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Little La Luna by TLAFan2 Little La Luna by TLAFan2
Luna is well, a little afraid of her dam. She would never cower upon entering her presence but she is definitely a little more cautious around her. When given the choice La Luna would rather hang out with her sire. She often plays with him and cuddles with him; she really does love her daddy.

La Luna wandered the open field; the skies were getting rather dark and let's just say thunder is not Luna's favorite thing... She was hoping to find her sire and take refuge with him in a warm box stall. To her dismay, Rage was no where to be found. Luna chirped in a way only her father would answer, but it was silent. She repeated again and again but to no avail. La Luna plopped down in dark green grass, her head low with disappointment. Then she heard a sound, and she recognized that sound. She raised her head and she could see her dam perched on a stone in the distance. Sure it wasn't her father but her mother would work as well. La Luna bolted up and she could hear thunder crash in the distance, her little paws moved as fast as they could carry her until she was next to her mother. Tia lowered her head and nudged the cub. Luna was somewhat surprised to see this sort of affection  but was most happy to receive it.

La Luna clambered up onto the rock and under 6th's belly. Sitting down on the rock next to her mother. The thunder rumbled once again and the two of them knew rain would soon fall upon them. 6th stood tall, letting the soft breeze push scents her way; she observed the surrounded landscape. Luna sat quietly, and waited.

Cool droplets of rain tapped down upon the pair. Tia dropped her hindquarters and sat down next to her daughter. The weather began to weigh down on them. Tia rested her head against La Luna for a short period of time before stepping off the rock, Luna in tow. They began their way back home in the pouring rain. 
My art bid for the sweetest shedu cat, La Luna.
I would honestly be so happy if I could grab this little kitten and honestly it was nice doing something that wasn't a horse for once ;) I love the resemblence shedu cats have to cheetahs (since I love cheetahs :D) so thought I'd do a sort of classic cheetah pose for the two of them. I guess I have some work to do though, seeing as Luna didn't work out as lovely as planned though I do like the way Tia looks. Whatever, here's to getting better at digital art :) slowly but surely!
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December 21, 2013
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