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TOS Clipper Ship WIP

This configuration is an old idea of mine, and thanks to some excellent ship parts by Starkiller I've been able to make it look much better than before.

Designed to be a fast long-range scout/exploration ship...

Bryce 7.1 Pro, PS CS4...
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Quite the cool design, the ring is a great way to space out the nacelles and still link to the saucer. Crew size must be fairly small conpared to other ships of the era. 
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yes, I view it as a long-range scout/explorer type vessel
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Cool, really like the design. :)
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ok, now you need to texture it and use it in some renders...
TLBKlaus's avatar
I'm still tweaking it w/feedback from the TrekBBS crowd... :D
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cool, can't wait to see it
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Whoa. Hey that looks like my Omega class. Except yours looks a lot better. :(
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Very interesting design. Intriguing why theres a vulcan style warp engine with four general purpose nacelles attached. I do have a serious affection for dispersed structure type vessel configurations like this one it looks gorgeous, bet it will look fifty times better though with textures.
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I'm actually looking at the ring as a different sort of strut, not a annular warp design... provides more support for high-warp flight stresses, etc. ty!
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Bryce?? :faint: Wonderful! :clap: Have you ever considered Blender or C4D or something like that?
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I have an older version of C4D, but I'm not as proficient at it. The saucer and engines were made by someone else in another program. I actually used C4D here to get the mesh in another format so Bryce would read them correctly.
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Great job either way! :D
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Четырёх-Варповый, зачёт
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Спасибо! Боюсь, я не знаю, Россия ... :D
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