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Miku Pin-up

My first attempt at doing pin-up, my lewdest artwork yet. Tomoyo Blushing Icon 
My dearly beloved Miku Heart  This was supposed to be Valentine's special, but lately I've been way too productive and finished 2 weeks early LMAO. 
Check my instagram for WIP images (coming soon)
EDIT: Can't just put 100% effort, gotta go far and beyond, to 120% XD Updated version!

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 to see some wip's, process and updates! Being able to share my work and knowledge with you guys means so much me! <3  

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Very pretty, but I still hate lewd. Please put a clothes on! 🤧🚫🛑

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Wish I had THIS hanging on my bedroom wall.

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انها جميلة
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First attempt? Damn this is great for a first attempt
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Love the values!!
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Thank you! >///<
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Miku looks good— I like how her hair looks here, pretty.
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Wow, this is so beautiful! The lighting and the colours create a really wonderful mood. It’s so gorgeous!

Great work! Keep it up! 😊

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Blush-Small .:blush:.   Sorry for super late answer! XD Been kinda dead lately, not checking DA, swarmed with commissions - can't wait to start uploading stuff again :P
Really glad you like it and very appreciate the kind works! I shall never stop Heart 
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Very sweetly sexy :icondragonwant:
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