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Couldn't sleep, watching MST3K The Final Sacrifice and thought it would be fun to take the Frazetta Gauntlet painting and turn it into a Frazetta Rowsdower poster.
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"I'm Sheri."
"I know, baby... I know." >:|
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Rowsdower saaaaves us, and he saves the day!
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Fun fact: the photo of the girl in his truck is the actor's real-life wife.

So I'm guessing this is for the made-for-TV series set in Philadelphia. Only two problems: no Troy, and they're not all girls.
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wait ... is that the movie where a cult leader gets shot and bows up? I vaguely remember this one at all. Nice homage though!
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"Lost in time. Low on gas."

Oh, wait, that's something else.

Still! This is awesome. Can't wait for the one where Rowsdower takes on some Acadian robots!
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I think you were quoting the Army of Darkness tagline ha ha :D
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*ding* *ding* *ding* We have a winner! You're right--in fact it's a tagline for AoD on a poster that may have inspired this artist just a tiny bit.

Hey, I think a team-up between Rowsdower and Ash would be EPIC.
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hey thanks or the next episode where he fights aztec zombies.
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Quote the lady: "My Rowsdower has come for me!"
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Ef'ing Fantastic!
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hey thanks!
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I'd love to make a joke, but I'm just not awake right now.
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thank you
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You're welcome.
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GenjibunbunHobbyist General Artist
Greatest thing ever.
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hey thanks!!!
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Haha awesome XD
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thanks a lot!!!
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with his trusty rowsdower-mobile
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I want this on my wall
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FostersFan-ImpStudent Traditional Artist
Oh Baby, Rowsdower Saves us, and saves all the WOOOORLD!
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What you call Hell, Rowsdower calls home.
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