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Tyro's mother by TLK-Peachii Tyro's mother by TLK-Peachii
Thought I would throw this up here since I'm still working on the next SS comic. Gives you guys something to look at.
I also really wanted to draw it, so my comics had to wait. I'm also working on more important things in between, like my sister and I's book art.
So needless to say I am quite busy at the moment.


I spent three days working on this one. It was so worth it to me!
I’m gonna start by saying I’m NOT a fan of Cosmos, so forcing myself to draw her for the sake of one of my favorite personal theories was a little bit infuriating. :’D

Okay, so I have a personal theory that Tyro is Cosmos’ son.
I think I see it this way because of their similarities, at least from what I see.
The first time I started thinking of this was when I noticed the background in FFRK’s cutscenes. The statues of Chaos and Cosmos are visible.

Tyro’s task of restoring and protecting the records, likely combating Chaos (Darkness) from destroying or corrupting the records, reminded me a bit of Cosmos’ position as the Goddess of Harmony.

I feel like she probably would have sent him to the world of FFRK to do this job, telling him that he would need to protect the records and keep their universe from falling apart.
Not sure if it’s common or not in other FF games, but her sending her “warriors of light” to find their crystals (as well as fight Chaos’ army), reminded me of the crystal aspect of FFRK, in which you use memory crystals to upgrade your fighters.

As far as looks go, that was probably the first thing that made me theorize him being her son. The gravity defying hair made me think about it. Though yes, I know wild hair is common in the FF series. The curls just sold it to me. :D
The similar eyes kind of made me think of it too.

I know he is supposed to be customized, but I imagine in theory his flexible ability to learn as many skills as possible, at their highest ranks, and retain them would have been pretty supernatural to a degree for a character. Though I’m sure outside of FFRK he would probably be a primarily supportive character.

That set aside, for as young as he is; he is evidently knowledgeable (even at the top of his class), as mentioned in his official description. For as many records as there are, it must take quite a lot to keep track of them all in order to restore them.

There’s probably more things that I’ve missed, but that’s all I’ll really put out that I can think of. Just my personal theory and/or backstory I give him, I think it’s an interesting one at best. :)

I tried to create an outfit for him based on Cosmos’ dress. I know I’m not the best at it, but I think it came out okay. He would be having a discussion with his mother here, where she would be telling him that she had to send him to the world in order to preserve it. He is unsure of himself in his duty, and tells his concerns to her. However, she would send him anyway after promising that he could do the job.

^(Description is taken from my Tumblr.)

This one was from December 18th.
Elzathehedgehog Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016
Awesome and she looks very pretty :heart:

by the way I will be changing my Hyena's name a little

I don't know if you read the comment I left before about well how I didn't know that you had named a Hyena of yours Candy

and well I decided to call the one that I named Candy, by the name Sukari but keep 'Candy' as a middle name well one of her middle names

so now she is Sukari Candy Angelica Hyena, and I really hope there is no misunderstanding

and well you did have the name Candy first, and I think it might work if I made my young Hyena's name be changed a little to Sukari and have her old name that she first had be her middle name.

and if you like your Hyena Candy can be like the mother figure to the one I named Candy but now will call Sukari, I think I will try to draw her again when I can and if I can't do it now maybe I can do it tomorrow.

and anyway again this drawing is awesome and she really does look pretty :)
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