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Vikerya by BlackStarWolf100
Adopt ME-OPEN-SB15$ by YoungLadyArt
Adopt! by Wogh387
Lion guard king kion by aliciamartin851
Fuli and Kion
Lion guard kion and fuli by aliciamartin851
You Need a Mane Cut by The-Long-Feline
Calm before the storm - story in description by LionKingNight
Redrew the first kion x fuli drawing I did by LionKingNight
Fuli with friends and SHIPS
A Good Team by Percy-McMurphy
(WTLGP) Fuli x Jasiri (3/6) by Squipy-Cheetah
FuliXVitani by Percy-McMurphy
Kion's Family by Monse2001
The Lion King by MagicalHyena-FanArt
Spinelli, Bunga, Vince, and Fuli Race by KBAFourthtime
Fuli With Canons and OCs
Comishn~ by Wanderervll
Believer by KaiSarasted
Kabir by The-Golden-Tigress
Amir, the prince of Pridelands by The-Golden-Tigress
my top ten fav Disney characters meme by aliciamartin851
lion guard meme updated by aliciamartin851
Relaxation by SciFiBeatlesGleek
Lion king more adult simba by aliciamartin851
Lion king more young simba by aliciamartin851
Lion king more king simba by aliciamartin851
Family Love by DragonPinkiePie
Scar, Zira, Nuka, Vitani, Kovu and the Outlanders
The Hyena King (Speedpaint Included) by Leaf28
Redraw the screenshot by Wanderervll
Brainwashed by Fallen-Beast
Lion guard more shabaha by aliciamartin851
Lion designs, Original Fan-made Characters
Congratulations to a friend by Wanderervll
Aliana [R] by lolzcupcake
What's the Use of Feeling (Redraw) by Sapphic-Lioness
Prince of Sorrow (Redraw) by Sapphic-Lioness
More janja and jasiri romance by aliciamartin851
More janja and jasiri romance by aliciamartin851
Lion guard more chungu by aliciamartin851
Lion guard janja and jasiri make out kiss by aliciamartin851
Get off me! by KaiSarasted
Radiant by Gabychan91
Firehart Double Swipe by Firehart95
Hyenas and Shenzi, Ed,Jasiri,Banzai,Janja...
Left Alone, But With A Cub by MagicalHyena-FanArt
//Corruption of Kion\\ Page 3 by Sapphic-Lioness
The Lion Guard -Bunga, Ono, Beshte,Zuri, Tiifu...
Lion guard more cub zuri by aliciamartin851
Pride Landers- Mufasa, Sarabi,Ahadi,Nala, Kiara...
Lion king mufasa and simba by aliciamartin851
Couples -Simba Nala, Kovu Kiara,... or fan fiction
Is this love? by Sapphic-Lioness
Art thief update (They have a Patreon?!)7/8/20: Wanted to put these in a more public place. Because the content is VERY interesting: Enjoy. 7/6/20 UPDATE: Please comment here with any updates, links, etc: Also, here's an alternative account of hers: And some interesting screencaps: Thank you! ----If you remember last journal, I posted about a thief, targeting @Wolf-Chalk's art and a lot of Kion X Fuli art (and some general TLG screencaps, etc.). Most info on it (including the DA account of the thief) is here: Art thief alert! June 11, 2020Hey guys, I'd like to ask for a little favor: MyI learned this morning that this thief also has a Patreon account. They have 0 patrons right now, but it needs to stay that way and their stolen posts need to be reported to Patreon. Their Patreon account: Here's how to report someone on Patreon: No need to have an account there, all you need is an email address. My Patreon Pride, myself, and a few folks on DA have already sent off some emails with the proper information and evidence. But every bit helps, so if you can, please send an email to Patreon as well. If you want me to look at your message before you send it, let me know. (Just omit any personal information before you share with me and/or publicly.)Good news so far: Wolf's stolen pic was removed by DA staff. So far, that was the only pic of hers that was posted by that DA account. One of the thief's twitter accounts has been deleted. But a "backup" twitter account is still active: Their Patreon has been reported by multiple people. They've thrown a pity party for themselves: Things are looking up. The more we expose their behavior, the harder it will be for them to steal in the future.Keep up the good work, people! Later! Nala15
Spots And Stripes Adopt (CLOSED) by Prince-Askari
Realistic cats
Leopard by AniaArtNL
Rani and other characters with her
Lion guard kion and nirmala by aliciamartin851
Next generation
Can you feel the love tonight? by xxJellyOwlxx
Night Pride
Lion guard nirmala and rani by aliciamartin851
Scar-Lion Guard, and more
Lion guard more imara by aliciamartin851


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