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God Tails' biggest fan by tmanfox7 God Tails' biggest fan :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 74 8
Gods and Dogs [Enuna Gift]
Gods and Dogs
[Warning contains....a birthday gift for a dear friend and terrible sin. THIS IS FOR YOU FLUFFY DOGGO!]
“Absolutely not.” Commanded the elegant god. What was this mortal even going on about? Was it even a mortal? They usually aren’t...furry. At least on earth. Since when were they furry or much less pink. This looked more like a creature of Alfheim than Midguard. Yet it dressed in clearly Midgard attire. The dog had 3 tails on it's head. A peculiar creature indeed.
“Oh come on please please you won’t regret it.” The peppy pink husky pleaded as she clung onto the gods arm, where he held his scepter. She promptly was tossed aside as trickster god rolled his eyes. Enuna as we know her, would not give up so easily. She had only just begun her work.
“You kneel before me, you know your place, and yet you ask of something so....revolting. A follower of the soon to be ruler of Asgard does not indulge in barbarism.” Loki shouted as h
:icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 7 8
Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 5 FIN by tmanfox7 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 5 FIN :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 15 5 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 4 by tmanfox7 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 4 :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 22 6 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 3 by tmanfox7 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 3 :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 20 3 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 2 by tmanfox7 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 2 :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 10 0
April Foods!
April Foods
Today was a very happy day for the hikenti Jay. Today was the day his creator had the day off, and he could play with his oh so well crafted toys. A favourite of the orange clad shirt wearing being was the fox’s size reduction/growth ray. It had been something that Jay had been zapped within the past month or so when the light orange twin tailed fox wanted to step on and play a bit with a micro, even if Jay was that micro 99.9% of the time.
However Jay over the course of his short lifespan has come across many friends. Some nice, and some just asking to have some fun poked at their expense. Perhaps it was just Johnny Blade mixed with Broseph in him that created this playful desire to play jokes on friends like Enuna, Valora, and Danny Boy. On this day however, of pranking others, Jay was going to get back at all his friends.
 “One two...skip a few...yeah you’re all basically there.” Jay smiled as he held up a container, which had a bunch of his
:icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 12 30
Tails Short Story Gift/Not by Me [VoreWaifu]
Alright. If you want to show it to him after, I'm totally cool with that! Sorry if it isn't very good haha
Tails bit his tongue as he screwed on the last finishing parts to the Tornado, his plane he had built quite a while back. Due to his and Sonic's most recent fight with Eggman, it took quite a beating. And even if it did take quite a while to fix, Tails was more then pleased with the end results.
He stepped back and smiled as he eyes the shiny red aircraft. The two-tailed fox wiped a few beads of sweat from his forehead and sighed. "Man, what a workout..." He said to himself. "But, hey, I could even say it looks better then before."
Tails looked around, before his stomach uttered a deep growl. His smile turned to a small frown as he looked down and clutched it. It appeared that Tails himself wasn't the only one drained from their little fixing session.
The young fox was just about to head back to his place to grab himself a snack or something of the sorts, before his pointy ears pe
:icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 10 2
A good offering by Jett-Ailchu by tmanfox7 A good offering by Jett-Ailchu :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 90 29
Day of Future Werehog's Past
Day of Future Werehog’s Past
“So here I am, at my big day celebration, and this werehog from the future has made it impossible for anyone else to even show up. Silver, the hedgehog from the future who just somehow managed to turn into this beast, has pretty much made it so nobody is allowed to even come near me anymore. This really sucks. Oh and he also ate a couple of the chao I was raising.” These were all the thoughts of Dee. She sighed as she had her thoughts interrupted by a belched up parchment from one of the chao children she raised.
There was Silver, curled right around her like some sort of napping dog with his eyes closed, but fully aware of his surroundings. Silver could no longer talk as his mind was regressed, feral, and no longer attune to his own personal justice. To be perfectly clear, if it weren’t for sacrificing all of her food in the fridge, as well as the chao she had looked after, she might have joined them in their fate as Werehog
:icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 14 8
Tani's [CWP]  Pardons and Repreats 1 by tmanfox7 Tani's [CWP] Pardons and Repreats 1 :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 30 2
God of Destruction: Miles Tails Prower/Liquir Bio
God of Destruction Miles Tails Prower/Liquir Bio
Classification: Kitsune (fox)
Gender: Male
Height: 80 cm/ 2’7
Weight: 20 kg/44lbs
Age: 8 years old
The alternate Miles Tails Prower of the 8th Universe of 12. This young Miles Prower at the very young age of 3 never met Sonic. Instead he lived a miserable, bullied life, being picked on by locals who took offense to his mutated deformity, of twin tails. In this timeline, the previous God of Destruction of Universe 8 had been erased for incompetence, and letting the evils of the role overtake the balance of good a God of Destruction must accomplish. It just so happens being a young kitsune ended up making young Miles Prower a prime candidate to be raised as the next God of Destruction.
The angel Korn, attendant of the former God of Destruction was tasked to seek out someone he could personally raise and mould into a new balanced God that which would be able to walk the moral grey line as the tasks of a Destroyer are not for
:icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 7 73
[CM Incredibleediblecalico] God Tails Servant N/C by tmanfox7 [CM Incredibleediblecalico] God Tails Servant N/C :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 100 6 [CM Incredibleediblecalico] God Tails Servant by tmanfox7 [CM Incredibleediblecalico] God Tails Servant :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 92 15 Hungering God of Destruction by Jettailchu by tmanfox7 Hungering God of Destruction by Jettailchu :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 57 3 The amazing Donut Steel by tmanfox7 The amazing Donut Steel :icontmanfox7:tmanfox7 2 11
My vore stories and my sprite comics. I Hope they are to your liking. I'm a self appointed keyboard warrior for the underrated Tails Pred..Viva La Tails...

Random Favourites

Daisy Digests by Nomopolitainia
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anti by Thatknuxandsilverfan anti :iconthatknuxandsilverfan:Thatknuxandsilverfan 2 0 Kassie's Tummy Dweller by VoraciousRose
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My favourites gallery which consists of vore, Tails being cute, some Sonic stuff, and some DBZ stuff



Screw depression...ruins everything. That's all.
My cat is hip with the young kids
Unknown by tmanfox7
*Dab intensifies* Cat intensifies 
Senpai :iconpacattack25: is love. Senpai is life. Heart 
Pizza is cold after sitting out. I'm gonna go microwave it.....that is all....*Cough* ;)
(So I see the Sonic and Pacman cross promotion thing which is kinda neat. Then I see a clip to Sonic Boom. I hate the show but it's not always terrible. Like Teen Titans Go it can occasionally sometimes make me laugh. It has Tails on the thumbnail....what could possibly go...

WOW.....Tails is an asshole and egomaniacal....yeah instant regret watching this shit show. Seriously am I watching Tails or Jimmy Neutron? Jimmy Neutron is the egomaniacal asshole genius who is narcissistic, and has tons of failed that clip. Though Amy is also an asshole even to Sonic too. Ugh why did I even bother....)
Nice knowing you all. I'm gonna die now from starvation.
^c8cde66c83ed111d533d200699fd42c20319c36957fb42443 by tmanfox7…
Burnt my left hand, fuckin hurts like hell.



If making you think dirty because of a pervy pup thinking of Tommy Hiddy didn't get ya to leave, I do not know what will >W>…

In particular:
- Tails was never supposed to be a girl
- Originally Tails didn't have the white area around his eyes like Sonic
- Tails' 'hair' wasn't intended to grow from the middle of his head, but the side
This is actually real lines in the South Park wow it's almost word for word. South Park used Sonic Adventure 2 lines.

Also Chaos Controlled is an achievement/trophy.
Yep. Cynical nature holds true. Seen the entire story, levels, boss fights, etc. Not gonna go on some big rant or whatever as I've learned powerful negativity corrupts those around me. While some ideas where good, execution sucked. The second biggest shock was they somehow managed to make Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and Eggman a little better and more tolerable...but not a big improvement. Just some improvement. Meanwhile the biggest shock is they actually managed to somehow make things even worse with Tails. I never thought they could possibly have him sink any lower until I saw this game in it's entirety. That whole Tails dies rumour is true, except it's more his character being completely assassinated to what it once was (Seriously that rumour was a joke more than anything). I swear someone has a hate boner for him over there at sega or something XD. Even when I try to rationalize their crap, this game immediately shoots that idea in the foot. Not gonna name things as some people don't want spoilers.
I have failed. I did not buy this figure of Tails at the comic shop. It was over 200 dollars. Way too much for a figure. I have sinned against the church of twin tailed fox. I have become....not worthy

Untitled by tmanfox7

200 dollars too much...I am sorry. I have failed you :(


tmanfox7's Profile Picture
Jay Aon
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I just write stories and hope they come out okay. I also make Kphoria style images that are used for Q&A's and for fun comics/images. I'd love to do some RP's too, but I have been a little tired of them. I much prefer to play the prey, but I do play the pred too.

I have a PSN account and a Miiverse Account...but I would rather be asked for it instead of posting it out in public...I kinda wanna get to know you a little first.

Also if it weren't obvious below, I'm a huge Dragon Ball Dork. I protect you all by keeping my crazed fanboyism's behind a massive flood gate. Open only with caution...YOU'RE WELCOME!!!


The people I call friend.

:iconbeatembaeluna: One of my first and most trusted of friends. We may not greatly share interests, but a connection exists no doubt. It has to if 2 people who don't seem to share that much in common, still think greatly of each other. Met over mutual hatred of a certain character. I guess that's a time where negativity really did win me something nice.

:iconinfinitewhiteroses: A somewhat of mystery person to me. I hardly know too much about him, but for some reason he has stuck around. One of if not the most mature person among the people I know. He is also the only person who knows just how far my paranoia really goes, being the only person I ever told.

:icondoctorishere: My first roleplay partner, who I sought out when I was just but a closet case. I was scared, intimidated by someone I thought really would think of some lesser user. He seems to wish to switch his art skill with my writing, and I think he's insane to think that. One day I'll see Clannad with him, as soon as I can stream.

:iconvalora390: Another mystery to me. One of the cases where I think they she cares more for me than I do for her. She tries to take more interest in me despite probably not giving a shit about some things I post or say. Also the person with the vore crazy persona, so watch it or be in trouble.

:iconsteelsonic1127: Also known as other or true Jay. My Dragon Ball bro and xenoverse partner. The best person to talk to considering Dragon Ball or other internet stuff. Probably the closest internet savy person to myself I think. Also I have no idea which he is. Hedgehog, cyborg robot thing, naga, I dunno. Though he can be a scary pred or sissy prey XD.

My birthday badge

Biggest Tails Vore fan there is! :D

:iconrainbow-tplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-iplz::iconrainbow-lplz::iconrainbow-splz: :iconrainbow-fplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-nplz:

:iconrainbow-dplz::iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-gplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-nplz: :iconrainbow-bplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-lplz::iconrainbow-lplz:

Profile image and avatar image by :iconbeatembaeluna: Go watch and check her stuff NOW...DO IT....I'm serious. Best frequent Sonic vore artist there is.

#1 meal of Miles "Tails" Prower...I be the favourite food of mah foxie >:3

What happened on the first meeting.

A typical day with Tails and I.

A typical afternoon.

What happens if I catch him doing something bad.

When my friends and I get together.

What I get for my birthday.

His firm belief the original is better tasting than clones of me.

On his binging spree.

Habits don't change even with age.

Jay: Can I be in the picture too?
Tails: Shut up Jay ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Trap sprung…

Images above by :iconsparklegirl13::iconbeatembaeluna::icondoctorishere::iconvalora390::iconlycovore::icontaniciusfox:Shadowsgirl of FA

Comics above by :icon11112111112::icontaniciusfox:

Animation by :iconjackurai:


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