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Before anything, let's get something straight: no NSFW/nude content should be commissioned! I will ignore your request if you ask for anything as such.
Okay, let's get to the good stuff. I have a main rule when doing commissions: Nintendo-related only. You may commission me for any character from a Nintendo franchise. I can make exceptions if I desire to do so. Therefore, don't be afraid to request what you got in mind.
Examples of regular, detailed sprites:
Greninja Makes A Splash! by Tmanex2013 Krystal (Star Fox) by Tmanex2013 Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western) by Tmanex2013 Lady Lyndis (Fire Emblem) by Tmanex2013  Sans (Undertale) by Tmanex2013  Palutena Alights! (Again!) by Tmanex2013 


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Banjo-Kazooie (Gig 'Em)
Just a quick sketch I made the other day to represent spirit for my university.
It is so sad to see such a beautiful franchise not get a proper anniversary.
I have hope my childhood's favorite duo will come back one day though.
*WARNING: Lots of reading and personal thoughts ahead*

Okay so new Smash coming up for the Switch. Yay. Now it's time for some predicitions, or rather speculation for what's to come. Drop your own speculation in the comments below. I'm interested to see what some of you may think.

Opinion on Returning Characters that were cut.
*Ice Climbers (Very likely) - This is a MUST. I was so upset upon finding out that they were removed due to the 3DS not being able to handle them. And as a 3DS owner, yeahhhh, more reason to be upset. But the Switch should have no problem-o at all. They'll be back more icier than ever.
*Wolf (Sort of likely) - If he comes back, he better have a new moveset to distinguish him enough from Fox and Falco. Lucas came back. Roy came back. Wolf can come back too.
*PKMN Trainer/Squirtle/Ivysaur (Unlikely) - I know they were cut due to limitations with the 3DS (ugh) and due to Charizard being the most popular out of the three. MAYBE, they can be back as DLC but let's be honest. As much as I love Ivysaur and how okay I am with Squirtle, they won't make it. But well, who knows?
*Solid Snake (Highly Unlikely) - Konami has distanced itself from Nintendo these past couple of years, hence no appearance from Snake on the latest game in the series. I'd rather have Bomberman as a Konami representative, but even then it would be as unlikely as Snake coming back. 

Veterans (Returning and NOT Returning)
*Smash 64 - The original 12 are a safe bet on the returning list. I believe ALL of them are part of the silouette cast and will come back with no issues. Some of them will hopefully receive upgrades in their movesets e.g. Mario using Cappy; Link using his arsenal from BotW (hell yeah). I want all characters to have a mix of most of their games so that they're represented like they deserve and Nintendo knows fans would love this. Innovation is mostly, if not always, appreciated.
*Melee veterans - Everyone with the exception of Pichu and Young Link (unless he's given an entire new moveset) will come back. Dr. Mario (or any clone actually) can remain as it's own character, but he should have more aspects from his game to differentiate him more from his original entity. Ganondorf should definitely be improved upon. His design and moveset should be borrowed from Hyrule Warriors to make him more unique. Ice Climbers should come back for sure.
*Brawl veterans - Everyone from Brawl with the exception of PKMN Trainer (2/3) and Snake return. 
*Smash 4 - Mostly everyone comes back. Ryu and Cloud are cut. I personally hope Corrin gets the cut as well. Azura would of been a better choice for character representation from Fates. If only Nintendo was more careful and patient with their choices. I THINK Bayonetta will come back due to her third game being on the works for the Switch. Mewtwo, Lucas, and Roy should come back due to popular demand. Lucina and Dark Pit could come back, but for the same reason as Dr. Mario. Shulk could get the cut due to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 having a certain, or should I say two, character(s) that could take his place. Nonetheless, Shulk is memorable so he should be back. Robin won't get cut. His game saved the Fire Emblem franchise so he's memorable as well and the most unique FE character IMO. 

*Inklings (Splatoon) - Already confirmed. Good way to start the new generation of characters.
*Spring Man (ARMS) - Franchise is massively popular. Can be represented pretty well in Smash. Ribbon Girl should be a costume swap.
*Decidueye (Pokemon) - Okay, this one is highly likely. Most popular 'mon from generation 8 plus cool design times lots of love from the community equals likely character. Z-Move should take part of his moveset for sure.
*Isabelle (Animal Crossing) - She's become one of Animal Crossing's most popular characters. Nintendo will most likely include her to advertise future AC games. She's got plenty of an arsenal too and she can use objects that Villager doesn't use.
*Azura (Fire Emblem) - Only if Corrin gets cut. I explained why up there. She has lance skills and water-bending abilities when she sings and there's no character that represents water singing yet so... Also, she was my avatar's potential waifu until Nyx came along so yeah. Got a soft spot for the songstress.
*Captain Toad (Super Mario) - He has proven himself to be a Mario mainstay, so he should get to join. He has a lousy jump height, but he's both strong and fast on the ground and he can use his various treasure tracking props to take it to the skies in his own ways.
*Shovel Knight - Iconic enough. Popular enough. Smash-material enough. He's making it for sure this time around.
*Rhythm Heaven character - Chorus Men were planned for Sm4sh but cut due to limitations with software (ugh, this again). The franchise is popular enough so we should be getting a character from it.
*Pyra (Xenoblade) - Uhhhh, I literally don't know much about her but I heard she is popular amongst the Xenoblade community. Especially to Etika lmao. Would be great to have a second Xenoblade representative though.

Wishlist Newcomers (Personal Favorite Picks)
All of these are characters that aren't so likely to get in due to whatever reason Nintendo hasn't added them for yet. 
*Dillon (Dillon's Rolling Western)
*Isaac (Golden Sun)
*Banjo & Kazooie
*Krystal (Star Fox)
*King K. Rool (Donkey Kong)
*Andy (Advance Wars)
*Bandana Dee (Kirby)
*Lyn (Fire Emblem)
*Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda)
*Sylux (Metroid)


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