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About Digital Art / Professional Samuel Joseph HerraduraMale/Philippines Recent Activity
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Photomanipulation Man of Steel Project by tmaclabi Photomanipulation Man of Steel Project :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 1 0 Lebron James L.A. Lakers Greatness Wallpaper B by tmaclabi Lebron James L.A. Lakers Greatness Wallpaper B :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 2 0 Lebron James L.A. Lakers Greatness Wallpaper by tmaclabi Lebron James L.A. Lakers Greatness Wallpaper :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 FCP Team Designs by tmaclabi FCP Team Designs :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 BLUE TONGUE LIZARD FRISBEE LOGO by tmaclabi BLUE TONGUE LIZARD FRISBEE LOGO :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 LOUTOUR SUMMER GOLF MATCHUP 2018 POSTER by tmaclabi LOUTOUR SUMMER GOLF MATCHUP 2018 POSTER :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 1 0 OLIMACLAN ESPORTS LOGO by tmaclabi OLIMACLAN ESPORTS LOGO :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 Mikuni Poster Designs by tmaclabi Mikuni Poster Designs :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 DJ NATE Album Designs by tmaclabi DJ NATE Album Designs :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 Esports EXT Logo by tmaclabi Esports EXT Logo :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 McLaren design for a Child's Bday by tmaclabi McLaren design for a Child's Bday :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 1 0 GOLF VERSUS BOXING STYLE by tmaclabi GOLF VERSUS BOXING STYLE :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 Gym Wall Design by tmaclabi Gym Wall Design :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 1 0 Crowned Lion TShirt Design by tmaclabi Crowned Lion TShirt Design :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0 Whisky Label Design by tmaclabi Whisky Label Design :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 2 0 Acaletix Van Wrap Design by tmaclabi Acaletix Van Wrap Design :icontmaclabi:tmaclabi 0 0


Lebron James NBA Wallpaper / Poster v2 by skythlee Lebron James NBA Wallpaper / Poster v2 :iconskythlee:skythlee 5 0



Photomanipulation Man of Steel Project
A project for a baby named Lyam that needs to be photomanipulated into Superman "Man of Steel"" costume. This is a winning entry. All rights pertaining to Superman and or Man of Steel belongs to their respective creators.
Lebron James L.A. Lakers Greatness Wallpaper B
James is now a Laker and considered as the greatest basketball player today will prove himself again in the city of dreams and prove haters they are wrong.
This is an entry for a contest of South Australia Blue Tounges Frisbee Team. This is a runner up entry.
A couple of years ago before joining Deviantart, tmaclabi (Samuel Joseph Herradura) is nothing but a simple designer of his own. I never know about Deviant way back then. I thought DA wasn't the place for me. I never find this place as a regular site to post something that I create. Then it changed. The site where I used to post my designs just got down and no longer hosts pictures. So after hearing the terrible news, I started to try Deviantart. And I just treat the place like it is something where I can just simply save my designs. Not to show them for any reason. Just to store them, really. After I graduated from a short designing course program where I finished 1st honor, I become more interested in Deviant. I post every deviation that I create and I gave DA a little bit of my attention.
A few months had past, I got a work from a pharmaceuticals company as a graphic designer, I treated every weekend as a practice to hone my skills and become a better designer so in that way, I will make the cut once they evaluate my performance as a designer. I treat every bit of minute as something special, I don't waste any of it but all I did was to read tutorials, study more, develop new pattern habits which will help me improve in the way I should be or even exceed my expectation of myself on how I should have improved. That's where Deviantart played a role in my designing life.
I believe that every hardwork we put, every piece of design that we compose, it somehow shows what we are in that moment we are doing it. For instance, a strong design or dark painting may illustrate that we are in pain or something and on the other hand, a collection of bright colorful artwork shows how happy we are during that certain part of our lives. Everything that I did, every practice and countless hours that I spend on my artworks, the more Deviantart played in my life as a designer. I joined groups which enabled me to showcase my skills to other art enthusiasts as well as designers. Each "favorite, and "comment" by other designers inspires me to do more and improve more.
I always seek for improvement. If I don't see any improvement in my work after every passing month, I feel not contented. But thanks to DA that after seeing our past designs or artworks from our early years. We see the progress that we make and we see the changes that made us into what we are right now. The things that we used to love when we are still starting as a learner, makes it very unlovable for us as we progress into the designing world. We eliminate and get rid of few flaws that makes our work more and more perfect. Deviantart helps us to feel that we can improve and by looking into the mirror, we see how much of an art machine we are right now.
Things change, that's for sure. But the good thing about changing is that we are transforming into a good thing, and that makes us better. Thanks to Deviantart that allowed us to show and convey what we are and what we are capable of. In the coming days to come, I will treat DA more seriously and I will post more and more of what I am creating and designing. I am happy for every fellow designers that still uses Deviantart as their art gallery and their art school inspiration. You made the right choice for sticking with Deviantart up to now. Yeah, really, you made the right one and I hope both of us will stay here until the time we can still post and view artworks of various people. I love you Deviantart, you made me feel special in a different kind of way.


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Samuel Joseph Herradura
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Born with the hunger and desire to learn more about art since I was a kid, I am an artist that seeks for improvement and doesn't get contented with what I have, I find new ways, new things to improve my work, create variations and be different in many ways that I can. I love people who are also passionate about art and can appreciate different types of art knowledge. Art is something that is my addiction and I will continue to do designs until I can.


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Connstudios Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
Hi Tmac!
I was wondering if you'd let me feature some of your work on a design league website! You'll be given full credit and will not receive any notifications of any type. It will be beneficiary for you, because our website garners around 1000 page views per day, and lots more people will be able to discover your work. Thanks!
tmaclabi Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Can you give me a link on that particular website you are talking about. I want our page (Samuel and Michael NBA Wallpapers) FB page to be highlighted instead.
JaheimM Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016
Tmac I was wondering if you would like to form a design team? I won't bother you or anything just your designs
JaheimM Featured By Owner Edited Aug 17, 2015
hey tmac i heard about the fake tmac thing and i'm wondering if i can create an instagram for you to get you're name out there since you already graduated and everything and if so i will contact you about any offers that i get for you here you know. im asking for your authorization because then if people say im a fake you know i have your authorization so im allowed to do this
tmaclabi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I don't think there is a need for an Instagram account of me right now and nope bro, you can't create an instagram account for me and if ever, I will be the one creating it. By the way, did you create the fake tmac thing? Sorry but you make it sound like you did it.
braydengeorge Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello , I was wondering if you would like to form a design team with me? I'm going to make this a very experienced design team full of top notch designers. I won't be posting most of my work because I'm still trying to work at photoshop. But if you could just give me permission to post your work it would help me so much. I am gathering other skilled designers that you might know. All I need is for you to say yes. If you can't or don't want to I understand. Thanks!
tmaclabi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I am already a part of a group called Dimers. if you want to post my works then that is completely fine with me a long as you wont remove the logo on the bottom left of my wallpaper designs.
braydengeorge Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course. Im gonna make a IG for it and when i post one of your wallpapers i will leave a link to your page where they can check out your other work, thanks again
tmaclabi Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ok then you can include my works there bro. That would be also beneficial for me since not only I will be posting here but also, you will post my designs on IG. By the way if you need design requests, you can ask me for it via PM ;)
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ZA17 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
go collab!
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