a lot of effort into them!” confirmed the rhinoceros.The eyebrow went up further. Any more incredulity and he might strain something. “This is the same thing you always wear!”“No, Bawss, you’ve got it all wrong! We specifically dressed up for Halloween,” Rocksteady explained patiently. “I’m dressed as video-game star Duke Nukem.”Bebop took over. “*snort* And I’m ‘80s punk rock icon Billy Idol. See?”“Well, I… suppose I can’t argue with that.” He could. Oh, could he. But the less he had to interact with these two cretins the better, so he dumped a handful of candy into each of their sacks.“Thank you!” Bebop said and nudged his partner.“Oh, yeah… Thanks, Bawss! Happy Halloween!”“Whatever…” Shredder answered.Rocksteady gave an enthused hop. “Ooh! Maybe we can go to Krang next!”Shredder let out a dubious hum. “Krang isn’t much on Halloween… popcorn balls remind him of some sort of childhood trauma.”“I heard General Traag is handing out rock candy,” Bebop volunteered.“Yeah, but last year, his ‘rock candy’ was really rocks!”“Just get out of here, you idiots!” the ninja master announced, slamming the button to close the door. Whatever exit those two dolts had used to get out of the Technodrome to trick-or-treat, they weren’t following him back in, by any means.He was back in the elevator and had just passed floor 52 when the bell went off again, but there was no stop button on this so-called technological advancement, so there was no choice but to ride it all the way to the 73rd.“Shredder, you *id*iot, the door! We’ve just achieved eleven percent! This dimension will be mine, MINE—ours! *waark* Ours. I said ‘ours.’”Shredder could only sigh, wilt, and press the button for the bottom floor.“Coming, coming!”He opened the door, this time to a group of four, all of their faces hidden by their costumes: a ghost, a witch, an astronaut, and a gorilla. And, strangely, each had a different-colored bandana tied across their eyes. They all recited the customary query for candy and held out their candy bags and pails, and Shredder, blank-faced and sounding bored as could be, dropped a handful of candies into each. “And there’s some for you, and you… and some for you… there you are… and you…Here you go… and for you.” He paused for a moment as three of the trick-or-treaters thanked him, thinking that he’d lost count somewhere, but he dismissed it while returning their hail of “Happy Halloween!”He was about to shut the door again, when the fourth of the group, the one with the plastic witch mask over their face and a red bandana over it, approached him again. “Hold up there, bub…”“Yes? What is it?”The witch wrapped a bulky arm around him, pulling him to walk down the Technodrome’s ramp with him. “We gotta talk about your candy choices here. It’s seriously the worst.”Shredder blinked, a bit abashed at his selection being slighted. “Oh? What’s wrong with it?”The witch dug into his pumpkin, pulling out a piece of white candy with some sort of fruit bits in it. “These… are totally awful. Nobody likes them. Nobody. They’re like the fruitcake of Halloween treats. Some kids even say they give you cancer!”“Cancer?!” the master ninja gasped, wide-eyed. “Really?”He dug into the bucket again, pulling out another piece. “Black licorice. Ee-yuck! You know this is a holiday for kids, right? How many kids do you know that go, ‘Mmm, I sure do love black licorice!’?”“Well, I…” he pondered. “I guess I don’t really know any kids,” he shrugged.“Really. Shocking,” the figure said flatly, pulling out a small bag of packaged treats. “Candy corn. Nasty! Tootsie Rolls… Boy, you really avoided the top shelf like the plague, didn’t you? Do you want to torture people?”“Actually…” he started, but the witch immediately cut him off.“Look, I know you’re probably expressing some kind of wrong that was inflicted on you as a child, but don’t pass that on to kids at Halloween! It’s the most magical time of the year… when a kid can get free candy from all their neighbors, eat half of it the minute they get home and puke it all up again on the living room carpet! Don’t ruin the experience with lousy, cheap candy, man!”“I… I had no idea!”“Plus, if your selection isn’t up to par, chances are you’re gonna get yourself TP’ed.”“Well, gee, now I feel a bit guilty about all this…”“Lemme tell ya, if you want to stay on kids’ good side and not get egged, shell out for the good stuff… fun-size Snickers, at least. And no apples, unless they’re caramel.”“But apples are healthy and good for you!”“Exactly! Halloween is about the opposite of that! Could be worse, though. Mrs. Meyer, the dentist’s wife, is handing out apples and toothbrushes.”Shredder drew back, aghast. “That’s a kind of evil even I wouldn’t commit!”The witch nodded. “Tell me about it. Hand out some condescension, why don’t you. Kids don’t need that!”“No, certainly not!”“And really, that doesn’t hold a cheap glow-stick to the Ulriches down the block… They’re handing out full-size candy bars! Now that is a place that the pranksters won’t lay a finger on!”The trick-or-treater in the red band—so familiar!—flapped a green, three-fingered hand at him. “Anyway… just wanted to point that out to you. Good luck! Happy Halloween!”“Erm, yes… Thank you, and Happy…” He paused. Happy? Not his style. “…Halloween.”Retreating inside—No, a ninja never retreated… This was merely… advancing backside first!—he punched the door button to close the door with more aggression than necessary, cracking the housing surrounding it. It obligingly slid closed with speed to match the force of the button press, clanging with the extra force.Out of curiosity, he plucked one of the white cube candies from the dish and unwrapped it, letting the wrapper fall where it may. He chewed it pensively for a moment. “Ugh!” he decided, and spat the remainder to the floor, death-dragon kicking it into a far corner before stomping to the elevator. He stewed for the first 27 floors, let out a growl that lasted through the 33rd, felt a bit better from the 47th through 51st, and returned to being in a funk by the time he reached the 73rd again and we greeting once more by his brain-blob compatriot shouting his name.“Install not going well?” he sighed.“Incidentally, *waarg* no. We’re still stuck at twelve percent! But that’s beside the point!” The mechanical suit typed a few commands, bringing up a video feed on the giant monitor obscured by white streaks. “Some rapscallion has soaped the Technodrome’s main observation viewscreen, and some of the rock soldiers report *that* the entire outer structure has been thoroughly draped with two-ply!”The ninja master sagged visibly, a posture he allowed few to see. He was so done right now. He could not, as the kids said these days, even. He hated to admit it, but the witch visitor had been right.“Krang, turn off the porch light. I’m going to bed.“I don’t know what you expected,” Krang muttered. “We’re underground. No one even has access down here except us and those troublesome teenage terrapins!”Across the room, the ceramic candy bowl shattered on the floor.Outside the Technodrome, Leonardo and Michelangelo had finished tossing rolls of toilet paper back and forth across the massive stranded vehicle, and Donatello was packing up his 36-egg catapult. Raphael lifted his witch mask from his face to wink at the fourth wall, still wearing his usual red mask underneath. The four costumed turtles boarded their tunneler and drilled upward through the cavern walls toward their home.
The SocialiteMikey stretched to limber up. Cramping at an importune time was unacceptable. Finally nice and loose, he adjusted his mask and headed out of the lair. Topside, he headed directly for the hottest club in town, brazenly walking on the street. A car horn blared at him. He skirted it and continued, undeterred. The honk caught the attention of a young woman in a black minidress and leopard-patterned heels. Her eyes went wide at the sight of him. He shot her a smile. She screamed and ran as best as she could in her pumps. A moment later, she collided with him, looping her arms around his neck.“Mikey! It’s been forever! Where you been?”The turtle laughed. “Oh, ya know, around. Good to see you too, Lashawn!”Lashawn turned back toward the club, waving a bangled arm to her comrades. “Girls!! Michelangelo is here!”Her call was answered by a chorus of similar shrieks, and before he could react, Mikey was surrounded by fawning girls, all calling for his attention.“Sheena, Megan, Kelsey… lovely to see you, as always. Not to worry, ladies. There’s plenty Michelangelo to go around!” With a chuckle, he directed his encompassing swarm back toward the club. Rather than getting in line, Mikey went straight to the door. The bouncer looked up as he arrived, girls in tow, and unhooked a velvet rope to one side. “Evening, Mr. Hamato!” the large man said with a straight face. “Hey, Jace! How’s it hangin’? You get things straightened out with the missus?” The turtle offered a hand in greeting, which the man took in both hands and shook firmly.“All the better for your advice! Thanks!” He leaned in, adding in a conspiratorial tone of wonder, “All she really wanted was for me to hear her… just listen to what she was saying, and maybe do a little more here and there around the house… So simple!”Mikey laughed, pointing a finger at him. “Communication is key in a good relationship!”The man swung his head in acknowledgement. “Ain’t that right! Enjoy your evening, Mr. Hamato.”He tucked a bill in Jace’s suit pocket as he headed inside, getting the back of his hand stamped by another man as he entered. “You’re new here,” he commented matter-of-factly.The younger man looked up. “Uh, yes, sir.”“What’s your name? I’m Michelangelo—”“—but you can call him Mikey…” the girls chorused drolly, as if having heard this a million times already.“Damien, sir. I’ve heard of you. You’re a well-known name around here!”Mikey grinned. “What can I say? I’m a friendly kind of guy!”Damien waved him in, where Mikey was greeted with more ecstatic screams as he came into view.“Mi-KEY!” a male voice boomed over the girls, and he turned toward its source. Locating him, he broke into a wide smile.Lashawn rolled her eyes and sighed. “Come on, girls… let’s hit the ladies room while the crowd’s down. Michelangelo, I’m reserving a spot on your dance card when I get back!”Mikey nodded and waved to them as they headed off, then turned back to greet his friend at the bar. “Quint! Long time, brah!”“Too long, too long!”“How’s that sister of yours? You gonna introduce me sometime?”The man shook his head. “Give her a few months, man, then she turns eighteen!”The turtle’s cheeks colored slightly. “I… I didn’t mean like…”“Naw, naw… of course ya didn’t, you’re the picture of innocence. Might just have to hold her back from despoiling you the first chance she gets!”“Dude!” the turtle said, slightly irritably, shoving his friend.Another young man shouldered his way up to the bar. “MichelangeLO-ow-ow-owww!” he wolf-howled.Mikey turned to give him an affectionate slap on the back. “Nana nana nana nana—Matt-man!”“Where the hell you been, man? We missed you!”“Eh, you know how it is. Ninja biz comes first.”“Yeah, that’s what you always say! Hey, you met my roomie Asher yet?” Matt indicated the guy shying back behind him.“Hey, Ash! I’m Michelangelo— ”“—but everyone calls him Mikey…” half the bar, including the bartender chorused.Asher took a step back, intimidated. “Um…”“Ash is kinda new to the club scene… Figured I’d better drag him away from his test tubes for a while.”Mikey made a face. “C’mon, man, you don’t do that to an introvert!” He focused on Asher again. “So you’re into science and stuff? You and my brother Donnie would get along like a house on fire… or at least several experiments on fire! He’s working on this, like, pocket-size version of… that machine thingy that smashes big hadrosauruses together… I dunno.”“Y-you mean a Large Hadron Collider?” the shy man wagered.“That was it! Here, I’ll give you his number! You can text!” After taking Asher’s phone and typing in his brother’s number, Mikey happened to look up and see another familiar face he hadn’t greeted yet. “Onise!” he called, waving.“Mikey!! Just the turtle I wanted to see! Mmm! I’m having a party next week! It’d mean a lot to me if you’d make a showing!”“I’m there!”“Come dance with me!”The ninja hopped down from his stool, angling his way toward her, when another arm hooked his elbow. “Oh no you do not, Onise!” Lashawn declared. “This turtle is my dance partner. You get yo’ own!”“Ladies, ladies,” Mikey consoled smoothly, “the night is still young… I’m gonna need several partners to dance with! We are just getting started!”He and Lashawn took to the dance floor, executing coordinated gyrating motions as they moved against and around each other. After several minutes, the song flowed into the next, and Kelsey stepped in to take Lashawn’s place. Then Sheena squeezed in, then Onise. When the line of girls waiting for their turn to dance with him had been exhausted, he took the floor for himself and did some freestyling to a cheering crowd, chanting his name.“MIKEY!! MIKEY!!” ”Mikey? Mikey!”The orange-banded ninja opened his eyes and stopped pumping his hands in a circle to the beat. The beat itself disappeared. The club and its clientele poofed into nonexistence. His eldest brother shook his shoulder once more.“Uh?” he said, coming out of his experience.“You’re supposed to be meditating, not daydreaming,” Leonardo chastised.“Or dancing,” Raph added.The younger turtle looked incensed, turning his nose up. “You meditate your way, and I’ll meditate mine.” If the only socializing he was going to get was in his head, they could let him have this. He closed his eyes again, returning to the circular motion with his paired fists as he mentally went back to the club.His brothers watched for another moment in bemusement before going back to their own meditations. Don gave a breathy sigh and a roll of the eyes. “Extroverts…”
Weekly Drabble Challenges
Whats taking him?By: Sampsonknight Rate PG Word Count - 836 -------------------------------------------- There was a permanent scowl on his dark green face, one that could not be hidden under the red mask of his. Not that his body language didn’t announce his annoyance, especially his tapping foot beating to the rhythm of his heart. The others stood five meters away from the brooding brother for their own safety and fear of any lash outs directed to them.“What’s taking him?” Raph growled, darting a glare in Donnie’s direction taking his eyes off the stairs leading to the top floor where their bedrooms reside.“Don’t ask me,” Donnie forcefully answered then let out a small whimper when those ominous golden orbs grew angry and bright over the answer, “Raph all I know he said to be ready at four.”“And it’s quarter past!” he grumbled crossing his arms tightly making his muscle bulge, “Fearless is always lecturing us over being late, so why the shell can he do it, what the hell is he doing up there anyway?” The next question not directed at Donnie was towards Mikey who in turn jumped not expecting to be pulled in, especially how quiet he was to not to draw any unwanted ‘Raphie’ attention.“Dude, who knows?” Mikey answered, unsure himself as his voice fell on “knows”.Still not satisfied he whipped his head back to the stairs, letting his eyes travel up to the gloom towards a lone door that light attempted to peek through. “Fine, I will go find out!”“Maybe we should wait?” Donnie dared to suggest getting a huff in return.“I’m done waiting for him! If he doesn’t want me to leave on my own, then I will just have to drag his shell out of his room.”The two brothers exchange looks as they reluctantly let the hotheaded brother take a step onto the stairs, making his way to Leo’s room.“Dude, you know this will only end in a fight, right?” Mikey whispered to Donnie, who in turn shuffled closer to his brother.“Popcorn?” Donnie suggested, believing this was a good enough occasion to treat themselves before whatever Leo had in store for them.“Oh, my good turtle you read my mind,” Mikey grinned, receiving a shiver from Donnie.“Don’t ever say that again…” Donnie protested dryly, that Mikey would say such things as him reading his mind of all minds. With a new goal in mind, they both exited the scene. The commercials were never entertaining compared to the grand finale anyways.Hearing his brothers sneak away, Raph rolled his eyes, commenting that they were pansies before taking a firm hold of the doorknob.With a forceful twist, he turned the handle opening the door quickly and barging into the room without an invite.“Listen here Fearless,” he growled in anger, “What the…” he paused in mid-speech bewildered of the scenery he just walked into. He was expecting Leo to be meditating or something on the lines of the norm, not this.“What the shell?” he choked out, eyes wandering around the room, that he would swear that a bomb had exploded in there, not littered with debris or anything broken, but straps...There were straps everywhere all the same size, color, thickness and material, there was nothing unique or different from the other.The normal attire for their wardrobe if you want to call it, to hold their weapons in place, to attach to their belts to house pouches and whatever other necessities they are needed for.In the middle of the mess was Leo frozen, white in the face holding up one strap as if he was comparing it to the other in his other hand.“Raph…” Leo managed to get out, feeling awkward with his brother staring at him with such judgmental eyes.“Leo? Is everything okay?” Raph asked, letting his anger go and to be replaced with confusion and a bit of concern over his brother’s mental state and room.“I… couldn’t… decide…” Leo coughed out unable to let go of the straps he held in fear of starting over.“Yeah... got to be kidding me…” Raph blinked once then turned around on the ball of his heel swiftly and took his leave without another word. Once out he shut the door behind him gently and head down the stairs. By then Mikey and Donnie were all set up, tilting their heads at him surprised how calm he was and a bit distant at the same time.“So?” Mikey questioned, wondering what Jedi mind trick Leo did to Raph to achieve this impossible.“I need a beer,” Raph answered almost detached from his surroundings and emotion, clearly now appearing shell-shocked.This display made the two on edge wondering why he was acting so weird all of the sudden.As he passed by them, they caught the tail whisper of his incoherent ramblings, “Leo has a problem… they are all the same… there is no difference… why was he… I don’t get it… how hard is it to just pick one?"-----------------------------This is my entry for weekly drabble challenge. Theme - Straps made a mistake on the weekly Drabble it was 1000 or less... not 500... my bad......

Mature Content

Michelangelo Stories
AOtGO - The Sixteenth'AOtGO' – The SixteenthDate: 27th - 28th Sept “Hey, April!” April swung around, smiling brightly at the sight and sound of the cheerful, other-dimensional turtle. “Hi, Mikey!” she greeted warmly. She tried to peer past him. “Are any of the guys with you?” “Nope!” Mikey shook his freckled head. “They're okay with me coming here on my own now,” he explained, his heart fluttering with a faint anxiety that perhaps he wasn't actually welcome without them but he worked to dismiss the stupid feeling because April, like Casey, had welcomed him to this world with open arms from the very start. He'd been stuck here for close to a month and a half so far and things hadn't exactly gone smoothly at first. His other-dimensional family had offered to help him but him being here was hard on them all, considering how they'd tragically lost their own Michelangelo. Thankfully, they'd warmed up to him since and Raph and Leo, in particular, seemed happy to have him around. April nodded seriously. “Are you here just to visit or do you need something?” she inquired curiously. “I'm just about to start cooking dinner if you wanted to help.” Mikey's ever-present smile grew exponentially at the invitation. “Sounds fun! What're we making?” he asked, bounding over energetically as he peered past her to look into the kitchen space, seeing ingredients and utensils spread all over the benchtop. “Lasagne,” April answered, laughing as Mikey's eyes grew wide as saucers. “That's Italian like pizza, right?” he exclaimed excitedly. April had to smother a laugh as he wiggled in place slightly, like a cat about to pounce a bird or mouse. “You're right in that it's Italian but it's nothing like pizza,” April replied. “Then again, the pizza you're used to is nothing like the pizza from Italy, either.” “Oh!” “If you can give me fifteen minutes, I'll duck down the corner store to pick up some extra ingredients so we can make enough for you to take some home.” “My other bros'll love that!” Mikey grinned eagerly. “Can you put the meat and cheese back in the fridge until I get back and find another pan like the one I already have out but bigger?” April called over her shoulder as she walked to the door. She shrugged her coat on before snatching up her bag. “I won't be long!” -:- An hour later, the two dishes were in the oven baking and Mikey helping April clean up the kitchen. “I uh... actually wanted to ask you something,” Mikey finally spoke up slightly shyly. “Well, a couple of things actually, though you'll probably think it's stupid.” “Why would I think that?” April asked curiously, watching as the sink slowly filled with hot, sudsy water. “Because it is,” Mikey mumbled, unable to look at her all of a sudden. April blinked and turned to regard the smaller, freckled mutant. “Is it important to you?” “Yeah,” Mikey admitted, sneaking a glance her way and relieved to see no sign of mocking in the older woman's contemplative gaze. “Then it's not stupid,” April declared kindly. “What do you want to ask?” Mikey smiled. He could definitely get used to this dimension. A place where he felt valued and was never just dismissed because he thought differently to everyone else. Leonardo and Raphael hadn't even blinked when Donnie told them he believed Mikey had ADHD. Instead of making snide remarks or jabs like he expected from his brothers back home, they'd been nothing but supportive. Leo immediately wanting to help Mikey find the best method of meditation that suited his needs and both him and Raph showing patience and offering to help however they could. As much as he missed his brothers, he wished they could be a little more like this Leo and Raph. And it wasn't that he wanted them to change or anything just... be a bit more considerate for his (and Donnie's) feelings and less blamey and judgemental. “Well,” Mikey began, fidgeting nervously with his elbow pad, “our Mutation Day is coming up and...” “Mutation Day?” April interrupted uncertainly. “Yeah, Mutation Day!” Mikey exclaimed. “Uh... you know, like a human's birthday?” April nodded and turned the taps off. “We don't know when we were hatched so we celebrate the day we all mutated and became a real family instead,” Mikey explained more eagerly as he noticed his friend listening attentively. “Master Splinter tells us all about that day, we play games, hang out together, you know, just have fun and I make a worm and algae cake to celebrate!” April blanched slightly at the description of the gross-sounding 'cake' and Mikey laughed. “Yeah, I know but it wasn't that bad. We never had the stuff to make a real cake before or... or even real food so we were used to it, you know? Master Splinter only even let us go topside alone for the first time on our fifteenth Mutation Day and that was when we discovered pizza!” “Wow,” April breathed, plunging her hands into the sudsy water. She began washing the utensils and bowls, handing them off to Mikey one at a time for him to dry as he talked. “So you really weren't kidding when you said all you ever ate before was worms and algae.” Agreeing, Mikey nodded seriously. “Yeah.” “No wonder you became obsessed with pizza,” April observed dryly. “Well, pizza's the best!” Mikey proclaimed happily as he dried the bowl he held. “But I do like other foods too, now I get to try them.” “That's good,” April replied warmly, handing him a dripping wooden spoon once he put aside the bowl. “Anyway, so I've never made a real cake before and was hoping you could help me?” he asked hopefully. “Just a small one, though. I can't be with my bros and father in person but I thought I could go to where my home is and spend the day there with them,” he explained quietly, sobering as he reached the crux of the matter. April stopped washing though her hands remained in the warm water and she turned her head to take him in again. “That sounds lonely,” she observed quietly. “Yeah,” Mikey shrugged, “but I really want to be with them and this way I can at least be with them in spirit and... and hopefully they'll still celebrate too so we can kinda celebrate together even though we're not.” “I see,” April murmured. “Look, obviously you can spend the day however you like and of course I'll help you but why not just drop by your home's location for a short while and then celebrate with the guys?” “I don't want to hurt them again,” Mikey answered in a small voice, his heart clenching painfully as he imagined the look in their eyes, the sad slouch in Don's shoulders as he made his excuses and retreated to his locked lab. He would have loved to share the day with them, regaling them with wild stories of his brothers' adventures against the Kraang and crazy mutants of his world. Defeating Shredder's goons with water balloons alone was a tale worth telling, as was Raph's hilarious reaction to Donnie's Spyroach. April nodded, understanding. “When is it?” Mikey blinked at her in confusion. “Your Mutation Day,” she prompted gently, returning her attention to the few remaining dishes needing washing. “Oh! Tomorrow!” Mikey answered brightly. “Then I just have two more questions. What flavour do you want to make and when do you want to make it?” -:- Mikey gazed around the dim would-be dojo sadly. He'd done his best to make the place festive with some homemade streamers made from loops of coloured paper, a small, battery-powered party light machine borrowed from April, a poster he'd made saying 'Happy Mutation Day' and a few scattered balloons in his brothers' colours. From his T-phone, music played loud and tinny. He'd brought the small chocolate cake decorated with vanilla frosting, coffee beans and icing sakura flowers that he'd made along with five paper plates. Four candles sat around a picnic blanket in a rough circle, maroon, blue, red and purple, representing his father and brothers. He didn't bring a candle for himself - he didn't need one as he was there – and he knelt in place, completing the circle. Taking out a borrowed lighter from the pouch on his belt, he leant forward to light each candle, smiling broadly as he imagined his father and each brother settling in place behind their candle. Once everyone was in place, Mikey began regaling them with stories about this world, his adventures and their other-dimensional family. As he spoke, loudly and cheerfully – trying to make up for the otherwise deafening silence despite the boppy music – his smile grew larger, wider, faker. It grew until it hurt and even then, he pushed it wider, trying to convince himself as much as his family that he was okay because he was. Finally, Mikey fell silent and unable to take any more of this farce, stifled a sniffle. “I-I'm sorry, Master Splinter, bros,” he said looking around to each candle and working his imagination overtime to see them behind it watching him, “but I... I gotta go. They'll be worried about me if I stay much longer.” “What about the cake?” 'Raph' protested indignantly. “R-right, bro!” he laughed nervously. After he'd made such a fuss about learning how to make one with April's help and getting the decorations just right, how could he forget about it now? “The cake.” He stifled another lonely sniffle before pulling out a kunai and hoping 'Master Splinter' wouldn't tell him off for using the weapon in such a way, cut the cake into five pieces, four of them much bigger than the fifth and pushed them carefully in front of each candle. Then he all but swallowed his piece whole, feeling too nauseous to bother trying to taste it and stood. “I miss you guys so much,” he choked out. Then, only stopping long enough to grab the borrowed party-light projector, fled, knowing the next time he came here that the remains of the cake would be long gone. -:- Bzzt! Mikey jumped. He reached into his pouch to pull out the T-phone and blinked uncertainly at it. 'Are you alright? Where are you?' Leo. Mikey glanced at the time on top of the device. “Seven o'clock?” he yelped. He'd promised to be back around six; he'd been wandering aimlessly for far too long. “Sorry, dude,” he spoke as he typed. “I lost track of time.” He looked around frantically, trying to work out where he was and to his relief, discovered he was fairly close to the lair. 'I'm like 10 min away, tops!' he sent. Then a moment later, quickly added. 'Brt!' 'Alright,' Leo sent back. 'But you didn't answer my question. Are you alright?' Mikey stiffened. How the hell could he answer that without lying? He couldn't tell Leo the truth that, no, it was his Mutation Day and he felt sadder and lonelier today than he'd felt since coming here. He didn't know when their Mutation Day was either – he'd meant to ask April but had forgotten in his excitement – but he didn't want to make Leo, Raph and especially Donnie sadder all over again if it was the same date or even just reminded them of their lost brother. “I'm fine!” he laughed as he typed. God but that sounded fake even to him. He had ten minutes to get his happy face back together and be believable. They needed him to be happy almost as much as he needed to convince them he was happy. Mikey shook his head rapidly, trying to clear it. 'I just saw some...' he wracked his brain trying to think of something shiny enough to be believable, then deleted the last word, 'a flyer for a new kinda pizza floating down the sewer & tried to fish it out,' he picked out a pouty icon, 'It fell apart.' Once he pressed send, he stood still, holding his breath as he awaited Leo's response. 'Ok.' Mikey could just imagine the bemused expression on Leo's face and he chuckled slightly to help steer his mood right. 'Just come home soon, ok? You know how Raph gets when he's hungry.' Mikey grinned. It was small but at least it was real this time. 'You mean hangry, bruh,' he laughed. Then hit send and tore off down the passage heading for home without waiting for further reply. Huffing slightly from his breakneck speed as he came into view of the hidden entrance to the lair, Mikey glanced at the time again, pleased he'd made the ten-minute journey in seven. Putting his phone away again, he took a moment to straighten himself, gathering his breath and his smile before keying in the entry code and slipping inside. There, he pulled up short at the sight of a displeased Splinter there to greet him. Nervous, his smile widened slightly, “Um, heh... fancy meeting you here, Sensei.” Splinter's eye twitched. As did his whiskers. Mikey gulped uncertainly, the already weak smile dropping from his face as Splinter turned and led the way inside. “It seems we will have to have a conversation about the importance of being on time...” “I'm sorry, Sensei!” Mikey burst out anxiously. “I lost track of time!” “So I see,” Splinter observed, an odd glint in his eye that Mikey might have mistaken for amusement any other time. “Please do not interrupt me.” Mikey wilted. “Eh hem! As I was saying, a conversation about the importance of being on time to your own Mutation Day celebration.” Mikey stopped dead just before the threshold of the room at the end of the passageway. “My...” “Surprise!” Wide-eyed and shocked, Mikey looked up through the doorway and into the living room to see his other-dimensional brothers gathered. Leo wore a proud smile, Raph a pleased smirk and Donnie, a faint but genuine smile. Mikey's shocked gaze drifted to Splinter's to see the ancient rat wearing a knowing smile of his own as his shoulders shook slightly in barely hidden amusement. He broke into a huge grin and he couldn't help but dash into the room to see decorations that put his earlier effort to shame. Whirling around, brightly coloured streamers and balloons hung everywhere; both around the edges of the room and through the centre. A banner hung on the wall with the photo of his family attached and Mikey's smile grew as a trio of sudden pops sounded and small streamers flew from party poppers in the brothers' hands to land on a suddenly laughing Michelangelo. “How?” he cried in disbelief. “I never told you guys!” “A not-so-little red-headed birdie told us,” Raph smirked. 'Speakin' of, April and Casey'll be here a bit later, too.” “They're bringing the food and staying for a late-night movie night,” Leo explained warmly. “Movie night?” Mikey squeaked in awed delight. He couldn't help but bounce up and down excitedly. He'd been aching to ask about them doing one for a while now but the time never seemed right. “What're we watching?” “Uh-uh!” Leo chided playfully, a gentle smile on his face and his finger waggling. “Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise would we, Mikey?” Mikey felt as though he'd explode from curiosity as Raph snorted. “Yeah, stop tryin' ta sound cool, Leo. Just admit we don't know either. Ape and Case are bringin' that down too.” “Oh,” Mikey laughed. He looked around in awe again, already feeling far better than earlier that day. “April and Casey couldn't come any earlier than about now so we asked if they could make it about eight-thirty instead,” Donnie spoke up almost shyly. “We thought we could all hang out in the Bowl for a couple of hours first.” He exchanged a pleased look with Raphael. “Which is why we were hoping you'd be home earlier but it's okay,” Leo reassured. “Well have less time there tonight but can still hang out there again later.” Raph nodded emphatically. “Yeah, Don an' I got more work to do there first anyway.” “Work?” Mikey blinked, looking from Raph to Donnie and back again. Then he suddenly remembered his broken skateboard. He'd borrowed Donnie's bike a few times and even tried Leo's scooter but if all of them were going this time, that meant someone would have to sit out as there wouldn't be enough toys for everyone and he wouldn't feel right borrowing someone else's wheels and making them sit out or using their dead brother's skateboard. Not only was it a little too small for his feet but he didn't want to upset Donnie, especially on a night he was happy to join them all. “Oh but...” He fell silent, unable to voice his thoughts but Donnie seemed to understand anyway. “If you're worried because your skateboard broke, don't. I made you a new one,” Donnie said kindly. “I know you said you didn't want the old one back but I hope you don't mind that I cannibalised the wheels from it. They were in such good condition that they looked almost brand new.” “They were,” Mikey admitted quietly. A couple of weeks before he found himself in this dimension, he'd completely shredded the old wheels and April had bought him new ones as a surprise. He'd wasted no time in getting his Donnie to help him fix them to his board. “It seemed a waste not to use them but if it's a problem, I'll get new wheels for next time. Oh! And since the board itself is new, it's blank.” A small smile teased Donnie's face as he spoke. “You'll have to decorate it yourself. We have paints and lacquer to seal it with in the garage.” “R-really?” Mikey perked up in budding excitement. It took everything he had not to rush forward and hug Donnie there and then. Instead, he settled for bouncing excitedly on the spot. His old deck, and those of his brothers, were hand-me-downs their father found scavenging when they were younger. Therefore, they'd already been decorated. To get to design and paint it himself! Oh! He had so many ideas! “Really,” Donnie confirmed, pleased. “Come on! Let's go before we run outta time an' Case an' Ape get here!” Raph growled impatiently. He shoved his way past Leo to Mikey, grabbing his shoulders and whirling him around before pushing him back down the passage. “You comin'?” he threw over his shoulder at his lagging brothers. Leo and Donnie exchanged wearily patient looks before following a laughing Michelangelo and pushy Raphael out the lair. -:- The first thing Mikey noticed when Raph turned on the power was strings of brightly coloured and blinking party lights strung on the walls around the room. The second thing he noticed was, “A jump!” he cried in delight as he whirled around to face the older mutant he normally came here with. “Raphie! There's a jump, now!” Raph grunted in mock annoyance. “Actually, brat, there's two,” he growled smugly, pointing across the opposite side of the underground chamber. Mikey's eyes felt like they were about to pop out as he gazed upon the delicious sight. “Donnie and Raph spent most of today working on building those,” Leo said with a proud look at each of his brothers. Donnie shrugged nonchalantly. “We would have liked to do more but we didn't have enough notice. Our wheels are all over there.” Donatello motioned to a new storage pen off to the side. “We still plan on doing more to the place to make it more challenging and we'd like your input.” “Mine? Mikey squeaked in disbelief. He stared gaping at the older turtle. No one had ever asked for his input before. “Of course,” Donnie smiled warmly. “This place is for all of us and that includes you, Michelangelo. Therefore, you should have a say in what we build here too. However, that can wait for another day. For now, I suggest we play until we have to return home.” -:-“Donnie! Donnie! Donnie! That wheelie was so awesome!” Mikey laughed excitedly as the four turtles headed home. “You have to teach me how to do it, dude!” Pleased by the praise and blushing, Donnie smiled shyly. “It's easy enough. I can teach you next time if you like.” “Please!” Mikey begged. As he practically skipped, he was so keyed up, he looked over his shoulder at Donnie, happy to see the other turtle genuinely seemed to be relaxed and happy for a change. The ever-present sadness in his eyes and posture appeared to have receded for a time and he only hoped it would last. “Do you know how to do flips with your bike, too? I tried to do it but messed it up and Raphie wouldn't let me try again.” “When on earth did you... never mind, don't answer that,” Donnie groaned. “That was how you hit your head a few weeks ago, wasn't it?” he asked, shooting an unimpressed look Raphael's way. “I thought we agreed not to tell Don,” Raph grumbled, annoyed. “I didn't tell him!” Mikey protested, his eyes wide and flickering uncertainly between Raph, Donnie and Leo. “It's not my fault Donnie worked it out! You know he's scary smart!” Raph groaned again and Donnie shook his head in a combination of exasperation and amusement. “I'll teach you, Michelangelo, but only when I think you're ready and you are not to attempt it again without me there,” Donnie warned. “You'll also be wearing a helmet when you do try. Deal?” Mikey nodded eagerly. “Already made 'im promise about the helmet,” Raph muttered. Donnie shot him another unimpressed look and Leo's eyes were closed as he pinched the bridge of his beak as if he had the beginnings of a headache. Just then, they reached the door to home and Raph keyed in the code, ushering everyone inside ahead of him. “Guys? Is that you?” a distant voice called. “Yes, we're back, April!” Leo called back, picking up the pace. Mikey likewise moved faster to keep up. “About time you came back,” April admonished good-naturedly. “The food's getting cold.” “An I'm starvin'!” Casey groused, coming up behind his girlfriend and leaning on her shoulder. April promptly ducked and slipped to the side, easily dislodging him and causing him to stumble. Raph snickered loudly. “April!” Casey whined. He straightened himself as she smiled sweetly up at him. “Yeah, you deserved that, bonehead!” Raph snorted in delight. Mikey sniffed the air cautiously. The tantalising scents on the air weren't anything he recognised and he felt a little disappointed it wasn't pizza since it was pizza night but also excited to try yet another new food. Before coming to this world, going a day without pizza seemed like a crime, now though, Leo had put his foot down about pizza every day and he was forced to try new things and he loved it! He beamed hopefully up at April, “What'd you bring?” April turned her attention back to Mikey, her smile turning warm. “Well, why don't we go to the kitchen and find out?” she teased. Mikey's gaze wandered over everyone calculatingly, then, “Last one there hatched from a rotten egg!” he yelled, pushing off Raph and somersaulting over Leo. Raph growled playfully and gave chase as Donnie and Leo exchanged bemused looks. Then they too shoved each other and took off, leaving April and Casey behind. “Good thing we're not counted in that, right babe?” “Speak for yourself, Casey Jones,” April retorted with a small smirk as she suddenly pushed him away and gave chase after the turtles. Mikey laughed brightly as he and Raph fought to get through the kitchen door first. In the end, Raph's superior strength enabled him the win but Mikey slipped through straight after, Leo and Donnie close behind. He stopped short as he took in Splinter, already seated at the table with eyebrow quirked in amusement over their exuberance, happy to see his sons full of life again. The lair had been far too quiet for far too long now and only recently with the advent of Michelangelo moving in with them had it begun feeling like a home again. Mikey's gaze fell away from the wizened master. Like the living room, the kitchen too was decorated. He took in the gaily decorated sight in awe, then turned to Leo, eyes alight with delight. “Wow, Leo! You really did an amazing job!” he exclaimed happily. Leo straightened, pleased, as April came in behind them casting an amused look of victory at a moaning Casey over her shoulder. “How did you know it was me?” Leo asked curiously but before Mikey could answer, added. “Was it because you knew Don and Raph were busy working on the surprise at the bowl?” “Nuh, dude!” Mikey laughed. He hadn't even considered that. His grin turned mischievous. “It's because everything's placed oh-so-perfectly,” he teased. “All sym... metrical like,” he explained, stumbling a little over the word. Leo stiffened indignantly, “Wow, ouch,” he said flatly as Raph guffawed and Donnie chuckled, a hand over his mouth and shoulders shaking. Even April, Casey and Splinter shared giggles or amused looks at Leo's expense. “Got ya pegged there, Mister Perfectionist,” Raph mocked. “Oh shut up!” Leo retorted good-naturedly. “Perhaps we should be seated before the food becomes cold?” Splinter spoke up diplomatically. Mikey nodded eagerly and rushed for the table! “Ooh!” he cooed in wonder at the sight of foods he'd only ever seen on TV before. Spread across the table were platters of tacos and burritos, containers of nachos and salsas and several other dishes he didn't have names for but it all looked amazing and smelt better and he found himself salivating at the smell. “I wanna try everything!” he declared enthusiastically. “What's that?” he asked, pointing at the nearest bowl. “And that! Oh! What's that one?” April laughed and exchanged a look with Donnie as she began patiently answering every question. -:- “Ugh!” Mikey groaned painfully about an hour later as he eyed the leftovers April and Leo were wrapping and putting away in the fridge. He could easily go for more but... “I'm stuffed but it was all so good,” he moaned. Even better had been the warm conversion and light-hearted banter. It was amazing how different things were here compared to back home. Here, the teasing was just that. Teasing. Without the harsher barbs and mocking tones or jeers at someone else's expense. No one dished out what they themselves couldn't take and if they noticed someone hurt by anything, they backed off and even apologised if they were actually upset by something.Mikey had been here about a month and a half now and yeah, it'd been rough in the beginning but he understood. This version of his family had been hurting. Badly. They still were in fact and probably always would be but they were finally healing and looking to each other for support again and he felt wanted more and more each day. Something he hadn't truly felt at home in a long time except for fleeting moments here and there. It troubled him, in a way. He really, truly wanted to go home and he missed his family - his brothers and father and April - fiercely but... a part of him knew that if he never found a way back that he'd be okay. That he could find happiness with this family so similar yet so different to his own. Thankfully though, it didn't matter because he knew they could get him home given time but the longer he was here, the harder it would be to leave again. “So was it worth missing pizza night?” Leo teased, a knowing look in his eye as he scraped the remains of one bowl into another. “N-no! Nothing's worth missing pizza night!” Mikey protested half-heartedly. “But it was still good!” He eyed off a nearby bowl half-filled with something he couldn't remember the name of and pouted. He wanted more but for the first time ever... he stretched his arm out weakly for the bowl, then dropped it melodramatically. “I can't eat another bite!” he half-wailed. Casey gasped in horror, his eyes bugging out. “Alright! Who are you and what've you done with Mikey?” Mikey laughed self-consciously. “That's a shame,” April said sympathetically. Mikey eyed her suspiciously. “At least there'll be more dessert for the rest of us,” Raph grunted. Mikey sat up straight as Raph thumbed in his direction. “I'll have his share!” “Not a chance,” Leo said smoothly. “Too late, I called dibs!” “I'll wrestle ya both for it!” Casey interjected, an almost manic grin on his face. “Dessert?” Mikey squeaked in half-panic, gazing wild-eyed around the table. “Gentlemen and Casey, perhaps we should settle this fair and square with a game of Jan-ken-pon,” Donnie piped up a little too seriously. “Winner gets Michelangelo's share.” “No way!” Raph spat with a glare at his two brothers. “You an' Leo cheat!” “How dare you!” Leo gasped, obviously trying not to laugh. “There's no honour in cheating!” “How can you cheat at Jan-ken-pon?” Donnie demanded. “Dunno,” Raph growled, “but since you an' Leo always win, you obviously found a way! Just like when ya play cards!” “Counting cards is not cheating,” Donnie retorted indignantly. “It's not my fault I have a good memory.” Mikey whipped his head from one brother to the next in horror. They couldn't be serious! “Nooo... I'll have my share,” he whined desperately. “I thought you couldn't eat another bite, my student,” Splinter asked, that amused glint back in his warm gaze. “Yeah but...” his eyes flickered from side to side again, “there's always room for dessert,” he pouted. “It slides into the gaps.” “Hmm... are you sure that is wise?” Splinter asked cautiously. “What if you pop?” “I won't!” Mikey yelped. Then sat back in shock and pouting as everyone laughed at him. Raph reached over, rubbing the top of his head roughly and Mikey tried to wriggle away unsuccessfully. “Alright, if you think you can fit it in,” April teased as she finished putting away the last of the leftovers. She made her way to the oven to check on it, having already turned it on before starting to help clean up the leftovers. “Is there anything else I can do to help?” Leo asked. Donnie and Raph shot him horrified looks even as April nodded. “You can get the ice cream out,” she replied, moving to the cupboard to pull out the bowls. For the next few minutes, she and Leo worked to scoop vanilla ice cream into large, wide bowls, quickly emptying the half-gallon tub.As they worked, Mikey sat up straight, eyes narrowed and zeroed in on the oven. His pizza senses were tingling. “I wanted to try mixing ice cream and pizza before but my bros and April refused to try it,” he mused, thinking of the p-shake incident. That had definitely been a mistake but one he'd had to try or his curiosity would've never left him alone. April cast him a smile as the oven finally dinged. Picking up oven gloves, she opened the door and took out something that looked a lot like pizza. “What kind of pizza was it?” Mikey blinked as he tried to remember. “Um... I think it was a seafood pizza. It was one we had a couple of leftover slices of.” “Perhaps there is good reason they declined your offer, Michelangelo,” Splinter observed dryly. “Some... variations most definitely do not work together.” “Yeah, it was pretty gross,” Mikey cackled, watching as April started slicing the strange-looking, folded-over pizza she'd pulled from the oven. “Wait! You actually tried it?” Casey grimaced in disgust. “Well, yeah! I couldn't let perfectly good pizza and ice cream go to waste, dude,” Mikey gaped in disbelief. Like seriously? Who did Casey think he was? “Indeed,” Splinter muttered, sounding vaguely ill. “It is not good to waste food. Especially when it is hard to come by.” “If you can still call it food at that point,” Casey shot back. “Sounds worse than a sardine milkshake!” “Well, I guarantee it won't go to waste tonight,” April promised as she dished up the last slice. She nodded to Leo who picked up several of the large, flattened bowls to help hand them out. Moments later, Mikey gazed down at the odd-looking concoction in front of him and took a deep, appreciative breath. It smelt divine! He took another breath, savouring the scent and tried picking it apart. “Is that... banana I can smell?” he asked in awe. “And chocolate and... caramel?” “Banoffee dessert pizza,” April replied proudly. “Casey and I once went to a restaurant that served something similar. It was so good I decided to try making it myself.” Mikey cut into his slice with his spoon, scooping up a liberal amount of ice cream to go with it and took a bite. The flavour! His eyes lit up in delight as for the second time in his life it felt like his taste buds were exploding in joy! It was like nothing he'd ever tried before and it was amazing! He grinned up at April happily. “You have to show me how to make this!” he exclaimed before shovelling another amazing spoonful into his mouth.-:- After dessert, everyone relocated to the family room and Mikey gazed about at the decorations again, smiling particularly at the banner with the group photo of his family attached. They weren't here, of course, but the inclusion of the photo made it feel like a part of them was and it made him feel much better. Leo really was the best for finding a way to include them. “The brat's on my team!” Raph suddenly proclaimed, grabbing his shoulders and steering him to the couch on the left where Raph had first come to him three weeks ago when he'd been hurting so badly. Mikey twisted his head to look back at Raph in confusion. “Team?” he echoed. “I thought we were watching movies?” “We are. Later,” Raph grinned all sharklike. “First we're playin' games though and we're gonna pound Leo's ar... uh shell,” he corrected quickly at a warning look from Splinter. Splinter shook his head with a resigned sigh. “Since you claimed Mikey, then I get Don,” Leo stated firmly, arms crossed as he stared down Raph. “Way to make me feel like a consolation prize,” Donnie said dryly. Leo fixed Donnie with a look. “You know I didn't mean it that way. You and Mikey are the only ones who can draw,” April coughed meaningfully and Leo hastily added, “well. If the both of you were on the one team, it'd be too powerful.” Mollified, Donnie nodded in agreement. “You draw, Donnie?” Mikey asked curiously, bouncing lightly on the spot. “Not artistically,” Donnie admitted with a shrug. “My efforts are more technical. Blueprints, plans, the occasional sketch of specimens for science.” “Point is, he draws well,” Raph growled lightly. Donnie smiled shyly. “Cool!” Mikey beamed at Donnie. “But what're we playing that drawing's important?” “Pictionary,” April answered. “We thought we'd play a few rounds of that before the movie. Also, Casey and I can only stay for one movie but we brought down several for the rest of you to watch after we leave.” “So what'd you bring down?” Mikey asked eagerly. The best thing about this dimension was all the movies and TV shows he'd never seen. Some were similar to what he'd seen back home but many were wildly different and he loved it! He wondered if he'd be able to convince Donnie to load up a hard drive with a bunch of stuff for him to take home for his brothers when the time eventually came. “A couple of classics and some newer.” “Ape wouldn't let me bring down 'Nightmare on Elm Street' though,” Casey groused, joining Mikey and Raph by the chosen couch and unofficially declaring which team he was on. “Good!” Leo grimaced. Raph glanced at Mikey. “Pretty sure the brat likes horror though, right, brat?” “Yeah, horror's my jam, bruh!” “It's R-rated. He's only just turned 16,” April said flatly. “What does that matter?” Mikey blinked, looking around the room in confusion. “You're underage!” “So?” Mikey, Raph and Casey echoed. “You should see some of the movies I've seen back home,” Mikey added. “Anyway, it can't be worse than Squirrelanoids, giant murderous spy roaches with grudges against psychopathetic turtles or mutant parasitic zombie wasps and those are all real life!” “And what are those?” Casey asked curiously. Mikey's grin returned, this time accompanied by a wicked glint in his eye. He side-eyed Raph as he opened his mouth to explain. “Nope! Don't wanna know!” Raph growled, glaring daggers at Casey as he shoved a hand over the top of Mikey's mouth to shut him up. Mikey wiggled out from his grasp. “Haha, yeah, those stories are better kept for Halloween, anyway,” Mikey cackled in glee. With those tales up his sleeve, he'd tell the scariest stories for sure! “Remind me to tell you guys then!” He laughed again at Raph's groan and swear-muttering. “Right, well, I'm still not supplying you with R-rated material,” April said firmly. “Now, back to the game.” She levelled her gaze on Casey warningly, “You're with Don and Leo. I cannot think of anything worse than you and Raph colluding together!” “What's colluding?” Mikey whispered up at Raph. Casey went to argue but with one look at April, he deflated and slunk across to the other couch where Leo and Donnie waited while Raph snickered into Mikey's earslit, “So whipped!” Laughing, Mikey mimicked the sound of a whip then eeped as April's sharp gaze trained on them. He and Raph snickered more as soon as she turned away again. “What about you, Master Splinter?” Leo asked politely. “Whose team do you want to be on?” Splinter regarded both teams carefully, then joined Mikey, Raph and April to Leo's disappointment and Mikey's utter delight. -:- “Mikey, Raph, can you two get a couple of blankets to spread on the floor?” Leo asked after one of the most fun games Mikey had ever played. Everyone had gotten right into it and he hadn't laughed so hard or much in his life. The competition between Leo and Casey and Raph and April, in particular, was highly entertaining. He'd never realised just how April, any April, could be so competitive, especially against Casey. However, she proved to be easily on par with his Leo and Raph, minus the bad temper. In fact, they were all so loud he was surprised Splinter hadn't cracked but Splinter had joined right in with a glint in his eye showing how much he not only wanted to win but was enjoying it. Splinter may not have been loud like the rest of them but his voice, as always, cut through the noise and commanded attention whenever he desired it. Leo and Raph (and Casey) had even tried to turn Pictionary into a batsu game with what Mikey was certain would've been an awful fate for the losers. April, however, put her foot down hard. Not because she was against it in general but because it was, as April pointed out, a celebration. Instead, she suggested the winning team choose the movies that night. Then she fought extra hard to make sure they won. Even playing in such a way as to distract Casey and Donnie both – Mikey loved that aspect and joined right on in. Unfortunately, their distractions didn't work on Leo so, at one point, Mikey threw a smoke bomb. Splinter then took the rest away from him for the night and then Leo worked to distract him in ways he'd never have thought Leo capable of. It'd been so much fun! “Sure!” Mikey agreed easily, bouncing lightly to his feet. He looked over at Raph with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. “Are there spares somewhere or do we just take them from the beds?” A smirk lit Raph's face as he side-eyed Leo, “We'll rip 'em from Leo's bed.” “Do I need to send Don with you to keep an eye on you?” Leo threatened. Donnie shook his head, a small smile on his face as he stood and started heading out. “No can do, Leo. I'm gathering the cushions from the Zen Room so we don't have to strip the couches.” Leo sighed in resignation as even Donnie plotted against him. “Casey, can you get the sodas while I make the popcorn?” Mikey stopped dead on the stairs, one foot raised as he twisted to shoot Leo a look of terror. “Sure, Leo,” Casey replied, pushing up from the couch as if nothing was wrong. Mikey gave a deliberately startled look at Raph. “Is it safe?” he whispered loudly. “Is what safe?” “You know,” he mock-whispered, “Leo cooking!” “It's microwave popcorn!” Leo burst out, exasperated. “If anyone can fu... ah screw it up it's Leo,” Raph snorted. “He's burnt it before. Don't ask me how.” “Don't worry, I'll go and help him,” April offered in an almost too-kind voice. “Thank you for your confidence in me,” Leo retorted with a flat look at April. “Oh, Leo, sweetie, you know I love you very much but you know you can't cook,” she smiled sweetly as she reached his side. Taking his arm, she steered him towards the kitchen as Splinter sighed in relief and seemed to mutter up a prayer of thanks to the heavens. A short time later, the room was set with soft, thick blankets across the ground with the thin but comfortable sitting cushions to lean on and the lights dimmed. Casey had brought out everyone's drinks including iced tea for Splinter and Mikey could smell the popcorn, hot and buttery and his stomach grumbled. Raph shot Mikey a disturbed look. “How the shell can you still be hungry?” Mikey grinned sheepishly at his other-dimensional brother. “I'm a growing turtle,” he boasted proudly. “Yeah, well, at this rate, you'll be growin' out rather than up,” Raph grumbled as Leo and April reappeared with the first bowls of popcorn. “Leave him alone,” April chided gently, passing deep bowls around. “It's his Mutation Day.” Leo chuckled and turned back after emptying his own hands. “I'll be right back. We couldn't quite carry everything at once,” he explained. “Have you guys decided on a movie yet?” “'Ghost Busters',” April said firmly with a smile to Mikey. “It's a classic and you said you hadn't seen it before.” Mikey nodded quickly. There was so much he still had to see and experience and he could hardly wait. “I'll cue it up then,” Donnie offered. He glanced back to Mikey and Raph as he crossed the room. “Did you decide what we're watching after that?” Mikey grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl nestled between him and Raph and stuffed it in his mouth as he flipped through the disc covers in front of him. “Save it for the movie, brat,” Raph groused, eyeing what looked to be a rather small bowl considering Mikey and his appetite. Mikey stuck his tongue out, laughing at the look on Raph's face as he caught sight of bits of half-chewed popcorn and Splinter sighed in dismay behind them. “Teenagers,” he muttered despondently to April. She let out an amused sound at the frequently occurring complaint. As he flipped through, one cover, in particular, stuck out and Mikey's gaze zeroed in on it. He'd seen a few odd episodes of something with the same characters on TV before and loved it but this one had a different name and the characters looked younger. “This one!” he exclaimed, pulling it out and sliding it across the floor towards Donnie. Donnie picked it up and regarded it and then Mikey. “This is the first in a series. Are you sure you want this one?” Mikey nodded and opened his mouth to reply when he heard a strange crackling from the doorway. He turned to look, as did everyone else. There stood Leo smiling smugly as he held a large cake in his hands, topped with brightly lit candles and a sparkler shaped into a number sixteen. Mikey scrambled upright in happy shock as everyone started singing. “Happy Mutation Day to you~” -:- Hours later as Donnie plugged in a fifth disc, Mikey looked up from where he was sandwiched between Leo and Raph with a happy smile. The night had been amazing and far more than he could've ever hoped or expected. True to their word, April and Casey had left after 'Ghostbusters', citing human responsibilities and Splinter had stayed for 'How to Train Your Dragon' before retiring to meditate, stopping only long enough to rest his hand on Mikey's head, wishing him a happy sixteenth once more and proclaiming there to be no training the next day so they could stay up as long as they wanted. After that, Mikey, Raph, Leo and Donnie had watched the second and third 'Dragon' movies. As Donnie loaded up the next disc, this time Raph's choice, Mikey's contented smile grew. He looked from one brother to the next and spoke up shyly. “You know, I wasn't going to tell you this dudes, but earlier today sucked. I missed my family so much and felt so alone even though I'm not but you guys really turned it around and this became one of the best days ever! Being stuck so far from home totally blows chunks but I'm glad I'm here because you guys are totally awesome! “Thank you for making it special.” -:-
How Much is That Turtle in the Window ch 1“Ah, you are awake at last, turtle.” Moaning in pain and bewilderment at hearing the deep, menacing voice far too close for his liking, Mikey struggled to open his eyes. Man, but his head hurt. And his shell, his stomach, his liver, his... everything. Everything hurt. Even his teeth and eyeballs. A sudden excruciating twist of his arm had him gasping in pain and crying out, his eye flying open all the way. The other was so badly swollen he could barely see out of it. Ignoring the pain, he whipped his head around, trying to work out what was going on when he saw Dogpound's maliciously grinning form towering over him, looking delighted and mean. That was when he remembered. He'd been starving and since there was almost no food left in the lair other than cereal, fruit and ramen, he'd snuck out after curfew to get a late-night snack. As he'd been about to return home, full and feeling sleepy at last, Dogpound had appeared and taken him by surprise. He'd been badly outnumbered so he tried to run but he'd been taken down regardless. Far too fast for his liking. Mikey tried frantically to struggle free but his hands were chained tightly behind him and from the little movement he had, connected to his ankles. It was impossible to run. Or even walk for that matter. An evil laugh that sent a shudder down his spine boomed across the room and his head still spinning, he turned to stare up at the Shredder in terror, realising that that was who had spoken. 'No! Nonononono, no!' he quailed internally. This couldn't be happening! It just couldn't! He'd only gone out for a snack and it had been quiet the last few days thanks to the weather so how had this happened? Since he didn't have anyone to bounce off of he'd been quiet for once and he'd made it a point to stick to the shadows so how? “You've actually done something right for a change, Bradford, bringing me this rare gift.”He shuddered at the sound of the pleased smile in the Shredder's voice. Dogpound bowed respectfully. “Master.” Shredder turned his dread gaze on Mikey, making him sink back in a fruitless effort to get away. “Do you have anything to say, Turtle?” he asked, laughing darkly as his eye bore into him. Mikey felt sick. His stomach churned in terror but he jut his chin out and glared defiantly. “My brothers will come for me!”“Oh, I fully agree,” Shredder all but purred in satisfaction, “and since this will be the first place they look, you will just have to be shipped elsewhere. Bradford, make arrangements to ship it to the Foot Compound in Japan where it will never be found again. You'll be joining it to make sure it gets there safely.” “At once, Master Shredder,” Dogpound replied in satisfaction, bowing deeply again. Mikey gasped in horror. No! If they sent him there, his family would never find him. “You can't do this!” he yelled desperately. “On the contrary, you reptilian freak, I can do as I like,” Shredder smiled nastily. Then he turned to Bradford, fixing his unnerving, scarred visage on the former human. “The next time I see either of you, I want it cowed and obedient. Have it trained like the mongrel it is.” “With pleasure, Master,” Bradford growled menacingly. He gave Mikey a triumphant look, filling him with dread before turning to the Foot Soldiers holding him firmly in place. Not that he could have gotten very far, being chained hand to foot like this. “Bring him to the dungeons.” As he was lifted into the air, Mikey yelled, struggling valiantly to be free and was dropped headfirst onto the ground for his efforts. “C-come on, d-dudes,” he stuttered painfully as the faceless soldiers simply picked him up again, “y-you d-don't really want to d-do this, do you?” he begged. There was no reply other than to step into a darkened corridor and begin descending down a steep staircase, carrying him so his head angled down. Mikey swallowed as nausea took hold again. This really wasn't doing much for his head, what with everything swaying in and out of his vision and the dizzying movement. “Y-you don't really want to be the type of soldiers who follow orders blindly, do you?” Still nothing. So Mikey tried again. He had no hope of getting out of this by himself but if he could buy time for his brothers to find him, it would be worth any ire he attracted. “Are y-you seriously saying, dudes, that if the Shredder or Dogbreath here told you to jump off a bridge, you'd do it?” He shivered. It was so cold and he felt so sick. Just how badly did he get injured anyway? He didn't know and wasn't sure he wanted to. “Would you run over the edge screaming, Shredder forever or something stupid? Like you were in some lame-o movie?” Suddenly, a large hand wrapped tightly around his neck, cutting off his breath and Dogpound snarled, hot air blowing in his face, “I suggest you shut that big mouth of yours, you pathetic little mongrel, before we shut it for you permanently! Do you understand me?” Mikey nodded frantically, desperate, wheezing noises being the only sound he could make. Satisfied, Bradford released him and Mikey glared up at the former man, sticking his tongue out at him once his back was turned. He had no intention of keeping quiet, being annoying was his greatest talent but right now, after being choked like that, he couldn't talk even if he wanted to. He needed to get his breath and sense of balance back again first and to do that, he needed to close his eyes because he couldn't do that with everything continuously swirling around him. Unfortunately, closing his eyes wasn't much better, he could still feel the swaying and bumpy movement and more than once, a part of his body thumped into the walls as the soldiers manhandling him turned around the curve of the stairs but far too quickly, his body levelled out and he realised they'd reached the bottom. The dungeons. The Foot Soldiers holding him dropped him painfully onto the ground, crushing his hands beneath him and causing him to yelp. Apprehensively, he opened his eyes again, only to see he was in a torture chamber surrounded by cells and shackles hanging from the walls. “Get Stockman,” Dogpound snarled at a nearby guard. Mikey saw the guard bow slightly before running off, silent as death and he struggled again, testing the strength of the chains but to no avail. Thankfully, Bradford didn't even look at him. Mikey rocked and rolled to his knees then looked around in terror, wondering why they were down here when Shredder had demanded he be sent away. Why, oh why had he snuck out? He should have just had a piece of fruit or a bowl of cereal instead of going out for pizza. At least he left a note just in case one of his brothers woke up and found him missing but what if they didn't and no one found it in time? He was so screwed! Dogpound turned and smirked at him, causing Mikey to freeze up, then he about-faced, walking over to a forge and firing it up. Just then, a shuffling sound drew his attention and he turned to see a nervous Baxter Stockman enter the room. “What took you so long?” Dogpound barked furiously. “We're on a timetable here!” “S-sorry, sir, I-I was sleeping.” “No excuses!” Dogpound growled, backhanding the hapless scientist and knocking him into the wall. Mikey winced, glad it wasn't him before remembering he was in a far worse situation. At least Stockman wasn't chained and completely helpless the way he was. He grit his teeth and tried to struggle free again. “W-what did you need me for, sir?” Stockman stuttered timidly as he picked himself up. “We have a new guest who needs to be collared like the mongrel he is and branded as Foot property,” Bradford purred, turning to watch Mikey as he spoke, a pleased smirk lighting his furred face. “W-what?” Mikey gasped in disbelief. But... but he wasn't property, they couldn't do this! His gaze fearfully flickered to the now blazing forge. Dogpound picked up a long pole with something on the end and inserted it into the fire where he let it lay. He'd seen enough movies and played enough games to know a branding iron when he saw one and he felt the terror rise even more. “Uh... no offence, Mr Bradford, sir b-but... why do you need me? I'm a sci-scientist! Not a torturer!” Stockman argued, glancing over at Mikey and sneering before returning his frightened gaze to Dogpound “You are to fit him with a metal collar and make sure it cannot be removed. The lock must be unpickable! “Seriously, dude, you can't do this!” Mikey yelled in fright. They couldn't! It was inhumane! Surely not even Chris Bradford could be that cruel. “You turned me into a dog, it's only fitting that I return the favour,” Bradford snarled, glaring daggers at him. Mikey was glad the former man was across the room. He was sure it was the only thing that stopped him being kicked again. “But that... that wasn't my fault!” he cried desperately. “You did that to yourself! We tried to warn you about the mutagen but you attacked anyway!” Mikey struggled all the harder, causing the cuffs from the manacles to cut painfully into his wrists and ankles. He had to get away! But... he was chained too tightly. He couldn't even have crab-walked away. “I have just the thing,” Stockman mused thoughtfully, his fear seemingly dissipating as his mind worked on the problem given him. He came over to measure the circumference of Mikey's neck before inspecting the pre-formed collars hanging on a wall near the forge. “Hmm, the fit may be a little tight but this one will work, that or you can get a blacksmith to construct one that fits the turtle properly.” “No time,” Dogpound growled impatiently, fixing Stockman with a glare. “Long as it's not so tight it kills the mongrel, it'll do. As I said, we're on a tight timetable before the mongrel's family comes looking for him.” Mikey perked up slightly at the reminder of his family, then despaired as he realised they were rushing him out after... he gulped, his gaze flickering unbidden back to the forge that was uncomfortably close. He could feel the heat even from here, across the room by the stairs where he'd been dropped. Holding a rough-looking metal circle in his hands, Stockman strode towards Mikey, slowing nervously as he came close. He peeked up at the nearby guards and with a movement that suggested a rolling of the eyes, the guards moved in to hold Mikey firmly in place. Stockman swallowed and crouched down in front of him, reaching out with the metal collar. Mikey's eyes grew wide and he shifted desperately in place, trying to keep out of reach. To make his neck inaccessible. Before he could withdraw it into his shell, however, one of the soldiers grabbed hold of it cruelly, holding him in place as Stockman opened the metal circle wide, clasping it around his neck and locking it in place. It hugged his throat with barely a millimetre gap, leaving him unable to swallow properly. “Please,” he begged desperately. “It's too tight, I can barely breathe.” “Put the turtle face down on the table and keep its head still,” Stockman commanded, getting up and walking across the room again. To his terror, Mikey was picked up off the ground and carried to the table where he was forced down on his plastron. His chains were partially loosened, allowing him to straighten his legs at last and make a run for it, if only he wasn't being held firm. Then the cuff around one wrist was removed and despite his attempt to punch his way free, both were yanked painfully down the side of the table and clamped in place. “What are you doing, Stockman?” Dogpound demanded, watching the timid human across the room. Fighting back tears of terror and pain, Mikey managed to look up to see the scientist mixing something in a small bowl.“You wanted the collar to be impossible to pick so I'm mixing a hard, fast-setting resin to fill the lock. That collar will never be coming off again. Even trying to cut it off, given that it's flush with his skin, will do more damage to the turtle than it would be worth,” Stockman smirked, his previous fear forgotten. “No! Don't!” Mikey screamed. “Let me go! Don't do this!” he begged as Stockman came over and poured the liquid resin into the lock of the collar at the back of his neck. But Mikey knew, even if Stockman wasn't more afraid of his current employers, he hated him and his brothers and as far as he was concerned, this was well-deserved payback. It was all Mikey could do not to sob at the sheer unfairness of the situation. “Keep holding the turtle still while it sets. You can release him in fifteen minutes,” Stockman instructed, turning away to dispose of the remains of his mixture. Mikey stared down at the floor, his heart pounding and his chest heaving, unable to move as two soldiers continued to hold his head in place. He guessed it was so he didn't try to turn and spill the resin before it set. He tried all the harder and was cuffed in the head for his efforts. “I am so going to enjoy causing you just a fraction of the pain you've caused me, freak.” “You're... you're insane,” Mikey gasped, desperately. Bradford smiled and it was a nasty sight. “The brand should be hot enough by now. May as well take the chance to brand you while you're tied down,” he chuckled darkly. Mikey's eyes shot up in panic as he tried again to twist his head to look as his tormentor. “No! Come on, dude! It's not my fault you're an evil minion and that you mutated yourself!” Bradford growled. He backhanded Mikey viciously across the face, making him see stars again as his ears rang. “Dogs don't talk, Michelangelo, so much as I enjoy hearing you screaming and begging, I suggest you shut up and be silent!” “You're- you're a dog and you talk,” Mikey retorted shakily. Anything to distract the mutant from his task and buy more time for his brothers to find and rescue him. He cringed at the thought. His brothers probably didn't even know he was gone yet but as soon as they woke up and found the note and realised he wasn't back, they'd come looking. Trouble was, he didn't even know how long he'd been unconscious for before waking up in Shredder's throne room and if it was daytime already... He was so, so screwed! “I hear there're two ways to deal with noisy dogs. The first is removing their voice boxes.” They wouldn't! Mikey gasped in terror, cringing back as far as the chains and Foot Soldiers holding him would allow. “Unfortunately, we don't have time for that since the longer we delay, the more chance of your pathetic brothers turning up there is,” Bradford mused thoughtfully and making Mikey sigh in relief. Dogpound's grin turned wicked. “Besides, Master Shredder wants you trained, therefore, we'll have to go with option number two, training you not to speak. Stockman, design the mongrel another collar that'll shock it every time it speaks.” Mikey's eyes boggled and he gasped for breath that was hard to come by. The collar he was already wearing was far too tight. “It'll take me half a day to make something sturdy enough to last,” Stockman warned. “A day if you want something more than just the basics.” “I told you we don't have the time for that!” Bradford snarled, making Stockman cringe in fear again. “I have to take him away from here within the hour!” “Where... where are you taking him?” Stockman stuttered. 'Yeah, where are you taking me?' Mikey thought, faint from pain, fear and lack of sufficient breath. “Shipping container,” Bradford grunted dismissively as he stalked out of Mikey's sight, “and from there, he'll be shipped by boat to Japan and Foot headquarters. So he needs to be kept quiet so he can't attract attention!” “When does the ship leave?” “Don't know yet. I still have to arrange it,” Bradford admitted. “If there isn't one leaving New York within the next couple of days, I'll have to consider ships leaving from ports in other cities.” “Then... might I suggest you gag and muzzle him for now and I'll make the collar before you ship the turtle out. But either way, you'll have to make sure he can't undo the muzzle or later the collar once it's attached.” “That won't be a problem,” Dogpound growled, sounding all too pleased with himself. 'What does that mean?' Mikey whined, still staring ahead at the place where he lost sight of Dogpound as best he could; it was hard with the collar so tight and limiting his movement, not to mention the Foot soldiers continuing to hold him in place. His heart racing wildly in his chest, he continued shaking as the two evil minions discussed his immediate future out of his sight. He couldn't help but whimper as he suddenly felt Dogpound's presence at his left again. “Hold the mongrel's arm still,” he ordered. Mikey's head was immediately released and it dropped, the wide collar digging into his neck at the unexpected movement. He gasped and choked for breath. “Mongrel?” Stockman questioned curiously. “It's a mixed breed of turtle and human, isn't it?” Dogpound countered. “At any rate, Shredder wants it treated and trained as one and I couldn't be happier with the idea,” Bradford smirked as both soldiers took hold of Mikey's arm, holding it painfully tight. He tried to wrench free. He tried to fight but to no avail. He couldn't budge in the slightest. Suddenly a searing pain shot into his upper arm, just below the shoulder and he screamed in agony as the smell of burning flesh reached his nostrils. “Now you are marked forever as property of the Foot,” Bradford sneered as he stepped in front of a panting Mikey, holding the red glowing brand of the Foot symbol in front of his eyes. “Treat the burn, Stockman, I don't want it getting infected. If Master Shredder's new pet dies or loses an arm, you will take his place.” As the evil scientist began working on his burnt flesh, being none too gentle in the process, the pain became too much and Mikey's eyes rolled up in the back of his head. -:-
Mikey's Birthday C 1As soon as Mikey's last birthday party was over, the prankster began again to count the days of the long wait of a year to enjoy the next one.Mikey hardly managed to contain his happiness to know that he would soon enjoy a great party to celebrate when he came into this world. But his yearnings began to turn into constant reminders to all the members of his family. They started to get upset at the slightest mention of the long-awaited day of the youngest turtle.At first, they could ignore him, but Mikey got to a point where his brothers were nervous as hell."Raph, do you know what is gonna happen in a month?" Michelangelo had crept up behind the couch where his brother in red was sitting, taking him by surprise. The hot-headed turtle frowned after letting out a short scream of fear. He was about to pounce on Mikey for having interrupted his turn to watch TV."I don't know," Raphael responded rudely after rolling his eyes, "Isn't it the fool's day?""No hothead! It's the day you have to thank heaven for having had the luck and privilege to have me as your baby brother!" Mikey smiled broadly, seeming not to have seen his brother's furious gesture when he squeezed the beer can in his hand."Do you think I'm an idiot!? You've told me more than a hundred times in the last two months. Stop ticking me off, knucklehead!""Okay… I get it." Mikey slowly withdrew without turning. Raphael smiled. Maybe, at last, he could enjoy an afternoon without bearing Mikey."But remember you have to buy me a great gift!" That voice got him to jump again. Somehow, Mikey had managed once more to get closer behind his brother's back without him noticing."Get the hell out of my sight!" The grumpy turtle yelled at his baby brother, throwing the beer can at him. The youngest turtle just stuck out his tongue at Raph.Donatello was working hard on an experiment in his lab when he was taken by surprise by his younger brother."Donnie!" Because of his baby brother's yell, the smartest turtle dropped much more of a substance into the beaker he was using. The mix began to react so violently that it set off a tiny explosion that left his face stained black."Mikey! You know better than to enter my lab like that. I have told you million times it could be too dangerous!" Don exclaimed."Yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's get to the point," the prankster shrugged, making his brother in purple very angry. "Just remember the great event that will take place within a month, now you don't have much time to get my gift ready and remember you have to give a great speech about how much I contribute not only to this family, but also the world. Get it, Brainiac?" Mikey grinned from ear to ear without much care for his brother's glare at him.Instead of giving his annoying little brother an answer, Donatello turned around and started rummaging inside one of the drawers of his desk, looking for something."What are you looking for, genius?""The object that is going to be cataloged as the murder weapon when I stand trial for your murder." The young scientist pulled an old scalpel out of the drawer and jumped on Mikey, who, screaming like a girl, fled immediately from the lab.After sighing, relieved because he had got rid of Mikey, Donatello dropped the scalpel, but as soon as he did it, his brother seemed to come out of nowhere in front of him, getting Donatello to scream out of fright."It seems you want to outdo me in the old art of making jokes. Don't you, Donnie?""Get the shell out of here, Michelangelo!"Donatello slammed the door shut after he shoved his brother out of his lab."It seems the others are angry at me, Leo." The jokester complained to his big brother, but Leonardo didn't seem to pay attention at all. He had been meditating. "I just wanted to remind them to not forget my birthday party. It's going to be the first time Casey, April, and my friends from the Justice Force are going to be present. The whole party is going to be recorded for the first time too. I just want everything to be perfect, just like I dreamed it.”"Everything will be fine, Mikey, don't worry, and stop reminding us, we know." Those were the only words Leonardo told him before letting out a small sigh of annoyance because every day, Mikey behaved like that.Finally, the big day came. Mikey was fascinated by everything: his gifts, the food, the presence of his friends, and especially the large cake baked by his old father's loving hands.But for some reason, it seemed that his brothers were bored. Perhaps the constant reminders of the youngest turtle had decreased a little the joy in his brothers, but Mikey was too self-absorbed enjoying everything to care too much about it.Right after, Silver Sentry placed the big cake before the birthday boy, helping the wise rat to take it to the table. Everybody started to sing 'Happy Birthday', and the one who was singing the loudest was Mikey, using a birthday cap, looked at the cake with greedy eyes, enjoying the smell it gave off.Leonardo and Raphael were next to Mikey, and they looked bored. But at some point, before the song was over, Raphael looked at Leonardo and smiled at him, and gave him a nudge. The turtle in blue knew his grumpy brother was going to play a joke on Mikey, but Leonardo just waited to see what he was going to do.Exactly when the song ended, Raphael, quickly and quite forcefully, pushed Mikey's face into the cake. A slight bump was heard when Mikey´s forehead touched the table's top. Everybody burst into laughs when they saw that, but Mikey didn't expect it. At seeing that everyone was laughing at him and not with him, the jokester stood up, looked at everyone with anger, and without giving an explanation, he headed to the bathroom and locked himself in."Raphael, why did you that to your brother?" The old sensei demanded to know; he was very angry because his impetuous son had ruined his effort when he made the cake. Big chunks of the cake had fallen to the ground. It was ruined."Oh, come on, sensei. Mikey did the same to me on my birthday and didn't say a word about it!""But on that occasion, you only got a thin layer of frosting on your face, Raphael. Your head didn't go through the whole cake ruining it, and, didn't hit the table either."After the wait of one hour, Mikey wasn't coming out of the bathroom yet. All the guests retired, leaving the family members alone. The three brothers decided not to talk to Mikey until he wasn't angry anymore.But as the days passed, Mikey remained locked in his room most of the time. On the fifth day, Master Splinter began to worry seriously about his youngest son. It was unusual his son remained angry for so long, and when he did, he only lasted just a few hours and then went back to being the same as before. Resentment was a feeling that couldn't survive within Mikey's heart.
Lesson of Life ch 17I kept walking forward as Raph kept talking on the phone with me. I really hate it when he does that. I'm not a kid anymore and this isn't even anything new. "Donnie come on, it's really late!" I sighed. Looking around casually as usual. I like walking alone and going home late after school. It's like it calms my mind. Sometimes I need this alone time .....well....mostly I NEED this alone time. "Yeah I'll be back after an hour-""It's already 2 hours late. How long is this gonna go?" "I'm not a kid and untill I'm done it's the same old stuff!" "But-""I need to go find some stuff and work alone. I'll see ya later " "........just be careful Don!" I ended the call and rolled my eyes. Geez, he even knows where I am still he's acting like Leo. Nothing surprising about that aswell. I looked up at the clear sky. It's about 5.30 PM. The sky looks blue without any clouds to it. It's empty.Like me. I wonder what happened to the kid from two days ago. He was getting beaten up by his own friend or family member or what ever the heck. The man didn't really look like his family member or anyone who was related by blood. Their appearance was hugely different from each other. I still remember those eyes of his,Baby blue...... like he had some magical lights lit behind his eyes. But those bright eyes weren't really happy. I could tell they were hiding something. 'But why am I being so curious about it. It's none of my business anyway'Looking around I notice the same software shop where I usually buy my software parts for my projects. This shop always satisfies my thirst for the stuff I usually look for. I love coming here and then sitting alone in the park. Walking inside, it didn't take long for me to spot some parts for my laptop. I walked out and bought a can of soda from the vending machine which was outside the shop. " I wonder when Leo's come back home"I whispered to myslef,as I went to sit on the bench in the park. It's normal for me to talk to myself. I've been doing it every since Mikey left. It calms my nerves. I need to keep reminding myself of how much of a cursed person I am. A person who only ruins lives. A person who should really d-My trail of thoughts were broken as I heard faint whimpers. I looked around putting my unopened can of soda to side. The wind wasn't that harsh to if someone was crying I'd probably hear it again. "Wait-what was I thinking again?" This is the second time that mind can't remember what I was saying. What was the sentence that was left unfinished. Last time it happened when that kid crashed into me two days ago. And now again. I ignored the odd feeling and tried to relax my mind with my usual soft loath thoughts when I heard the whining again, this time a little louder. Don't know why but my legs worked on their own. I got up abruptly and looked around. I could feel my heart pounding. A part of me was annoyed at my current situation while other part of my just wanted to know what the situation was. As I took a few steps forward I saw the same boy. The one with the blue eyes and skinny body, messy hair. He was on the ground trying to cover his head from the blows that he was receiving from the other person. If I remember correctly, this isn't the same guy that I saw two days ago. The last one had dark skin and had curly afro hair. This one seems rather built. I don't know why the kid isn't saying anything. He can atleast tell the jerk to stop. All he's doing is lying on the ground curled up in a ball and sobbing. For some reason I want to kick that guy in the face."Get up Micheal! It's not over yet!" I heard him say. I looked around and I know it's foolish to expect someone to come and help him in an abandoned park but I still looked around hastily. Every nerve in my body was pulsing. I hated it. I was getting the same feeling. The same feelings when I first heard Mikey crying in an abandoned building. I hate it. I can't afford to go back. I can't afford to repeat the same mistake. I closed my fists tightly, trying to tell myself not to get involved in it. But suddenly the man kicked the kid right on his face and I could see the splashed of blood that flew and painted on the grass artistically . It was ugly.I almost gagged. "You're really pathetic boy! Don't know why boss even bothers with you!" For a moment there was nothing. Complete silence in the surrounding and then a soft whimper came followed by a cough which was damp. I couldn't see his face properly since the man was standing infront of him but I could tell that he coughed up some blood judging by the sound of that cough. I don't want to take the risk. It will ruin another life. It will like the old times. I just want to turn away and not look back. I silently took a step back without turning but God damnit, I could finally see his face now due to the shift of my position. It definitely feels like the last time. How Mikey was lying on the room crying for help. It's the same here, the kid is lying on the ground covered in blood and tears. He's not saying a word but I know the meaning of those tears somehow. Will it be the same if I help him?Will his life be ruined if I do something?I stood there like an idiot looking at the bloody face of the child. I don't know why my body isn't obeying me. My eyes are fixed on his face. I want to run away before this goes any further. Damn my luck, he opened his teary eyes and it's like he knew I was here. His eyes are directly gazing into mine. "GET UP YOU LITTLE SHIT!" The man kicked him over and over. I can tell when he's down he's gonna have alot of cracked bones or broken skin. His eyes closed again as the force connected with him. The next time I knew my hand went inside my pants pocket and I pulled the steel pocket staff. I pressed the lock and it retreated go its original size. I hate what I'm about to do. But one things for sure. It won't be like the last time. This time.....Leo's not here to make the decision. I'll make the decision. I stepped forward. Spinning my Steel staff with accuracy and speed to gain momentum. I struck the guy right on his head and surprisingly in the 1st shot he's down. Unconscious on the spot. "That's gonna leave a mark!" I whispered to myself. I pressed the staff between both my hands and collapsed the portable metal to it's tiny size. I was still looking at the guy and trying to calm my nerves when my thoughts was brought back to the kid with his light whimpers. He was still curled up in a ball and shaking. "Are you ok?" He didn't answer me. I placed a hand on his head lightly. "Are you ok?" No answer. I got nothing but crying voice....
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Midnight Caravel - TMNT Rise DimensionBy: SampsonknightRate T for nowWarning when it comes to the last chapter it can't be posted on DA due to rules. That is all I can say to not spoil it...Disclaimer: TMNT  isn’t mine and this is just a fan fiction writing. No money is being made on this story. (TMNT CC are AU based on Rise version and age is roughly 19.)Summary: This story is very Leo orientated, but the other brothers are in it too. The Midnight Caravel, a creation I have that isn't bond to any universe full of stories of horror, love adventure... this version is based on Rise's dimension, what will happen to these brothers when they step foot in the multiverse carnival of nights? Will they just have a grand time or will the carnival claim them as its own? This is a mix of horror and other...------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There the jewels of the night, blazing colourful lights accompanied with loud sounds, of screams, horror, delight and of course laughter, polluted the air, while four turtles stood there bewildered gawking at the attractions that spread out before them. The swirling lights like flames to a moth, tempt the crowds of people to come forth, as they line up for the next ride, spellbound by the music that was sweet, coming to a climactic beat and then subtle, resulting to moving one's soul. These sounds mixed into a grand orchestra, which overwhelmed the senses of both humans and the mutant brothers.“See! I told you this place exists,” Donnie boasted adjusting his wrist band hidden under his purple hoodie, which displayed all the information he needed on this carnival. Research that took days to obtain and they called him delusional yet here it was!“But Don, how are we going to walk around? We don't have any magic items and...” Raph asked wearily standing by the nearby tree overcasting the carnival eyeing the many rides and events that whispered sweet nothings to him to come and take part. With clothes on it would still be difficult to hide their turtle features at all times.“How about that there,” Mikey smirked in glee pointing to what was evident were mutants, not cloaked or wearing any form of a disguise and were mingling amongst the humans like it was just some normal day. As far as they could see, it was an interesting display of a mashup of humans and mutants coexisting for one goal, to have a blast and enjoy this rare occasion of events and rides. “Yeah but…” Raph mumbled not convince and showing how skittish he was to think this was a good idea, “Father is not going to like us being here,” he used the trump card that fell flat to being even convincing at all, as each brother looked at him with rolling eyes, muttering he was a party killer and they insisted that he stop dragging them down with him. If he didn’t want to go then go home, they already told him before reaching the carnival multiple times.“Do what you want Raph,” Leo waved his hand dismissively, not bothering to go into a full debate once again just plainly stating the obvious choices his brother had and that didn’t mean they all had to abide by it as well, “I’m going to go have some fun before the place closes, with or without you.”“It's not due to close until dawn, it’s not called the Midnight Caravel for nothing,” Don corrected Leo, getting an 'and' from Leo dismissing him next and walking out of the bushes towards the entrance with no hesitation or a care of being seen. The blue turtle walked all proud and bold, forward leading the way, as the other two followed closely behind while Raph hesitantly joined not wishing to be left there alone, dragging his feet.It only took a few moments for them to reach the entrance seeing people going in and out and not even batting an eyelash at them, taking it as if this was the norm. Donatello nodded in satisfaction, “As I expected, it was stated this carnival is one of the best attractions that come to New York every five years. People have commented on the fantastic cosplay for starters. I suspect many are mutants here, and the humans don’t have a clue or care based on the reputation of the place.”“You are right, sonny,” a voice answered as the brothers looked over towards the ticket booth. A young man with pointed ears, dressed in clothing that wasn’t foreign to them, stood inside the wooden box. For someone with such youth speaking like an old man was a bit off-putting as it was Leo that responded, “So no cares, huh?” “Not here they don’t, we are after all a trans-dimensional carnival,” the man answered getting a gawking ‘huh’ from the brothers as he let out a hearty laugh from their responses, “I figured you boys would be more than open to the idea, I normally keep that information hush unless the right customer comes by.”“So I see…” Donnie mumbled licking his lips, “that is why it is colourful with different races, I am assuming, not all are mutants?”“You're correct again,” the man nodded, “What better carnival that accepts all?”“But how do you prevent say humans in this case from freaking out?” Donnie questioned looking around, knowing how many of them would react to so many things they don’t understand by past experiences, “I doubt all here is that accepting or easily fooled and gullible that--,” he pointed to his green skin, “this is just a costume.”“Now that is a simple one, we have protocols set up for such in effect, devices that are designed for such a situation to cast the illusion. Any that are unwilling to accept will see evidence that individuals such as yourself are dressed up. In such regards as seeing seams, zippers and so on to keep the illusion alive in their heads to cope with anyone that would threaten their reality that they can’t handle. All who are more accepting will not be affected by the devices. It is our way to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves regardless of what universe, dimension or planet we are on or from.”“Makes sense. Interesting similar to the disguises many mutants use in New York, but appear to be more effective since I figure the illusion can’t be overlooked by other means correct?” Donatello mumbled the question as Leo rolled his eyes annoyed by this chatter, he wasn’t here on a field trip of exploration over the sciences of other worlds, but to experience out worldly fun instead!“Yeah, yeah, we can have fun without issues, we get it,” Leo dryly stated that was all that needed to be said to convince him, “So how much does it cost for the four of us?”“That would be fifty dollars American. That includes the four of you as a family deal, unlimited rides and each will be given a token to play any of the games on the grounds. After you use that token, you will have to buy more from any of the booths inside the grounds.”“That’s fair,” Leo didn’t argue, extending his hand to Raphael to give him the money. The red mask brother sighed reluctantly handing it over. “Here you are, good man,” Leo turned on the ball of his heel ready to enter only to be abruptly stopped by the man. A long pole extended out of the booth with lightning speed that vibrated when it came into contact with Leo’s plastron, forsaking the turtle from entering.“Carnival's rules, no weapons,” he pointed to Leo’s sword and the other brothers' weapons as they looked at the man grimly.“We will not use them,” Leo insisted, not wanting to head all the way home just to drop off his sword and come back, that was precious time wasted. “Sorry, no can do, rules are rules,” the man shrugged.“Oh well, we will have our money back and…” Raph started then the man placed a key onto the counter.“Here is a key to your locker you can drop off your weapons there safe and sound and pick them up when you leave,” he insisted as Mikey snatch the keys, “The lockers are on the right," he pointed as the brothers nodded obeying the rules, even Leo fearing he would be kicked out and won't get to have some fun. It didn’t take them long to disarm, well to a point. For Leo as the other three would think would have needed the most convincing to depart from his blade was the first to throw it in the locker, even Donnie didn’t give any fuss leaving his bo behind, it was Raph that was the issue. He stood there staring at the locker making up excuses, that it got to the point the other three were willing to leave him to continue on without him. “Fine we stay for an hour, then head back home,” he ordered that fell on deaf ears.“Wow look at this place it’s beautiful,” Donnie expressed full emotions as each blinked at him as Leo flatly pointed out that what Donnie was fascinated over was just a damn light bulb, yet the genius discard Leo’s lack of perspective for creative engineering, though that was just the first of many marvels as his eyes scanned the rides, the booths and every detail he could collect. The ingenuity was beyond what he had created or seen, it was paradise and his brothers couldn’t appreciate it, not that he expected they would. Mikey on the other hand, saw the flow of design, color and overall appeal, a masterpiece of art. Leo saw the fun and Raph saw a headache ready to surface. Raph wasn’t by far against fun, however, there was something off about the nature and overall feel of this place. It made him hate it, making his skin crawl and gave birth to this anxiety that was blooming in the pit of his stomach, and the worse was that no one would listen to him. It was discouraging.“Okay, so where do we start first,” Mikey asked eagerly overwhelmed by the choices, “We should have brought April she would so dig this!” “She had other plans,” Donnie reminded him.“Oh right, work… I hope she can manage without us…” Mikey started as they all fell silent, that was a good indication that was a ‘nope she was doomed to be unemployed for the rest of her life’.A silence rose, then rumbled to chatter that started the battle of 'what to do now'.“We should go on the Ferris wheel first,” Mikey protested as each of them had a different destination, wanting to go on their ride before any other. The argument between them grew then suddenly they all jumped in fright as a voice interrupted them. It was old and had a croak to it as if something phlegmy was stuck in the throat.“Whatever you boys decide I warn thee, of one order you shall not take unless you want to meet a fate too fitting for your taste…” the voice warned coming from Leo’s side making the turtle squeal in fright jumping two feet towards Mikey. Who in turn raised an eyebrow holding back the laugh that bubbled in his throat, then swallowed it hard actually just by the sight of the old crooked man, as he wondered if that tale of the crooked man was based on his guy, now the question was... where was his crooked cat?“What *cough* rides are that?” Leo tried to regain his voice that was a bit on the shaky side as he smoothed his moves and stood up straight acting as if nothing happened, “Better not be the lame ones, then I would agree.”“Oh, they are not… lame as you will put it, boy,” the man leaned forward onto a broomstick he had on his side, he was in baggy overalls that were filthy, appearing to be a janitor or something on that line.“Then which ones?” Raph reluctantly asked to avoid them, period. “That would be,” his hand rose shakily with much effort and pointed to the distance towards the roller coaster, “the Mind Buster,” he spat on the ground as he worked his gums, and probably shifting his false teeth, “Then after is,” he pointed beyond Mikey, “The Tunnel of soul-mates…”“A love ride…” Leo hissed, not into that lovey-dovey stuff, the roller coaster looked like fun but being in a boat for two with one bro, in a tunnel of love was horrifying.“Appearances can be perceiving,” he mumbled then pointed to the opposite side of the grounds, “Then The Mirror Mansion…”“Now that is more like it,” Leo grinned, rubbing his hands greedily and looked devilishly in Mikey's direction whose face went grim. “Do not, I mean do not go to each in order and do nothing else or you will regret it… maybe…” he warned as they all raised an eyebrow. Donnie in thought looked up at the first ride with a twinkle in his eyes, “I want to ride that one for sure.”“Then let's all agree to do the Mind Buster, then…” Leo coughed not believing he was going to say it since he despised the thought of the ride however Mikey was interested and so far each of the three rides appealed to one or the other, making it far, and Raph was out of the deal since he didn’t want to be there in the first place. “The Tunnel of Soul-Mates and the Mirror Mansion last? Agree?”“Sounds good to me,” Mikey pointed out, seeing how far it was and he was going to be going to a ride he wanted either way, even though he did fear the mansion, yet that wasn’t the big of a deal he told himself.“Did you not hear what the nice guy said?” Raph asked, not believing his ears, pointing towards the man that maneuvered the classic stereotype outcome, disappeared without a sound. The man was by then far gone out of sight, as the muscle brother let out a long empty sigh over how cliche this was, being way too similar to any horror movie plot. Starting off with a group of idiot teens, like them as Raph was identifying themselves as in this scenario since all the signs were pointing this place was bad news and yet no one would damn get a clue, are warned by some mysterious individual that appears out of nowhere, one or more teens think to take on the challenge like fools then when questioning the individual that gave the warning just vanishes as quickly as he appeared? Typical horror classic..."He was just messing with us," Leo pointed out "or it's a dare, a challenge? He said a fate to our liking... You ask me, that's not really much of a threat.""We aren't... so let's go on ho--," Raph started only to notice his brothers already began to walk off without him.“Come on wait for me,” Raph whined rushing after them, still wary over this. Maybe he feared they would get in trouble after last week and the warning he got from their father, that was unexpected, which was plaguing him still. Or it was just him being silly as his brothers were indicating, he was just getting all worked up for nothing… He hoped...Four little turtles came to the fair. Drawn by the light and the music in the air.Which one will survive tonight?Which one will find delight?Which one will have their dreams come true?Which one will be ….?Don’t ride them in order… Don’t give in to temptations… might find what you truly desire…

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Donatello Stories
Sticking PointSticking Point“Etanercept?”The teenage girl scanned down the shelves of the darkened pharmacy, while her turtle companion did the same. Rather than sensible alphabetical order or by type or brand, this drugstore seemed to be organized by the categories ‘most frequently ordered’ and ‘everything else’, and searching out the drugs Don needed to stock their own array of medicines with had quickly become a chore. Given that they needed to hit up different drug dispensaries in the area or risk detection, this one had been latest on their list, but judging by its shoddy organization, wasn’t likely to be a future frequent stop.Aided only by a penlight, April ran the small white circle across the rack in front of her. “Found it!” she called out as she snatched a bottle.“Epinephrine… Oh, that’s right in front of me… Annnnd, Lisdexamphetamine.”“Got it,” the redhead announced as she added the bottle to her satchel.”The purple-banded turtle grinned over at her, baring the gap in his teeth. “Thanks again for volunteering to come with… This would have taken at least three-point-eight-seven times as long if it was just me sorting through this mess… And five-point-one-three, no, eight, if it’d been Mikey!”“Not a problem,” she chuckled. “What would the stats on Raph and Leo be?”He laughed, starting some mental calculations. “Given Raph would grab anything and I’d have to double-check if it was the right thing or not, probably four point-oh-four-five times, and Leo, who would constantly be double-checking every detail of everything and second-guessing me on things, maybe as little as two-point-one-seven-repeating.”She peered around the rack to grin at him. “So I’ve got the best stats?”He leaned across the counter to stare deeply into her eyes. “You’ve got the hottest set of stats I’ve ever seen,” he admitted soppily, a moment later, his eyes going wide and cheeks turning red as he realized his unintended double-entendre. “I—I—I mean, you’re pretty statitstical… I mean…” He huffed in frustration and turned away. “I’m just gonna… Yeah…” She had disappeared back behind the rack again, but he could hear her trying to stifle her giggles. He cringed at his own awkwardness.Doing his best to recover some poise, Don folded up his list, tucking it into his belt. “That’s about everything… I want to grab some capsule ends here and a couple of over-the-counters downstairs; I’ll meet you outside.”“All right, me and my perky stats will be waiting.” There was more than a hint of ‘bedroom’ in the side-eye she cast back at him as she shimmied back through the narrow window they’d entered through, onto the lower roof of the adjoining shop. She gave an intentional swing of her hip as she left. He stared slack-jawed after her, and the bag of capsule ends slipped from his hand, a number of them toppling out all over the floor. Don tsked and made haste in picking them all up and heading downstairs to collect cold remedies and pain relievers, vaulting back up the stairs three at a time, using his long legs to his advantage. He wasn’t about to keep her waiting.He eyed the window, and could just make her out, looking around to make sure they weren’t spotted, but clearly watching for him to emerge. Smirking to himself, he bent his legs a couple of times as a warm-up. She was perfectly positioned and would totally be impressed when he did a beautiful dive and roll through that window.“Here is Hamato Donatello, preparing for the window-diving competition,” he commentated to himself in a low voice and wrenching his neck around to stretch it. “This will be his hundred and fourteenth victory, if he can make this jump and stick the landing, winning the gold and the heart of the young woman outside. It looks like he’s ready; he steps up to the line… and…” Don ran five graceful long-legged paces, stuck his arms out in diving formation before him, and leapt.The idea was to shoot through the window, tuck and roll into a somersault as he landed, and spring back to his feet in one smooth motion.He never got that far.With a horrible scooch of a hard object rubbing across wood, Don’s momentum was abruptly arrested as his shell met both sides of the narrow window frame, his limbs rag-dolling on impact as his head whiplashed forward, then back, into the rim of his carapace. He tried to regain his bearings as white dots danced before his eyes, but he couldn’t manage to right himself. For a second, it seemed like he was swimming mid-air. Adding insult to injury, the window slid loose, giving him a hard rap on the shell. “…ow…” he managed, allowing himself to dangle limp.April gasped, running over to him. “Donnie! Oh my gosh, what happened??”“Oh… uh… nothing,” he tried to deflect, mumbling bashfully. “I just… uh… got stuck coming out the window… at speed…” He reached back to put his hands against the outer wall to push himself forward, but found he didn’t have a good angle to gain any force.The girl looked at him skeptically. “Why didn’t you just step out like the way we went in?”Donnie swung his legs forward, scrabbling about, hoping to get some traction with his feet, but only managed to touch the window sill with his toes. He huffed. “Could we maybe skip the why for now and just, maybe, try to get me loose?”“Right.” She set a hand on either side of his carapace and started shoving, groaning with the effort as she threw her whole weight into it. Don did his best to avert his eyes from the female chest suddenly directly in his face. If he was blushing before from this debacle, his cheeks felt like they would ignite shortly at this point. To save some of April’s dignity, he retracted his head further and further into his shell until he could no longer evade the encroaching boobage cutting off his air supply. “Uh, April—“ he began, just as she threw her whole body into the shove, pressing his face into her breast, he continued, “—this isn’t working,” from between the fleshy appendages.She gasped and backed off, likewise blushing, as she realized her error. “Sorryyy…”“It’s, uh… it’s fine,” he stammered. “Extenuating circumstances.”She shook her head. “I’m not gonna be strong enough to push you out, I think… I’ll call the guys—“Don let out an involuntary yelp, and she took her finger away from the call button on her phone. His distraught look broke her heart, and his eyes reflected the thought of all three of his brothers mocking him for this incident for the rest of his life. His gaze pleaded with her silently, though he already seemed to have surrendered, crestfallen, to that eternal shame. “Or… we could try some other things first…” she conceded.A breath Donnie hadn’t realized he was holding left his lips in a rush. “Thanks, April.”“It’s okay… I’m sure we can figure this out without them,” she said with an optimistic grin for him. “Besides, we’ve been in stickier situations before, right?”“Oh, yeah?” he uttered sourly, tucking his head in as she tried shoving again. “Like when?”“Like,” she said, straining as her shoes slowly lost purchase on the roof against her pushing, “the time… when I had to call you to come save me… from that Chrome Dome robot… Or when we were fighting that magic ghost in Chinatown…”“How about when the Creep captured us up at the cabin, and drained Raph so much he turned into a plant?” he joined in, but assessed her lack of progress for her efforts, and said, “Stop, stop… this isn’t working.”She released her hold on his shell, pausing to wipe the sweat from her forehead. “Let’s not forget the time you caught me, falling out of a helicopter when I was being abducted by the Kraang!” She gave herself a moment to catch her breath, then turned her attention back to their current problem. “Maybe if I push from the back instead?” she thought aloud, and started squeezing herself through the gap between his plastron and the window sill. He felt the occasional bump and nudge against his torso as she wriggled her way past, and tried to be gentlemanly and not ogle… until she suddenly stopped. “…uhh…uh-oh…”‘Uh-oh’ is never something you want to hear when you’re already in a bad situation, and it added a sudden heavy gravitational pull on Don’s heart.“What do you mean, ‘Uh-oh?!’”Her struggling increased two-fold. “Nothing!” she called back, unconvincingly.“You’re not stuck too, are you?”She wiggled a bit. “…Let me get back to you on that…”“Stickier situations, you were saying?”“What, this? We’ve gotten over bigger obstacles.” She thought for a moment. “What about that time in the D’hoonib market, when we got in trouble for breaking that holo-crystal thing?”“Ha, right… the great, totally-didn’t-get-us-in-more-trouble tactic of running away because we didn’t have enough cash on hand…” Don sighed and hung his head. “Oh! I’ve got eyes on the problem from here... Your belt-loop is caught on a nail! If you can, lean right… yes… and then lift your hips… good. Now you should be able to clear it.”April gave a relieved sigh and wiggled and slid the rest of the way through the window. “Thanks for the assist, D.” With no further hesitation, she began throwing her weight into his carapace, with no better result from this angle.“I can’t believe I’m going to die stuck in a window frame…” he mumbled morosely.“You’re not gonna die… come on! This is not the worst we’ve been through. Remember when we were fighting Kraang Prime with the Turtle Mech? Or how about when he had me captive and was draining all my energy?”Don chuckled. “Or when we had to fight our way through a ton of clones to find the real you?”“Yeah… That wasn’t totally weird, and awkward. Awkweird.”“Completely and totally awkweird. ” He craned his head back, trying to see her, but not really getting a view of anything but his own shell. “For the record, I absolutely would have figured out which one was the real you if I’d had enough time and means to experiment…”She snorted. “Sure you would have.” After a couple minutes of pushing so hard she caused wrinkles in the already well-worn carpeting, April paused to catch her breath. “Man. You’re super stuck. Come to think of it, this reminds me of the time my cousin got her head stuck in the banisters at the farmhouse. We pushed and pulled, but we couldn’t budge her, and ended up having to twist her head at a weird angle to get her free.”Don snapped his fingers. “Angle! That might work! Try pushing up or down on one side of my carapace. That might lever me free.”April shrugged and crouched beside him, then with her hands against his plastron, shoved upward with all the power in her arms and legs. She pushed with all her might, but Don’s shell still refused to budge. Her strength gave out, and she stepped back, panting.“Try from above,” Don suggested. “Maybe the extra weight will push me free.”“You want me to stand on you?”“Yes. You'll be just like Stephen Hawking, standing on the shoulders of turtles. We’re running out of options here. It’s either this, or we…” He gave a whine full of humiliated dread. “…call my brothers, and get them to lever me out with a crowbar.”“Alright…” she shrugged begrudgingly and used the windowsill as a step to climb up onto his carapace. Not even the added weight seemed to do anything. “Maybe I should jump up and down a few times?”“If you think you’ve got good enough foot placement. But be ready to parkour off if I shift out from under you.”She nodded, then realized he wouldn’t see it. “Right,” she added, prepared her balance, and made a graceful leap upward, coming down on his shell as hard as she could. She repeated the motion twice more, and managed to scuff the wood of the frame a little, but nothing more.Donnie sighed. “Gravity, you have failed me!”“Dangit!” April declared, fingering the scooch marks. “This is the first time I wish I weighed more!” She sighed, using him as a bench, in case the weight would maybe work over time. “Well, this can’t get much worse, can it?”“I suppose it could… I could be disintegrated to atoms—” His thought ground to a sudden halt. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up.”April sounded unsure when she said, “It’s… it’s fine. Besides, if Za’noran poofed you to pieces again, at least you’d be out of the window.”“Yeah, no thanks. That’s a ride I’d rather not go on again.”She held out one of her hands, recalling how it had been used against her will to blow Don to cosmic dust. “I’m glad I don’t have that kind of power anymore, even if it would get you out of this situation. And even if I did, who knows if I’d have enough left to bring you back again?”He nodded. “Best not to attempt, if you can’t predict the outcome.”She turned, unable to see his head, but at least speaking in the direction of it. “I thought you liked that about science.”He let out a disheartened laugh. “I’ve come to the conclusion that I like science much less if it’s being applied to me. Still,” he said, holding up a finger, “I’d take it if it would get me out of this sticky situation.”“Sticky,” she chuckled, then a light bulb went on over her head. “Sticky!” she amended excitedly, hopping down from her perch on him and trotting down the pharmacy’s stairs to the lower room.Don ducked his head, peering under his shell after her. “April?” he called anxiously.“Be right back!” her voice carried to him. And indeed, she returned a moment later, carrying a tube of something which she popped the cap open on. The slightly viscous liquid glugged out as she applied it liberally to his shell and the window frame.“What’re you doing? What is that?”“Potentially, your way out of there,” she replied, and without delaying by answering any further questions, resumed shoving from underneath to lever him loose.This time, with the added goo, his shell gave a squeak as it slid away from the frame, and he gave a squawk as he suddenly slipped free and had to catch himself on his hands. He rolled, somersaulting to his feet as he’d originally intended. “Oh thank god…” he uttered in relief, standing and stretching this way and that after the ordeal.With a wide grin, he turned back to her as she easily stepped through the window with their bag of acquired goods and shut it behind her. Once it hit the grease, it went down faster than anticipated, and she let out a slight yelp as it banged closed.“You did it!” he laughed, overjoyed, sweeping her into a grateful hug. “But what in the world did you use?”“Uhmm…” she started, cheeks flushing slightly, “…uhh… Turtle Wax.”His brows knit together curiously, but a ping from his phone forced him to postpone any questions. “Leo’s checking in, wondering why we’re so late getting back.”April threw her hands up as if the answer was obvious. “We were busy making out, duh.”Donnie bumped his forehead against hers, snickering. “I’m so telling him that!” Text sent, phone stowed, and satchel taken over from April, he started across the rooftop, heading for home, when the cogs in his head working brought his legs to a dead halt. His jaw fell open as more thoughts came together. “This is a pharmacy; they don’t sell Turtle Wax.” He whirled around to stare at her. “You used lube, didn’t you?!”April blushed an even deeper shade, gripping one arm with the other and rubbing it. “Yeah… maybe…”Don chuckled appreciatively. “Clever. Master Splinter would say something like…ahem… ‘When in a bind, a resourceful ninja will always find a method to slip away,’” he attempted in a low Japanese accent to mimic their master.The kunoichi snickered, shaking a finger at him. “Don’t quit your night job. And no more showing off on my account!” She started toward the roof’s edge with her nose in the air. Upright one moment, she was flat on the rooftop the next, landing with an “Oof!” She sat up, unhurt, but working her legs back and forth, bound up in an unspooled coil of wire, all but invisible in the dark. Looking up pleadingly, she said, “Uh… Little help, please?”Don grinned at her, kneeling to pull the wires loose. “Of course! After all, we have been in stickier situations.”
Deviating from the PatternDon was already staring at his monitors when April entered the lab. He flipped back and forth through a series of images, each comparison only making him more distraught. He shook his head, mouth agape in an expression of distaste, but he kept scanning.She came up behind him, laying a hand on his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”He cast her a look of annoyance for his project before turning back to it. “Since our encounter with the other-dimensional turtles, I got curious about other versions of ourselves and our allies. So I designed a sort of portal-screen that allows me to view the other dimensions.” He paused to glance up at her. “I thought if these other versions of us were similarly aligned with our objectives, we could form a network of inter-dimensional alliances.”“But..?” April urged as Don seemed to delve further into his funk.He gave her a contrite little blush. “I got sidetracked.”She side-eyed him. “You were spying on the other Aprils, weren’t you?”“No!” he yelped, holding palms up at her defensively as she put her hands on her hips. “I mean… Maybe. Okay, yes, but not in the way you think.” He enlarged the pictures on his monitor for her to get a clear view of them as he pointed. “I started seeing a definite pattern here. Look… April, with Casey. The public displays of affection indicate they’re in a relationship.”“THAT’S Casey??” April interrupted. “Wow. Beefcake!”“Not helping…” Don singsonged through gritted teeth.“Sorry. And my hair’s such a crazy color there… Go on…”Don clicked to the next pane. “April. Casey Jones.” Then the next. “April. Casey Jones. April. Casey Jones.” He scrolled through the entire lineup of pictures. “In every dimension, April and Casey are a couple. E-except this one, R153,” he said, pointing to an odd, angular dimension. “There, Casey is actually a girl and the April there is more into a slime girl named Sunita.”“That’s weird, but okay… Ooh! I like your eyebrows in that one!”Donnie grinned. “Dashing, aren’t they?” he agreed, waggling his own brows at her. But April got straight to the heart of the matter.“Feeling a little jealous?”The turtle swallowed and sighed. “No,” he said. “More like… worried.”Don’s concern hit April straight in the heart. “Worried?”“The similarities… Like…” He paused, searching for words, then started pacing as he spoke again. “… is this how it’s going to be in our reality? Is it predestined, somehow? Do all roads lead to Casey Jones for you, and… not me?”“Donnie…” April breathed as he turned to look in her eyes. She picked up spikes of panic from him in her mind.“Does something happen in our future that makes you go to him? Do we have a fight? Does something… happen to me? If we continue our relationship, is some preeminent event going to force us apart? Is it a fluke that we’re even together?”“Donnie!” she shouted to break him out of his endless cycle of doom and took one of his hands in hers. “We don’t have to follow a pattern.”“Do we even have that choice?”“For now, we do. None of those other versions matter… I’m staying with you.” She took the mouse from him, scrolling through the animated portraits of other worlds. “Are any of the other ‘me’s’ mutants?”The turtle’s head drew back in realization at his companion’s insight. “No, as far as I can tell. You’re the only one.”“Then none of the others have had the opportunity to know what it’s like, and empathize,” she said as she stroked his hand. “So they don’t have it in common with you like I do.”He chuckled. “Because I’m your mutant.”She grinned back wryly. “And I’m yours.”He stared back at the screen for a moment. “Similarity…” he stated, forming a thought, “…doesn’t indicate causality.” The thought brought a relieved smile to his face, so he said it again. “Similarity doesn’t indicate causality!”April grinned. “Feeling better now?”Don gave a good-natured snort, knitting his wide fingers with hers. “You already know!”She shrugged one shoulder. “Doesn’t hurt to hear it out loud.”“Then, yes. For now, my worries about the matter have been allayed. Though I still have questions about—”“Nope! No more questions for now! Come on! Let’s go get some pizza gyoza!”His gap-toothed grin still wide, he scooped her up in his arms and spun her around. “You are amazing!” he said as he exited the lab with her.On his monitor, another dimension’s Donatello stared through one of the portal windows into Don’s lab, looking awed, but breaking into a grin. He made no sound, the window muted, but turned and called something over his shoulder, gesticulating wildly at the image. A curly-haired girl rushed to his side, looking over his shoulder at the couple’s joy while that dimension’s Donnie excitedly assessed what they were seeing. The other April’s jaw dropped, the corners of her mouth turning upward. She turned to the other Donnie, looking just as elated, and their lips came together just as the monitor blacked out in sleep mode.
Clinical Trialsa/n: For RomaMarufixx as part of the Spooky Gift Exchange! Prompt: Experimentation“… And once again, please remember to follow the quarantine guidelines,” the newscaster emphasized from the laptop screen in Don’s lab. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head at the broadcast. If people had just quarantined properly in the first place, they wouldn’t all be in this mess, and he wouldn’t have been up 63 of the last 72 hours working on a cure. But Americans had an anti-authoritarian streak that ended up biting them in the ass. Sometimes literally.“Stay at least six feet in front of any oncoming plague victims wherever possible…”He checked the microscope one more time. Test number 174 was looking promising, but some of the previous 173 had looked promising too, and had proven futile.“Shelter in place. If you need to go out, do so in groups of ten or more whenever possible.”He drew the amber liquid up into a fresh syringe. His stock was running low again, and he would have to put everything on hold while he sterilized the set.“And please, please remember to wear a mask, as a consideration to others. Not only is that your shield against particulate contraction of the virus, but it’s the first line of defense in case you try to bite someone. And just to recap our main story, children are not less susceptible to bites simply because they are shorter and out of the main bite range. And now, over to Leander with the weather. Leander?” The camera changed to a man before a map of New England, though he seemed unresponsive and blank-faced. “Uh, Leander?” The man lethargically threw a hand toward the map projected behind him. “Rains,” he declared, and was still. After another moment of motionlessness, the weatherman let out a throaty hiss and charged the camera, limbs flailing. The camerawoman let out a yelp as Leander made impact with the camera, which fell to the side, cracking its lens.The shot changed back to the anchorman, shaking his head as the camerawoman made her escape in front of Camera 1.“Would you like to be a weather-person?” he announced, dripping irony on every word as he continued reading the teleprompter while pandemonium continued to erupt in the studio around him. “We have openings. Please contact us at the number on your screen. This has been Carlos Chiang O’Brien Still-Not-a-Zombie *chk* Gambe… who will be practicing some fast-paced social distancing, right now!” The anchor leapt up from his chair and vaulted across the stage offscreen, followed by the camerawoman and zombified weatherman. “Leander, no! Stay back!” was followed by a high-pitched male shriek.Don shut the laptop. “I think that’s enough news for now,” he declared.Tapping the syringe to remove the bubbles, he moved to one of the iron cages that now occupied his lab’s back wall. “April, prettiest poppy, are you ready for another test?” he chirped, waving the syringe to show her. “I’ve got a good feeling about this one!”It was hard to tell if her milky eyes tracked his hand or not, but the girl lunged at the bars with a similar throaty hiss, snapping her teeth in an effort to bite him.Donnie chuckled. “I know, I’m excited too!” With a wearied sigh, he dropped the mask of false optimism and concentrated on injecting the new infusion into the IV line that led to April’s lower arm, which was in turn shackled to the iron bars of the cage so that she wouldn’t pull the line out each time he needed to run another test. He wished he’d had time to pad the shackle; April’s wrist was red from the constant scraping as she struggled. But there was nothing for it now.He waited for thirty seconds, forty-five, a minute, then let out a huff. “Trial #174, failure.” April smashed her face against the bars, trying to get her teeth into him. He dragged a hand across her hair, smoothing it. “It’s alright. We’ll just have to keep trying. You’re still my sweetest honeycomb!” She gurgled and hissed in response.Behind them, a loud bang came from the other cage as its inhabitant slammed against it, thrashing to reach him with no success. Don turned his attention toward his friend and rival. “…And Casey, you’re… also here.” The young vigilante thrust an arm through the bars, waving it in an attempt to grab or scratch the turtle before him, while Don just stood well out of range watching, blank-faced, for a few minutes.He trudged back to his desk, flopping into his rolling chair exhaustedly. There had to be a cure for this virus… and he had to be the one the find it, for their friends’ sake… possibly for the world’s sake—it was hard to know how far the plague had spread with communications largely down. As far as Don and his brothers knew, they were the only ones left who could save the world. But his own fatigue had long since set in, and even though he thought he might be on the right track, no positive results were forthcoming. He recorded the experiment as a failure, making a note that the following would increase the amount of chlorodextrin from 12.5 milligrams to 25. He skipped down to the next line and jotted the number 175 with tears rimming his eyes, then folded his arms over his notebook and buried his face in them.The emotional fatigue was setting in as well. His brothers had been out doing what they could to save as many people as they could, while he was, as always, relegated to finding a way to stop the zombification. Three and a half weeks in with no strong leads, though, and their turned friends “contained” and used as guinea pigs in near 200 tests, had Don doubting himself. He was the failure.It didn’t register with him when the snarls in the lab reduced by half. But his eyes shot open at the raspy call of “Do…nnie?” Gravelly voice or not, it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard!“April!” He was on his feet in an instant, and at her cage in time to see the milky film drain from her eyes, replaced by their former gorgeous blue. His stunned face broke into a broad smile as she lost more of her pallor by the moment. “It worked!” he murmured in triumphant awe. “IT WORKED!”“Donnie, where—” April started, then gasped as a sharp bang from the other cage caught her attention. “Casey!” She turned back toward Don, but he was already at the door, calling to his brothers.“Guys! It worked! April’s back and—”A feral hiss cut him off, more joining the first as three milky pairs of eyes turned his way and started shambling faster than Don would have liked. “Whoa—uhoh!” April gave a little shriek as Donnie shoved the heavy door shut, only to have it slammed part-way open again as the three zombie turtles threw their uncoordinated weight against it. Don shoved back with all of his strength, managing to gain enough ground to throw the bar, deadbolting them in.He only allowed himself a breath to let his spiked adrenaline to ebb before hustling to unlock April’s prison and release her manacle as she leaned away from Casey’s outstretched, clawing arm, even though she was far out of reach.“What happened?” she asked, unhooking her IV line and pulling the needle from her vein. “I remember… that one zombie came out of nowhere and latched on to my shoulder…” She pulled the collar of her shirt down past her shoulder, inspecting the stitches that closed the bite wound. “We were just about to head underground, and then…?”“According to Casey, you made it down the ladder and most of the way to the lair before you gave him a little love-bite.”April blushed slightly, casting her eyes to the floor. “Don’t say it like that…”“Anyway, he managed to get you in a hold with his stick across your throat and marched you the rest of the way to the lair so we could get you both… secured.” He picked up a fresh syringe and filled it with the same liquid he’d used on her. “The guys helped me cobble these cages together for you two, then went back out… Against medical advice, might I add! But there’s people who venture out for supplies and end up needing a rescue…” He looked distractedly at the door. “One of them must have gotten infected without realizing and spread it to the other two before they reached the lair. Lucky for them,” he said, brandishing the syringe, “through the last three and a half weeks of work and experimentation I found a solution!” He injected it into Casey’s IV as the vigilante raged and attempted to grab him with a typically Casey amount of violence, slamming wildly against the bars as Don dodged and leaned out of range. Turning back to April, he added in a straightforward manner, “It’s literally a solution of largely lithium carbonate, insulin glargine, dextroamphetamine, and, of course, phosphorolated atazanavir. But you probably guessed that.”April gave him an awkward, strained grin. “Uhh… sure!”A few minutes later, a more normal groan emanated from the vigilante. The young man clutched his head with his one available hand. “Man… That was not metal… How long—”A loud thump against the lab door interrupted him.“What was that?!” he asked as April worked to unlock his cage and shackle, while Donatello returned to his worktable and began throwing things together at speed.“That’ll be one of the guys,” Don answered, not taking his eyes off the Bunsen burner and flasks he was mixing.Casey wilted. “Aw, no… Did I bite somebody?”The turtle looked up for a moment. “No, it wasn’t you.”“We were both out for three and a half weeks,” April relayed, “and this just happened.”Letting out a sigh of relief, the boy flopped into Don’s chair, lazily spinning in it as he did. “Whew. But, wait, almost a month? Feels like I just took a cat-nap…”“The virus must affect the body’s circadian rhythm, somehow. I’ll have to remember to list that as a side-effect in my notes. But for now,” Don said, loading his completed solution into three hypodermic needles, “we’ll need to go fix Raph, Leo, and Mikey.”“Great,” Casey muttered. “Nothin’ like going up against three zombie turtle ninjas…”“Actually, probably a nix on the ninja part for now. They’re dumb, biting brutes, just like all the others.” He held out one of the needles to Casey. “I’m gonna need you guys’ help. Three on three. April, do you think you can incapacitate them for us with your powers?”“I think so,” she replied, also accepting the needle handed to her, “but not for very long.”“Good. We’ll come around in back of them from the garage. Casey, you’re strongest, so you take Raph. April will take Mikey. I’ll get Leo. Stab the needle all the way into the flesh, then hit the plunger. Anywhere soft will do: neck, thigh, calf, arm. Then retreat to the lab… it takes approximately seven-point-three minutes for the change to take effect.”The three of them moved to the garage door, which Don grabbed the handle of, preparing to yank it open. “They’ll be on us quick, so spread out as soon and as far as you can. Ready? One… two…”Casey reached over his head, and clutched empty air. “Wait, hold it…” he said, causing the turtle genius to let out a sigh and roll his eyes. “Where the heck is my stick?!” A quick glance around the lab turned up no results, so Casey looked to Don desperately.“Oh, I don’t know.”“Whaddya mean you don’t know?! That stick is my baby!”“Casey—” April tried to interject.“Sorry, I didn’t have time to manage your inventory!” Don bit back. “I was too busy trying to find a cure to save most of the Eastern seaboard if not the world!”“Guys! Not the time!”Don conceded and tapped his chin in thought. “You were using it to keep April pinned when you brought her to the lair. It must be out there somewhere.”“Rats…” Casey moped, reaching back to pull out his bat instead. “Plan B it is!” He looked over at April when he got no immediate response. “The ‘b’ is for bat.”“Yeah, we got that,” she snapped back impatiently.“Now are we ready?” Don queried, and receiving nods from both of his allies, yanked the door open……immediately meeting six clouded eyes and three snapping, snarling mutant turtle beaks. He let out a yelp, backpedaling.April’s game-face dropped. “All the noise must’ve attracted them!”“Push ‘em back!” Casey yelled, throwing his weight against Raph and Leo in front of him. Don joined him, shoving Raph and Mikey back by their plastrons, while April, stuck behind the boys and unable to help push, started focusing her telekinesis.As soon as Don and Casey had bulldozed the three zombie turtles into the lair’s main room and Mikey began lumbering toward April, the girl closed her eyes and held a hand out, then turned it over and motioned upward, lifting the zombies a few inches in the air and holding them there.Facing off a clawing but otherwise incapacitated Leo, Donnie uncapped his syringe and moved for the back of Leo’s shoulder. But before he could insert the needle, Leo’s fist came up in a swift move, knocking it out of Don’s hand. Don yelped and dove to catch the fragile object.“You would still have your ninja reflexes!” he told his zombified brother sourly as he stood back up.“Rrrghh… It’s not just Leo!” Casey called, struggling to pull his weapon from Raphael’s grip on both ends while shoving a foot against his torso to avoid being bit. Meanwhile, Mikey had somehow gone into a mid-air spin, and April was having trouble both figuring out how, even, and finding a spot to aim at, and was sweating from the effort of keeping the zombies airborne.“I can’t… hold them… much… longer!”And indeed, she couldn’t. A moment later, the three infected brothers dropped to the ground all at once. Michelangelo landed flat on his face after his uncontrolled spin, and April took the advantage to stab the needle into the first available soft tissue she spotted… and afterward blushed a shade as vibrant as her hair.Don dashed away from Leo to where Casey was still grappling with Raph. “Change of plans!” he announced as he came around in back of the red-banded brawler, sticking the needle straight into the bulging jugular vein and injecting the contents. “Where’s yours?”“Hoodie pocket!” he called, then swung Raph around to block and smash an oncoming Leo with his brother’s shell, putting said pocket conveniently in Don’s reach.As the genius fished around in the hoodie, he quipped, “Is that a solution of amphetamines and distilled nucleo-peptides in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”“Dude, shut up…” Casey whined. “Don’t make it weird!”Don continued to chuckle as he stood and uncapped the syringe. “April? A little assist?”April stomped on Mikey’s shell, knocking him back to the ground again. “I gotcha. Go!”The genius drew back his arm and threw, the syringe dart whistling through the air like a shot (haha). Leo’s hand moved with lightning speed to bat it away once more, but the needle zigzagged midair and looped over his shoulder to embed and inject itself behind him.“Great!” Don praised. “Now we just have to wait approximately… six and a half minutes for them to—erf!” He caught Leo on his bo as the leader charged him. “—take effect!”Never had approximately six and a half minutes seemed so long.Casey was clearly weakening against his opponent, who was now putting bite marks in Casey’s Louisville Slugger.April kept kicking Mikey down, until a hand came up and grabbed her by the ankle, pulling her off-balance. She shrieked and hopped, trying to stay up and pull her foot back at the same time while Mikey was finally able to push himself up enough to try to bite at the limb he held hostage.“April!” Don called in concern as she kicked at Michelangelo, whimpering in panic when she couldn’t get him to relinquish her, but Donnie had his own opponent to fend off, and couldn’t get to her right now.Leo kicked his bo off-target. Don recovered and tried a series of jabs with it at his brother’s upper plastron, but the expert ninja parried and dodged each one, the only thing different in his moves being the grating hisses he let out and the occasional snap of the teeth if Don let him get too close. In fact, he swore Leo’s strikes were getting faster.Which made sense, he thought; if the virus’s morbidity was slowly being countered, it would affect the muscles before allowing the brain to come back online and—A series of moves Donnie hadn’t been prepared for took his bo out of his hands. With a yelp, he threw his arms up into a blocking stance, but Leo, swift as ever, outmaneuvered him and spun him to where he could sink his teeth into Don’s neck.Don knew he wasn’t in a position to evade the bite. Oh no, oh no, oh no! his mind fretted, infection imminent.And then, suddenly, Leo’s teeth clamped together on thin air with a clack as he was yanked back by the rim of his carapace. “Oh no ya don’t, Fearless! I’m your dance partner now!” Leo hissed and Raph knocked him back with a one-two punch to the zombie turtle’s face.Out of harm’s way himself now, Don turned to pull Mikey off of April, only to find that his younger brother was already coming to as well. “What the shell happened?” As he put one hand to his face to rub away some of the fogginess, April managed to pull her leg out of his remaining grip. He gasped. “Did I try to bite you? I’m sorry, April! I didn’t mean it!”“It’s fine,” April breezed, trying to keep from blushing.Don looked back to Raph. “Leo ought to be snapping out of it any second now…”Sure enough, as Raphael backed off, Leo’s attacks slackened until the leader zombie stood motionless.“Come on back to us, Leo,” Don called, to no reaction.“Leo? Come on, bro!” Mikey tried, distraught that their words weren’t working.“I know what’ll bring him back,” Raph stated as he stepped toward his elder brother once again. He wound up and smacked Leo firmly across the face.Don thought he could see the whiteness literally knocked out of Leo’s vision.Leonardo let out a groan and wrenched he jaw back into place, massaging it. “Did you just slap me?”Raph shrugged smugly. “I was calming you down.”Leo aimed a sour look his way, then turned back to the group. “Is everyone okay?”Everyone nodded, except for Mikey. “Yeah, but it feels like I took a groin kick…”April went crimson again. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she chanted, burying her face in her hands while Mikey tried to pry an answer out of her.“Baby! There you are!” Casey reclaimed his hockey stick from where it leaned against the lair’s entrance. He gave the stick’s crook a kiss before sheathing it on his back.Leo walked up and clapped a hand on Donnie’s shoulder. “Good work, Don. Does this mean you can make a cure for the rest of New York?”Don held his chin in his hand. “I believe so. In fact, I had an idea on how to aerosolize it… We can use the zeppelin to distribute it across the whole city. But I’m gonna need a lot of chemicals.”“Do you know where to find what you need?”“Oh, sure. There’s a big medical manufacture’s down near the docks that has everything I’ll need and more… barrels of it!”“Then let’s get going, while we still have some daylight. Everyone in the Shellraiser.”Half an hour later, they were at the manufacturing plant, with one stop for Raph to take over driving, since Leo wanted to stop and check on the state of every zombie he accidentally mowed down, despite the Shellraiser’s cattle-pusher being engaged.The area was fairly clear of shamblers, so with only April standing watch, the rest of the team entered the facility. Don pointed out barrels of chemicals he needed, and the guys rolled and carried them to the loading bay. Donnie himself appropriated some extra equipment to increase production, promising he’d return it later, loading this into the modified subway car as well.They were nearly finished when Casey paused, noticing April wandering around the abandoned loading bay. “Yo, Red… whatcha doin’?” he called, but April didn’t answer. Donatello stuck his head out of the back of the vehicle to oversee the last few barrels being loaded when he noticed his rival approaching the girl. Old jealousies stirred within him, despite he and Casey having settled their differences over courting April ages ago. He narrowed his eyes, watching them. Relationships aside, something was off…“April, hey…” Casey tried again, laying a hand on her shoulder. April whirled on him, eyes milk-white again. She hissed and ran at him as he stumbled backward in shock. “Guys!”Don was at his side in a flash. “Was she bitten again?” he asked, blocking her with his bo to give Casey time to draw his beloved stick.“Naw, not anywhere I can see…”The turtle medic looked her over for himself, but, consistent with Casey’s assessment, there were no bleeding marks consistent with bites, and not another zombie in sight, which could only mean…“…she reverted!” he whispered, aghast.Casey looked into his eyes, horrified, then resolutely squared his jaw. In a single motion, he spun April by the shoulder and locked his stick around her arms and torso, pinning her against him. “Everybody get in the van, now!” he screamed. “Don, GO! I’ve got her!”“What about you?” Don asked, refusing to do as told.“Look, if April turned back, you’ve only got a few minutes before I do, and not long before the guys do too! You gotta get that stuff to the lair!”“Casey, get in the van! I can still save you both!” Donnie called back as he stepped into the rear hatch.Casey smirked at him. “I thought you were supposed to be a genius! You can’t fight zombies in a van packed to the gills with turtles and barrels! You’ll save us when you find the real cure! Now get outta here!”Don’s heart dropped, not only for leaving their allies behind, but Casey was right… this wasn’t the real cure.Leo hopped in the back with him, pulling the lever to shut the doors. “He’s got a point. If we’re gonna get back in time, we have to go. Now. Raph, floor it!”They lurched as the Shellraiser peeled out, then fishtailed side to side in Raph’s haste. Don caught Casey giving them heavy-metal horns with one hand, still restraining April with the other, as the top and bottom of the hatch met and sealed.Donatello stared at the shut door and put a hand against the cool metal, the held up two fingers and curled his thumb in, the best approximation of devil’s horns he could manage with only three fingers.As soon as the Shellraiser skidded to a stop outside the garage, it was a mad dash into the lab. Raphael made to start unloading the barrels, but Don shooed him inside. “I can unload those. What I can’t do on my own is get you into the restraints while you’re a zombie!”Raph sighed in an aggravated way, but marched into one of the cages, sliding both bolts shut after him. “Whatever you say, Don.” Leo did the same with the second cage while, lacking a third or any time to slap another cage together, Don secured Mikey plastron-down to one of the medical cots. Mikey, one arm tied down already, busily tapped away at his T-phone with his thumb.“What’re you doing?” Don asked somberly, readying the final strap for Mikey’s remaining arm.Mikey finished his task and handed the phone off to Don. “Making you a schedule so you don’t destroy yourself while trying to save us. No ignoring it, either! When it says to eat lunch, you eat lunch. When it says eat dinner, you eat dinner. When it says to go potty—”“I get it!” Don rolled his eyes, but gave his little brother a warm grin. “Thanks, Mikey.” He set up the IV line in Mikey’s free arm, then bound it tightly to the cot.“See you soon, bro,” Mikey beamed back. By the time Don had finished Raph and Leo’s IVs, Mikey’s eyes had already clouded over and he was emitting the telltale throaty hiss.Donnie worked fast to pad the shackles of the two cages by gluing down pieces of an old fleece chamois to line the cuffs. He’d barely finished the second, Leo’s, when Raph rezombified and started thrashing against the bars of his cage like a gorilla. He clamped the manacle around Leo’s arm. “I guess this is it.”“I guess it is. Donnie, don’t give up hope. You’ve got this.”Don gave him a despairing look. “I almost had it!”Leo shook his head. “You almost have it!” he corrected. “You’re on to something. This cure was temporary, but it worked! Keep going!”“Thanks, Leo.”“I love you, little brother.”Don couldn’t hold the tears that snuck out of his eyes, nor did he bother. “I love you too.”With that, Leo sat down in a meditative position and closed his eyes.It wasn’t until 28 minutes later that he started gnashing his teeth at Don like Mikey and Raph.Log, Day 47.Test 439 – Partial success. Leonardo remained lucid for nearly 14.2 hours, up from Mikey’s 10.5 hours with test 438. Key may be in the addition of the glycol detamine; increasing from 0.5 grams to 0.6 grams in following test. The dilation of the window of lucidity keeps increasing almost exponentially… but when, if ever, will it be a permanent solution?I need to go on a supply run… There are a few extraneous chemicals I need, food, coffee, but most importantly and most rare, toilet paper. I plan on using extreme caution; better to abort mission and come home hungry than find myself in a situation I can’t get out of. To that end, I’ve invented the bomber drone, inspired by Casey, which will drop a small but loud incendiary device every hundred meters, in a line leading away from my position.I am leaving my brothers in their incognizant state. I don’t need them worrying over me, and I also can’t have them sacrificing themselves; in that, I would lose both a brother and a test subject. But… should something happen to me, I have set up nutrient infusions to last a week, the final bag in the chain being pentabarbitol, a potent euthanasia. I anticipate being back long before this bag reaches their systems, but if for some reason I’m not, I won’t have my brothers suffer a long death.“What a note to end on…” Don muttered to himself. But, there was neither time nor necessity for sentimental notions, so he left it at that, shouldering his extra scavenging gear. “Well, wish me luck!” he told his zombie brothers, then stopped to chuckle to himself as they all growled back at him. “Ya know, you guys are lucky. I could be the monster banging on the inside of a cage, and then what would you do?”
Donnie, Put Down the Flamethrower (RotTMNT)“Thou hast angered me for the last time!” Donnie rose up, whipping out his tech bo. “Prepare to meet thine end!” Pointing it forward a bunch of blades popped out.“Oh no,” Leo leaned in the doorway. “I hear Shakespeare, what’s going on?” His eyes widened at Donnie pointing his bo staff at a computer.“Go away Leo, I don’t have time for your snark!”He held onto the doorway, keeping most of him behind the safety of the wall. “What are you doing?!”“I’m trying to hack into this computer.”He raised an eyespace. “With actual blades?”“No, I-” With a grumble he lowered the staff. “Usually the Purple Dragon’s tech is subpar at best, but Kendra must’ve found some program I’ve never seen before because I can’t hack her computer; her firewalls have firewalls! Well,” he turned back to the computer, “let’s see how it likes actual fire!” With the press of a button his bo became a flamethrower.Leo carefully stepped into the room. “Maybe-”“Don’t say I can’t do it!” His head whipped to face him.“I wasn’t!” He said defensively before his eyes narrowed. “Are you feeling insecure?”“No!”He stared back, part worried, part just done with this. “I was going to say maybe you should take a break, come back to it when you’re…” he glanced at the flamethrower, “calmer.”“I’m fine! I just need to hack the firewall’s firewall, it’s firewall, and the password’s password.”“OK, just do it without this,” he snatched the tech bo from him before walking away.Holding up a fist his eyes clenched shut. “I will not be bested by the Purple Dragons! They are not smarter than me!”He rolled his eyes. “Donnie, no one’s smarter than you, you’ll figure it out.” He walked out.His brows rose, glare softening into sadness as he looked to the floor. He waited till he was sure Leo was gone. “Thank you…”He leaned back in with a smirk. “Anytime; except for now because skating’s about to come on.”“What?!” he glared at him. “When were you going to tell me that?” He ran out the door.He looked annoyed as he followed. “Oh now you want a break.”
Raphael Stories
Haunted Reality Chapter 9Chapter 9You could have heard a pin drop after Casey's admission.Hamato Yoshi? Raph did not want to believe what he had just heard. Not Casey… Why did it have to be him?"Repeat that." Not a request. He had to be certain he wasn't hearing things."Hamato Yoshi was the one who taught me as a kid." Casey's tone didn't waver, his eyes burning with determination and self-assurance – revealing no hint of guilt at his admission.Raphael groaned, trying to steady the emotions welling up inside.If it had been any other clan, he could have handled it – yet the Hamatos were the enemy. No, not just an enemy – the man who did this to him and his brothers… It was like a sucker punch to the gut. He'd grown fond of Casey, liking his charisma and zeal, yet hiding something this major was unforgivable."What the hell?" He finally breathed, leaning back against the desk. "How the fuck can you say that so calmly?" Meeting the man's gaze, he was both surprised and relieved to see the first sign of hesitation in the man's eyes. "You've been with us for a long time, Casey, so you can't claim ignorance. You know the Hamato clan are our oldest enemy. So be honest. Are you the spy that helped that assassin enter the compound?""I can't explain everything here, Raphael, however I swear I knew nothing about the attack on your brothers."Narrowing his eyes, the eldest Oroku regarded Casey with hesitance. There was no direct denial in regard to spying for the enemy, however there was admission that he had not been involved in the attack on his father…And, for some unknown reason, Raphael believed him.Sure, he wanted to, yet he was not one to put his own emotions before the truth and something in the man's face was telling the turtle that he had no malicious intent."What do you mean, you can't explain everything here? What's your goal? Where do your loyalties lie, Jones?""It's not safe to tell you here." The man straightened in the chair, leaning forth, a slight smirk on his lips despite everything. "But my loyalties are to you, Raphael. Please, allow me to explain – but not in the compound. This story's not for just any person to overhear." Sensing the turtle's hesitation, the man sighed and leant back in the chair, crossing his arms. "But if you'd rather have this over and done with – just brand me a traitor and slaughter me like you did that fake Stockman."Okay, that hit a raw nerve. Struggling not to act out, the young leader took a breath."And why should I do anything other than that? If you've been spying on us, you've betrayed the trust of this clan. What would I have to gain by listening to you?""The truth." Raphael froze."About what?" He attempted to keep his voice level, a slight tremor the only sign of the turmoil within."What happened ten years ago."He had not been expecting that.Blinking he regarded the man before him. How the hell did he know about that? The man had been in their clan for over nine years. If he knew about the incident that would mean…"Please tell me you didn't infiltrate this clan under orders of the Hamatos directly after that incident." The turtle covered his eyes, afraid of what he would hear."What if I did?""Why now?" He pushed, battling to keep his head above the swell of emotions within. "After all this time?""Once again, I cannot say here." Casey sounded so sold by his own authority, not a trace of nerves showing themselves at the thought of being found out."So basically, you're telling me that you could be a traitor, yet you're not willing to admit it here?" Rapahel couldn't keep the annoyance out of his tone."Exactly." A smirk. The bastard had smirked at him."I'm not stupid, Jones. I listen to you, we move somewhere "more secure" to talk and you can cut my throat with more ease – more escape routes with less guards.""Then bring one of your brothers.""The hell they're getting involved. Then you could acquire hostages.""Don's capable.""Course he's capable, he's an Oroku… Wait. How'd you know about Don?" The man frowned, the first sign of panic in his eyes since their discussion began."Uh… He's at demonstrations in front of all the clan…""But he never fights.""Okay. You got me. I know someone in his department, they told me.""Not even using pronouns now?""They may prefer to be referred as such.""We have lists of that stuff, Jones, and no one in Don's department wishes to be addressed with those pronouns.""Fine.""There's another mole, isn't there."The hesitation was all he needed."DAMN IT!" The turtle spun in a fury, cracking his knuckles, wishing for something to punch. "And let me guess – they've been here as long as you?""Pretty much." Casey sighed reluctantly. "But they've never interfered in research. Science is science in their books. You don't have to worry about that.""No." Raph bit back sarcastically, "I only have to worry that there's a potential assassin near my brother." Casey's response made him pause."We'd never hurt you guys…" His voice sounded almost whimsical."Right – we keep this going much longer then my authorities are gonna get suspicious at how long we're in here for." He cast a glance at the clock high on the wall – they had already been here five minutes and most of his other interviews lasted around seven. "You have two minutes. Convince me why you shouldn't be thrown in a cell straight away. I will admit it –" He held up his three fingered hands in admission, "I like you, Casey. In other circumstances I would probably be pushing for you to rise in the ranks in my unit. Besides, I'm curious about the Hamatos and everything surrounding the incident causing this –" He gestured at his mutated form. "But my loyalty is to my father. You're going to have to be pretty convincing to place my own selfish interests before my clan. So, talk.""Hamato Yoshi needs to speak to you." The man took a deep breath. "He wants to set straight the mistakes of the past, yet to do that he needs a chance to talk with you face to face.""When did you last speak to him?" Raph prompted. If this was a fairly new request, he could tell the ploy was a desperate act of deception."Properly? Probably five years ago. I got a day's family leave when he was moving to a new location. I was assisting him in getting everything into a van yet didn't follow him there as I knew the clan here would be tracking my location."Okay… He could scratch the new request ploy."So when did he tell you he wanted to speak to me?""Ten years ago. That's my mission here. Not to bring harm – to offer a chance to talk."Casting a glance at the clock he knew he needed to wrap this up soon in order to avoid suspicion."So you're saying you've infiltrated our clan, gained my trust and fooled everybody, for ten years just to talk?""Pretty much." How the hell was he so calm about all this? With a huff, the turtle leant back against the desk once more."I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned." The man smirked once more, and this time Raph couldn't stop himself from returning the gesture."So? Two minutes are up, boss. What are you deciding?" Clicking his tongue against his teeth, Raph frowned."I'm writing all this down, leaving it somewhere only Don would find in an emergency." He admitted, "And I'll give this a go. I'm coming armed and you can't expect anything else. Deal?" He swore Casey's grin grew even more."Perfect. I'll meet you tomorrow night at ten in the upper storage room with the hatch to get to the roof.""Therein lies the problem, Jones." Raph pointed out something he had neglected to mention up until this moment, "My brothers and I are banned from exiting this building. I'll meet you there but if you can't come up with a solution to get past the guards that are bound to be stationed there, we forget this whole thing and I report you and your friend in Don's department. Now scram."With that Casey got to his feet, stretched, and offered a bow."I promise you won't regret this Raphael."As he watched the retreating figure, Oroku Raphael found himself wishing he could believe the man. Somehow, he knew none of this would work itself out easily.That night he managed to sneak away from Don with the excuse of some late-night reviewing of his interviews and scouting out some of his team that he wanted to do in private, and – surprisingly – got to the roof without incident. Naturally, Jones was already present, dressed down in a ruffled grey shirt and dark jeans as opposed to his training gi or formal kimono – his chiseled features breaking into a grin as Raphael appeared."Ready for our date?" He wiggled his eyebrows, causing the turtle to huff, attempting to hide his own smile. Yes, there was something about Casey that made him easy to like and trust… A problem when he was probably a traitor."You figured a way to get past the guards outside?" He crossed his arms, prepared for a negative response, however, much to his surprise – the man's grin didn't loose its place upon his features."Yup." He cocked his head at the trapdoor above them. "I spoke to a mate of mine – someone I trust – and they've swapped their patrol route with the guy that was supposed to be on guard."Raph froze."You mean to tell me you have a network of spies in the clan?" How the hell had they managed to infiltrate them like this? It was, quite frankly, a stain upon their honor if they were so easily manipulated from within."Well that makes it sound like we're in the best spots, boss. In reality there's a few people here and there who can bend a few rules for the rest of us if required. Not much, but something, I guess." Shrugging as he popped open the trap door, he gestured for the turtle too follow as he hefted himself up. With slightly more caution – due to the shell making his back wider – Raphael followed suit, wondering for the hundredth time why he was doing this. Not the best plan, and he was terrified of his father finding out, however his curiosity was hungry for answers. And for one night's disobedience… Surely that was a price he was willing to pay?Upon exiting to the roof, Raphael caught sight of the black clad figure keeping watch, the hostile demeanor dropping the instant they saw Casey."Yo, Case!" A feminine voice greeted. "You owe me – smuggle me back some beer and we're even. I'm being relieved in five hours, so make sure you're back before then." She offered a quick bow to Raph, almost as an afterthought, "Sorry about this, Master Oroku…" The name seemed heavy on her tongue, "But Casey ain't gonna stab you in the shell. Keep an open mind." Another wave. "Now scram. Oh, and say hi for me.""Sure thing, Angel."With that they were off, using a grappling line to descend to the next building and then taking off at a run, leaping over the smaller gaps between buildings, making their way across the nightscape of the city until they had reached a building site above an opening to the..."Please say we're not…""Best way, dude. Don't tell me you're getting cold feet?""Shut up and lead the way." He was, in fact, hesitant about entering the underbelly of the city – an area he didn't know, but he wasn't about to admit such a thing to a potential enemy.It was fair to say he got lost pretty quickly in the damp gloom of the sewer system, the curved tunnels all seemingly identical and after what he could only guess as ten minutes of walking, the turtle gave up even trying to remember the order of turns they'd taken."A ninja clan under the sewers?" Raphael mused as they plodded along, "This is the sort of thing you would find in a comic." This elicited a chuckle from his companion. "Let me guess, your idea.""Not just me." The man admitted, "It was a practical decision above all else, trying to keep us safe, and all that. But I'll let him explain everything himself." The man came to a halt at a random wall and reached for a rusting pipe and pulled.Before Raph's very eyes, a section of the wall before them pulled inwards and slid to the side, opening up to a large room – potentially an old water station, long ago abandoned."Yo! Guess who!" Casey ushered the eldest Oroku through the gap, hitting a button to close the door behind them."Ah, Casey." A gentle voice echoed from the shadows on the other side of the chamber. "I was not aware you were intending to drop by any time soon." Before them, the shadows shifted as a figure strode out into the center of the room, suddenly drawing to a halt as his eyes fell upon Raphael. Used to the stares at his mutated form, Raph glared back, however found himself taken aback by the figure before his eyes.Whatever he had been expecting to feel when he laid eyes upon the man responsible for all his own and his brothers' suffering, it wasn't this. The man before him was no hulking embodiment of malice nor was he anything particularly evil to look at – unless you counted the rat perched on his shoulder, yet – like the man himself, the creature's eyes were also kindly. There was no judgement or shock at his unnatural form instead he appeared… relieved…. The strong features, Japanese eyes, closely cropped black hair and slim yet muscular form left no room for second guessing. His appearance, coupled with the Hamato kamon embroidered upon his kimono, there was only one person the man could be."Hamato Yoshi." Raphael spoke first, keeping his features impassive. For some reason, the enemy bowed deeply to him, his eyes seeming to have difficulty hiding his emotions, and for a moment Raphael could swear he caught the first signs of tears."Come with me." The man breathed, no tension lay within his lean frame – if anything, he appeared to relax with the appearance of a talking turtle before him. Unnerved, Raphael followed the older man across the chamber, into a short tunnel which opened up to another spacious room, kitted out with mats and weapon racks around the edges. A dojo, the realization hit Raphael with a sense of familiarity.Without a word, the man raised a calloused palm, gesturing to a small shrine at the end of the room. His warm black eyes were pleading, open to his enemy in a way unlike anything Raph had ever witnessed before. Unable to deny the wishes of such a desperate looking figure, he approached the shrine with a respectful bow. Enemy or not, you respected the dead. That was the same no mater what clan you were from."Those pictured in the center have not yet left this earth." Yoshi murmured. "Yet the two single pictures have..."Pausing midway, Raphael straightened, eyes lifting to the items upon the shrine. Surrounded by candles and sticks of incense were three photo frames, the first being of a beautiful woman with soft features and kindly eyes while the other single photo showed a figure that made Raphael's breath hitch. He knew that face, it was the face that had stared at him through the bars of the cell in the Oroku compound – although in this photo the young man was merely a boy with wide eyes and confident smile."My wife and eldest son." The man informed. Raphael held his tongue for the time being as he turned to the final photo – instantly stepping back in horror."The fuck…" He breathed."And my sons…" Yoshi added quietly."No…" Raph shook his head. "How do you have this… Why are…" His voice cracked as the room swirled around him, only the photo before his eyes managing to keep still amidst the uncertainty of all else. "Why do you have this…" He managed to choke out, unable to tear his gaze away."As I said, Raphael… Those are my sons…""Liar…" Raph felt himself drop to his knees despite his statement… The photo showed three young boys grinning for the camera with a taller figure standing behind, their face just out of the frame, yet Raphael's focus was solely on the three boys. The eldest of whom bore bright green eyes, while the lanky middle child had soft burgundy eyes and he held with a baby in his lap with wonderful bright blue eyes – eyes Raphael knew only too well.Those were the eyes he remembered so vividly in his dreams. The ones which stared into his soul and begged to be saved as they hung suspended above the vats of mutagen, the eyes which slowly lost their sparkle as they lost themselves to the drugs in their system and the torments of their mind, and the eyes which widened with joy whenever he cried his big brother's name."Mikey…" Raph felt the tears on his cheeks before he could control himself. The photo was of his brothers and himself before their mutation… "Explain…" He almost sobbed, hands shaking in his lap. "Explain before I fucking loose it…"
Haunted Reality Chapter 10Chapter 10"What do you remember about that night, ten years ago?" Hamato Yoshi gently pushed.Still shaking, Raphael looked across to the kindly man, searching for hints of malice and finding none. "No." Swallowing thickly he attempted to focus. "If I tell you what I remember you can make whatever story you've got to say line up. You talk. I'll judge if it's true.""If that is what you desire, then I will do so." Clearing his throat, the clan leader's eyes moved to the shrine and began his story. "To make sense of that night, I need to go back in time a while, if that is alright with you?""We need to be back at the compound within four hours to avoid awkward questions.""That is fine. I shall be as brief as possible." He consented. "The Hamato clan is old – as old as the Oroku clan, yet our histories have not always been as they are now." Taking a deep breath, Yoshi's brows furrowed, his pet rat upon his shoulder offering a slight squeak, almost in sympathy. "Our rivalry in only three generations old, before when we were allies – always coming to the aid of the other, however my grandfather was confronted by the Oroku clan leader of the time and pressured to release the clan of its duty to protect the other. When questioned as to his reasons, the Oroku leader presented a scroll showing rewards for the head of the Hamato clan before promptly drawing his blade on the one he once called brother. History tells us that the local Yakuza had seen profits fall due to my grandfather's attempts to reduce crime in the region, so allied themselves with the Orokus to put an end to the threat. Tempted by money and greed for power, the Orokus tainted our long alliance with betrayal, tearing the clans apart. My father fled with as many of his loyal troops as he could and our family to America, determined to protect us from the criminal underworld of our country." Another sigh. "And for a long time, this seemed the case. My father passed the clan to me. I got married to my beautiful Tang Shen…" A whimsical glance to the photo of the woman before them, "And had four strong sons…""No daughters?" Raph frowned."No." Yoshi turned to the turtle. "I am assuming you are referring to Karai… I will explain her role in time, but no – she was not my child…" Raph nodded, waiting for a further explanation before making judgement, yet that mindset did not settle his beating heart. "We were happy." Yoshi continued his tale. "We made a home in New York, ran a dojo for children to learn in and offering a way into the clan if that was what people desired. Splinter here," He gestured at the rat upon his shoulder, "joined our family one day after Tang Shen saved him from a stray cat, and he stuck by her side at all times. But then our tranquil life shattered one day when I returned home one evening to find a scene out of a nightmare…" The older man's voice cracked, yet he kept on going, gaze unwavering. "Tang Shen had been at home with our three youngest sons while I had taken Leonardo on a training run, yet as we walked in the door, there was my wife… In a pool of blood, her throat slashed open from behind, Splinter curled up by her side, side slashed open as well… On the wall behind her body the murderer had drawn the Oroku symbol of the Foot in her blood… There was no saving her… I sent Leonardo to check on the others as I patched up Splinter, yet he came back in horror, telling me they had vanished…" Swallowing loudly, Hamato Yoshi looked down at his hands. "At that moment, through the grief of my wife, all I could think was, thank god my children had not also been slaughtered… As far as I could tell they were still alive… The symbol upon the wall was a declaration of war – a challenge renewed. I tried to protect Leonardo… I did… But he would not abandon his brothers, so when I found where the Orokus had taken his brothers, he demanded he would be by my side."The man met Raphael's eyes."My eldest child was merely eleven at the time, yet he was willing to lay down his life for the others. My youngest was only five years old, the other two seven and eight. And the Orokus took them. What had they ever done?"Raphael blanched, those were the ages of he and his brothers when they had been mutated. That aligned with what the man was telling him. Attempting to hide any reaction, he focused intently on what the man said next, praying there would be discrepancies in their memories of the night – praying his world was not about to fall away under his feet."We entered the warehouse where they were hiding only to be jumped by soldiers, bound and gagged – and then he stepped forth…" Yoshi's brow furrowed, "Before me was a face I recognized. Oroku Saki – the boy I remember from childhood in Japan – we played together as if we were brothers – yet now he had followed me to America as an enemy. And my sons…" Rapahel noticed the man's hands tremble in his lap, "They were strung up in chains above these bubbling vats of glowing green chemicals… Before my eyes a scientist with dazed eyes was tipping the final components into the vats – to make them forget – he murmured, and then Saki spoke, and the man injected himself with the serum… Barbaric doesn't even come close… My sons all looked so scared… And I couldn't get free…""No…" Raph breathed… He didn't want to believe yet everything was lining up with his memories so far… A serum to forget, someone he could only assume as Stockman, the mutagen, the captured figures… It's just the way he remembered, just the roles of the one he called father and the man before his eyes had been reversed."I'm sorry…" And the man did appear to be so, "Do you wish for me to stop?""Carry on…" The turtle choked out. He had to know the rest."As you wish… You asked about Karai, and this is when she emerged, twin katanas in hand. My daughter, Saki told me, she will fight your son there. He wins, you can save your children and only you face my wrath. He loses and you all perish and the stain of the cowardly Hamatos is wiped clean. And like a fool I believed him. Leonardo agreed, his desire to save his brothers outweighing all else. Shredder told him the battle would be to the death. No other way. And they fought…" At the memory, a lone tear escaped down the man's cheek, rolling down as if in slow motion. "Leonardo bested her despite being younger. He disarmed her and held the katana to her throat. I win, he claimed, and demanded his family be freed, but at this Shredder laughed. He called Leonardo weak for not finishing the battle, ordered his own daughter to be killed as proof of his prowess – but he refused. At these words, Karai retaliated, she lunged for the blade, tried to wrestle it away to kill my son herself and claim victory, however she must have slipped, the horror in my son's face showed it was not intentional – she was impaled on the katana, and she fell to the ground…" Those dark, sorrowful eyes met Raphael's green. "She breathed her last before our eyes. The poor girl did not deserve such a fate. Leonardo bowed at her side, closed her eyes and offered a prayer… He did not need blood on his hands at such a young age.""What did Shredder do then?" Raph asked. He remembered the bound figure begging and the shadowed figure barking out in rage before he fell, yet his father had told about breaking free of his bonds and throwing himself at the enemy who fled, claiming he would not fight a broken man. Saki had then apparently then pulled his children from the mutagenic prisons before escaping – yet none of those details Raph could recall himself."I begged Saki to release my children then, saying Leonardo had proven his worth – yet my choice of words was wrong. Saki was furious at the defeat and ordered my children to be released… Into the vats below their feet… Their screams drove me on, my emotions took total control and I snapped the bonds holding my hands and legs together and charged at Shredder. He laughed at my cries and ordered his guards to restrain me and Leonardo. "Your sons will be my experiments and will grow up cursing your name," he told me, before grapping Leonardo by his hair, "while this one will answer for the crimes of your people. All this will happen, and you will be powerless to do anything. You attack us, and your sons' lives are forfeit." and I felt a blow on the back of my head, then woke up covered in blood on the street. There was no sign of my children when I managed to find my way back to the warehouse, everything had gone save a large blood stain upon the floor."The older man shut his eyes, jaw tense."I thought my children dead, or to be turned into science experiments – so as a shamed clan leader, I gave my last order to the few people still loyal to the clan, to me, and to my sons. I asked if they would infiltrate the Oroku clan to gage if my children were still alive and to do whatever they could to rescue or help them.""Casey being one of these." Raph pointed out."Yes." Hamato Yoshi confirmed, "I doubt you can remember, but as children he and you were so close. His family was toxic, so he spent most of the time at our dojo, he and you became like brothers…" Blinking, Raphael couldn't hep but recall the ease he felt around the man, the way Casey had seemed whimsical when talking to him. Shaking his head, Raph frowned, trying to recall for himself the connection between Casey and himself."So you mean to tell me that –" He gasped as a sharp pain shot through his skull and his stomach recoiled in protest."Raphael!" Yoshi cried, reaching out to assist the turtle and footsteps approached rapidly as Casey charged in to see what was happening."What is it? Raph?" Casey's voice was tight with panic."Head…" The turtle managed to breath out, "Pain… Can't… Think… Hurts…""Shit! Sensei, would your mantas…""Wait. Raphael, listen to my voice." Yoshi calmly spoke, "Tell me about your brothers.""The… hell that… gonna do…." He wheezed out between spikes of pain."Humor me." The clan leader challenged."Fine…" Raph spat out, "There's… Donnie and… Mikey… Don's the… genius and Mike's… just Mike…""Interests?" Yoshi prompted."Don's an inventor… Can make you… anything. Spends all day on his… computer, researching and designing…. He designed his first computer at eight years old, and… Wait…" Raph held up his hand. "It's gone." The pain had vanished from his skull. "How'd you know that would work?" He turned to Yoshi, watching as the rat upon his shoulder cocked its head as if asking the same question."A hunch." The man breathed out in relief. "I am sorry to cause you pain. I am sure that you experienced such agon because you were trying to recall something you couldn't quite reach – like the memoires had been blocked off.""That kinda thing possible?" Casey gawked, hand still resting on Raphael's shoulder in silent support."Stockman…" The two men turned to Raphael, eyebrows raised in confusion. "He was working on a theory of something that controlled memories… He thought he had been subjected to it when he first joined the clan – around the same time we were mutated…" The pieces were fitting together too well. He didn't want to believe it, but more evidence supporting Hamato Yoshi's insane story was piling up at their feet. "He couldn't recall what had happened around that time yet he knew how to deal with mutations…""And the scientist Sensei saw that night injecting themselves and the stuff that was added to the mutagen…" Casey continued the trail of thought."Exactly.""If that's the case… How are we going to counteract something so powerful?" Casey mused. "Our science expert could do it, but can't blow her cover yet…""Don." Raph bit his lip. "If all this is true – and honestly as much as I don't want to believe half of this shit, I can't deny the evidence before me – then I need to speak to my brothers. Once I've explained everything, Donnie can help figure out what's going on."Hamato Yoshi's gaze softened."So you believe me?" Hesitantly, Raphael nodded."Sadly it does make sense… Everything up to now has been a lie that we've been forced to believe and you are not the enemy… But I'm skeptical still – I'd be a fool if I wasn't. You can't live your whole life hating someone then turn around and accept they're your father." He offered a small bow, "But for what its worth – I'm sorry it's taken so long to get to this stage. I'm sure my brothers will understand, and we can work to make things right once more.""Thank you, Raphael. Thank you for believing an old man."Breaking the moment, Casey coughed."Sorry, sensei – but we'll have to get back before Angel's off patrol duties and… and I owe her beer." He finished with a whisper. At his shy admission, Yoshi laughed, the sound warm and hearty, yet, with a rueful afterthought, Raph could not remember such a sound from the one he had called father for so long… This man before him was everything Oroku Saki was not – kind, thoughtful and genuine. He didn't feel threatened by Yoshi's presence, rather he felt at peace. Sure, Raphael could remember Saki soothing Mikey and encouraging Donnie with his experiments – yet now – looking back, he couldn't help but see the cracks in the performance, the way the Shredder spent as little time as possible with his supposed sons – and any comfort he provided was minimal. There had always been a hesitant element to the man, yet Raphael had always pegged it down to not being comfortable with physical affection – but now, in light of new information and possibilities – it seemed suspicious, like an act he couldn't quite perform with all his heart.Surely Raph shouldn't be so ready to accept this madness… Surely he should be defending his father's honor and calling the man before him a manipulative villain? It didn't make sense, yet somehow it felt right… He smirked to himself, that analysis would go down well with Donnie. He knew Don's opinions of sentiment overruling logic."Raph, you good?" Casey nudged his side. Blinking, the turtle nodded."Yeah, let's go."As the trio moved back towards the concealed entrance, Raphael took another close look at the Japanese man by his side, taking in each rugged feature, every line creasing around his mouth and eyes marking years of laughter and pain."If you don't wish to leave your home," Yoshi spoke up without blinking, not even turning to the observing turtle, "Then I understand. But remember you'll always have a place here… Although maybe not the best selling point." He cocked a small smile at the sewer tunnels above their heads, "Speak with your brothers then Casey can relay your answer."Raphael bowed deeply."I will be sure to return – yet aside from speaking with my brothers, there is one other thing I must do. You said Leonardo was to be killed?" The image of the young boy in the frame flashed across Raph's mind."Yes. No one has heard or seen of his existence within the compound all these years… Yet why are you –""He's alive." Raphael interrupted, understanding the pain such a statement would bring to the old man, yet they were words that he needed to hear. "Shredder's keeping him isolated from all troops – only a select few seem to know. I only found out by accident." Swallowing he added the worst part, "But he's been tortured for information, it seems like – he's badly hurt…""Oh my son…" Yoshi breathed, Casey grasping his shoulder in support, a huge grin across his face. "My poor, brave son…""Told ya sensei! Of course Leo would still be hanging on." The younger human grinned, slapping the clan leader on the back in an unprofessional manner which Yoshi didn't seem to mind. "But wait – how'd you know?" Casey turned back to Raph. "If you'd known who he was to start with, you'd have mentioned him before?""He never mentioned his name – I merely overheard the fact he was the son of Hamato Yoshi. I haven't actually spoken to him – only saw him talking to Shredder when I was passing by. But I do know he's somehow mastered spiritual projection." At that undeniable pride filled Hamato Yoshi's eyes, "He's been communicating with Mikey…" He decided not to relay about Mikey's supposed psychosis until he knew more about his brother's conversations with a spirit. That he still didn't understand himself."Thank you for such heartening news." Yoshi bowed once more."I will speak to Leonardo as soon as I can." Raphael promised. "Now let's go. We need to get back.""Catch ya soon, sensei." Casey waved over his shoulder before opening the door. "Come on Raph.""Arigrato." Raph parted with, following the younger man back out into the sewers, taking a deep breath as the door slid shut once more behind them. "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked as they started off into the labyrinth before them."Would you have believed me if I had?""Fair point." He shrugged, "But it's a bombshell all the same.""Exactly. Figured you'd want actual proof. I mean, hearing it from the old man himself… Surely that must have sparked something… Actually –" He held up a hand, "Let's not go there again. We'll deal with what you can remember when Don's sorted out the science shit." Offering a soft smile, Raph nodded."Like brothers, hey?" He found himself musing, making the man before him halt in his tracks, turning with sad eyes."Strange, isn't it? I remember everything and you remember nothing…" The regret in his tone was clear."I knew I should trust you when Jennika brought you in, if that counts for anything. For some unknown reason I wanted to trust you even when you could be a traitor… Well…" He chuckled morosely, "Now technically I'm a traitor as well… God." Shaking his head, the two continued walking side by side, "What a difference one day makes, hey?""Yeah." Casey agreed. "When Yoshi called me over after that night, everything changed… I lost my best friend…" The man cleared his throat, and Raphael did him the decency of acting as if he hadn't heard anything. "That's why I offered to join the Oroku clan to look for you guys. You were my family, and to lose all that... Yeah… It wasn't great.""Well…" Raphael reached out, one large, scaled, green hand crossed the gap between the two beings – open, "Somehow we'll make this whole mess right. Deal?" Casey's rugged face lit up, his watery eyes brightening."So you ain't gonna kill me?" Raph couldn't help but laugh."Nah, you're good, Jones." The two shook hands, paused awkwardly, then Casey pulled Raph closer and wrapped his arms around the turtle's shell in a crushing embrace."God, I've missed you guys!" freeing himself the turtle slapped the human on his back, making him stumble."You've only got me so far, don't get ahead of yourself. Besides," He grinned, "First we need to grab Angel some beers."With a laugh the two continued back towards the Oroku compound, the beginnings of an old friendship rekindled burning anew. Sure, there was a long and confusing road ahead, yet this was a start: a man, a turtle, and the promise of beers to fulfill.
April O'Neil Stories
Other People - ch 7 (final) - Mending the BrokenShe had to communicate something to him, but a text or an email just didn’t feel sincere enough. It would have to be paper. She sat down at her desk, and rifled around in a drawer for the disused set of stationery her aunt had once given her as a birthday present.How should she start? Would ‘Dear Donnie,’ be too much, after they had broken up? He was dear to her. ‘To whom it may concern’? Way too formal… and it only really concerned him. In the end, he was the only important part, and she set the pen to the curlicue-margined paper. Donnie, I’m sorry for failing you. I’m sorry that I didn’t listen. I’m sorry that I let myself be taken over by something more powerful than myself. I’m sorry for falling into the crystal’s addiction. I’m sorry I was too afraid of her to fight. I’m sorry that I didn’t try harder when I had the chance. I’m sorry that I made you hurt, and scared. I’m sorry I made you lose faith in me. I’m sorry I broke the bond we had. I’m sorry that I made you afraid. I’m sorry that under pressure, I wasn’t strong enough. I’m sorry that I may never be able to make it up to you. I’m sorry. ~April *** She paused at the turnstiles, watching carefully while trying to stay out of sight. Leo was usually meditating with Master Splinter this time of day, thus nowhere to be seen. Mikey was in the pit, busy with a video game. Raph was nearer to her, doing double bicep curls with his barbells. She thought she’d been fairly stealthy, but Raphael rolled his eyes. “All clear, April. Genius is locked up with his chemicals, as usual.”“Hey, April,” Mikey called from the benches, not taking his eyes from the screen, or hands from his controller as she entered and headed directly for the closed lab door.She stared at the door, wanting to knock or call out to the turtle working within, but the idea was ruined at the thought of startling or scaring him again. In the end, she slid the pink envelope under the door. It was her plan to walk away then, but she stood there numbly staring at the closed door for a few moments before finally turning and stepping leadenly back toward the entryway.That was it, then. It was done. But if this was supposed to be closure, why, then, did she still have a lump in her throat? Why were tears still jumping to her eyes?The door slid open behind her. She swiveled around to see Donnie stepping out with a surprised look on his face, though she sensed only a moment of fear from him this time. “April,” he called softly, extending a hand as if to stop her from leaving.Her tears worsened, though she tried to pull them back, and when she tried to excuse them away, all that came out was, “Ghh!” as her face crumbled. She wasn’t fully aware of any steps she took toward him, but felt like she was falling toward him as he took a couple himself to intercept and catch her.He stroked her hair and mumbled it’s-all-rights to her, then just let her cry herself out.“Donnie, I’m so sorry,” she managed at long last.“You said.” He gave the barest of grins as he bent to retrieve the letter from where he’d dropped it, waving it demonstratively. “I’m sorry too.”“What—No! You don’t have anything to apologize for!” She looked up at him, aghast.“No, I do,” he said, petting her hand. “You were right that I was being a coward.”“I don’t really think that of you, Donnie… I—”“Let me finish… I was. And I was so caught up in my own fear that I couldn’t see that I wasn’t the only one hurt by this.” He tilted her chin up with a finger to make her look at him. I wasn’t the only one who was afraid. I wasn’t the only one it broke. I’m sorry for abandoning you to deal with it on your own. I apologize.”She clung to his arm, pulled him close so she could cry on it some more. “I forgive you,” she wept, “…if you can forgive me…?”“Of course I can.” He brightened, as if everything was back to normal. “Hey, do you wanna come hang out in the lab? I’ve been working on something super neat!”April dried the last of her tears with her arm, choking off a last sob, which turned into a laugh. “Sure.” a/n: I thought, having written this ending I-don't-know-when ago, that I would need to add more to it, but turned out, it was pretty much fine as-is, so I'm gonna run with it. *shrug*Thanks for sticking with me on the journey! Peace!
Other People - ch6 - The Ones Like HimChapter 6 – The Ones Like HimTrigger warning, just in case: PTSD, torture For a while, they only stared at each other. Her father had called it ‘wait time’. April called it a battle of will with a severely stubborn turtle. “You’re the one that wanted to talk,” the red-masked turtle finally blurted. “Talk!”April puffed her cheeks and blew out a sigh. “Fine. Let me start with I’m sorry I almost let Za’noran almost blow you up.”Raphael rolled his eyes. “This again??” He rose, heading for the window, but April grabbed him by the wrist to tug him back to the couch.“I need to talk some things out about what happened, and I think you probably do too.”He yanked his wrist away. “What’s to talk about? You almost killed us, you didn’t, it’s in the past. Let’s move on.”“That’s just it!” Her voice rose as she followed the brawler toward the window. “Za’noran made me blow Donnie to dust, and she nearly did the same to you, and you just want to forget about the whole thing like it didn’t happen!”“Nothing did happen! You put Donnie back together! It’s FINE!” Raph’s own voice escalated toward a shout.“It’s NOT FINE!!” she screamed back, angry tears stinging the edges of her eyes as they threatened to well up further. “I’m not fine! Donnie’s not fine!” She tried to pull herself back together and calm down as she added, “Somehow, I don’t think you’re fine either.”Raphael paused, motionless for a moment, then turned, grunted, and stomped back to the sofa where he’d started from. A small victory. April joined him. “It… must have scared you,” she started, then cut him off as he started to snap back a defence. “I know, you weren’t… Of course not; your ego won’t let you say you were. But I know it couldn’t have been a barrel of monkeys having your limbs bent to their limit and not being able to move while Donnie was effectively dead and the same thing about to happen to you… because you couldn’t stop her, and I wouldn’t try hard enough until you and Mikey and Leo pushed me.”The turtle sighed, shifting his gaze to a far corner of the room. “Yeah…”“Y’gythgba said it was because I didn’t grow up as a warrior, that I didn’t have the experience of fighting for something to that extreme before. So, I’m sorry. I wasn’t ready for it.”“You talked to Mona Lisa? How is she? What’s she up to?” Raph’s demeanor brightened immediately at the mention of his girlfriend’s name. “She’s fine. Don’t change the subject!” She huffed, regathering her thoughts. “It had to be hard for you. I know it was, because it was hard for me.” She held silent for a moment as anger forced more tears out of her eyes, and her voice wavered as she yelled, “She made me blow up my boyfriend!”The turtle’s face darkened as he pulled April close to comfort her. “That dirty piece of galactic crap! If she’dda fought fair, I wouldda had her on the ropes!”“Beings like her can’t be bothered to fight fair. It’s like we were ants, and she was a bulldozer; I don’t think it was even possible for her to come down to our level and ‘fight fair.’”A moment’s silence passed between them before Raph said, “You know what the worst part is? Bein’ the toughest and the strongest means it’s my duty to protect my family… None ‘a that mattered when we tried to fight her. She just picked us up like toys and threw us aside. Fat lot ‘a good I could do protectin’ anybody!”“Don’t I know it… I was her favorite puppet. But you got me to fight, at least.”“Yeah. Like we had a lot of other options available. You were the only one that could fight the alien asshole. We had to get through to you, or we were toast. Crumbs, even.” He scowled, setting his jaw bullishly. “I don’t like that feeling…”“What feeling?” she coaxed.It took him a moment to pin the words down. “Being dependent. Being dependent on someone you’re not sure will actually make that move.” He eyed her meaningfully. She had to look away.“I know. I’m sorry I let you down, that I ever made you doubt that I’d fight to keep you guys.” She buried her face in her hands. “This is the worst I’ve ever screwed up…”The turtle clapped her on the shoulder. “But you did it, in the end. Far as I’m concerned, my faith in you’s restored.”She removed her hands to meet his eyes. “You really mean that?”“Wouldn’t ‘a said it if I didn’t mean it.”A wan smile crossed her face. “Thanks, Raph… I really appreciate it.” She sighed, glancing away. “If only could get that back with Donnie…”Raph’s face split in a huge grin. “Don’t worry about Donnie. He’ll get over it.”April blinked at him. “How can you be so sure?”The grin didn’t leave his face. If anything, it widened to Cheshire status. “By the way he’s been moping about all the time, sighing, being distracted. You gotta know he misses you.”Her brow furrowed. “That doesn’t exactly solve anything, though.”“It means he still wants to be around you. And from there, you two’ll work things out.” April swung the window open at Michelangelo’s tapping. “Hey, Mikey. Thanks for coming over.”“Absolutely no problemo. My fee?” he added coyly, holding a hand out, expectant for something to be placed in it.She chuckled and handed over a rolled and stapled paper sack. “One order of pizza gyoza, as promised.”“Ahh!” was his reply, smacking his lips as he tore the bag open, sticking his beak inside to catch the first whiff of the treasured treats. He popped a gyoza in his mouth. April was glad he was taking it easy on them; she knew Mikey could just as easily have dumped the entire contents into his mouth at once—she’d seen him do it—but was glad he didn’t this time, as it meant prolonging his attention.“So, you needed to talk to me about some stuff?”April was glad that he remembered, as hit or miss as Mikey’s memory could be. “Yeah. I need to talk to you guys about the night Za’noran made me explode Donnie.”Mikey’s smile faltered. “Oh, yeah. That was pretty intense.”“You’re telling me! I need to apologize to all of you face-to-face for what I let happen.”His sunny demeanor was back as he said, “You don’t need to apologize.”“I do, though,” she insisted, “to help deal with what happened, and start trying to make it right with Donnie, and the rest of you, too. I know it was scary for all of you.”“Yeah, but it must’ve been super bad for you, since you were the one being controlled and all.”“I’m glad you understand that… I don’t know if Raph really did, or Leo would.”“Sure they would! That was awful for everybody!” As he spoke, he pulled another gyoza from the bag. April followed its motion to his mouth, where the dumpling split open in the turtle’s teeth, revealing a pulpy mash of red that reminded her too much of what Donnie looked like as he was blasted apart.Instead of hearing Mikey’s further words about what Leo would have thought of the incident, she found herself visualizing it again, and the zap-zap-blutch sound that came with it. Za’noran laughing cruelly over her plans to do the same to anyone on Earth who would not bow to her will. Donnie’s increasingly desperate screams before he was torn apart, helpless in her psychic grip, and those of his brothers on the ground below as their sibling was rendered to atoms thrown across the New York sky. April yelped, devastated at going through it all again and again. Screams. Donnie exploding. The laughter. No, not Donnie! She couldn’t have destroyed him! Za’noran couldn’t have used her to destroy the person who meant the most to her! …But she did, and…“…april…?” a voice broke in, but so far away and muted. “April! Can you hear me? April!”She blinked and shook her head back and forth to clear it of the intense memory. “Wha…? Y-yeah… What was that about Leo’s meditating?”But Michelangelo focussed solely on her, arms wrapped comfortingly around her shoulders. “Are you all right? You totally zoned out there, and then started yelling!”Shaking, she forced herself to take a deep, albeit wavering, breath to release the stress. “I… I think I’m okay now, Mikey. It was just… just a really vivid memory of what happened…”“Good… you had me worried. Can I get you some hot chocolate? Or some tea? Or a microwave burrito? Or a pizza? Or… well, I ate all the gyoza already, but I could go get you some more, if you want!”April grinned at the orange-banded turtle’s comfort-food focus, so true to his essence. “Some chamomile tea sounds nice,” she admitted, more to give Mikey a way to unspool his own tension through doing something to help than actually wanting the brew. “I’m sorry. This wasn’t how I intended this talk to go down…”“That’s okay, really. It sounds like it’s still really messing with you, though. Lucky for you, I know just the person you should talk to about it!”“Really? Who?”The turtle in orange flung his arms wide, slopping the water in the mug he’d poured for her. “Donnie!”She sighed, leaning an elbow on her knee and resting her chin in her hand. “Yeah, there’s one little problem with that, though…”“What?” Mikey queried, ignorant to the complexities of Don and April’s relationship at present.“He doesn’t want to see me.”Mikey made a noise through his lips, brushing her off as he put the cup down and set the water on to boil. “Donnie always wants to see you.”“Not right now, he doesn’t. He said as much, last time we talked.”“Yeah, but that was, like, a couple of weeks ago! I’m sure he’s over it by now.”“I doubt it, Mikey. I’m not over it, and I’m not the one who was exploded to bits!”He gave her a wry look. “Well, how’re you gonna know if you don’t talk to him?” He slid his T-Phone from his belt, waving it demonstratively.“I—” she gasped, cutting herself off. “I don’t want to make things worse. He told me to stay away, and if he’s not ready…”The turtle clucked his tongue. “Donnie always gets mad a t me and tells me I’m banned from his lab until the end of forever. If I actually waited until he was ready, I’d never get to see what he’s up to!” he grinned, and April dropped her face into one hand, shaking her head. Mikey’s smile slackened, showing he was taking the matter seriously. “At least text him. Let him know the lines of communication are open on your end.” She hesitated, so Mikey turned his phone around in his palm and started tapping. “I’ll text him…”“No, wait!” she yelped, reaching out to him desperately to get him to stop before he sent it. He looked back with those innocent, questioning eyes. She sighed. “If this is a full-on breakup, I don’t want it to be over text.”“Oh, yeah, I guess that would be bad…” he admitted. “But c’mon! It’s Donnie! You’ve been his every waking thought since you met! He’s not gonna text-dump you!”She looked morosely at her own phone screen. The screams echoed vaguely in her head, and she put it back in her pocket.“Maybe… you could just talk to him first for me?” she asked, her eyes begging. “See if he’s all right with it?”“Nope!” he joyfully stated.Her eyes went wide with alarm. “What??”“Because I have to fix your tea first! After all,” he said, and started singing, “T is for turtle, that good enough for tea!” April slumped back in relief as Mikey continued with a silly dance, ending with an ascendant, “OHHH, Turtle, turtle, turtle start with tea!” She sat akimbo across from Leo on her apartment floor. “So you’re having flashbacks about Za’noran blowing Donnie up?” he summarized all she had told him. “Yeah. Like, any little thing could set it off… And I was hoping maybe meditation could help make it stop.”The leader of the ninja team gave a slight roll of the shoulder. “Worth a shot. It sounds like you’re getting caught up in the memory, and need to pull yourself out of it. Transcendental is particularly good for that. It’ll keep your focus on the here and now.”“Sounds good. So, do I need to start by thinking of…” She hesitated. She’d gone back to that moment in her mind way more often than she would have liked lately. Even thinking about thinking about it left a foul taste and a sense of dread hanging over her, so she was relieved when Leonardo shook his head. “No. We won’t trigger the event unless you want to confront it.”April thought silently at this, then said, “Maybe what I need is to confront her.”Leo’s brows knit. “Are you sure? That’s some pretty advanced-level astral projection… If you’re not ready for it—”“I know,” she snapped back. “At this point, though, I don’t think she can do any more damage.”Leo’s mouth pressed into a line as he returned her look dubiously. “If it goes badly, it could possibly cause you even more trauma.”“It’s okay. I’m ready to do this.” Her jaw set firmly, she closed her eyes.“All right. I’ll guide us in. April…” She felt a light touch to her knee and looked down to see his hand there, then up to meet his eyes. “I will be right there with you the whole time. If you’re ever afraid, if you want to go back, let me know, and I’ll lead us back out.”She gave a nod. “Thanks, Leo.”“Oh, and April?”“Yeah?”The turtle’s expression darkened slightly. “Save a piece of her for me. You’re not the only one she hurt by blowing up Donnie.”“Mm-hmm,” she answered, took a deep breath, and eased into a meditative trance as Leonardo spoke.“Deep breath in, and breathe out. In… and out, letting your muscles relax, letting your mind drift. In… Out… You find yourself in a great void, though it does not feel ominous. Feel yourself being relaxed and in control. You are confident, and nothing here will hurt you. I am there beside you, on this vast, empty plane. In the distance stands a figure: tall, white and winged… Za’noran.”She saw it all in her mind as Leo described it, particularly the lithe, shining white form of the Aeon spirit. Balling her fists, April strode forward, then broke into a run toward her adversary, who laughed at her.“Foolish insect!” she mocked, tossing her head with a haughty air. “I see you wish to be my puppet once more. Join with me once more, and we shall—”“Shut it!” the girl snarled as she stopped, throwing one arm out as it began encased itself in a golden-yellow glow that sparkled like the kintsugi resin. Za’noran’s lower jaw folded up over her mouth, any more arrogant words from her muted. She grabbed at her lip, desperately trying to pull it down, to no avail. “No. You’re going to listen to me now,” she declared. “You used me. Kept tempting me with more and more power through the crystal, making me feel like I needed it, making me feel like I was nothing without it!”“Call it what it was, April,” Leo encouraged beside her. “Say its name.”“Addiction,” she spat, without shifting her eyes from the Aeon’s black, almond ones. “You made me think that I couldn’t get by without that power, all the while using it as a conduit to take me over! And then!” She laughed cruelly. “Then, when Donnie’s machine gave you the boost you needed, you used my body to float around on your little power trip, leaving me disoriented and scared so that once you caught your breath, you could just seize control of me again.” Her eyes were hard as she made an upward gesture with her other arm, the gold dust surrounding one of the alien’s wings. “I’m the one in control now!”Za’noran’s wing twisted on itself, turning it upside down, the joints strained at unnatural angles. The corrupt spirit’s mouth finally tore open to emit a cry of agony.“Remember when you did this to my friend?” With another motion, the alien’s legs pulled as far behind her as the joints would allow, then outward, twisting them painfully at the knee. Za’noran screamed.“Oh, and let me see, there was one other little thing you did… what was it now?” she tapped her lip as if in thought as she flipped her hand over, yanking all of the Aeon’s limbs in new painful directions. “Oh, right,” her voice hardened from its conversational tone. “You exploded the person who means the most to me right in front of me! Shall we give you a taste of what that feels like?”“Uhh… April?” Leo interjected.“What?” she said harshly without looking at him.“…Never mind…” he decided, retreating a few steps, hands up in a conceding pose.“Worse than that, you broke his faith, his trust in me!”Despite her agony, Za’noran started laughing again, though not nearly as strong or confident-sounding as before. April scowled and contorted her wings again, but aside of another pained intake of breath, the laughter continued. “You… can’t do it,” she gasped out, a condescending smile coming to her lips. “Without the Soul-Star shard… you are weak.” She emitted another gasping cackle. “Without me… you don’t have the power!”April’s look, while already dark, took on all the seriousness of a black hole. She began whirling her hands in a circle, gathering the golden energy for a powerful attack, but a three-fingered touch on her shoulder stopped her.“April… you don’t have to do this. It’s over. She’s beaten.”The apparition giggled giddily. “You see… You cannot even finish it! You are too weak… to do what needs to be done… to kill!”“It’s called compassion,” April threw back at her. “You would know, if you ever had any.”“You will be forever powerless!” Her pained laughter continued until April spun, bringing her hands together and sending a bright flare of the yellow energy at her enemy. The alien’s face registered a moment of shock before she was consumed by the light, then began wailing in terror and agony as it consumed her and she was blasted to sub-atomic dust.April took a deep, cleansing breath and let it out. “Ya know, turns out, I had the power inside me all along,” she said at the trailing, glowing embers. Leo patted her shoulder. April turned and walked with him toward their entry point. She winced. “Sorry, Leo… Guess I didn’t save you a piece after all.”“It’s okay,” he smirked. “I think you turned her into enough pieces.”
Other People - ch5 - The Ones Like HerCh 5 – The Ones Like Her“O’Neil! To what do we owe the pleasure?” the snake-eyed girl asked smugly as the Mutanimals’ security system unlocked and admitted the redhead.“Hey, Karai,” April returned. “Is Slash around? I… kind of wanted to ask him something."“Ooh, thinking of upgrading to a larger model turtle?” Shinigami teased, sliding over from the array of monitors in a rolling chair while continuing to paint her nails a dark violet.A blush rose to April’s cheeks. “Nothing like that. I just wanted to see what he thought Raphael’s reaction to something would be before I ask him.”“Well, afraid you’re out of luck there,” Karai informed her, striding a way off with her back to her. “I sent the boys off on patrol for the night so we could have girls’ night in.”“You should stay!” Shinigami insisted. “We were going to play ‘Apples to Apples.’ It’ll be more fun with four.” Karai jerked her head over her shoulder at the final member of the team approaching from the back rooms. “Of course, if you’d rather speak to the other resident Raphael expert…”April bonked herself in the forehead with her palm. “Y’gytgba, er, Mona Lisa! Of course!”“Greetings, April. Is something amiss with Raphael?”“Oh! No, no… nothing’s wrong with Raph. Thank goodness,” she added lowly.“I am glad. But something troubles you?”Was it that obvious? Apparently she needed to work on that ‘masking one’s emotions’ thing Leo was on about… She supposed she didn’t have a great poker-face. She sighed.“I was going to ask Slash, since he’s known Raphael longer, but maybe you’d know … I wanted to know what kind of reaction he’d have if I asked him to talk with me about… what I did to Donnie. And… almost to Raph, too.”A concerned scowl crossed the Salamandrian’s face. “And what did you do to Donatello? Rakka, rakka.”April blinked for a moment, unprepared to be the one to break the news of her own deed, and the guilt that came with it. “No one told you?” She paused a moment to take a calming breath. “I… blew him up.”Y’gythgba drew her head back in shock at the news, while a snort and a peal of laughter issued from the raven-haired girl. “That is one way to get rid of a clingy boyfriend!”April glared at her. “It’s not funny!”The Salamandrian, meanwhile, dropped into a battle stance. “You have killed Donatello? And you have nearly killed my Raphael?!”“No! I mean, yes, but I brought him back to life, and he’s fine… physically… And it wasn’t really me; I was being possessed by this crazy alien lady in the Aeon crystal, and she ripped Donnie’s atoms apart, and was twisting Raph’s limbs, and I… I couldn’t fight her, until Raphael said I should fight for Donnie, and I shattered the crystal before she could blow him up too. I used all my power and the last of what was in the Soul-Star shard to pull Donnie back together, so he’s all right.” She looked away, not wanting to meet anyone’s eyes. “Except…” She swallowed hard, holding back tears. “Except he doesn’t want to see me anymore. He said everything was okay at first, but he’d flinch every time I even looked his way! I think… he’s hurt, and scared. Of me, and what I… Za’noran… did to him.”The alien amphibian cautiously dropped her stance. “And Raphael?” she said single-mindedly.“He’s fine too… but you know how he is. He won’t say anything’s wrong even if it is.”Shaking her head, Mona Lisa released a tensely held breath.Shinigami giggled. “Boy, April, when you break up, you really break up!”“Shut up, Shini!” Karai snapped, grabbing the other girl’s floppy witch hat and throwing it in her face. “Just because you can’t keep a guy around for more than a month…”“It’s not my problem they can’t keep me entertained!” Shini replied with offendedly hooded eyes.Karai rolled her own, glancing back to the other two girls. “She goes through boyfriends like chewing gum… chews them up, and spits them out! I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten tired of Michelangelo yet.”The witch stuck her nose in the air. “Just for that, I’m keeping him around for at least another couple of months just to spite you. And is it my fault my boy-toys break so easily?”“It’s really no wonder. You play too rough with them.”“How would you know? You’ve settled for the first boy you met!”“Because I’m not done with mine yet! I’ve pretty much got Leo under my thumb, but he manages to surprise me now and then. We’re playing the long game.”“Courtship is not a game!” Y’gythgba put in, supremely offended. “What else would it be?” Shinigami countered, drooping as though her fun was being ruined.“Once a life-mate is chosen, one must devote themself wholeheartedly to that person’s well-being, on and off the battlefield! Rakka-rakka,” the salamander declared as if reciting from a book.Karai cast her a skeptical glance and turned to April. “She… hasn’t seen much of the dating field before Raphael, has she?”“Uh… I…” April stammered. Somehow Y’gythgba’s romantic life had never come up in their conversations… not that they’d had much time to gossip during their brief encounters in space.Shini tsked, smirking and throwing her hair over her shoulder. “How can you know what’s in all the chocolates if you don’t sample every one?”“This explains so much…” Karai drawled. “Especially why all of my chocolates have a bite taken out of them!” she said with a sideways glare at her bestie.“Trust me, April,” the witch continued without acknowledging her friend. “You are better off having split up. Now you can go find a new boy who doesn’t come with so much baggage!”April clenched her fists and stomped a foot. “Donnie is not disposable!”Mona joined her, looking pissed but valiantly holding back from unleashing her fury upon her allies. “Neither is Raphael! Come, April. We shall hold a more… mature council in my quarters.”Side by side, the two walked off. Shinigami wilted. “Ohhhh. Now we don’t have enough players…”April ducked under the amphibian’s strange-eyed gaze as though they were an accusation and picked at a loose thread in the shabby, patched together blanket immaculately spread over Mona Lisa’s cot. The salamander remained silent, waiting for her to say something first, so she led with, “I’m sorry.”The alien cocked her head. “Why do you apologize?”April blinked at her, wondering if something had gotten lost in translation. “For… for nearly getting your boyfriend killed!”“As you said, you were controlled by another, were you not?”“Well, yeah… but… I didn’t fight her… I couldn’t! I was off-balance, and scared… It took Leo and Mikey and Raph just to remind me what I was fighting to save!”“Yet you fought, in the end,” Mona said levelly.April’s eyes snapped up to hers. “What choice did I have? To just let her blast everybody to atoms? If I’d acted sooner, she wouldn’t have done that to Donnie!”“You feel guilt for things you failed to do, for your inadequacies.”“You say that like you’ve experienced something similar.”“All warriors do, at some time or another, rakka rakka. There are always choices made that turned out wrong. Poor decisions, misunderstood orders, inaction. We train so that we may avoid making these errors at a critical point in battle. But, O’Neil, you were not raised as a warrior, correct?”“I’ve been training with Master Splinter to be a kunoichi for two years!” April stated, offended that her training would come into question.Y’gythgba moved to the window, pulling the likewise tattered shade back from it to look out over the city. “Your world… is so different from ours. You were not raised from youth to become a fighter as we are. You are allowed to play, and create, and become entertainers, farmers, tax accountants!”The girl grunted a laugh. “We must seem so soft to you.”Mona made a glunk, glunk, glunk noise in her throat, which, given the amphibian’s face, April took to be a sign of amusement. “Indeed! But the softness of this world is what gives it beauty. On Salamandria, we are trained without choice into warriorhood from a very early age.” She dropped the curtain and looked April in the eye. “Despite that, there are still moments where we all fail. It is a fact we must all accept, that there is no such thing as a perfect soldier. April, if we, trained from our efthood, cannot reach perfection, do you expect you could do so in the span of two Terran years?” April remained silent, mulling this over, so Y’gythgba added, “Do not allow yourself to be burdened with guilt for a choice not taken.”April nodded, then turned a wry smile on her friend. “So what was your mistake?”“My…? Oh… uh…” the salamander dithered. “I, uh, dropped a box of solid fuel cells.”The girl gave her a skeptical look. “You dropped stuff?”The alien’s cheeks deepened in color. “…on General Go’thrakka’s tail. Very heavy.”“Oh no…” April laughed.“…during Examination Week….”“Oh, gosh… What did he do to you?”Y’gythgba made the glunk-ing sound again. “He assigned me to his squadron,” she stated with pride, “and made me wash and buff every one of the transport pods twice a day for two cycles!”April joined in her laughter, trailing off to become somber. “At least that’s something you can look back on and laugh about.”“You speak true. There are other mistakes I do not care to remember, even if I may learn from them. So let us not speak of those, and instead speak of your original mission in coming here!”“Sure you’re just trying to get out of mentioning any other amusing incidents to me?” the girl asked side-eyeing her.“Any opportunity to speak of Raphael I shall gladly take, more so if the path leads us from memories best left buried. What did you wish to know?”“Well… I wanted to know what you thought his reaction would be if I brought up… the incident with him. D’you think you think he would expl—do you it would set him off if I asked him about it? Or… would it just do more damage?”“Surely you have spent more time with him than I…”She shook her head. “Not in a way that I can get a good read on him, even with my powers. He’s more open with you. Besides, I could use another perspective.”Mona Lisa sighed fondly out of her beak. “My Raphael’s true emotions are not buried deeply beyond his tough exterior. Surely you have noticed this? April nodded. “Raphael’s highest priority is protecting his brothers, always. He may be defensive about what was done to Donatello, what may have happened to his brothers, had this Za’noran attempted to harm them. Anything that happened to himself will be secondary, or he may be burying it beneath his familial duty. If you can bypass those walls, you may reach what he truly feels.”“Well, worth a shot,” April shrugged. “Thanks, Mona.”“You are welcome. I hope this information will yield a solution for you.”April made a show of crossing her fingers. “Here’s hoping… You wanna go back out and join the game?”The Salamandrian rose. “Yes. Let us join the festivities of this night of girls! You and I shall destroy all the apples! Rakka rakka rakka!”April tried to hide a sympathetic wince. “That’s… not how you play the game.”“Hmmm, a pity. Those apples would not know what had hit them!”

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Master Splinter Stories
Something as Simple (RotTMNT)
With a sigh Splinter stared at the Lou Jitsu poster. He looked dashing and heroic and everything Splinter wasn’t anymore.He looked down at his mutant hands. The last few years were a hectic blur that had somehow led to him being turned to a rat and taking care of four turtles. Turtles who were being way too quiet.“Boys?” he looked back over the living room. But they weren’t there. He searched the lair, checking every room, gaze sweeping over every hiding spot, running faster and more frantic the longer he went without finding them. “Boys?!”A crash came from the kitchen.He ran in to find two of his kids on the counter either side of the stove, a flaming pot between them. Red tried to blow out the fire, Blue splashed water on it, Purple sat on the floor frantically flipping through a cookbook while Orange hid behind him.Flicking his tail Splinter tossed a pan lid off the rack. He ran across the room, grabbing the lid from the air and sliding it over the pot to kill the flame.The turtles lined up beside him worried.After a sigh of relief he turned to them angry. “What were you doing?!”Blue pointed at Purple, earning a death glare from him.“We just,” Red tapped two fingers together nervously, “wanted to make you some hot soup for Father’s Day.”“For what?” He looked surprised.“Father’s Day, that’s a real holiday right?”“Even if it isn’t,” Orange’s eyes lit up but the worry didn’t fade, “we just wanted to show you we love you.”Splinter’s eyes widened, almost teary. Somehow between keeping four kids fed and making sure his enemies didn’t find them he hadn’t put together that he could do something as simple as celebrate Father’s Day with his sons. Looking down at them he realized they looked almost scared. He kneeled to be more on their level. “The stove can be dangerous, you can’t use it without my supervision; so why don’t we cook the soup together?”They perked up.As Purple read off the ingredients the other turtles brought them to Splinter who handled the chopping.He picked each turtle up one by one, giving them a turn to drop something into the pot.Soon the five were sitting around the table eating soup.Looking around at his sons and how happy they were Splinter smiled. His life hadn’t turned out the way he planned and there were some things he’d always miss, but some things had turned out even better.

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Karai Stories

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Group Stories
Who Am I? CH22 - Calm before the stormHis thumb lingered at the edge of the page ready to continue, even so, this being his fifth try with on the exact same paragraph like moments prior, interrupted by a wall of either rage or joy that forced him to restart, his progress appeared to be a fool’s errand. He could make an attempt to carry on, ignoring the noise pollution, yet to do so would require him to process the meaning of what he was reading. A meaning that wasn’t fully developed to enjoy the play of words the author painted. When the imagery in his head began to form it crumbled quickly when his attention was ripped away from the words of fantasy back to reality. Then he would once again place his fat finger to his lips, hissing a hush and then whispering ‘lower the volume’, to remind his two energetic brothers that they needed to settle down. On the TV with flashing lights accompanied with annoying sounds was a video game Mikey and Raph have been playing for hours. The volume was placed on the lowest setting to be considerate to Adam, who was sleeping on the couch between the two gamers oddly with his head on Raph’s lap that took no mind and feet across Mikey’s, who in turn did mind. It wasn’t the fact that Adam had her legs on Mikey that bothered him, it was moreover the fact he continuously had to grabbed Adam’s legs that kept kicking him in the side or leg when they disturbed her sleep. After almost losing a few times to Raph from interference from Adam’s restless slumber, it got to the point in his desperation to resort to pinning her legs down by hunching over them with his body, making it very uncomfortable for himself at times while playing the intense matches. “Sorry Leo,” Mikey sheepishly apologized, seeing Adam stirred by his outcry, though he thought she deserved it for the kick in the side moments prior. “Adam has been restless at night, he needs to get some rest,” Leo reminded them, stating the truth. The past two weeks trying to get Adam accustomed to the place wasn’t an easy task. It boiled down to having him sleep in the same room with either brother, most preferably Leo’s room as he found out, odd nights it was Raph's but it stopped after it was evident Adam wasn't sleeping over Raph’s snoring. As for Mikey’s room, Adam kept waking Mikey over every little sound and wouldn’t settle down, what more it only made Mikey paranoid with the end result that Raph grumbled a storm in the middle of the night that the two of them were driving him nuts. Then for Donnie well that never happened, since one Donnie was always in his lab, even sleeping on the couch in there and rarely spent any time with anyone at that, with the exception for Leatherhead who in turn came by more often before Leo could even suggest it.“Well, if we finally made that spare room his, he might…” Raph suggested again. “We both know he isn’t ready yet,” Leo sighed, not wanting to go through this for the hundredth time. There was a spare room beside Leo’s, on the far right that housed mostly boxes that could go elsewhere. At one point in time, it was going to be converted as a spare room for Angel when she had no choice to stay in the lair, but after a while that was scratched out for reasons. Now with Adam there, it was brought up again, however, Leo thought it was fruitless being that Adam felt more comfortable being around someone than alone, proving so when they tried to get him to stay in one of their rooms by himself, that only lasted less than ten minutes with the kid sneaking into another room that was occupied. “Maybe, but it will make him feel more like home don’t you think Leo,” Raph suggested moving his thumb quickly on the control pad.“Once Master Splinter comes home, we will bring it up again.”Raph sighing rolled his eyes at Leo’s trump card, it always ended with father like they needed his approval and that wasn’t the case, he knew that, so did Leo.“Either way dudes, she needs to sleep at night,” Mikey complained, “I swear she does this to make Raphie here win.” “Sure, that is why you're losing,” Raph said dryly, having the lead for once. “It’s true,” Mikey whined, then shifted his thumb quickly, he had to act now or Raph would beat him. He was almost to victory he could feel it down to his shell, Mikey with eyes on the prize leaned forward all attention on the screen and ready his thumb to press ‘B’. He could taste it, yet then as if he mistook fresh milk that was now gone sour only realizing when too late, a foot smack his hand making him press ‘A’ instead! The turtle horrified gasp in pain watching helplessly his avatar losing the lead and diving into the lava to its eternal death, all the while the devil… or was Adam was the true devil at the time, Raph took the victory. The human foot peacefully settled back down onto his lap as if it never did a thing, all the while Mikey just stared in disbelief with his jaw dropped to the ground. He was traumatized, seeing his perfect score crack and shattered and to be replaced when the dust cleared by the ungodly letters ‘RAPH’. “You win some and you lose some,” Raph gleamed. Flashing a glare at his brother Mikey snarled then settled his murderous eyes on the instigator, the traitor to all turtle kin! The one he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt did that on purpose. “I know where you sleep,” Mikey creepily warned her, “keep one eye open…”“Mikey!” Leo snapped.“What she started it,” Mikey told in his defense.“He is sleeping, he didn’t do anything so don’t blame your loss on Adam,” Leo pointed out, yet by his angle could see the slight smirk on Adam’s lips, not believing he was making himself an accomplice, to what end? “He is right,” Raph boasted like a peacock, “Yah lost get over it.”With a pout, Mikey got up as he pointed his fingers at Raph and then Adam, then pointed back to his eyes, to give the clear picture that he had an eye on them. The threat being humorous than anything else, Raph only laughed harder poking the bear, loving how it was the other way around this time, gloating his victory, which was short-lived. Not three seconds in Adam stirred, then slapping him right in the face avoiding his bad eye, as she turned to sleep on her side. Blinking Raph let out a sigh, then grumbled, “Fine I get it don’t push it, are you awake princess,” he torte, then let out a large grown when he felt her knuckles driving into his side hard, “Yep… you are….” he hissed next regretting in calling him princess.“Deserves you right,” Leo could only say, then was going to comment more when suddenly the lair’s elevator came to life. All eyes moved towards it in curiosity, unsure who it could be. For one, Donnie and Leatherhead were in the lab, with them in the living room, with no one else in range of the doors to activate them. Also, there was no word of Angel or Casey coming back anytime soon as they were aware of. The light flashed and then the door swoosh opened. From inside emerged three individuals as Raph, Mikey and Leo responded happily, leaving Adam shuddering and sinking into the couch for protection.“Master Splinter,” the three brothers happily let out. Leo got up to greet his father followed by Mikey and Raph.“My sons,” he answered, looking grimly at Raph’s face that had the bandages wrapping around his eye. Out of all three, his injuries were evident. Mikey’s ribs were better and he was moving without issue and Leo though he looked fine was still having slight issues but was improving. “It’s healing Master Splinter,” Leo assured him, “We haven’t started back to training but have discussed how to overcome his blind spot.”“I see Leonardo, I’m pleased that you and your brothers have figured things out,” he looked about noticing they were short one, “Where is Donatello?”“In his lab Master Splinter,” Leo answered, getting a nod.“So, bonehead how was the vacation?” Raph came up to Casey with a fist in the air, who smirked at him.“I got out alive but man you look like shit Raph,” Casey put up his fist to bump back.“Well, you should see the other guy,” he boasted only to be knocked down a peg from Mikey.“Oh right… you mean that ten-year-old girl in the pigtails riding her flower tricycle, that you made to cry and then for that she called you Meany and poked you in the eye with a stick,” Mikey teased getting back at Raph the best way there was, insulting his macho image even if it was clearly an exaggerated lie.“Why you little,” Raph barked as the two started to rough house, then the screams came and the commotions, then into a turtle human mix brawl. Angel trying to ignore the immature children stood on the side shaking her head as Leo sighed and joined her. In the chaos Adam sat there on the couch out of sight only listening, afraid to move and unsure where she should go. Then in the midst of it all, a kind voice pierce through the noise that caught her off guard, not realizing someone had reached the living space she was taking shelter in.“You must be Adam, I presume,” the old rat asked as Adam looked at him, shocked and confused. Seeing this Master Splinter sat down on the chair that Leo was using moments earlier, “I must look similar to your own father, is that why you're startled?”Slowly nodding Adam looked like she was going to cry, she felt like it, since at that moment she recognized Splinter’s face yet knew it wasn’t the same and the feeling with it was overwhelming.“It’s okay child, If I’m making you feel uncomfortable, I will take my leave,” Splinter assured her, not wanting to make this more difficult than it was. He knew this could be a possible problem when Leonardo had told him of the current situation a week back when he contacted them, how difficult it may be especially if he did look like Adam’s father on their first meet.“No… it…” Adam tried to get out, sinking in the couch more.“Then let sit here and hope for silence,” he gestured to the racket from the lair's entrance.“Okay…” Adam whimpered. They sat there listening to the others go on, catching up with talk and laughs. Every moment went by Adam came more comfortable with Splinter there who in turn was allowing him to do so. “You're their…” “Father? Yes,” he answered.“I… can’t remember… but you… look like him…” Adam slowly stated.“Leonardo has informed me of your condition and your memory loss, I’m sorry this has happened to you, Adam. I truly am. That said, please child don’t be afraid to ask me anything, it might trigger a memory of yours.”Slightly nodding Adam looked away, finding it hard to look at the rat without feeling so much pain, “Okay… later…”“There is no rush, but when you're ready how about you join me for tea sometime?”“Tea…”“Yes.”“Okay… later…”-------Twice he checked the results, a third made no difference. No matter how he summed it up the data was always the same, he tried other samples, and there were no changes as prior attempts. He inspected the equipment and cleaned everything down thoroughly in case of cross-contamination, still the same. It made no sense then there were facts at play that they overlooked or didn’t understand, even so, why were the results this, how was it possible? The alligator, frustrated with the questions that he knew would only bring more chaos he couldn’t ignore it, but how was he to bring it up and with whom? Was he to walk up to Donatello and give him the complex news or to Leonardo? A dark cloud shadowed over his head as he stared at the pages of data before him, double-checking yet again. Circling in red the similarities and evidence on how too similar it was. Biting his lower lip his strained eyes moved from his pages towards that desk, the one that Donatello was sitting typing away chewing on the end of a pen that had seen better days. They both have been at this for hours, and he was grateful that Donatello had agreed to his help on this project, yet now he felt horrible to consider entertaining this path, not actually seeking this theory or thought it was possible. Yet here it was clear as day and it was baffling by far.“Is there something wrong Leatherhead?” Donatello asked peering over his monitor, noticing that he was being stared at by the alligator.“Well… I’m not sure myself,” Leatherhead admitted, torn on what to do.“Oh? What is it? Are the samples you asked for, not fresh enough?” Donatello sat back, thinking what he provided would be efficient, since he required the blood samples only days ago.“No, that isn’t the issue…”“Then?”With a sigh, Leatherhead sat up moving towards Donatello, “Before we speculate there is more testing needed, but I’m not sure why I keep coming up with the same conclusion. Maybe a new sample would be in order.”“Okay…” Donatello tilted his head, trying to study the friend’s face.“Keep in mind what I’m going to show you, could be a result of elements we haven't explored and need to be a factor in at one point or another,” Leatherhead was hesitant annoying Donatello.“I get it, so don’t jump to any rash decisions or theories until we explore all possibilities… just spill it LH,” Donatello spat, trying to keep his composure yet the alligator could see it in his eyes how it was slipping away quickly. The stories that Leo warned on how Donatello has been having the tendency to jump to conclusions with no evidence than the norm had Leatherhead on edge on some of his findings, this one more so.“As you are aware I was cross-referencing you, and your brother's DNA to Adam’s to see if we could map out Adam’s DNA in order to get a better concept to aid how we can help him.”“Yes and the reason I gave you samples of our blood that I required from my brothers days ago, so?” Donatello insisted he stop running around the bush and get to the point, as he drummed his finger on the desk.“Adam as we both know for certain is from another dimension and has markers that are different than you and your brothers, however…” Leatherhead bit his lip.“Leatherhead, please…” Donatello said sweetly as if to ease the alligator’s nervousness, which did the opposite.“Adam and…”“Adam what?”Sighing and closing his eyes, Leatherhead placed the paper on the desk for Donatello could see, “Adam’s turtle side and Leonardo are blood-related; they are brothers…”“What!” Donatello jumped out of his chair, snatching the paper before him looking over the results, in great detail. It was all there, the markers the ones he found before yet never took them for anything. He always knew Leo wasn’t blood-related being the reason he thought that was why Leo was older probably from another breeder than him and his other two brothers. A secret he kept figuring it was irrelevant, only the age he bothered educating his family with. But he never imagined his DNA would show evidence he was related to Adam’s turtle side who was from another dimension with strange markers that were also unique in nature. Markers he too ignored back when thinking it could be a side effect of something Leo got exposed to, their past adventures had many questionable moments and they never seemed lethal so he had actually forgotten about them until now.What did it mean? How was it possible? Then it dawned on him, bringing back the question he first had at the beginning. Was Adam a by-product of Bishop and not from another dimension? Then what of Leo… Who was Leo?“As I said Donatello, we can’t jump to conclusions we don’t fully understand Adam’s body and this could be a defense mechanism,” the alligator suggested.“A what?” Donatello spat flinging up his arms in confusion and frustration. Was Leatherhead trying to make some excuse for the results with some denial theory?“Listen to this, yes this is a theory but one I was thinking is a possibility after seeing those results. We know that Bishop has done something to him, then just getting dependent on that drug, the female human side is evident. What if he did more and used your brother’s DNA giving such results, we both know Bishop does have your DNA’s sample from when he captured you four years prior.”“So, you're suggesting Bishop has also manipulated Adam’s DNA to have markers suggesting Leo and he being blood-related. Brothers…”“I am assuming.”“To what end? Another…” Donatello trailed off not voicing an old concern that Leo has already been strictly forbidden to be usher again, that Adam was a weapon against them. This could be why Leo's bond with Adam is so strong it did make perfect sense. Even if Leo wasn’t aware of this little fact, it was pure instinct, animalistic to be protective of his own kin.“Another?” Leatherhead cautiously asked, witnessing the darkness growing in Donatello’s eyes, the same he first witnessed the day he returned and found Donatello in his lab.Snapping out of it, Donatello sighed, shaking his head, “It’s nothing, just thinking how Bishop really is a disgusting being, what did he do to that poor kid?”“I fear the more we look into this we will find out…” Leatherhead whimpered feeling horrible that Adam went through this, and more that they have no clue of yet. “I know… but if we don’t, we can’t help him,” Donatello nodded.“So what do you suggest we do with this discovery about Leonardo and Adam?” Leatherhead asked crossing his arms, not wanting to be the one to tell Leonardo, unsure how he would react or the others at that, even so, he had to suggest it, “We should tell Leo--”“Hey, guys!” Michelangelo's voice burst out, making both reptiles jump in fright circling towards the entrance of the lab. Michelangelo seeing the pale faces hissed under his teeth, “My bad… so dudes… Master Splinter, Casey and Angel are back!”“Oh okay, we will be right out,” Donatello said gasping for air from the unexpected heart attack his brother gave him.“Sure thing… sorry…” he apologized, not towards Donnie, happy he jumped scared him, but more towards LH.“It’s alright Michelangelo,” Leatherhead assured him, feeling ill from the scare, it has been a while since the cheerful turtle got him that good.“Right,” the young turtle nodded, then popped out, shutting the door with him.Taking another much-needed breath Donatello looked up at Leatherhead, “For now we should leave it, it isn’t the right time to talk to Leonardo, maybe tomorrow after we do one more test with fresh blood, then we will discuss the discovery with him.”“That sounds reasonable,” the alligator felt a bit relieved and agreed since it wouldn’t be the right time to mention it.“Why not go see the others Leatherhead, I will be out momentarily I will put these results away from nosey brothers, such one name Michelangelo, don’t need him jumping to conclusions now do we?”“I will meet you out there,” the alligator nodded then made his leave. Once alone Donnie sighed biting his lower lip looking at the papers, was Leatherhead's theory sound or just another mask to cover the truth? Making his way to his desk he went for his left bottom drawer that had a lock on it, he normally placed anything of importance or anything he didn’t want Mikey hands-on in there. The little brother after a few times getting in trouble, finally respected that drawer, leaving it be and not pick locking it for something juicy to use for blackmail or a prank. Tossing the pages in, Donnie stared at them before closing the drawer and was about to leave his desk when he heard a recognizable charm from his computer.DD83 - ‘We have much to discuss, even so, we know this will be a problem… You know what needs to be done as we have already discussed before if it came to this…’duz-machines-84 - ‘Tonight then...’

Mature Content

Human TMNT Stories
Lesson of life ch 19Raph was stalling to and fro in agitation and worry. Donnie wasn't home yet and it had been almost 8pm now which was way pass his usual late time. He called him a few times but Donnie said he was on his way. Raph didn't want want to admit it but he was worried sick. He might not show it too often to his big brother but this soft and loving side side was not new to the Donnie.Raph picked up his phone and dialled Leo's number. He stopped for a moment and looked up to the wall clock. His eyes followed the arms of the clock as they moved further. His ears were focused on the door and his eyes fixed on the clock. His mind trying to calm himself and trying to prevent himself from thinking too extremeBrain focused on something else.He watched the arms of the clock pass each digit. As the minute arm passed the digit '5' Raph heard a creek in the front door. His tore away from the clocks and he turned around with lightening speed, mobile phone still pressed against his ear. He could hear faint steps and his name being called from a distance.He took a step forward but stopped immediately when Donnie appeared infront of him. Raph's blazing green eyes scanned Donnie from head to toe in a split second. He didn't find anything abnormal. Not even a scratch on his little brother.Donnie fixed his glasses and cleared his throat loudly."I'm home..." Donnie said to Raph who stood frozen in the middle of the kitchen.Raph couldn't think of the last time when Donnie had announced his arrival in home. It was probably back when Mikey was living with them.Raph remembered why they would do it.It still felt like yesterday.He and Donnie would Slam the door open and announce their arrival so Mikey would come up to them toddling his way and brighten their dark days or to be showered by the toddlers love. Mikey would always crawl up to the door and smile from ear to ear upon his big brother's arrival. They would pick him up and play until the young one would go to sleep.Raph kept silent and his throat went dry as Donnie's words reached his ears. The instant flash back slammed into his chest like a truck."Who are you talking to?" Donnie asked as he looked into his big brother's eyes."Huh?"Donnie blinked and the corner of his lips lifted up in a short smile."Someone's on the phone.I can hear them calling your name!"That's when Raph noticed that he had his phone on his ear and Leo had apparently picked it up while Raph was drowning in his memories. Leo, on the other side of the call, was trying to gain Raph's attention."Well, I'll be in my room doing my stuff if you need me!"Raph watched Donnie walk away without waiting for Raph's response.Suddenly Raph snapped back to reality when he heard Leo yelling his name from the other side of the call."I'm here. I'm here. Damn it! No need to yell so loudly!""What was it that needed?""Nothing...Don's back home now, so-""Something happened to Donnie? Is he ok?""He's fine..he was just late...""Isn't he always?""More than usual this time...but...he looked change...""What do you mean Raph?""Like he didn't throw his backpack like usual and he actually said he's home. He looked kinda less tired to me...""Isn't that a good thing? Besides-"" No you idiot, I meant something really happened. Otherwise he would be gloomy like always and try to pretend that everything's ok...""Sounds like you" Leo murmured."What did you say?" Raph raised his voice."Nothing...look bro, I gotta go. I have a meeting and I'm kind-""When are coming home?"The instant these words escaped Raph's mouth, he was greeted with death silence from the other side. It was really a common question for Leo now but somehow Leo couldn't get comfortable with it, no matter how much he tried."...probably late..." Leo's voice was low."See ya later then... I guess""Raph, if you need anything just ca-"But before Leo could finish his sentence Raph ended the call and thrushed the phone back into his Jean's pocket.He ran his fingers through his hair.He knew exactly what "late" meant in Leo's words.He decided not to think too hard. It had been about 2 years now so why bother with it.Raph walked up the stairs silently and entered Donnie's room. The door was open...Usually it was closed and Raph would hear hammering noises but it was silent. Raph's eyes scanned the room and he found Donnie sitting on the other side of the bed with his back towards Raph looking at something in his hands.Raph's eyes narrowed.He walked in silently and slowly, not to startle his little brother."What's up bro?" Raph said trying to keep his voice as casual as possible.Donnie turned his head around to look at his brother. His face shining with the reflection of light from the sunset that was entering through the window."Nothing...just sitting around..."Raph's lips opened for a second to respond but closed when his eyes dropped down to his little brother's hand. In his hand, he was holding his retractable steel bow staff. The steel bristled in the light, must like Donnie's glasses and his calm expression.Raph couldn't think of a possible reason why his little brother was holding onto the staff. Had something happen? Like a fight? What was on his mind?"Something wrong with it Donnie?"Donnie smiled.A genuine smile.After 4 years this was the 1st time Raph had seen him smile genuinely. Raph wanted to cry. All these years him nd Leo tried to pull Donnie out of his shell of misery but never succeeded.And here apparently Donnie had finally pulled himself out without their help."Nothing's wrong Raph. I was thinking maybe..."Raph sat beside Donnie on his bed, sinking the mattress under his weight."What?""Nothing, never mind"Donnie turned his head away but his eyes showed determination. The same look that Raph had when Donnie entered their lives.Then suddenly Raph's eyes popped open."You're still smiling...Don't tell me you're in love with some chick!"Donnie's smile dropped and his head snapped towards Raph with a clear blush across his face."Are you crazy? There's nothing like that!""Are you sure?""YES!'"Hahhah don't be upset. I was just joking. Calm down Einstein!"Raph patted Donnie's head and grinned like an idiot. Silently he hoped that what ever the reason was behind Donnie's smile, it would stay forever."Hey Raph...""Hm?""Can we like...start training again?""..." Raph's hand remained still on Donnie's head like he was frozen."I was wondering if you could teach me some new stuff in Martial arts...""...""I'm really wanna know about some new tricks and plus you're kinda kinda good at hand to hand combat skills and I w-""Is someone bullying you?""What?""Don, IS. SOMEONE. BULLYING. YOU?""I swear that's not the case...""Then why would you ask about it? When you hate fighting?"Donnie's eyes turned soft at the question. It's true. He had always hated fighting and violence. But it was a fact that their father had always taught them how to fight so that they could protect themselves in the time of need. After their father's death, Leo had picked up the training from where his father had left. But then Mikey joined and Leo had no time to do so. So Donnie gave in."It's actually ... I really wanted to learn some new stuff. Trust me Raph..."Raph's hand slipped down from Donnie's head and rested on his shoulder."You know you can tell me anything, right Don?""That's why I told you this and not Leo, even though he's better than you...but I- ""Ok that's insulting!" Raph got up and turned around on my to be stopped by a giggling Don who lashed on to Raph's arm."Ok ok I'm sorry. I was just kidding!""Sure you were!" Raph said in a bored tone and flopped back onto the bed.Both brothers sat in quiet when Donnie felt Raph shifting in his place."Don, if you need any backup...I-""Thanks bro but I don't need that kind of help... I can do it..."The last part Don's statement felt like he was trying to convince himself rather than Raph. But the statement help determination.Donnie looked at setting sun rays and made up him mind.'I can definitely do it!'TmntXever walked slowly along the footpath, his hand rubbing the sore spot on his head. It was definitely a bad bruise and a concussion. His steps would wobble now and then but he kept moving forward.Grumping some curse words every now and then. Couldn't figure out how the boy had managed to knock him off."How the hell did you do it? Huh?" His voice dropped in venom. The boy toddled small steps behind the man and didn't dare to speak.How could he explain it? How was he supposed to tell that a young random guy knocked Xever out of his misery when he was busy beating the life out of him."Y-you had a-a l-lot of o-ope-open space..." his voice so low.Mikey had alot of bruises and fresh wounds but he kept moving forward. His eyes low towards the ground. He didn't notice when Xever had stopped in the middle and he bumped into him. Mikey rubbed his nose and looked up.He looked around and saw that they had reached home. Mikey blinked and suddenly he felt pain on the back of his head when Xever pulled a bunch of hair in the nip of his neck. Xever crouched down to Mikey's level, like he was trying to detect the lies.He screamed loudly and reflexes took over him. He punched Xever hard on the side of his face. Xever almost lost his balance and tripped but he composed himself."I TOLD YOU ALREADY THAT WAS YOUR FAULT!" Mikey spoke loudly with anger filled in his voice. Had it been Bradford, Mikey wouldn't have dared to so much as take a step.Xever eyed him and turned towards the door opening it and then entered leaving the boy behind.Tmnt"You really went all out on the kid Xever...! Bradford was wrapping Mikey's injuries with clean gauze. Mikey sat perfectly still. He didn't look like he was breathing."Huh..." Xever flinched and turned away. He had always hated the boy."I'm really happy to see that your training is paying off Michael!"The boy looked up for a second in admiration.For a second he felt happy.For a second he felt those words were real.Bradford's hand gently left from their previous position and slowly reached up to wrap around Mikey.The boy's breath stuck in his throat. He thought he was in trouble. He closed his eyes and waited for the outcome but he felt that he was wrapped in Bradford's arms. In a warm hug."You did good!"Bradford's hand soothed the wild blond hair."I expect more from you. Once your done here then you can join me and my friends...""You know how much I love you and the other people hate you, right Micheal?"Mikey blinked, looked pass Bradford's shoulder and saw the hateful look in Xever's eye. He closed his eyes, blocking the images of Xever from his sight.Bradford was right.People hated him and considered him nothing.That's why they threw him away from their lives.Xever watched silently for a moment and then smirked."Hey Brad...your boy spoke outside when you told him not to!A moment passed and there was silence. Mikey eyes had snapped open. He remembered that Bradford clearly told him to speak a word no matter what happened. He felt Bradford slowly pull away from the hug."I- I - no I- Di-Didn't -"He couldn't even speak properly. His heart was up to his throat. His brain imagining 1000 of possible punishments from Bradford.Bradford smiled."Did I say you could talk right now?" He spoke softly.Mike held his breath. He screwed up."He's lying Brad-""I know. I heard him outside the house..." Brad stroked Mike's bruised cheek softly.Tears starting forming in the corner of his eyes. He was afraid. He didn't want more pain. He wanted none.His mouth opened automatically to say something but couldn't...Bradford slammed his face on the ground roughly, applied pressure. Almost like trying to pop open his skull. Mikey squirmed and screamed in pain. He kicked but no use. He was tired.He could have bet that Xever was enjoying it. If only he had his eyes opened."I told you not to disobey me" Bradford said softly."Bad boys should be punished, you know that right?"The only response that came from Mikey was muffled screams and choking noice.He wished he had the same strength as the guy that saved him earlier in the park.But miracles don't happen every time.
OC Stories
[TMNT] Homunculus C08: The Ship is RealChapter EightThe Ship is RealApril’s van rattled as its wheels rumbled over the long dirt road beneath it. It had been a while since they’d last traversed up to Massachusetts, but Casey knew the roads like the back of his hand. He and April shared a look as they turned off towards the road leading up to Jones’ farm. They had been planning the weekend for a couple of weeks now and had been looking forward to having some well needed alone time together.“Are we there yet?!”It was a shame that the whole trip had been hijacked by four ninja turtles and their smaller alien companion. The day before they had only mentioned their trip to the family as a courtesy and somehow ended up on a group get-away, much to the couple’s disappointment. April turned her head to look at the turtle behind her seat, a smile formed on her lips, but her eyes showed clear annoyance which was also hinted in her tone.“We’ll be there soon, Mikey.”A small sigh left her as she faced back towards the front, the turtle slumping back in his seat from boredom. Just beside him, Vye was cautiously peering out of the window, keeping her head mostly lowered but occasionally leaning in for a closer look to the outside world that was a fast-moving blur and shying away whenever something particularly large went by. Leonardo, sensing the small amount of tension in the front of the vehicle, leaned forward in his seat slightly.“Thanks for the ride, you guys.” He began. “We really appreciate it.”“Sure thing.” Casey replied, not even trying to hide his irritation. “Not like we had plans or nothin’.”This caused him to receive a gentle nudge from April. Although she shared his feelings, she felt he could at least try to appear a little more civil about it. “It’s just,” Leo continued, trying to ease their concerns. “Ever since that robbery, Vye’s been really hesitant to go back outside.”Donatello then chimed in.“We figured it would be better if we took her somewhere more...peaceful, you know? Somewhere quiet, with more nature and less...crime.”April looked back towards the group again, focusing her attention on the small redhead. It was true she still seemed a little skittish, and having that experience would have marred her feelings on the outside world, the timing was just unfortunate. She turned back towards the front again, beginning to concede.“We get it, guys, really.”Less than 15 minutes later - which felt like an hour after Michelangelo insisting on asking ‘how much longer’ again and again - the van pulled in just metres away from the quaint farmhouse. Raphael was the first to step out of the side-door, stretching out his arms and back until an audible crack was heard, followed by a short groan. “Finally. I was startin’ to feel like a freakin’ tuna in there.”His brothers began to follow him out of the vehicle.“I think you mean a sardine. Tuna are much bigger fish.” Donatello corrected as he stepped foot onto the dusty path below.Raph waved the correction off with a flick of his hand, letting out an unamused grunt. Inside the van, Vye remained seated despite having taken off her seatbelt. She leaned forward slightly to look through the doorway, but barely allowed her rear to leave the cushion. Suddenly she felt a light shove from behind, followed by Mikey’s voice ringing loud in her ear.“Come on!”The girl let out a small yelp as she stumbled out of the vehicle, Donatello - who had gotten out just before her - lightly catching her by the elbows before she could commit to a full fall and allowing her to stabilize herself before letting go again. Mikey followed after her, hopping out of the van energetically as he was as equally glad to be out of the confined space as his more grouchy brother. About to turn around and meekly complain at the orange-masked turtle, Vye came to a halt as a gentle breeze caressed her cheek and she finally registered the sight beyond her. Her gaze was immediately drawn to the vast open space, the sky and grass met only by clusters of trees in the middle. “Welcome to Jones Farm, kid.” Casey announced, spreading his arms out proudly, only to be brought down by another, more playful nudge from a smirking April.The words barely registered with the girl as she continued to stare at the view, wide eyed. She had seen very little of the Earth with her own eyes, particularly in the daylight, and though she had been on many planets like it, there was something new about the sight that she couldn’t quite place. Her daze barely got distracted even by Michelangelo, who moved in front of her line of sight and waved his hands around in an attempt to snap her back to reality.“Uh, I think she’s broken, guys!”Shaking her head gently to bring herself back, Vye responded.“S-Sorry, I just…” She paused, unable to find the right words. “It’s...It’s nice…”“Well you’ll have plenty of time to take it in over the weekend.” Leonardo said, placing his hands on his hips. “You can stay out here for a bit if you want. We’ll just be in that house right there.”Although she nodded in reply, the girl remained fixated on the scene in front of her, unable to see the building the turtle was pointing to as the rest of the group had started to go inside. She began to slowly walk along the grass and Leo turned to his brother. “Mikey, you keep an eye on her for a bit.”“Awh, why do I have to be the babysitter?”“Because until she gets used to things it’s probably better she’s not left on her own, we don’t want a repeat of last time.”The pair both looked over towards the girl to watch as she mindlessly waltzed around the grass, staring at her feet in wonder. They observed silently for a few seconds before looking back at each other, Leo continuing.“You can bring her inside in a few minutes.”“Okay, Okay.”Leonardo then made his way into the house with the rest of the group, leaving Michelangelo standing outside on his own, folding his arms and tilting his head as he watched the small alien girl a few metres away look absently up at the sky.It wasn’t like Vye had never seen a sky before, she’d definitely seen many skies on other distant planets. It had been a long time since she’d seen one this colour though, and had a chance to just simply look at it. The longer she stared, the more she noticed the clouds above slowly ease into her field of view, another indicator of the breeze she began to feel flutter around her hair and face again. Her gaze continued to move further and further upwards until she stumbled, unable to crane her neck back any further. Regaining her composure, she looked back to the ground below. She’d seen grass before too, it was so familiar and yet foreign at the same time. Crouching down, she ran her fingers through the blades, smiling a bit at the sensation. It was hard to know when she had last been able to do something like this, but it certainly felt like a very long time. Looking back up at the sky again, she allowed herself to tumble backwards until her back hit the grass, her gaze remaining fixated as her ears began to hone in on the sound of the birds and rustling of grass and trees around the area. This planet really did have some redeeming qualities.Inside the main house, the rest of the group had already thrown their various luggage into the appropriate rooms, April situating herself in the living room as she set out some glasses of water. As Casey walked in, she handed one of the glasses towards him.“Sorry about this, babe.” He scratched the back of his head with his free hand.April shook her head, taking her own glass from the table. “Don’t be. The guys were right, Vye needs to see more of the outside world, this makes sense.” She smiled a bit. “Though maybe next time we should just keep the trip to ourselves, huh?”The man in front of her chugged the water before putting his glass down, holding his other arm out.“I don’t see what the big deal is, she’s an alien, right? Why does she gotta go outside so badly?”“Because if she ever wants to blend in, she needs to see life on the surface, or she’s never going to learn.” Donatello’s voice suddenly contributed from the stairway as he made his way downstairs. “Everything she knows about Earth right now is purely from books and tv, she needs to see some of the real stuff. Not to mention she’ll need the serotonin, which is important for humans.”“Uh...The what?”“Serotonin. The ‘happy chemical’?”Casey stared at him blankly, April watching the pair and holding her glass up to her lips in an attempt to hide her amusement.“You get it from the sun?”Still getting no visible response of understanding, the turtle sighed and rubbed the side of his head, giving up.“Nevermind.”A chuckle was heard behind them as Raphael and Leonardo joined the gathering, the hot-headed of the pair grinning and giving his larger human friend a playful nudge.“Don’t overload his brain, Don. There’s barely enough happenin’ in there as it is.”“Ha ha, very funny, green boy!” Casey nudged him back. Raph brought his fists up as if to start something, but had his enthusiasm disrupted by April clearing her throat and beginning to speak.“So, what are you guys going to do anyway?”The three turtles exchanged looks, scratching the back of their heads. They hadn’t really thought that far.“Well…” Leonardo started. “I suppose we’ll show Vye around a bit.”Raphael moved his hands to his hips, walking over towards the window. “Does she really need all of us for that though? I mean what exactly is gonna happen to her out here, she gonna get lost chasin’ a butterfly or something?”As he finished his sentence he looked out the window to catch the sight of Vye curiously following one of the aforementioned insects across the field of grass until she was cautiously pulled back by Michelangelo as she got further away.“...Okay, that was a bad example.”He turned back towards the group as Don began to speak, agreeing with him.“Raph’s right though, as long as one of us stays with her she should be fine.”Getting the point his brothers were making, Leo pondered for a moment before looking over at April and Casey.“In that case, I guess we’ll do some training.”A creak was heard just behind the group. Michelangelo, partway up the entry steps had halted on hearing the word ‘training’ and slowly began to reverse back down the stairs.“Michelangelo.”Leo’s sudden stern tone caused the turtle to flinch, gulping to himself before hopping through the door, his brothers turning to look at him.“Uh, I totally would, Leo! But- uh-” Mikey scratched his cheek, searching his brain for excuses. “I- uh- Promised Vye I’d show her the forest out back! Yeah!”His brothers all crossed their arms as he continued to reel off, each having their own look of disapproval.“What happened to ‘Why am I the babysitter’?” Leo inquired with skepticism.“Uhhh- Well- I mean she seems real excited about it, it’d be a shame to just cancel like that-” Using the extension of his excuse, he began to slowly step back out of the doorway, waving. “So, y’know- I’ll catch you guys later!”Before any of them could say anything, he had already turned tail and ran out into the grassy field towards the girl who was now back to lying aimlessly on the ground. The remaining turtles shook their heads, looking back to amongst themselves. “Well, at least it keeps them both busy.” Don said, trying to put a positive spin on the situation as he picked up a glass of water.Raphael gestured towards the open doorway with his thumb. “Yeah, but do we really wanna be leaving her off with Mikey?” “They’ll be fine.” Leo replied. “...Probably.”Michelangelo let out a sigh of relief as he looked over his shoulder to find no one giving chase or calling out after him. Feeling safe, he slowed his pace and continued over to Vye, who was still sprawled on the grass with her arms spread wide, eyes closed and listening once again to the sound of the birds, all while enjoying the breeze on her face. Her peace was mildly disturbed by the sound of footsteps approaching. Noticing a sudden change in the lighting beyond her eyelids, she opened them as the turtle leaned over enough to cast a shadow and block her view of the sky.“Hey, Vye!” He beamed as he looked down at her. “Wanna see something cool?”“Cool?”She wasn’t sure what to think. Mikey’s idea of ‘cool’ seemed to have a wide variety of definitions most of the time, meaning she rarely knew what to expect. As she sat up, loose blades of grass sticking in her hair, the turtle pointed over towards a particular cluster of trees.“Yeah, there’s a really neat forest over there. Wanna check it out?”Staring at the trees, the girl’s eyes widened slightly as she became filled with curiosity. She’d read plenty of books about Earth trees, and seen a lot of media set in such types of forests, getting to explore one up close would surely be interesting.“...Can we?”“Duh! That’s why I asked!” Mikey blurted.“Okay...I wouldn’t mind checking it out.”“Alright, let’s go!”The eager turtle grinned as he began to jog towards the forest.“Race ‘ya!”Panicked by the sudden challenge, Vye scrambled to her feet and called out after him as she trotted onward in pursuit, making a poor attempt at quickening her pace. The forest wasn’t as far away as it looked, meaning it took very little time to reach it. Though that could have been due to the speed at which the orange masked turtle had decided to approach it, being tailed by the less agile alien girl huffing and panting behind him. Finally reaching the trees, she placed her hands against one for support as she attempted to catch her breath, unable to enjoy the feel of the bark beneath her fingers due to the sudden exertion.“Michelangelo-! Y-You’re going too fast-”The turtle, who by this point had hopped up onto a branch in one of the other surrounding trees, turned to face her.“Oh, uh, sorry.” He scratched the back of his head. “ And I told you, you can just call me ‘Mikey’.”Vye swallowed, finally starting to catch her breath again, and looked up at him, confused.“But...Your name is Michelangelo.”“Well yeah, but you can use a nickname like the others do.”“‘Nickname’?”Vye thought to herself for a moment. She had noticed that the other turtles as well as Casey and April referred to him, and each other, by various other names, but just assumed it was something exclusive to the group and didn’t fully grasp the concept of multiple names for one person. If he wanted her to call him that though, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to start doing it. After all, as it had been explained to her, it’s still his name, just shorter. He would probably also keep pestering her about it if she didn’t.“Okay, fine.”“Alright!”The enthusiastic turtle grinned and put his hands on his hips for a moment before turning around and dramatically pointing in a seemingly random direction.“Now, time to explore!”Barely giving the girl a chance to respond he began making his way through the trees to move deeper into the small forest, Vye following on the ground shortly behind and looking at all the trees surrounding them as she did so.Leonardo continued to look out of the window, having watched his over-eager brother and smaller companion scramble off into the woods in the distance. Raphael approached him from the side, hoping to veer his attention away.“Geez Leo, come on. You’re the one who said they’d be fine.”“I know…” He turned to look at Raph. “But remember that time Mikey got caught by that monster hunter-?”“That was forever ago.” Donatello added. “Besides, it turned out alright in the end.”April, who began to collect up the used glasses from the table on her route to the kitchen, looked at Don with mild concern as Leo turned back to the window momentarily.“What’s up with him-?” She asked, lowering her voice a little.“Well…” Don looked at her, contemplating for a second on whether to divulge. “Master Splinter went into us pretty hard for the robbery thing, with Vye getting kidnapped and all.”“Ah…I see...”Casey, who had been lounging on the sofa across the room, spread his arms across the back of his seat and crossed his leg over his knee.“Why didn’t she just run away though? She was always skittish as Dash, I’m surprised she never booked it outta there before those goons got her.”Having made his way to the table to assist April with the collection of glassware, Leonardo stopped in his tracks, lowering his gaze to the table as he hesitantly began to speak.“I think...I think it’s because I told her to stay there.” He frowned slightly, gripping the cups in his hands. “I told her not to move from that spot.”Donatello shared his expression, exchanging a look with April before looking back to his brother to reassure him.“It wasn’t your fault, Leo. She was terrified, even if you hadn’t told her to stay there, she was probably far too scared to move anyway.” He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “Besides, I’m the one who left the Battle Shell wide open for theft…”Leaning against the wall by the kitchen doorway, Raphael gestured towards the occupied sofa with his thumb.“I still blame Casey.”“Hey!” April looked down at the fearless leader with sympathy, cradling the glasses she’d gathered in one arm to allow herself to gently place a free hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. Being the responsible one, it wasn’t too surprising that he’d decided to shoulder the brunt of the burden the way he had.“Hey, what’s important is that she wasn’t hurt, and you all got her back.” She smiled reassuringly as he looked up at her. “And she’ll remember that. Master Splinter will too.”Leoardo took a moment to absorb the words of those around him and smiled a bit, the concern he’d been harbouring finally starting to lift. “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, guys.”After helping April take the remaining glasses into the kitchen, Leonardo turned to his brothers and placed his hands on his hips, seeming more relaxed than before.“Alright, let's get to training then.”“Come on, bro, take a day off!” Raph moaned. “Besides, it ain’t fair if Mikey doesn’t haft’a do it too.”Leo’s shoulders drooped slightly at the dismissal.“But Master Splinter said we should-”“Yeah, well Master Splinter ain’t here.” “There are other things we could do, Leo.” Donatello added. “We can always train later when Mikey gets back.”The leader of the group folded his arms, slightly disappointed in being outnumbered as well as the lack of enthusiasm from his brothers. Normally he would be more firm with them in regards to training, but they had a point that it would be better to do it when all four of them were there.“Fine…What do you guys want to do?”Suddenly April and Casey appeared behind the turtle trio, a slightly intimidating aura emanating from them.“Yes, what do you guys want to do?” April asked, her eyebrow twitching as she smiled.The three turtles winced at the tone, further recoiling when Casey stepped forward.“Don’s right you guys, there are other things you could do. Outside things. Away from here things.”Raphael held both his hands out in submission, looking mildly irritated.“Okay, okay, we can take a hint! Geez.”His blue-masked brother gestured towards the door with his thumb as he smiled somewhat nervously.“Training?”Raph and Don sighed in defeat as they made their way out of the building, getting ushered through the door by Leo, whose enthusiasm had begun to perk up once again, and leaving the relieved couple to stay behind inside the cosy house.The pair in the woods had wandered around for at least half an hour, though the concept of time was often lost on the small alien girl as she continued to stare and inspect her surroundings in curiosity, listening to Michelangelo whenever he began rambling from the branches above her. One story he was telling particularly caught her interest; of the time he, Casey and Donatello had helped save a mysterious green creature from a hunter of monsters.“Was there really a monster-?” Vye asked while watching a small bug crawl up the tree trunk she stood beside.“It wasn’t a monster!”The girl tilted her head as she looked up at him.“Then...What was it?”Mikey scratched his head in thought.“Uh...Well, I dunno exactly...But it was pretty tame, and it had babies too.” “Was it a bear?”“It wasn’t a bear! It was green, like this!” He shook one of the branches above him, pointing at the mass of mossy green leaves.Vye brought her finger to her lips as she pondered, her curiosity peaking.“Maybe it was a...Yogi...No...A Yeti? I saw a tv show about those…They’ve been seen in forests, and they’re big and furry too, right?”Not having considered it, Mikey brought his own hand up to his mouth as his mind got caught up in the same question. “Huh…”Continuing to look up at the turtle as he thought to himself, Vye began to feel a strain in her neck that she nursed with her hand. It was starting to get awkward having to look up so much, she didn’t realise simply looking around could get rather painful. Human bodies could be so sensitive at times. Her attention to the pain was distracted briefly by Mikey beginning to speak again.“Well, whatever it was, it was pretty neat. Who knows, maybe you’ll get to see it too, or even something cooler.” He wiggled his fingers and added a wavering tone to his voice. “There’s aallll kiiiinds of things in this forest!”Vye looked skeptical.“Really? Because so far all we’ve seen are trees.” Her attention drifted as a butterfly fluttered past. “...Not that I mind that…”Michelangelo turned around and made a leap to continue on to the next tree, which happened to be significantly taller than the previous one, perching on one of the higher branches. Hearing the movement, Vye moved to follow after, looking mildly agitated as she tried to keep her gaze on him at his new height despite the niggling in her neck.“Do you have to go so high up? I can’t keep up with-”“What? I can’t hear you!”Vye raised her voice slightly as she repeated herself. “I said, do you have to go so high-”“WHAT?”The redhead puffed out her cheek as she realised what he was doing. He was clearly messing with her. This became more evident as she noticed the grin forming on his face when he called down again.“You’ll just have to come up here!”“I can’t climb up there!”“Sure you can, it’s easy!” The ninja swiftly hopped back down onto a lower branch, walking along it casually as it crept towards one of the neighbouring trees. Once he reached the end he gestured towards the tree, which appeared to be a much more reasonable height.“Come on, this one’s not too high.”Vye looked up the trunk anxiously. It was certainly a more appropriate level, but how was she meant to get up there with these arms and legs? Michelangelo seemingly leapt and swung everywhere he went with ease, but she definitely didn’t have that type of strength or coordination in her limbs. It was tough to find a branch low enough to reach, considering she was at least a few inches shorter than her companion, but somehow she came across one that she could just barely grab by lifting herself with her toes. She puffed out her reddening cheeks as she tried to pull her weight up the branch, eventually using her legs against the tree as support. It took a while, but she managed to scramble her way up onto the branch, shuffling to cling tightly to the trunk of the tree and looking down at where she just came from.“See! That wasn’t so hard.” Mikey said cheerily.“That’s easy for you to say!” The nerves in Vye’s stomach came out in her voice as she yelled across to the turtle, only to be met with a laugh as he hopped further up into his own tree.“Okay, try the next one.”A look of sheer dismay swept across the girl’s face. Was he insane? She couldn’t possibly go any higher. Her head shook vigorously in rejection of the idea, arms clinging even tighter around the sturdy base of the tree. Seeming adamant in her refusal to move any further, Mikey shrugged and continued his way up the taller tree, until he got to one of the highest branches within his reach. With her eyes shut tightly, Vye heard his voice call down to her again, though it sounded even further away than before.“Hey Vye, check it out!”Though hesitant, she opened her eyes and turned only her head to look up at the tree he called from, her mouth opening slightly in shock at just how high up he’d gotten. The boy was clearly getting cocky, balancing his way along the branch. The tree just opposite him was roughly the same height, and there was another branch not too far away that he was obviously aiming for. He crouched as he let the power build up in his calves, but as he shifted his weight to make the leap, a cracking sound burst from underneath him as the branch snapped at the joint, causing him to fall with a high pitched yell. “Mikey-!” Vye called out in panic as she watched the turtle tumble down through the branches and closer to the ground, quickly closing her eyes while bracing for the impact as he hit down hard with a clang....A clang? On the grass? Michelangelo groaned as he lifted himself onto all fours, rubbing his now aching head. It took a moment for his eyes to focus, and when they did he let out another shriek, causing Vye to finally open her eyes and peer over from the tree she continued to grasp on to, soon overcome with shock.“Um…Vye?” Mikey said nervously. “I don’t wanna alarm you, but I may have just developed superpowers.”He was seemingly suspended in mid air. No, that wasn’t right...he was definitely on top of something, yet all he could see was the grass mere metres below him. “M-Mikey- Are you o-...I mean, how are you- What-” Vye stuttered, trying to make sense of what she was looking at while the turtle cautiously got to his feet, scratching his head.As Mikey felt around his personal radius with his foot, Vye began attempting to shuffle down the tree, losing her grip and flumping onto the grass with a small yelp. Not having had a long fall, she recovered rather quickly and dusted the grass and bark off her sleeves as she made her way over to where the turtle stood just a short distance above her head. She too carefully began to feel around the area with her arms, stopping once her palms appeared to touch something solid.“ this…?” She muttered. Michelangelo, having finally judged where was clear to land, hopped down to her level and proceeded to knock on the mysterious invisible wall with the back of his fist. The metallic clatter echoed through the hollow space between the trees.“Well whatever is, it’s hard as shell!” He complained as he pointed to his thigh with his other hand. “Look at that and tell me it isn’t gonna bruise!”Vye gave him a bemused look as she continued her way around the barrier with her hands, trying to follow the line of where the wall went.“You would’ve bruised even worse if you hadn’t landed on it-”A beep interrupted her sentence, causing her to retract her hands in surprise. Immediately after a hissing sound was heard and what appeared to be a door opened up from the ground shifting twigs and leaves as it moved. As the opening revealed itself, the pair promptly stepped back to keep their distance, Michelangelo placing himself in front of Vye and keeping his hands poised over his nunchaku anxiously. Once the door appeared to have stopped moving with no further action, his posture relaxed slightly.“Uh...Helloooo? We come in...Peace?” He hesitantly called out towards the opening.With no visible or audible response, the ninja turtle decided to walk forward and through the door, Vye remaining where she stood and whispering loudly after him as he left her side.“W-Wait-! Mikey-!” She nervously checked her surroundings before slowly following after him, folding her arms around her waist. Once inside, she went to stand closer to Michelangelo, who was looking around curiously. There were two seats set in front of a large window and dashboard, along with a couple of extra seats arranged near the back of the room, various buttons and markings spread across the metallic walls.“Woah, it’s a spaceship!” He announced. “Though it doesn’t look like a Triceraton ship…”He turned to look at Vye as she approached and joined him in the examination of the small compartment.“You’ve been around space, right? Do you know what it is?” He asked.Vye looked at him for a moment before looking around again. He was asking a lot of her memory, but still she tried to recall as much as she could as she walked over to the dashboard at the front of the ship, browsing for any extra clues. It was filled with an overwhelming amount of buttons and screens, none of which appeared to be active.“No...I don’t recognise any of the symbols in here.” She lifted her head to look at Mikey again as he continued to enthusiastically browse the contents of the ship.“U-Um...Don’t you think it’s weird that it’s...empty?” Her glance nervously darted around the isolated room. “I mean...Where did the pilot go…?”Michelangelo stopped in his tracks, turning to look at the girl as he saw her expression become more worried. She had a point, how long had this ship been here? It definitely wasn’t around the last time they came to the farm, so it had to be fairly recent. The thoughts caused him to share her expression, clutching his head.“Oohhhh man, you’re right! I’ve seen a million monster movies to know!” He began to panic loudly. “Nothing good ever comes from a creepy abandoned alien ship!”The sudden loss in confidence from her companion caused Vye to squeeze her grip around her waist anxiously, her feet edging closer to the exit.“T-Then what do we do-?!”“We get the shell out of here, that’s what!” With no desire to argue, the girl allowed herself to get forcibly pushed out of the ship at a speed she had only witnessed when Michelangelo was making a dive for the last slice of pizza. The pair made one last nervous glance towards the still dormant ship before turning on their heels and making their way out of the forest, Vye still struggling to match pace with the turtle that practically sprinted ahead of her.The clashes of metal and wood colliding were the only sounds that could be heard in the open space of the field just outside the farm house. Having just narrowly dodged a strike from Raphael, Leonardo lowered his body carefully while simultaneously sweeping the grass with his left leg, coming into contact with Donatello’s oncoming bo staff and causing the ninja to lose his footing with a short plunge onto his back. The leader spoke in a slightly disappointed tone as he straightened up again, looking down at his brother.“You’re getting sloppy, Don.”“Because we’ve been at this for almost an hour!” Donatello responded with a groan, using his bo staff to pull himself to his feet. “Can’t we just take a small break?”“You don’t hear Raph complaining about breaks-” Leo retorted while casually holding his katana upright to halt the pair of Sai targeting him from behind.“I’ve been complainin’ for at least ten heckin’ minutes!” The irritated turtle growled as he continued to push his weapons stubbornly against the swords, until a slick motion of Leo’s arms forced the Sai out of his hands and into the air, landing point-first in the ground a few feet away. Unphased, the blue-masked turtle sheathed his katana into the scabbards on his back.“Fine, we’ll take a break. You’re both becoming lousy sparring partners anyway.”Unhappy with the comment, regardless of the tame tone that came with it, Raphael marched up close to Leonardo’s face, lifting his finger ready to dig it into his chest.“Now listen, pal-”“Guys! Guys!!”The familiar annoying yell of their youngest sibling caught all of their attention, disrupting the brewing conflict when they all found themselves looking over to the turtle running towards them - with their amber-haired friend still a short distance behind him. Relieved that the impending argument had been diffused, Donatello put his hand on his hip as he turned to address the pair, keeping his other hand steady on the bo planted on the ground.“Mikey, do you have any idea how long you guys were goofing around in there?” Vye soon caught up to the group, panting heavily and stopping to hunch over as she rested her hands on her knees in an attempt to start catching her breath. Mikey raised his voice in response to his brother.“We weren’t goofing around! Listen-!”Just as Michelangelo started talking, Vye joined in, their excessive panicked babbling becoming a mishmash of random words to the group’s ears making it impossible to decipher what either of them were trying to say.“Woah, woah, you two,” Leonardo said calmly, holding his hands up in a halting gesture. “Slow down, one at a time.”As she was still trying to catch her breath from the previous marathon, Vye briefly remained silent so as to allow Mikey her to blurt out his message again.“Ship! Spaceship! In the woods!”The trio in front of them exchanged quizzical looks with each other before looking back at him.“Uh, what?” Raph asked.“Come on, Mikey, we’re not falling for that one again.” Added Don, clearly having heard something similar before. After all, it wouldn’t be unlike their jokester of a brother to lure them into a prank of some kind.“No, I mean it! There’s really a spaceship!”Leo’s moment to respond was taken up by Vye’s wispy, still partially breathless, voice speaking up suddenly.“T-There is! There really is one.” She straightened her posture, holding her arms out in a gesture of size, which was then copied by a frantically nodding Mikey. “It was- It was sort of small but it was invisible and it-”“Invisible?” Donatello queried, suddenly curious.“Yeah.”Donatello looked to Leonardo for approval, who followed with a brief glance to a displeased Raphael before looking back and folding his arms.“Well...You guys wanted something to do. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look.” He then gave a stern look to Michelangelo. “But no funny business, Mikey.”Offended by the accusatory tone, Mikey grabbed Vye by the shoulders and lightly shook her from side to side.“Hey, Vye saw it too! Doesn’t that count for anything?!”Donatello secured his bo staff back in between his shell and sash before stepping forward to remove his brother’s hands off the girl’s shoulders as her head practically began to rattle from the wobbling motion. “Let’s just go already.”Returning to the forest, with minor protest from Raphael thinking it was a dumb idea until he realized it got him out of training, the four turtles and their short alien companion came to a stop in a minor clearing amongst the trees. The frantic duo looked around, mildly perplexed. There was no sign of the doorway that they had come out from before. It was entirely possible that there was a mechanism in the door that caused it to automatically close after a certain amount of time, so they began patting around at the air to try and feel for the metallic surface of the ship again. The remaining three brothers all shared a similar look of bemusement before looking back to watch the fumbling pair make fools of themselves, creating an air of doubt.“So...Where is it?” Leo asked.“It should be right here!” Michelangelo gestured to an open empty space, though clearly seemed to not be coming into contact with anything. Still holding a mild element of curiosity on the situation, Donatello stepped forward towards his brother, pulling his bo staff out from the grip around his shell and carefully began prodding at the air with it. He did this for about 30 seconds before setting the end of his bo on the ground and looking at Mikey.“Are you sure it was here?”“Yeah!” Mikey replied. He then looked over at Vye. “Right-?”His brothers all turned their heads to look at the girl who nodded in affirmation. Looking around for some kind of marker, her gaze stopped at a particular tree which she pointed high up towards.“It was definitely here. That’s the branch Mikey fell down from.”The group followed the line of her finger, seeing the broken branch hanging just barely by thin strands of wood a few metres above them. Leonardo folded his arms as he contemplated for a moment. While he could certainly believe the possibility of Michelangelo falling out of a tree, the rest of the story was still struggling to hold up, with very little evidence being provided.“Well, it doesn’t seem to be here anymore.” He said.Raphael, who was beginning to lose his patience, then finally spoke.“That’s ‘cos I bet there is no ship, Mikey’s just playin’ another stupid prank on us and wastin’ our time!”“Hey!” The accused turtle whined.Donatello, who had since crouched down to examine a patch of grass, rubbed under his chin as his siblings began to raise their voices. He agreed the idea of such antics was still possible, but it would be unlike Vye to join in on it, especially when she wasn’t particularly good at lying. There did appear to be some sort of imprint on the ground, though it was hard to make out exactly what it was. To stop the impending bickering he got to his feet again and gestured to the area in question with his bo.“Actually, it does look like there was…something here.” He explained, using the bo to outline the space. “There’s a few dimples in the land, and see the upturned soil over there? It’s definitely recent.”Trusting his brother’s words, Leonardo walked over to get a better look.“Do you think it moved?”“I-It couldn’t have-!” Vye’s voice wavered with anxiety. “There...There was no pilot…”Don looked up in thought. He was becoming flummoxed. The only explanation he could muster was that the pilot momentarily left and then returned to retrieve the ship...but how could that happen without anyone noticing? Unless it was automated somehow, though even then that was a bit of a stretch. Raph still felt differently about the whole thing and leaned against one of the nearby trees as he folded his arms, fed up with all the hypothesizing.“So, what? It just conveniently vanished the second we got here?” He then grumbled sarcastically. “Imagine that.”Vye stared intensely at the place the ship should have been. Had they imagined the whole thing? The whole situation was incredibly strange and it was beginning to make her more uneasy than she liked. Noticing the doubt on her face, Leonardo approached the girl and gently placed his hand on her shoulder in reassurance as he turned to his brothers to address them.“We should take a look around the area.”“Ugh, really?” Raph complained.“Look, we still don’t know if whatever this thing is actually exists, but if it does...It could be dangerous,” Continued Leo. “Mikey said it wasn’t a Triceraton, a Federation, or even a Galactic Federation Ship. That narrows down our possibilities of the things we know we can deal with and that list isn’t exactly long.”The now even more irritated turtle pulled his weight away from the tree he had previously leaned upon and opened his mouth to start yelling, but was interrupted by one of his calmer siblings stepping in between him and Leo to try and ease the rising tension.“Come on, Raph.” Don soothed. “Just think of it as recon practice.”Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Raphael tutted through his teeth before agreeing. The group decided it would be a faster errand if they split up, save for whoever would be keeping watch of Vye. Leonardo drew the short straw this time around, but decided to use the time to also point out the landmarks he knew of the area, keeping her equally enthused as well as distracted from the distress she was beginning to feel earlier. Unfortunately for him he also found himself subject to a lot of questions that he didn’t quite know the answer to, but tried his best to provide them whenever he could.Having scoped out the wider surrounding area between all five of them, everyone regrouped just outside the woods again, with very little to report. There had been no signs of ships or anything else out of the ordinary nearby, and even overhearing the occasional passerby came up with little to no information. It really did seem like the spacecraft just simply never existed. Even with the indent left behind in the grass, Donatello additionally pointed out that it could have just as easily been another kind of vehicle. Feeling like his suspicions were justified, Raphael pointed a finger at Michelangelo as he repeated his usual bark.“I told you guys it was nothin’!”“But guys, we’re telling the truth!” Mikey pleaded, gesturing wide with his arms. “Tell ‘em, Vye!”Caught off guard by the command, Vye stuttered. She had really started to doubt herself about the entire thing, and it was honestly beginning to creep her out a little the more she thought about it. In her mind she started to feel that it would be better to let everyone just think it was a practical joke at this rate. Unable to form any coherent words, her string of stammering was interrupted when she felt Leonardo’s hands on both her shoulders again as he stood behind her, directing a stern tone at his brother.“That’s enough for today, Mikey.” His gaze scanned the group, making sure he made eye contact with the rest of them. “Whether there was something there or not, there’s obviously nowhere further to go with it for the moment.”The group concurred in their own individual ways, excluding Michelangelo who remained obstinate with his expression, with Raphael throwing his arms in the air exclaiming “Finally”.Having picked up on the signal from Leonardo, Donatello softly put forward a suggestion to try and sway the topic in another direction.“Y’know,” He started with a brief pause as he aimed his comment towards Vye. “April makes a pretty good apple pie. I’m sure if we ask nicely she’ll whip something up.”The red headed alien looked over at the turtle when she registered the familiar words. She’d had apples before, and she’d had pie...But never a combination of the two. The intriguing suggestion having brought a gentle rumble to her stomach, the girl nodded to show her reception to the idea and the group began to make their way back towards the farm house. Being the most eager to leave the area, Raph led the way while placing his hands behind his head.“I gotta admit, Mikey,” He grinned, teasing. “Y’almost had me goin’ there for a second.”“I keep tellin’ you guys, it wasn’t a prank!” His brother yelled insistently as he began to give chase, the pair soon sprinting towards the house.As the two flared turtles charged ahead, Vye had begun to walk level with Donatello, inquiring the specifics of apple pies and growing curious on the notion that the apples themselves might need to be ‘picked’. Leonardo lingered behind the group for a moment, stopping briefly to turn around and look over towards the small forest. He leered slightly, unable to shake the feeling they may have missed something, but was quickly brought back around by the beckoning call of his brothers as they all approached the little farm house to disrupt their coupled human friends in hopes of acquiring the newly mentioned baked goods.
X Readers
How Far Would You Go? II Pt. 6 (TMNT x Reader)“Ah, Leonardo. Did I catch you at a bad time?” It’s almost like you can see his sick, twisted smile, as if he were standing right in front of you. The very thought of it makes you shudder.Leo suddenly takes you by the arm and roughly leads you to the doors. “(Name,) go, now. You don’t need to be here for this,” he says in a stern voice.“But, Leo, my family! I have to talk to them!” you frantically say. You don’t resist him leading you out of the lab, but you do resist because you don’t want to end your conversation with him without closure. You stubbornly won’t allow any interruptions for this, especially with Bishop on the move again. Now you must check in with your family to see if they’re ok.But all he answers with is, “Not now, (Name,)” giving you one more push until you stumble into the kitchen. He then calls for Raph, who is still sitting on the couch, and Mikey, who is in his room reading comics. When all four turtles are assembled in the lab, Leo gives you one last look and says, “Later. I promise.” He closes the door.Now your irritation ignites into anger. The kind of anger that charges you up with overwhelming energy that you just want to throw something hard enough to break it. The kind of anger that nearly makes your face so hot, you practically become so dizzy you’d pass out. The kind of anger where you can hardly recognize yourself. Donnie has denied you; Leo has denied you, and now you’re left alone again.You pull at your hair as you storm over to the couch. You fall over on it, burying your face in a pillow as you scream and curse. You bite your lip so hard you’re sure you draw blood. Overwhelmed by failure and maddening rage, you don’t know what else to do, so you break down crying. You’re powerless to do anything. There’s nothing else to do but cry.You cry yourself into exhaustion. Now, you’re just lying on the couch, limp like a doll and staring blankly at the walls. It’s so quiet that you feel like you can hear the pulsation of the bruise under your lip where you bit yourself. Certain places on your scalp are feeling a burning sensation, as well, from where you yanked so hard on your hair, a few strands still entangled with your fingers. You don’t know how long you’ve been lying there. Your mind is just blank.Suddenly, the hatch door to the lair creaks open. You’ve grown so use to the deafening silence that it scares you into awareness. You lift your head enough to peak over the couch in time to see April walk in. You sigh with relief.“Guys?” she calls, confused by how quiet and empty the lair is.“I’m here,” you say, your voice a bit rough from all that crying you did. You sit all the way up so she can see you better.“(Name!)” She looks relieved to see you and quickly makes her way over to you. You slowly stand up on your stunned legs, shaking them awake as you go to meet her halfway. She embraces you. “(Name,) it’s been so long. You look so much better.”“Yeah, you, too,” you say plainly. It has been a month since you’ve seen her. You hug back, happy enough to finally be in the arms of another human. If you aren’t going to see your family any time soon, you figure April is the next best thing.April places her hands on your shoulders, giving you a concerned look. “Is everything ok? You’re pretty jittery and cold.”You nod, trying to force yourself to smile, but April has gotten too good at seeing through a façade. There are a lot of things that are wrong, but you decide to settle on just one and tell her straight up. “B-Bishop. I think he’s back.”“What?!” she gasps, her charisma going from friendly to panic in an instant.“I…I think he’s back,” you say again. “I’m... worried.” April looks into your eyes. You aren’t lying, but you don’t want to say what is really bothering you. You’re not in the mood for an uplifting speech right now.April’s eyes grow stern as she asks, “Where’s the guys?” You look towards the lab doors. She runs her fingers through your hair and says, “Wait here,” then heads into the lab.Wait here. Stay here. Over and over, that’s all they tell you to do. It just discourages you even more. You plop into a kitchen chair, about to slip back into your soulless, doll-like trance when you suddenly spot April’s handbag on the table. Jealousy clouds your mind as you think of her having the freedom to still live up top, socialize with real people, call whoever she wants, and…Wait! April can call whoever she wants!That stubborn idea suddenly bursts in your head again. If you’re going to enact your plan, the first thing you need is the phone number. What better chance to get it than right now? There probably won’t be another chance, and your mind is convinced this is urgent. You check the lab doors to make sure they remain closed as you snatch April’s bag. You open it up and grab her cell phone. You then scroll through the contact list, still checking the doors to make sure they don’t open. Finally, you find Casey’s contact information. You open it up and find two sets of phone numbers: one is his cell and the other is a landline. Got it! You dig around in April’s bag and pull out a pin. You lift your sleeve and copy the number down on your arm, then quickly put everything back into her bag, zip it up, and push it away from you like you never touched it.You didn’t technically steal anything, right? But for some reason, you had this guilty sting in your stomach. Were you really this desperate that you would go through such lengths to talk to your family? You’re already considering sneaking out behind your friends’ backs, and now you’ve stolen from them?You don’t dwell on it too long because you jump as the lab doors swing open and April, Mikey, and Raph rush out of the lab. The two turtles dash to their rooms without giving you so much as a glance. April approaches you again and you ask, “What happened?”She answers, a bit of disgust in her voice, “That sick monster really is back. Why now of all times?”Donnie whizzes by, saying to April, “We’ll figure that out later. We gotta go now before the trail gets cold.” He, too, disappears into his room.“You found him?” you ask.“Maybe this will be the day we do,” Leo answers, coming up behind April. He then talks directly to her, verifying, “You know where to meet up?”April answers, “I’ll see you guys there.” She grabs her handbag and rushes towards the lair hatch. She looks back at you and says, “I’ll see you later, (Name.)” Then she leaves,“You stay here,” Leo says. “We’ll be back later,”“What?!” You give him a shocked look—even though you weren’t all that surprised. It’s more of a shock of annoyance that he is leaving again so soon without even finishing your conversation with him. “But, Leo, what about…?”He places a hand on your shoulder. “(Name,) I promise we’ll talk about your family later. It’s just not safe to contact them now.”You grab his arm, using this moment as your last chance to convince him. “That’s exactly why I need to talk to them now. He’s out there and I need to know they’re alright. I must know. I’ll be much more at peace knowing they’re safe. Leo, please!”Donnie, Raph, and Mikey, ready with supplies, suddenly run past and dash out the lair. “We gotta go, Leo!” Donnie calls once again.Leo takes his arm back, your heart sinks as his hand slips through yours. “Later, (Name,)” he tells you. “Later. Just stay here where it’s safe, and we’ll be back soon.”Your brow knits into a tight frown as Leo bolts out the lair hatch, closing it behind him. Your hands curl into fists and your shoulders grow tense. You’ve been patient long enough. You’ve waited long enough. You’ve stayed here long enough. You were unsure before, but now your mind is made up. You’re going to talk with your family tonight.You run back to your room. Without a second thought, you slip on your shoes and grab your jacket. You check around for any extra change lying around and collect it in your pockets. You take a deep breath and open the hatch, and after four long months, you finally leave the lair. ***You slowly wander through the tunnels on your way back to the lair, your heart still happily fluttering. You wipe joyful tears from your eyes, your ears still singing with the sound of their voices. They’re ok. Thank goodness, they’re ok.You did it. After such a long time, you’ve finally contacted your family. They miss you a lot, but what’s important is that they’re safe. It was a long, comforting conversation and you still didn’t want to hang up, but you told them this whole ordeal will be over soon. You told them it’s too much to explain over the phone, so you promised to explain everything later. Just for now, you were just happy enough to hear from them. And, as expected, you didn’t run into any trouble. You didn’t have any encounters with Bishop’s spies, nor did anything on the streets look dangerous or suspicious. You made your phone call and that was it, slipping right back into the sewers just as you planned it. It was such a simple plan, you didn’t understand why Leo was being so restrictive of you.Arriving at the lair door, you slowly open the hatch and peak your head inside. You sneakily slip through the door and close it behind you as quietly as you can. You don’t hear anything. Maybe you beat the turtles home, but you don’t want to linger around to find out. You creep to your room and close the door behind you, flicking on the light switch and sighing with relief that you made it back to the lair without anyone one knowing… right?“So, you disobeyed me,” a frustrated voice said from behind you.Startled, you gasp and whirl around. Leo is leaning against the wall, arms crossed with disappointment twisting his face. His eyes had this impatient look like he was not in the mood for your lies. When did he get back?!Really, you should’ve known. If there is anyone you couldn’t sneak pass, it would be Leo. It’s pointless to lie now, so you frown, owning up to your actions in a non-caring way.“You’re your brothers’ leader, Leo. Not mine,” you bitterly respond as you resume untying and removing your shoes.You hear him push off the wall, a growl lingering in his voice as he stands up straight. “I don’t have to be your leader to keep you alive, (Name.) When I tell you to stay here where it’s safe, it’s not a suggestion.”Setting your shoes aside, you give him an annoyed side glance. “I’ve been safe for months,” you groan under your breath as you give him an annoyed side look. You then turn to face him and hold out your arms. “Look at me. I’m back, aren’t I? Safe!““That’s not the point,” he answers bitterly.You drop your arms and give him a hard look before you ask, “... did you even find him?” He only replies with a glare, but it looks like it’s anger directed towards you for trying to divert the argument again. You huff and cross your arms. “Looks like we’re both dealing with disappointment tonight.” Leo steps forth, his impatience reaching its limit. “Look, (Name.) You can’t imagine how much I understand what you are going through. To be separated by force from the ones you love, to be powerless to help them, to miss them, but there’s only so much you can do without putting yourself in danger.”You turn away from him like you didn’t want to hear this again. “I’m not stupid. I was careful.”You yelp as he firmly grabs your shoulders, turning you to face him so you are forced to look in his eyes riddled with anxiety, hurt, and anger. “What if he found you and I wasn’t there to protect you?! What then?”You furiously tear his hands off your shoulders and snap back, “I’m not stupid! I was careful!”But Leo ignores your defensive statement and answers his own question with a fierceness growing in his tone. “I’ll tell you what then: NOTHING! You’d be dead! Do you understand that? Dead!”Those words stung enough to make you flinch, having you stumble back a bit. However, because your seasoned frustration has made you more stubborn than you thought, you ignore his statement and harshly respond, “I wasn’t wandering the streets in the open like if I were out for a stroll. I returned safely, didn’t I? So, what’s the problem?”Leo angrily snatches your wrist. “The problem is you defied me and intentionally put yourself at risk. I thought after everything you’d been through; you’d learned by now.”Your scowl grows darker as you snatch your wrist back. “And I thought I told you, you’re not my leader!”His growl grew louder as he began to pace. “This isn’t about me being your leader, (Name.) What is it you don’t understand that Bishop is looking for you? You went out there alone and he could have killed you this time. He’s not a man who leaves loose ends. Here is the only safe place for you.”“For how much longer?” you shout. “I’m tired of hiding here!”He paces by you. “We’re doing everything we can…”Your anger explodes. “Stop lying to me!”“(Name!)” Leo roars as he slams his fist into the wall. The force of his voice, the pound of his solid fist into the brick makes you flinch again, tears finally swelling in your eyes as you stand there trembling with your own fists clenched.His fist still planted on the wall, Leo tries to get himself under control. His breaths are shaky, and his eyes are closed as he rests his head against his forearm. “(Name,) enough,” He says softly as he breathes heavily. “I’m asking you, as a friend… just, have patience, please.” He looks at you out of the corner of his eyes. “How can you return home to your family if you’re dead?”“When? Leo, I want this to be over,” you finally say, tears streaming down your face. “You promised me long ago that you would help, but nothing has changed.”Leo stands up straight, his head still low as he glances at the ground. “I know,” he says.“You said you would find him. You said everything will be ok. Is that a lie, too?” Your voice raises as well as your anger. “Is it? Keeping me down here is a slower way to kill me than anything. I should’ve let them kill me rather than suffering a slow death by suffocation down here in these horrible city sewers!”Leo doesn’t move. “I know.”Him not speaking directly to you makes you even angrier. “Why won’t you look at me?! Why?! I remind you too much of your failure? You and I both know we’d be better off if we just went our separate ways to begin with.” You study him hard, but he doesn’t flinch. Angrily you begin to shout at him, “He should’ve taken me that day. He should’ve taken me and we would have never known each other. If I knew, if only I knew this would happen, what trouble I would have gotten myself in for just being your friend, then I would have never gone with you. I wish… I wish we never met!”Leo slowly lifts his head, slumping his shoulders as he heaves a sigh. “I know.”He still doesn’t look at you as he heads for the door. You watch him leave, and when you’re all alone, finally cry. You cry out of anger. You’re angry at the turtles, at April and Casey; you’re angry at Bishop, but more than anything, you’re angry at yourself for ever meeting the turtles in the first place.… is that your true feelings, though?
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Turtle Wishes Easter 2021 Forms Open!IT'S ALMOST CLOSED! MARCH 31st THE LAST DAY TO ENTER ENTRIES AND SEND FREINDS/ARTIST/WRITERS A NICE MESSAGE YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM! EVEN IF IT'S JUST SAYING "HAVE A GREAT DAY!",🆃🆄🆁🆃🅻🅴 🆆🅸🆂🅷🅴🆂 2021 FORM OPEN!ⒻⒾⓁⓁ ⓄⓊⓉ ⓉⒽⒺ ⒻⓄⓇⓂ         ˜”*°•.˜”*°•   DO YOU WANT TO SEND A WISH TO A FELLOW TMNT FAN? PERHAPS A FAVOURITE ARTIST OR WRITER? OR EVEN A GOOD FRIEND? •°*”˜.•°*”˜Show someone how much you care and enjoy their work or friendship by sending them a personal message with an turtle brother Easter theme we offer. You can pick their favorite turtle. After choosing the brother, you tell us who it is for and what message you want to include with it. We will post deliver it on Tumblr and DA on Easter Morning. The design of the images will not be revealed until delivery.˜”*°•.˜”*°•  𝓗𝓸𝔀 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓴?  •°*”˜.•°*”˜First, you have to fill out the survey, following its instructions.Basically, you start off by telling us who you are by using either your DA or Tumblr account so we know you are real and then you start putting together your Wishes. You may choose up to four recipients in total.From there we collect the data such as your chosen Turtle.Who it is ‘to’ (their DA or Tumblr name), along with if you want them to know it’s from you, or if you prefer it to remain anonymous.The image will then be personalized with a ‘to’ and 'from’, along with the message you want to be included with the Wish; this will be placed in the description under the image.After all the necessary information is collected, we create the post on Turtle Wishes on April 4th and the journal on DA with links later that day You are also more than welcome to follow the blog too to have see the first delivery.˜”*°•.˜”*°•  𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓮  •°*”˜.•°*”˜The survey will be open from March 8th - March 31st. Wishes will be posted on April 4th EST timezone.˜”*°•.˜”*°•  𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼?  •°*”˜.•°*”˜You may choose up to four Wishes (please do not use multiple accounts for the event going on. Only one account is needed and you can only have a maximum of four wishes.)  You don’t have to use all four if you only want to do one or two. When filling out the survey, it will ask if you want to make another, until you either choose finish or fill out the fourth one. Once you have completed your survey, you may not fill out another or send in corrections, so make sure you fill it out correctly the first time. Yes, you can choose to be anonymous on your Wishes by selecting that option on each one. If you choose to be anonymous, you may also pick which brother it will be from instead. Please, no harassment, bullying or vulgar messages. If we suspect this rule is broken we will contact you before deciding to discard all your Wishes. We will not revealed what the images are, only the themes, for this is to be a surprise for both receiver and giver. You have to give us either your DA account name or Tumblr or we will discard the Wishes you made. Even if you want to be anonymous, we still need to know if you’re real, or only making fake names to get more than four Wishes. ANYONE WITH A DA OR TUMBLR ACCOUNT CAN TAKE PART!FILE OUT YOUR WISHES




Show someone how much you care and enjoy their work or friendship by sending them a personal message with an turtle brother Easter theme we offer. You can pick their favorite turtle. After choosing the brother, you tell us who it is for and what message you want to include with it. We will post deliver it on Tumblr and DA on Easter Morning. The design of the images will not be revealed until delivery.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• 𝓗𝓸𝔀 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓴? •°*”˜.•°*”˜

First, you have to fill out the survey, following its instructions.
Basically, you start off by telling us who you are by using either your DA or Tumblr account so we know you are real and then you start putting together your Wishes. You may choose up to four recipients in total.
From there we collect the data such as your chosen Turtle.
Who it is ‘to’ (their DA or Tumblr name), along with if you want them to know it’s from you, or if you prefer it to remain anonymous.
The image will then be personalized with a ‘to’ and 'from’, along with the message you want to be included with the Wish; this will be placed in the description under the image.
After all the necessary information is collected, we create the post on Turtle Wishes on April 4th and the journal on DA with links later that day You are also more than welcome to follow the blog too to have see the first delivery.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓛𝓲𝓷𝓮 •°*”˜.•°*”˜

The survey will be open from March 8th - March 31st.
Wishes will be posted on April 4th EST timezone.

˜”*°•.˜”*°• 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼? •°*”˜.•°*”˜

  1. You may choose up to four Wishes (please do not use multiple accounts for the event going on. Only one account is needed and you can only have a maximum of four wishes.) You don’t have to use all four if you only want to do one or two. When filling out the survey, it will ask if you want to make another, until you either choose finish or fill out the fourth one. Once you have completed your survey, you may not fill out another or send in corrections, so make sure you fill it out correctly the first time.
  2. Yes, you can choose to be anonymous on your Wishes by selecting that option on each one. If you choose to be anonymous, you may also pick which brother it will be from instead.
  3. Please, no harassment, bullying or vulgar messages. If we suspect this rule is broken we will contact you before deciding to discard all your Wishes.
  4. We will not revealed what the images are, only the themes, for this is to be a surprise for both receiver and giver.
  5. You have to give us either your DA account name or Tumblr or we will discard the Wishes you made. Even if you want to be anonymous, we still need to know if you’re real, or only making fake names to get more than four Wishes.


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