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And thanks for 277k pageviews.

It's been a while since i've written one of these.

I don't feel like i have much to say, really. I've been feeling rather empty lately. Which isn't helping my creativity block.

I guess i'll just leave this as a short "Happy New Year" journal and ask a few questions.

Do you want to see more Marisu? More Laura? More V? Something new and different?

Do you like my new icon pic?

Any new years resolutions?

Shameless plug stuff:

My site: (now ssl secure)

Thanks for 263k pageviews!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes.

I'm not sure if i'm going to respond to each of them individually or not yet. But i'm sure my 'thanks' replies aren't the most interesting anyway.

Or are they...?

Been a while since i've written a journal. Wish i had something more to say, actually. I've been so busy with other things that i've not had time to do anything but the minimal maintenance on here, and my patreon

I used to ask questions, but i haven't really prepared anything interesting...

Has everyone here been reading Laura's comics? How do you like the more 'comic-strip' format of DID comic? Or would you rather more story to them?

Of the three comics i have, which do you prefer the most?

Marisu (parody)
V (dramady)
Laura (comedy strip)

Which do you prefer the least?
Happy New Year folks!

Here's hoping it's a good one!
Merry Christmas!

And thanks for 255k pageviews!

Be sure to check out my other christmas pic here if you haven't already. :)

Requisite Patreon link
I've something fun to share with you this time - i swear!

But first...

Thank you for 247 (almost 248) thousand views. That's almost a quarter of a million.

Let's get down to business, shall we?

This month is October. And as everyone knows, October means 'halloween'. And halloween means dressing up.

And that's why i've been using this time to publish the results of all those polls i did 6 or so months ago asking about my various OCs cosplaying.

Now, i figured, i could just publish each picture with my usual text blurb underneath (that no one ever reads ;)). But i figured, where's the fun in that?

So instead, in order to show case some of the non-DID themed cosplay pics, i'd wrap them in a little comic. An Interactive Comic.

What's an interactive comic, you ask? Well, it's like a regular comic. But with reused art assets and more dialog.

This is something i already shared with my my upper level patrons. But i thought i'd share it with you guys, too. Because where's the fun in hoarding this all to myself?

Besides, it gives me a chance to showcase a bit of what i've been doing behind the scenes.

So without further ado, why don't you head on over to my site and check out the interactive comic here (when it loads, click on "Cosplay is pun stuff"). Don't worry about the "Refresh" button in the top left - it's non-functional. Otherwise, i hope you enjoy it. :)

Now i only did this as a small little side project (that was less small than i thought it'd be); a sort've "Dialog Engine", if you will. Will i take it further? Do i have bigger plans? Hmm...


What do you think of the Interactive Comic?

What do you think of V vs The Broken Heart so far?
First off, thanks for 239k pageviews.

And a big thank you to everyone reading V the Vampire Vigilante. And an even bigger thank-you to those who provide feedback. You're the real heroes.

As i've no longer got CORE membership, i can no longer do polls. But the results i got were pretty good. There's actually a lot of you out there that will vote on polls, but won't comment on journals. I guess all this text can be scary (even though i try and keep it brief).

Suffice to say, i'll be holding onto the results for <del>blackmail</del> later uses.

Anyway... Just because i don't have polls, doesn't mean i can't gather information. :)


For the artists out there...

Any of you use GIMP?
If so, what is your process for creating a pic? Anything you do that is pretty 'routine' or repetitive you think you'd like to 'fix' or eliminate?

For everyone

Do you enjoy the darker tone of V the Vampire Vigilante? Or would you rather your DID stories be more lighthearted?
To all my Canadian watchers - Happy Canada Day!

I'll also use this time for a pre-emptive "Happy Independence Day" to my American watchers. (See? I didn't forget you guys)

And to everyone else, thank you for the ~236k pageviews.




Do you prefer the sometimes-serious DID-themes of V's comics or the more comedic DID-themes of Marisu's comics?
Just wanted to thank all the birthday well-wishers. I couldn't possibly thank all 10 of them individually.

But a special thank you to :iconfloofehhh: who gave me three more months of CORE membership (with which i'll come up with more polls).

Also, thank you for 229k pageviews.

Don't forget to visit DIDcomics

If you like my DID work, consider supporting me on Patreon
Yeah, this is going to be another borderline offensive "opinion piece" kind of journal.

I'm sure we all know what "overdone" and "underdone mean. But just in case, i'll give a brief definition.

"Overdone" means that a particular damsel is drawn 'too often' in DID situations. While "underdone" means the exact opposite - 'too few' DID situations.

The concepts are highly subjective. What constitutes 'too much', as well as personal preferences, can vary widely from person to person. Someone like me might not complain if there were 2 million Princess Azula DID pics out there, while someone else might think 2 is too many.

The terms also only really apply to fan art, since it's unlikely any series would have a character bound and gagged enough for us (the connoisseurs of DID ;) (Wink) ) to think it's 'too much'. And if they did, it likely would only bother us if that character were fugly or a guy.

It also doesn't really apply to OCs, since DID-artists create OCs explicitly to draw them all the time in DID situations. I mean, sure, some artist could be drawing some other artist's OC "too much", but that's likely an extraneous situation.

There's not really a concept for "just enough DID scenes", because that would be crazy. There's a more granular categorization individuals use between the extremes.

Underdone Damsels

It sucks seeing a damsel you like get perpetually ignored. Do you just like 'ugly' damsels? No, of course not! It's everyone else who's wrong.

Of course the concept of "underdone" necessarily implies "done". So a damsel with literally no DID scenes is not "underdone", but non-existent. But this being the internet and all, i'm sure there's someone, somewhere, drawing DID scenes of unheard of damsels, so it's hard to tell if a damsel is truly "non-existent" or "underdone".

I could list damsels here i personally feel are underdone (Princess Azula =P (Razz) ), but because of the subjective nature, it doesn't even have to mean a damsel who has very few DID scenes. One person's 'underdone' damsel is another's 'overdone' damsel.

The concept i really want to talk about is the other extreme.

Overdone Damsels

Part of the frustration of an overdone damsel is that they feel like they are overshadowing 'better' damsels from the same piece of fiction. I mean, what's wrong with everyone liking these damsels? There are better characters, people! We all know it!

Plus, it's annoying as hell to see a damsel you don't quite like getting 'all the love'.

Now, there are lots of damsels i consider to be 'overdone':

  • Princess Peach
  • Zero Suit Samus

But these are character's i've drawn (and may very well draw again). I don't really mind seeing them, or even drawing them. But i certainly wouldn't be complaining if there were a little more variety out there.

Then there are the other overdone damsels. Damsels i feel are so overdone, i don't just find their DID scenes boring, but tedious. Examples include:

  • Naruto's Hinata.
  • Teen Titans' Raven.
  • Sailor Mercury.
  • Even Sailor Jupiter is up there.

Some of them are damsels i've even drawn before. But these are damsels i find to be so overdone that i will likely never draw them (again). (Aside: I once long ago planned to do a whole "Sailor Scouts" pic, but the overabundance of Mercury DID art turned me off of it).

Now i'm not listing overdone damsels to pick a fight with those who do like them (or am i? Devilish ). It's a subjective topic (and these lists are non-exhaustive anyway).

But i did want to broach the topic, because, well... i like to complain.

But i also like to hear other people complain (so long as it's calmly and well reasoned).

Plus i wanted to make a poll: "Which Sailor Senshi should i draw?", but i'm sure Mercury would win, even if i excluded her as an option. And the thought of that annoyed me so much i wanted to make it publicly known i will never draw Mercury DiD (but don't worry - literally everyone else and his brother will, it seems </bitter>)

But this is genuinely a concept i find interesting. And it's not really one i can put into a dA poll.

So if you've gotten this far...

Who are some damsels you consider to be "overdone"?

Who are some damsels you consider to be "underdone"?

Oh, and thanks for 226k pageviews!

Support me on Patreon!

Been a while since i had one of these (a journal post i mean), so i thought i'd make one up.

And why not use this time to plug some things like my Patreon?


If you enjoy my work and want to support it, consider becoming a patron. You get access to a monthly pic that i won't post here on dA nor on my site. Higher patrons will get access to other things like incomplete work, early sketches, alternate stories, or projects i work on but (For whatever reason) am not comfortable sharing with everyone. They will also get early access to some of my more... ambitious projects.

What are those? Well.... only Patreons know for sure!


I feel like i should also update my commission information since my last journal on the topic is substantially out of date.

Generally, my prices will be moved up to 20$ for the standard "1 damsel" commission. But i'm going to leave the rest of it as is.

That is to say, baseline is 20$ for 1 damsel (no background). Additional damsels and/or backgrounds are 5$ each.

I don't draw GID (guys in bondage), stuff that isn't "PG-13" or lolis though. And i reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason stated or otherwise.

Generally, i'm a busy person, so i prefer not to do commissions, but i am technically always open to considering them. Just note me with details and we can go from there.
Goodbye 2016.

Thank you for 217k pageviews, though!

And a special thank you to :iconfloofehhh: for the core membership!


And another special thank you to :icontopologist: for 3 more months of core membership!

Seriously, you guys. That's more months than i deserve.

It's only 1 month's worth, so i'm going to try and put up a ton of polls (i love polls. Nice way for people to provide feedback with minimal reading on their part).

Check out my patreon. And my webpage with Damsel In Distress comics


New years resolutions?

What kind of polls should i put up?
First off, thank you for 211 thousand pageviews!

With 750 watchers, that's about 300 pageviews each. Considering i have ~500 deviations, that means... Oh wait.


If you haven't checked out my website you really should. It's where i'll post all my comics from now on. I'm currently posting a (story heavy) comic about a vampire who wants to be a crime fighter. It has comedy. Drama. Heartfelt character moments. And (of course) damsel in distress scenes.

I also post mini-comics about Marisu and her friends (short bits, "Sixteen hates everything", etc). And in the future, i'll likely be putting up more Marisu comics exclusively there.


I'm not good at advertising pitches, but...

*ahem* Do you like Damsels in Distress? Do you like Comedy? Do you want to spend a few dollars a month supporting a talented creator do what he does best - or would you rather give that money to me?

If you answered 'yes' to all these question - i applaud your fiercely logical thinking!

You should also check out my patreon page. Contributors get an exclusive monthly pic, early access to upcoming work and a warm fuzzy feeling.

&lt;/advertising pitch&gt;


Um... do you have any for me?

I see others do these "AMAs" (ask me anythings). Would you be interested in one? I mean, not from me - i'm a fiercely private person. But maybe for one of my OCs (Marisu, Sixteen, Elena, V... another character)?
So i got some inspiration problems recently. Normally other dA artists have polls for this kind of stuff, but i don't have access to polls.

But since i do have access to journals, let's use one of those. And because i'm using a journal instead of an (anonymous) poll, i'm gonna also do a different kind of voting style, too (Something else people with polls can't do, so there!)

Characters (pick and rank 3 by preference and we'll see where this goes):

And just so this journal is not wasted entirely... thanks for 206,000 pageviews, i guess.

Votes closed. I'll take the results and do something with them. Put'em in a spreadsheet or something.
Hey watchers, thanks for all the pageviews. As you well know by now, i use them to fuel my evil schemes.

But we can't live entirely on pageviews. As any nutritionist will tell you, they aren't very good for you, and as any economist will tell you, they're not very liquid. Or worth anything (pft! So they say!)

That's where my thought came from...

Someone once asked me if i'd do a cameo of their character in V's comic. And i dismissed the idea because i tend to be very strict with my stories. Then i compromise the hell out of them to cater to my limited artistic abilities.

But the thing is, i created Fetishville as a city that i actually wanted others to feel they can populate with their characters (if they so chose). So why didn't i do the cameo? Well, i'm an extremely lazy busy man, so i didn't really have the time. Plus it's difficult to write a story around some random cameo i didn't plan.

But what if i offered the option of drawing other people's OCs as cameos in my comics... for a price?

Sort've like a perk for donating to the 'cause'. A kind of commission if it were.

Would people be interested in that?

Now mind you, these are stories i'm trying to write, so i couldn't just put OCs wherever or whenever. And the V comics i post now are actually drawn months earlier, so it might not be easy to edit into upcoming comics (or not timely to put into future comics).

But the idea would be patrons who give a certain amount would get the option to have me put their OC in the background of one of my comics. Nothing special, just a cameo in a background pane - standing in line at a checkout, etc.

If you meet a different (read, higher) threshold, that OC could appear in a "distress" scene (ie, tied up). Maybe a higher threshold would have actual dialog and interactions with main characters, etc.

I could make the option available across all my comics: The Incredibly Awesome Adventures of the Amazing Marisu, V the Vampire Vigilante and (soon) the Adventures of Laura the Kunoichi.

Of course it would only be your characters (ie, ones you created and hence hold a copyright to).

Now i'm not proposing to do this right now. I'm just floating it to see what people think (specifically readers of didcomics and gauge interest. After all, if i were to do this, there's a lot of details to work out:

I can't draw hundreds of OCs a month - i probably couldn't even do dozens in a year. Maybe i'd have a "roster" and once it's filled, that's it until it empties out or something.

Have to work out a price scale. I was thinking something that would grow depending on how much of the story it has to change: say 15$ for background character, 25$ for a distress scene, something higher for interactions (depending on how much interaction i guess... See? Complicated!)

I'd need a transparent mechanism for payment and requests and all that. I'd like to say "just email me and we'll talk", but if there's a roster, that doesn't come off as too transparent....

But before i did any of that, i thought i'd ask if there's enough interest. Cause if not, what's the point of hurting my head thinking about all these other details, yeah?

So, thoughts? Or pass?
Hey commenters, watchers, favouriters.... and the rest.

It's been a while since i've put one of these up.

First - thanks for 200k pageviews!

Second, a quick comment about commenting.

You probably notice i'm pretty terrible at it. Or at least inconsistent.

Generally, i try and comment on any comment i receive (here or on my site). But there are a couple exceptions:

* Generally i do not comment on very old material. Ie, if you post a comment on a pic i posted a year ago, i appreciate it. But i probably will not respond (unless it's a very very compelling comment; there's only so many ways to say "thank you")
* Generally don't respond to responses to a comment or comments that have responses. Again, unless it's super compelling.
* I do not respond if i am trying to determine something about my audience, because i feel like responding might bias the results. This is why i didn't respond to anyone who commented on my last journal.

I just wanted to make that clear in case anyone felt personally slighted by my ignoring comments.

At any rate, i'm always looking for audience feedback and i appreciate all the comments i get. But that might also be because i'm fortunate enough to get pretty good comments (support and constructive criticisms; no douchebags yet).

After this main V arc is done, i might actually switch gears. I was thinking of posting excerpts of the (unfinalized) scripts of various comics (Marisu, V, Laura, etc). Maybe even just loglines. Then let the audience vote on which one they'd like to see fleshed out first. I feel like everyone has a favourite character of my OCs, but i'm always hesitant to ask, cause i think no matter what the answer is, i'd be disappointed in some way or another.

Anyway, new V comic up. So please check that out. And comment too ;)
This isn't like my normal journals - no thank yous for page views or the like.

Instead, i had a quick question and didn't know how else to ask. So here it is:

When it comes to DID-based comics, i tend to do comedy. But not all DID is comedy. Some people do drama or action.

So my question is this.

What kinds of genres do you like with your DID?

Comedy (i think yes)?

Or are there some genres that are too "Dark" or "Depressing" to mesh with it.

I'm interested to know, so please answer if you can.
It's that time of month again - the time T Mason writes a journal.

First off, thank you for all the pageviews! Both here and on my website! And a big thank you to those who donated! I've put a thank you pic for just such people, now.

192,800 pageviews on dA alone. I'll need to seriously start thinking of a thank you pic. Question is, do i do OCs or fan art characters? Or both? And which characters should i use in either case?

Decisions decisions!

Speaking of my website, though - a few little points of business.

First off - i appreciate all the comments. And while i try to respond to every single one of them, but sometimes i'm hit with some kind of bizarre login error that prevents me from posting too many comments at one point in time. As such, sometimes i don't respond to all the comments i receive and have to leave them for later (and often times i forget :(). So i just wanted to say, if i don't respond to your comment, it's nothing personal - just a glitch in the system.

Secondly, i've taken the liberty of a helpful navigation feature. There's now a most recent comics page that should give the top most recent links per comic, as well as a link to the most recent first part of a comics post (ie, will link to "part 1" of a multi-page comic post).

I also hope to one day add some Cast pages, so keep an eye out for that, too.

Otherwise, questions:

I now have three principle main characters. 2 with actual stories, but...

Marisu? V? Laura? Whose story do you prefer i focus on? And why?

Short comics or long stories? Which do you prefer in comic form?
First off, thank you for all the birthday wishes. And especially thank you to those who gave me points. Not sure what to do with 'em yet. Maybe i'll get enough to get core membership. Then i'll put up so many polls! Polls like "Which is greater: 4 or 13?" (the answer being obviously 4 - the greater Final Fantasy game).

Second, thank you to all the pageviewers. 189k (almost 190k). Pretty soon i'll have to do a 200k thank you pic.

I know my dA page hasn't been all that active lately. Most of the story-related stuff i put up on my website. So if you like stories and comedy with your Damsels in Distress, please go check it out. Even if you don't, still check it out. V chapter 2 is coming to an end in a couple weeks. Updates happen every friday.

Questions (in lieu of polls):

1) Owls?
2) Fanart or OC?
3) If i took requests, which OC would you like to see "get the treatment" next: Marisu, Sixteen, Elena, Eighteen, Agent Blue, Agent Green, V?
4) Would you like to see new OCs? Maybe one-offs? (I like making and designing new characters, but i feel like most people don't like to see newer characters; it detracts from older ones or something)
180k pageviews.

How many pageviews does one need to be considered successful?

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.

I like drawing Damsels in Distress. And i like writing.

But it takes a lot of my time. Especially the drawing part, because i'm frankly not that good at it. And i wonder if it's even worth my time anymore to continue drawing and posting stuff.

So i got to thinking about $$$.

Not that i want to charge people to see my work necessarily. But more like how a busker leaves his violin case open while he plays (something i used to do, btw).

A sort of "contribute if you appreciate what i do" deal-y.

Patreon seems to be a thing most artists use. But it's a bit punitive for non-US residents (being a US site and all).

But i wonder about a "Donate" button. Or a merch shop. Or advertisements. Or folder sales. Or...

Now i'm not doing this tomorrow or anything. But it's something i'm thinking about. Probably on my site (which i'm trying to put more of my artwork on anyway).

Of course it's my life, my site, my art and my time, so it's 100% my decision. And i would feel completely justified doing anything i want.

But i post my art and comics for a reason.

For entertainment. (No point in having written something if no one reads it, right?)

But since i feel like any such decision affects the relationship between art consumer (you) and art producer (me), i wanted to at least be a bit forward about it. That way it's not a complete shock nor is there any mindset of "selling out" when/if (but more likely when) it does happen.

Anyway, sorry for the long journal. Just wanted to keep everyone posted on what i'm thinking about doing with my DID artwork.

As to updates on what i'm doing:

V the Vampire Vigilante chapter 2 is coming (soon, i hope): V vs the Generic Thugs

I am also planning something particularly ambitious for the next Marisu arc. I don't want to give away too much, but maybe i'll put up a preview sooner than later.


1) Which do you prefer: vampire vigilantes or fiction hoppers?
2) Would you rather i put more time into: V, Marisu or some other thing ("Sixteen hates everything", slice-of-life humour with Marisu and her 'friends', etc)?
Happy New Years!

Here's hoping for new and better things for all of the people reading this.

And, what the hell. For those of you not reading this as well.

DID comics