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Welcome to TLKLionKingFans!


Hello there and welcome to our group!

If you love Disney's The Lion King franchise, you're in the right place. This group is focused on featuring fanart from all the Lion King movies, comics, books, etc, including all your favorite characters. And if you've created your own character for the Lion King universe, they're welcome here, too.

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If you'd like to join our group, just click the button that says "Join our Group" at the top of the page.

Please submit art (either your own or art from another artist) to the appropriate folder. All Simba and/or Nala pictures go in the "Simba and Nala" folder, and all pictures featuring Scar go in the "Scar and other villains" folder and/or "The Lion King" folder, for example.

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:bulletblue: RULES :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: Please submit art to the right folders.

:bulletgreen: Please be kind to our members and don't leave rude or offensive comments on pics in the gallery.

:bulletgreen: We have a folder for photos of toys and things of the like, but please keep these to a minimum.

:bulletgreen: We will accept pictures created with bases in limited quantities ONLY if the artist gives credit to the creator of any and all bases, and it looks acceptable as an image.

:bulletgreen: Absolutely NO screencaps (manipulated, drawn over, or wallpaper/collages using them) are allowed.

If you have any questions, you can note the group or co-founders Nala15 or PouassonDeOro.

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Thanks for checking us out! We hope to see you again soon!

Hakuna Matata!

Gallery Folders

Zawadi X Rehema - Holiday Cub 1/2 by Nala15
Fireflies by melebula
Be Prepared by mellowcollie
LION GUARD by sasamaru-lion
The Lion King
TLK Draw It By Memory Challenge by Nirname-Phoenix
Those sweet moments by salem20
A troubled heart. by salem20
Mufasa and Sarabi by Kseniia2003
TLK 2 - Simba's Pride
Screencap redraw - Outlands by iceflowerglow
Screencap redraw (Copics) by iceflowerglow
TLK: Star-Crossed Lovers by Sparrovvs
Mom! by tomas144
Simba and Nala
Sunrise, Sunset by SeagullLore
Simba Spies His Shadow Slinking by KBAFourthtime
sketch twelve by SSusb
Nala and the Rogue by PinkPanthar
Kovu and Kiara
In The Outlands - Part 6 - Green Eyes by Julis-Rocks
The Lion King | Hunting lessons (Collab)  by artsf1k
King of the Pridelands by ValerieMellark
Fireflies by meganmaclucas
Timon and Pumbaa
Dia 13: Lluvia - Day 13: Rain by LillyDiaz18
Dia 8: Selva - Day 8: Jungle by LillyDiaz18
Goodbye Uncle.... by MegaAnimationFan
::Happy Halloween:: by Cammiko
Scar and other villains
I Quiver With Fear - Brothers Preview - Page 156 by Nala15
DTIYS - First hunting lessons by LillyDiaz18
Father-Son Thing by Fallen-Beast
In The Outlands - Part 5 - Lessons by Julis-Rocks
Semi-Canon Characters
Mother's Duty by Julis-Rocks
Makeover! by ShaggyTramp
The Lion and the Diamond by Lewont
I'll be strong for you by ElwolfakaLutik
Original Characters
Jasiri X Nne Cub - Hyena grid result by Nala15
Madoa X Janja Cub - Hyena grid result by Nala15
Hodari  by PinkPanthar
Mysterious Boy by VagabondHeartt
Brothers - Page 155 by Nala15
Comic: The Return of Scar - Volume 2 Part 3 by YoungLadyArt
Comic: The Return of Scar - Volume 2 Part 2 by YoungLadyArt
Brothers - Page 154 by Nala15
The Lion Guard
Kion VZ Kovu by YoungLadyArt
Lion King 2019
Scar by AndrewShilohJeffery
Anga's Hug and Beak-to-Hair Caresses to Teen Ricky by KBAFourthtime
Literature and FanFiction
Sukari's Search - Epilogue : LifeEach morning before everyone has awoken and the sun far from rising, this is where I come. My birth den. Each morning I would bring soft leaves or dried grass for my nest. I would even bring the occasional tuft of Sheek's hair after I had groomed his mane. This bared his scent, a home comfort for myself and a scent my cubs could get accustomed to. I have arrived for my now lengthened stay after saying goodbye to my now grown up first-born, Anthi. I close my eyes and I can picture Anthi now, walking alone across the vast land with the sun on his shoulders. I can see him wearing that cheeky grin of his with a spring and strut in his step, always looking that little over confident. We all have our quirks, I wouldn't want him to change that for anything. Our quirks is what makes I lay here half curled into a ball away from everyone. I feel safe and secluded and away from all the commotion and attention from the pride. It's Just me, my thoughts and my little fluffballs causing all sorts of mischief cooped up inside. If this is what they are like before they come into this world, then me and Sheek are going to be very occupied as they grow up ! As much as I love my pride and Sheek dearly, here in this den alone is the best for me and my cubs. This dense bush hidden away in the depths of a dried out valley, I feel completely cut off from the world, I love it! I would've begun my solitude a couple days earlier in this place, but for this one time I fought against my natural instincts. I stayed with the pride until the anniversary of Kikome's passing also Anthi's chosen time to leave. As much as I want what is best for my cubs, I also wanted to be there for Anthi, after all we had been through together it's the least a mother can do. It wasn't his fault I chose to have more cubs.... though technically maybe it was... Me and Sheek did send him on long distance patrol alone for the best part of a season as a lesson in self survival, call it tough love so to speak. With my son 'gone' for a lengthened amount of time combined with several romantic strolls alone with Sheek, going into heat was kind of inevitable. Some instincts I cannot fight. Well what is done is done yet I wouldn't change it for the world. Anthi would have to leave eventually anyway, me and Sheek always like to be kept on our paws too. If anything it will only just strengthen the bond of ourselves, our pride, our future generation. I'm not saying it wasn't strong to begin with, infact our bond is unique like no other. Because of our injuries sustained we have adapted to help one another. I am Sheek's nose and he is my eye's, our weaknesses are supported by each other's strengths. Alone we may be more vulnerable, but together we are unstoppable in living a normal life, regardless of what boundaries are bestowed upon us. Myself, Sheek and Anthi all now bare scars from our past and all with a unique reason how we got them. They are a reminder that whatever story is behind that scar, we survived. Being alone now, I do feel more vulnerable with only a single eye. Not seeing everything I normally could, I rely more on the protection and camouflage of my den. Me and Sheek have already come up with an emergency plan if anything happens, so I have that reassurance. Speaking of one eye, this will be interesting as I literally will be trying to keep an 'eye' on my cubs ! Knowing this I have already placed brittle dry sticks around the enclosure, if any were to be stepped on I would hear it. It's ironic that the first night alone with Anthi I done this outside the burrow to hear anyone coming in, now I'm doing it to hear anyone getting out ! I wont lie, I'm kinda nervous and kinda scared. Carnivorous scavengers find cubs an easy meal. I have sacrificed my body and blood when protecting Anthi, I have no hesitation doing it again. Though I prefer to not bare the pain again, any animal that tries to take my cubs away from me will come out from it a lot worse. You only have to look back to Legacy's fate to understand that. Why am I also not concerned about rival prides or felines? It seems news travels. Ever since Legacy was killed, we have not had any problems with prides or male Lions challenging our own. At first we questioned it but we came to realise that they are doing it out of respect. We didn't just set them lionesses free that night, we set the whole land free, without fear of him and his tyranny with a natural hierarchy restored. Of course the rules of territory still apply and they would not hesitate to fight for the protection of their own. Anthi knows this and he will have to find his own place in life like all lions do. As much as I love, care and worry about him like any mother should, we all grow up and learn sooner or later that we have to fight to find our place, just like I did. It's now midday, even though I am in the shade of the bush and the valley, it's still extremely hot. I now stretch myself all the way as far as my legs allow me. I pant heavily not just to keep me cool but to prepare myself for what is soon to follow. I feel pain wrap around my belly again, this time stronger then ever. I wince and suck the air through my teeth, indistinctly staying quiet with not a single growl escaping my throat. I cannot draw any attention to myself as to where I lay. This is it. I close my eyes as my panting intensifies. My little furballs are now making all sorts of commotion and it's obvious they now want to see what all the fuss is about with this thing called 'life'. Like with Anthi growing up, Me and Sheek won't pull the hair over their eyes. We will show them life head on and we will teach them there is always two sides to it. We will let them experience that life is a thing that can be challenging yet rewarding, dangerous yet thrilling, tough yet loving. I can confidently say that we combined have had much experience in all aspects of it. Now it's time for them to enter this world and experience theirs. As with Anthi, they are our future generation. As with any life, myself and Sheek's won't last forever. ~Sukari
Toys, Plushies, and Photos
Brothers Scar and Mufasa by Lord-Sagoth
Adoptables, YCHs and Commission IDs
The Lion King | Adopt Auction  by artsf1k

Random from Featured

Scar by TheKarelia Scar :iconthekarelia:TheKarelia 155 45 Scar from TLK by TheKarelia Scar from TLK :iconthekarelia:TheKarelia 88 25 Classic Disney Movies Collab by DrZime Classic Disney Movies Collab :icondrzime:DrZime 1,729 367 Kovu's Sons and the Miracle by TheGreenRabbit Kovu's Sons and the Miracle :iconthegreenrabbit:TheGreenRabbit 116 23 JUST another FanArt by TheGreenRabbit JUST another FanArt :iconthegreenrabbit:TheGreenRabbit 117 21 Kovu's Son by TheGreenRabbit Kovu's Son :iconthegreenrabbit:TheGreenRabbit 95 12 Burnin' King by TheGreenRabbit Burnin' King :iconthegreenrabbit:TheGreenRabbit 84 11 The Gift Of Nature by SJArt117 The Gift Of Nature :iconsjart117:SJArt117 14 6 Nala-Commission by HDevers Nala-Commission :iconhdevers:HDevers 31 10 The Lion King-Scenary by MarieJaneWorks The Lion King-Scenary :iconmariejaneworks:MarieJaneWorks 36 31 1e prix kalis-kalinca-akuma by Nakouwolf 1e prix kalis-kalinca-akuma :iconnakouwolf:Nakouwolf 165 113 teeth and ambitions are bared by agent-juarez teeth and ambitions are bared :iconagent-juarez:agent-juarez 156 19 Through the Fire: 89 by mysocks4u Through the Fire: 89 :iconmysocks4u:mysocks4u 28 20 Love after Simba by qeenta Love after Simba :iconqeenta:qeenta 103 6 Father and son by qeenta Father and son :iconqeenta:qeenta 81 14
:new:UPDATE: :iconromystiquearts: has created a Discord server for TLK RPing. Message her if you're interested! :D

Here's some peeps who said they were interested in or actively participating in TLK RP's. Read the comments on this journal for more details or contact those guys directly. (You can reply to their comment(s) here if you wish.)
:iconduchessuru: - wants to start RPing
:iconhenaradrathmir: - wants to start RPing
:icontaintedpeaches: - wants to start RPing
:iconredfangthewolf: - wants to start RPing
:icongoldbix20: - wants to start RPing
:iconbexdrey: - actively RPs; has discord RP server
:iconzackmilesprower: - wants to start RPing
:iconphantomphan21: - actively RPs
:iconfeartiger: - used to RP; interested in TLK RPing
:iconethan-avail:  - wants to start RPing
:iconchainedtoinsainity: - actively RPs; has discord RP server
:iconmauevig: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconmariajose21:  - wants to start RPing
:iconhowikin: - actively RPs; has DA RPG group :iconroho-mwitu: (not strictly TLK but mainly involves African big cats)
:iconsparkle-photography: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconromystiquearts: - actively RPs; interested in TLK RPing
:iconladyteatime: - wants to start RPing again
:iconmheeta: - wants to start RPing again
:iconclairvoyant-wolf: wants to start RPing again

Do you RP in the TLK universe? Want to connect with someone who does and get started?

Reply to this journal and have a look at the comments to see who else is interested in RPing. :aww: This group is not currently hosting any RP events, chats, etc, but feel free to swap info and meet some fellow role players!
...Hakuna...Matata... by azianwolfdoll

:star: If you RP, consider leaving a link to a character that you enjoy RPing with, or let us know about a group that hosts events for RPers.
:star: If you're new to RPing, consider telling our community what you'd like to get out of your RP experience/story/OC.

We are all connected in the Great Circle of Life - so let's get connected! :la:

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Group Info

Welcome to TLK Lion King Fans!

We're a group focused on featuring fanart from Disney's animated classic The Lion King and its sequels. Original characters are welcome too!
Simba and Nala, Kovu and Kiara, Mufasa and Sarabi, Timon and Pumbaa, and even Scar and the hyenas fans unite!
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