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July 19, 2006
Who'd of thought you could make a game of chess this visually compelling? New Chess Wallpaper 3 by *TLBKlaus
Featured by smashmethod
Suggested by n3v32bu2n
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New Chess Wallpaper 3

Thank you very much for all the kind words and :+fav:s, it is greatly appreciated! :clap:

If you like this you may also enjoy my other chess works, which you can see by going here:… :D

(c) 2006 TLB Designs

All rights reserved...
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© 2006 - 2022 TLBKlaus
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this is the image that I was asking to use and credit you for.... is there a hi-res version that we can use so the pixilation doesn't break...again I don't mind paying you or just crediting you with your watermark on there!
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Unfortunately, this one is already licensed to a chess site for web and mobile use...
[Chess 11-14 and 12-02 are also licensed by the same folks] but any of my other
ones would be available, including the one you orginally commented on.  :D
Oh dang that one was my favorite one!  Would they let me use it if its not chess related competition do you think?  Anyway thanks again, I really love your work!  Would prob. need the original hi-res anyway. 
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Now guess who has a new wallpaper! Very few pictures on DeviantArt are THAT good. Outstanding work!
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thank you very much!!
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although I'm still needing to learn how to do that signature that I keep seeing put on everyone's drawings
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I just make a logo as a ;ayer in photoshop and save it to add to each pic, adjusting the transparency as needed... :D
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I guess the same would apply, i use corel draw...,ok thank you for the info. lets see what i can come up with
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Awesome Design. How did you do it?
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ty! I made the pieces in Bryce except for the knight's heads, which are imported.
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Congratulations. Your photo impressed me very much.

I am actually developing a ipad app and would like to use it as a starter image. I understand that you are the copyright holder of the photo. I would like to know which are your conditions for using it.
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Actually, this one and two others have already been licensed for mobile use by someone... but the rest of the chess series is available if you'd like to use a different one? [Chess 11-14 and Chess 12-02 are other ones that are taken...] The Chess folder in my gallery is here: [link]
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You're very welcome!:)
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