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The Greatest Keeper by TLK-Peachii The Greatest Keeper by TLK-Peachii
Okay so, my sister plays Final Fantasy Record Keeper and naturally, I love to watch her play it. I like getting to know all of the FF characters, and getting to see the different teams.

Even though DENA didn't monopolize on Tyro's character, I adore his design. He's a cutie. I personally like him.

Though, I see so many people theorize that he could be the absolute final boss of FFRK. Joking or not, I actually adore this theory.
There's so many personal reasons anyone could give as to why he's the villain, and I'll name one of my favorite reasons in a moment.

Some of my personal favorite theories included:
He was given flack by his tutors/classmates for his lack of strength in certain areas and sought to be a greater Keeper, and ultimately gave himself away to Chaos/Strength.

He is possessed by Darkness/Chaos and is acting on it's command.

He honestly believes he is doing well by the universes and people around him by changing/remaking the stories to his liking.

The Grimoires, if they are all brought together (Perhaps they were ancient and harbored great power), can corrupt someone with power. Tyro finds all of them, and is given their power; ultimately corrupting him.

My personal favorite is that he would lose his mind over his peer's constant criticism about his 'lacking' strengths, leading him to isolate himself and try to be stronger than his sages by studying harder.
When he succeeds, he chooses to side with Chaos/Darkness for ultimate power and uses it to his advantage. Ultimately, this destroys the world around him.

Onto my theory of the boss battle:
Okay so, I loved the idea that the final, final boss was not only Tyro, but three of his grimoires too. Sentinel's grimoire, Cyclone grimoire, and Healing grimoire.
Imagine how bitchy this boss fight would be:
The healing grimoire will heal itself and the entire party. It's probably best to try and take it out first, at least in my thoughts.

The Sentinel's grimoire will keep increasing the defense of the party. I imagine it to be a bit harder to take out with higher defense itself, and it probably hits hard too.

Cyclone grimoire is self-explanatory. It will probably use Cyclone after a certain set of turns, using regular attacks in between maybe.

Tyro himself has probably become resistant to debuffs. I imagine black magic, or dark physical attacks would probably be his main moveset at this point.
Brute strength and a good healer is probably your friend here. Though I would think buffs for your own party might help some too.

I... I dunno man. I kind of want him to beat my entire ass. :'D I'd be lying if I said I thought he wasn't sexy in this picture. If I saw him like this, I would let him do anything he wanted.
I have such a thing for bad boys.

I just had to do this one. I couldn't focus on my other pieces until I did.
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tmma1869 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So cool :meow:

Oh yeah. Wol from Mobius can beat him in giant form. Even with all those Grimoires.
AskTheBagMan Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
And then Professor Mog comes in and whoops his ass.
TLK-Peachii Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, if he hasn't already taken out Professor Mog. ;P
AskTheBagMan Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015
Psssh, You'd like to think that. There's a reason why Tyro isn't in charge. Tyro's stats are saddening and his SBs are subpar besides Sentinel Grimoire.
TLK-Peachii Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They were probably relying on the players to use intellect when it came to choosing weapons or armor to boost certain stats with Tyro. Typically as is with any FF game, they would want people to find strategic ways to make things work.
On second hand, they probably did not want to overpower him if he were supposed to be flexible. 

Setting things aside, I say never judge an underdog. There's always room for growing strength, and that would be seen in this battle with an adult Tyro. ;) That was the point of the story I made here, anyway.
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November 20, 2015
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