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Ice Cream Shell

This is Ice Cream Shell theme for Gnome Shell. It´s based on Android 4.0 default theme. This is my first Gnome Shell theme, so please tell me if you encounter any issues and I will do my best to fix it.

You have to install Roboto font first, and you can find it here:


And the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpaper is here:


I tested it on Gnome Shell 3.2.1.

That´s all. Enjoy!
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What's that journal tab? Extension ?? :?
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Link to Roboto font is broken :(
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font size and dpi? im using xfce
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ahh stvarno ne znam zasto vec jednom ne obrisem windows... tema izgleda predobro :D
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awesome. For cinnamon please!
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I featured your theme some two weeks ago on a blog I write for: [link]
It's an Italian Android blog and it's quite popular here. Sadly, little people use Linux, but I wanted to spread your beautiful work anyway :)
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Thanks man, i love this theme.
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Very nice theme, I think the best of all so far. I use it with mint 12. Do you think about creating the theme with different colors like red or green? Can't do it by myself, unfortunately.
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Probably not.. I have some other things on my mind now. But you have more beautiful and much polished tiheum´s Holo theme, so you may try it instead of this one.. :)
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How did you end up with a Journal tab? What extension is that?
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It requires Zeitgeist to be installed for proper functioning.
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exelente tema... esta muy bien hecho :)
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Gracias muchacho! :D
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I request in 5 groups .
Please accept and join in :squee:
Thanks for sharing :D
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i love your theme :D and i use for my fedora verne :D
Thanks :D
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Check this out: [link]

Even more beautiful!
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Many thanks friend :D
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this is great and original Theme :D:iconthumbsupplz:
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My Great Pleasure :D
ps. i use ics rom for my Nexus s,:D
you use android phone?
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Yes, but I have much weaker phone - LG P350 with CM 7.2. :)
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