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I want to know should I do more drawings and add color, or keep it all black and white?? Most of the colored stuff is just me using colored paper to my advantage. The other 2 are legitimately colored.
So this is my poll, do to me not having a core membership, please comment below more color or na? Also should I singe my work more?
The two sister have heard legends about a mystical place high up in the mountains. Many people and monsters have tried to climb the mountain they believe is the one, but all who have tried have never returned.
This tale, yes this tale is forged through victory and triumph, and while this alone tells of an ending one may enjoy be warned now there are dark paths, and sharp twists.
This will be the pre-draft to a story long overdue. But it shall include some of the newer drawings.

We start with Ash, a shy little girl ( my first upload to DA). Ash has a sister now her sister while older is shorter then Ash, her name is Sylvia.