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Historical event/period SNS 1000 DA Points Contest

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 6:49 PM
This group page has been up and running for around a year now and due to a generous donation from Animaid101 we are now able to host a contest. This is for visual artists only after this contest we will have one for writers.

- Submission can traditional, digital, sculptures, paintings- basically anything visual
- Theme: A historic event or period
- Can be NSFW but doesn't have to be, for example something from the Greek Period. Has to follow the DA Policies.
- Submissions will not be accepted after June 20th Midnight ETD. Depending on the amount of submissions I might extend the date.
- State what time period your submission is and why you chose it
- Obviously this is a SasuNaruSasu contest so only SasuNaruSasu related submissions please
-There must be 10-20 or more submissions  or else this contest will not be judged. Spread the word by making this your Journal- if you want or just inform your viewers in some way- again if you want to. Of course you should provide a link to this group page.
- You can also join this group to submit more art in the future and to keep a look out on updates on this contest and future contests- if you want
- Maximum of only 2 submissions per percipient with
- Art can be submitted as a collaboration but it'll be up to you on how you want to split your prize if you win, you can also ask for an art request in this condition

How to submit
- If you will be joining this contest favourite this Journal
- There is a folder Named "Historical contest" drop your submissions in that folder
- Note me if you plan to submit a second submission as only  the first 10 participants that ask will be allowed to do submit two submission. I will get back to you in the next 48 hours. Title the note "2 Submissions"

- Will be done by me, the admin.
- Winner will be notified by June 30th, or later if deadline is extended.  
- Nothing will be judge by how good it looks, it'll be judged by how accurate it is to it's time period and how much effort was put into it

-There will be 4 winners
- 1st place gets 500 DA points
- 2nd Place gets 300 DA points
- 3rd Place gets 200 DA points
- 4th place can request art from me
- all participants will have their art featured in TheContestClub's page
- all winners and participants will be featured in a Journal Entry on this page for a week
- all winners will be featured in a separate box for a month
- all participants will be featured on my art Instagram
- all participants will be featured on my Tumblr

When you are featured there will be a link to the original art, credit to the artist and extra publicity. If you do not want to be featured off of this group page let me know.

Good luck!

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