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Gimli Statue Side A

Gimli Statue. Sculpted for Sideshow Collectibles. Wax, Balsa Foam, Entire piece stands 14", 2010.
Final approved sculpture. Critiques are not welcomed. Thank you for understanding.

Axes by Oliver Brig. Paint by the Sideshow Development Team. Photography courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.

Follow the link to Sideshow Collectibles to find out how to order: [link]
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Image size
504x831px 195.55 KB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/99 second
Focal Length
50 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Nov 12, 2010, 4:03:18 PM
EF50mm f/1.4 USM
Sensor Size
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How much?!?!?!?!?!
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I usually don't like them after paint, but that looks nice.
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Sideshow's been doing a bang up job on these. I saw this painted when I came out at Thanksgiving and was blown away by it. Looks even better in hand!
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wow, you weren't kidding. this is awesome!
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hi tim i have a little question, do the sideshow collectibles sales only the original or they do castings for sale?? or you make the copys?
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Once a piece has made it through the development process, everything is shipped to China for mass-production.
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hm. though, as all of ur creations, the details are superb, the whole figure super lifelike, paintings too, etc.,:
i find the pose is too femine. fragile. and then again too wooden. it fits not to the plump tiny strong rough character. he looks not "grounded". the, by feeling almost by itself breaking, stone he stands on makes the more weak, femine effect even stronger. it all reminds me more of an amateurish ballet dancer.
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
You make some interesting points here. However, after perusing your gallery, I see that you fit the example given in the short dissertation I like to call "Why I Discourage Critiques' featured on my profile page. I suggest you read it.

Thanks for your input. Now shoo.
hurzdischnurz's avatar
ah yes the critique subject. i mentioned and wondered often why u dislike it, as u are such a great artist.

i wrote this time some critique, as it wasnt mentioned as normally in ur deviations.

so after reading ur article about "Why I Discourage Critiques" and ur reply now... well... if i understood right u dont wanna sound arrogant and rude, but u sure do exactly this with the written, and worse.
is ok to me, be as unsympathic as u want, just for the sake of all ur fans and viewers and commenters: maybe better make it clear, that u just wanna read compliments and most easy questions, and nothing else. at best block any comments.

good luck furthermore with ur doings, honestly.
just, as for me, i wont watch u any more. as superb as u are in what u do, i more like to watch amateurs, that can handle critique and enjoy and love what they do and who i can write to. instead of some, most apparently, stressed and angry professional.
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
It's not that I can't handle critiques, quite the opposite in fact. What I don't like is someone without any apparent skills but a blown up ego thinking they're going to art direct me. I work with wonderful, talented art directors already, so when someone without an eye for sculpture insists on telling me how the pose isn't right or that proportion is off, I have an obligation to defend my work, as well as the integrity of the art directors I work with.

Look at it like this, one of the top manufacturers of pop-culture collectibles approved this piece, as well as New Line Cinema, the studio behind the films. They think it represents the character well. Other working sculptors in the industry love the piece. Why would you think you have a superior eye to gauge a problem?
hurzdischnurz's avatar
well im glad u answered honest and calm, i guess.

so my opinion is, and i never mean or meant it different: all i say, is just my opinion. im aware of that im not the best artist, i have to learn a lot yet. but im not that arrogant to say, as u do, that good people say this so it must be true, and the rest is just the rest. no! i say: u can learn from each and everyone, no matter his age, heritage, "skills", intelligence, gender, believe, job, etc.

that i have no "apparent skills" i take as a false (or blind) and arrogant insult by u, as u have seen my figures, and some of them are sure skilled. sure not in all aspects, but in some important. also, most of my works arent meant to be taken so serious, as they are older works or made in very short time for gift purposes, etc.

the thing that i so often criticize is, not just with ur dwarf now, that most artists dont seem to have a good body feeling. least said. and i have this, more than most other artists, more than most other normal people, as im into martial arts and other sports since childhood, and ive seen and gamed so uncountable many action and martial arts movies and videogames.
u just know then how to move with the years, how to feel ur body and the one of others, cause u watch and interact much with them in more extreme situations. how to get the most power out of a motion, how for example a skilled warrior would never move and act.
and coming back to ur dwarf: try to feel into his body, and do the same move he is about to do. u will feel and see urself, this isnt working, u wouldnt hit someone this way, it wouldnt look this way.

so... if those people u talking about think that pose is good, then they like it, i respect this. i like the pose too, but just with a surface view.
and aswell this means this pose might sell good, for them. this doesnt necessarily mean it makes sense, nor its realistic, nor it couldnt be better. its then, like most new blockbusters, "eyecandy". made for the mass. nothing deep. people watch it, buy it. thats the reason. and im no fan of just eyecandy movies all time.

i criticize poses often, cause to me a pose is 50 percent of the whole. and i always find it a shame, if figures are made so super detailed and skilled, but the pose is just... boring, used up, unrealistic or however bringing wrong feelings to the eye.

long bla from me. in the end its: if u like it and u can sell it, then its all good, this is most important if u ask me.
and if u allow comments, stay opened up for all kind of ideas. u will sure grow with it.

TKMillerSculpt's avatar
I see your point and I must apologize. I hadn't realized that you had a unique perspective on movement that the development team and myself lacked, considering that we're all desk-surfers. I'll be sure to check with someone of your level of expertise before trying my hand at another dynamic figure.
untilmoraleimproves's avatar
hahahaha! You're not arrogant, just curmudgeony! Curmudgy? Something like that.

"In my take on your discerning of the dwarvin form, I must say that you don't do this beloved fantasy character justice...blah blah blah." BWAHAHAHA!

I know, I know, you don't like unsolicited critiques.

Seriously, though, how did you work out the ring mail armor? That must have taken forever. Peace brother.
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
Surprisingly, the ring mail went quicker than the woven leather bits, THAT took forever!

Ya know, it's not so much the unsolicited critiques I mind. It's just that usually those that give the same critiques are also the ones with the least experience. As I've stated elsewhere, people that actually work in commercial arts get it, they know it's not my vision, and usually understand that I have to sculpt things the way the client wants them. Most of the 'critiques' here aren't critiques but opinions from people that have nothing better to do, or rather people that should be working on their own skill set but are procrastinating here. And I really don't have the patience for someone that's studied kung fu movies telling me such and such character doesn't 'look right'.
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hurzdischnurz's avatar
ah well. i said all. be sure i see u as some of the best clayers i know, and ur undiscerning (misinterpreting of my words) and arrogant behave i dont understand. should be beneath ur dignity, with ur skill and works. u have a responsibility as human and artist, as people look up to u.

anyways, i wish u luck. peace. greetings.
TrevorGrove's avatar
Man, this piece is incredible, Tim. It's not wonder it nearly did you in. the detail of the outfit is astonishing. Every square mm is accounted for...just an incredible piece of work. I love his pose and energy....and the Moria base with dead orc! Man, that's too cool.

I can't believe I finally get to see this piece! :D I'll be pouring over these photos over my lunch break.
WELL done.
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
Thanks Trev! Hopefully it stands the real test and can justifiably sit on a shelf next to the beauties that you've done for this line. Can't wait to see what's been on your desk lately!
TrevorGrove's avatar
Oh this line will look amazing together.
I still can't get over the outfit detailing on this guy. I was looking through Sideshow's zoom in gallery today. You surely had to visit the optometrist after finishing this one, right? :)
TKMillerSculpt's avatar
Very nearly. Funny enough, I feel like I could handle just about anything after the madness of Gimli... 'What madness led me there'.
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This is phenomenal. I love the dynamism, motion, and energy of this piece. That you were able to convey so much life and movement in a static medium is a testament to your skill and ability. Your work inspires me to be better and to work harder at my own sculptures. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us! :)
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