Sat Sep 12, 2015, 8:32 PM by Nala15:iconnala15:
WOW!!! Guys... I think we all broke a record or something! :wow: We reached our goal in less than four days! Four DAYS!!! :faint: You're all awesome! :glomp: Thanks to your generosity, :icontlk-fancomics: will be a supergroup for a whole year (from today)!!! :squee::squee::squee:

Special thanks goes to:
:iconanyahs: (The first donor and who helped organize drawing art for other donors - Thank you! :hug:)
:iconjeanzedlav: (who donated TWICE!)
Anonymous (Thank you for your HUGE donation! :glomp:)
:iconhaloson: (Who helped us reach our final goal!)

I set this up and donated the difference from our goal, but YOU are the heroes here! All of you!
To be all fancy for the occassion, I'm using Juffs's fancy skin! :D

Congratulations all! :la: Now let's go make and read some TLK comics!!! :woohoo:

Hakuna Matata!

skin made by Juffs
Hi everyone! *dusts off the group blog*

Nala15 here. I was thinking we should try upgrading this group to be a super group! It was a super group a couple years ago and made organizing SO much easier. :la: If everyone who visits this group every day (we get at least 400 pageviews per day!) donated 10:points:, we'd have all the :points: we need in no time! :boogie: I'll donate a good chunk of them myself. Say... around 500:points: or so. :meow:

Please donate to the pool on my page. When we reach our goal, I'll buy us a super group package!!! :iconcheerplz:

Keep up the good work on those comics everyone! And to all the readers who stop by to read, fave, and comment on our work - THANK YOU!!! :tighthug:

Hakuna Matata!
I have create a new folder for people who wants to share tutorials for drawing TLK-characters or Comics or anything else which would be helpful for others to improve.
Also linearts are welcome if you want to share them  :)
Sooo, for everyone who is able to contribute and edit our gallery folders

How gallery works in general:

At the moment every author who submit a comic (or more comics) over 20 pages get their own folder OR it`s obvious that there will be more pages soon. ;)

This 20 pages rule should avoid that the group will be filled with many different folders which includes only beginnings and never continued storylines (most are canceled during the first pages  ;) )
*Of course there will be exceptions for example if a story is finished after 17 pages it will get their own folder too....*


the featured folder - include every short comic strips below 20 pages, fun comic, single pages, and the FIRST page of a whole comic series by different artsists.
artists folder - include the whole work of one artists (their pages won`t be shown in the featured folder - give the  artists of short stories or single pages a chance that their work is visible too)

In future I think there will be a chance to seperate art from the featured folder to special topic-folders too but first we have to collect them. :)

Any suggestions, questions? Maybe I have forgotten something? ^^°

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