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Group Update 2015.06.01


I am changing some things with this group.
Like you see it's launched for a good time now, but the problem is that when I started using DA I had a hard time to know how it work… and created an account without knowing anything on the features ^^".

Now that all is better for me, I am now the founder using my personal and most used profile.

The gallery will be updated too, many things will come related to the projects and other goodies.

I have a lot of things to do, and I search people that can develop and design games with RPG Maker VX Ace and UDK (UE3).

*Oh, a Music band is interested by the UDK project and want to make the sounds, OST and BGM, it can be interesting too they contacted me on Facebook and they are the Lonesome Priest.

Anyway updates will come, and featured Works too ; )
Welcome on the "Official" DeviantArt Group of the - TeamL2D&Company|Learners, Scripters, Designers -

 The TeamL2D is a «Web-Community» with the main objective of creating various works of art, traditionnal or digital, software and games developpement, fan art and customization, web design, and many others things like this !

 For the function of our community we use social networks, and every networks contain a "part" of the whole group.
All users are free to do what they want, in the respect of the rules & legal, and the others users.

 If you like creating things with your computer, Draw or Sketch, make papercrafts or any Art related work you can think of join this group !

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TeamL2DCompany Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
If you want to join the group all you have to do is post a comment here or send a private message, and we will invite you!
Codepuppy Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Hai! :>

I'm not sogood at art, but I like writing codes for games!   : D
Can I join?