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P3Design's lovely Leia. I literally couldn't decide best how to show her off as she's so versatile. Hope you all enjoy.
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Great work Hug 

Happy christmas
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This is really lovely to look at! I love her style too and that hair!!! Which hair is this? I think it would look perfect on Annie! :)
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It's called Tatiana, by Mairy on Daz I believe :) 
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wonderous. her stature so serene. she bears striking resemblance to an old friend let's say
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It seems she looks like many old friends :) 
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oh my.. she looks so much like my ex girlfriend but brunette instead of blonde ..*stares at th e picture wistfully* she even used to wear flowers in her hair..*smiles*
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I'm glad to have reminded you of hopefully good thoughts
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Complimenti per le tue immagini ...sono bellissime.
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she looks like a fairy princess or queen!!!
she looks beautiful
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She's just gorgeous! Love P3design's girls! ;))
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You and me both, she's always a winner for me :)
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Thank you so much :)
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This is so beautiful, where did you get the Outfit and the Wreath if I may ask, it looks fantastic.
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DAZ and now it's available for V4, that was Genesis :)
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Do you have a link? I could not find it at Daz:(
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Sure it's the Lily Nymph. Here the link to the genesis one. You can find the other link from there [link]
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Thank you, I got the V4 one because the Genesis one has not the DSON Importer , only for DS.
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