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Welcome to TLKLionKingFans!


Hello there and welcome to our group!

If you love Disney's The Lion King franchise, you're in the right place. This group is focused on featuring fanart from all the Lion King movies, comics, books, etc, including all your favorite characters. And if you've created your own character for the Lion King universe, they're welcome here, too.

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If you'd like to join our group, just click the button that says "Join our Group" at the top of the page.

Please submit art (either your own or art from another artist) to the appropriate folder. All Simba and/or Nala pictures go in the "Simba and Nala" folder, and all pictures featuring Scar go in the "Scar and other villains" folder and/or "The Lion King" folder, for example.

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:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Please submit art to the right folders.

:bulletgreen: Please be kind to our members and don't leave rude or offensive comments on pics in the gallery.

:bulletgreen: We have a folder for photos of toys and things of the like, but please keep these to a minimum.

:bulletgreen: We will accept pictures created with bases in limited quantities ONLY if the artist gives credit to the creator of any and all bases, and it looks acceptable as an image.

:bulletgreen: Absolutely NO screencaps (manipulated, drawn over, or wallpaper/collages using them) are allowed.

If you have any questions, you can note the group or co-founders Nala15 or PouassonDeOro.

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Thanks for checking us out! We hope to see you again soon!

Hakuna Matata!

Gallery Folders

Life's not fair, is it? by WhiteKimya
Zawadi X Rehema - Holiday Cub 1/2 by Nala15
Fireflies by melebula
Be Prepared by mellowcollie
The Lion King
The daughter of a tyrant by Amira-AureliaJuna
Halloween YCH (OPEN) by Makeda-TLK
Before Nala There Was Sifiso by VelvetPersona
Endless Night by BingyBongo
TLK 2 - Simba's Pride
Final Training: Part 11 by meganmaclucas
Kiara |animation| by Kseniia2003
MGH: The One in Need of Rescue... by VelvetPersona
(TLK) Yeah...Yeah by salem20
Simba and Nala
Nala by PinkPanthar
Other than ME by forehandcrosscourt
Happy Thanksgiving Day from Nala  by KaoriMofuMofu
Thats a lot of Sambas by Moonlightdisney5
Kovu and Kiara
Kovu and Vitani by Raatko
Kiara ReDesigns by FloofyPigeon180
Mister Steal Your Girl by Leaf28
The Happiness I Feel With You by PinkPanthar
Timon and Pumbaa
::Leave It To Me:: by Cammiko
::Sunset In The Marshes:: by Cammiko
::Yer Breakin My Heart:: by Cammiko
::A Delicious Morsel:: by Cammiko
Scar and other villains
Armed Vitani's  guard  by KaoriMofuMofu
Scar X Zawadi - Finished YCH by Nala15
Oh Nala by SlemVargr
Teen Scar Redraw by Moonlightdisney5
Semi-Canon Characters
Calm Before The Storm by AlfredHawk
The Diamond of the Pridelands  by PinkPanthar
Lion To Himself by Sukala-AP
The Lion King: Grown Up Afua by imaginativegenius099
Original Characters
Mohatu's Parents by PinkPanthar
The Journey by Raatko
TLK ask - Sage by Shimuk
Kijani by PinkPanthar
Friends with a monster comic page 2 [REDRAW] TLK  by KaoriMofuMofu
The Isle of Dawn. (PG37) by DanmulS
Brothers - Page 191 by Nala15
Brothers - Page 190 by Nala15
The Lion Guard
TLK | Are you Impressed yet? by xxJellyOwlxx
Lion King 2019
Zira by LizLightningGSD
JJBAxTLK sketches by Karibu99
Literature and FanFiction
OPD - Page 8 by salem20
Toys, Plushies, and Photos
TLK Adoptables: Birthday Edition Adopts (OPEN) by HekimaTheWhiteLion
Adoptables, YCHs and Commission IDs
Pending - Mystery Monday TLK Adopts! by Nala15

Random from Featured

Paradise by LanieJ Paradise :iconlaniej:LanieJ 1,783 235 Sarafina After Bath Scene by dyb Sarafina After Bath Scene :icondyb:dyb 713 33 New generation by Juffs New generation :iconjuffs:Juffs 159 31 tlk - before sunrise by Tenshichan1013 tlk - before sunrise :icontenshichan1013:Tenshichan1013 43 12 The Lion King - Simba by Dydi92 The Lion King - Simba :icondydi92:Dydi92 7 2 Nadina 2012 by 8PSophie Nadina 2012 :icon8psophie:8PSophie 7 3 Merlin Lione by nitrol-PL Merlin Lione :iconnitrol-pl:nitrol-PL 3 11 We are not so different- Scar + Sadis by TheJasIllustrator We are not so different- Scar + Sadis :iconthejasillustrator:TheJasIllustrator 105 38 Crystalline Pumba by StepPuki Crystalline Pumba :iconsteppuki:StepPuki 29 5 The Hakuna Matata lifestyle TShirt by StepPuki The Hakuna Matata lifestyle TShirt :iconsteppuki:StepPuki 18 3 Crystalline Timon by StepPuki Crystalline Timon :iconsteppuki:StepPuki 26 3 Minimalist Lion King 1.5 and 2 Icons by Samoht-Lion Minimalist Lion King 1.5 and 2 Icons :iconsamoht-lion:Samoht-Lion 278 38 Simba by DemigodWizardGleek Simba :icondemigodwizardgleek:DemigodWizardGleek 8 2 Mufasa by DemigodWizardGleek Mufasa :icondemigodwizardgleek:DemigodWizardGleek 22 5
:new:UPDATE: :iconromystiquearts: has created a Discord server for TLK RPing. Message her if you're interested! :D

Here's some peeps who said they were interested in or actively participating in TLK RP's. Read the comments on this journal for more details or contact those guys directly. (You can reply to their comment(s) here if you wish.)
:iconduchessuru: - wants to start RPing
:iconspooks-hena: - wants to start RPing
:icontaintedpeaches: - wants to start RPing
:iconredfangthewolf: - wants to start RPing
:icongoldbix20: - wants to start RPing
:iconbexdrey: - actively RPs; has discord RP server
:iconzackmilesprower: - wants to start RPing
:iconphantomphan21: - actively RPs
:iconfeartiger: - used to RP; interested in TLK RPing
:iconmartyn-arts:  - wants to start RPing
:iconchainedtoinsainity: - actively RPs; has discord RP server
:iconmauevig: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconmariajose21:  - wants to start RPing
:iconhowikin: - actively RPs; has DA RPG group :iconroho-mwitu: (not strictly TLK but mainly involves African big cats)
:iconsparkle-photography: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconromystiquearts: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconladyteatime: - wants to start RPing again
:iconmheeta: - wants to start RPing again
:iconclairstilinski: wants to start RPing again

Do you RP in the TLK universe? Want to connect with someone who does and get started?

Reply to this journal and have a look at the comments to see who else is interested in RPing. :aww: This group is not currently hosting any RP events, chats, etc, but feel free to swap info and meet some fellow role players!
...Hakuna...Matata... by azianwolfdoll

:star: If you RP, consider leaving a link to a character that you enjoy RPing with, or let us know about a group that hosts events for RPers.
:star: If you're new to RPing, consider telling our community what you'd like to get out of your RP experience/story/OC.

We are all connected in the Great Circle of Life - so let's get connected! :la:

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Group Info

Welcome to TLK Lion King Fans!

We're a group focused on featuring fanart from Disney's animated classic The Lion King and its sequels. Original characters are welcome too!
Simba and Nala, Kovu and Kiara, Mufasa and Sarabi, Timon and Pumbaa, and even Scar and the hyenas fans unite!
Founded 14 Years ago
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