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Chess Wallpaper 4

Haven't dragged the chess set out in a while... :D

Bryce 6 and PS...
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wow this is great
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ty very much!! :clap:
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I like it so Much!!... I know do it.. but.. not so great!.. jaja.. How did you do the horse??.. :D
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I used a free 3D mesh I d/l'ed a while ago, I'm going to remake that piece soon with a Poser horse instead... ty!
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It's really great!.. Please look my page... I did a chess too.. but no so great! jaja...
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I'm sorry... My page is [link] jajaj... thanks :D
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I see lol. No matter =P
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It may be a bit late in commenting, but anyways.
Love it, it's done quite well. But I'm more interested in how the position was reached...
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lol ty... and I'll confess I just placed the pieces w/o having a specific game situation in mind lol.
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Wow. That must have taken loads of time to render. Have you used Ray Tracing and/or Photon Mapping? Seems like it. Polygon count (wireframe) looks amazing, and lighting looks incredible. Nice sky as well. The light reflections are Really awsome. The resolution really fits well to take full advantage of the graphics.

A True Masterpiece.
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ty very much for the review and the kind words... :D
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i love chess, play it when i can, and would sure do like to play with that one.
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ty! :D if you go on you'll find me as tlbklaus there too... :D
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this is "the reflection"!
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oo i likies sehr gut!!!
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you wanna know what's cool?????? If you have the piece in full view and you scroll down, it feels as if you're falling off the chess board!!!

The clarity of the pieces are absolutely awesome! They look soooooooo real!
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