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Saving the Day - Blossom

There was one day I was thinking this important question: I never actually did any Powerpuff-in-action art ?!
woh! It's a must! I'm making individual action art for each girl.
This one: Blossom vs the Gangreen Gang !

If you ask why they're not so green.. well, I'm putting it to realistic style, like many superhero movies these days.
And why is she wearing a blouse underneath? her tear-resistant suit is outside, and she meant to zip it up to protect her inner clothing, but..
uhh.. yeah.. it's hot out. Forgot to zip. lol
I like the idea of Blossom being a just superheroine, apprehending baddies while minimising damage.

More "Saving the Day" set:

More Blossom:

Powerpuff is copyrighted to Cartoon Network & creator Craig McCracken.
This is a fan-art, I don't claim its creation, although the re-design is all my doing :woohoo:
Thank you for dropping by!
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she pink eyes, not red and she dress in pink but is still nice!
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haha oh my, i'm surprised people pay attention to works I made 7 years ago. thanks! maybe i'll do remakes on these :D
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Is ok but dont do it to fast, take your time and have a good day!
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No offence, though this picture looks awesome and Blossom looks okay, pretty cool as a adult, too. But, what the shitload of fuck is this?!

Those villains Blossom confronts are NOT the very Gangreen Gang! In fact they don't even look anything them either! Because the Gangreen Gang I know are the monstrous goblin-like freaks who literally are green skinned a little similar to "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (as well as that to the Monstars from "Space Jam"), dressed punkish mismatch-color casual 70's clothes similar to the ones from "Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids", and they have a similar comical characteristics/personalities as those of Pain and Panic (bumbling spineless minions of Hedes the Lord of the Underworld from the 1997 adaptation of "Hercules") and the Ghostly Trio (three outrageous mischievous uncles of Casper the Friendly Ghost, the ones directly the 1995 adaptation of "Casper")....and of course they were teenagers during the very time when the Powerpuff Girls being tobblers! As I recall that, in case you don't know who they actually looked like...

Ace the leader looks like Micheal Jackson in hair-style and fashion-sense but sounded like Joe Pesci and acted like Stretch (the 'Moe' of the Ghostly Trio, of which he's also the leader), and he always wearing sunglasses....

Snake looks like crossed between Panic (the skinny imp from again "Hercules" 1997) and some toon weasel thug (From "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad", "Mickey Mouse As The Prince & The Pauper" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?") with a large nose, a sinister facial expression and an long thin weaving body language, but dressed like a basketball player (somewhat reminds of me of the Monstars) and always wearing a hat.....

Big Billy looks like crossed between that ginger giant (from both "Mickey & The Beanstalk" and "Mickey's Christmas Carol") as well as Fatso (the 'Curly' of the Ghostly Trio) and the cute Old-English sheepdog Max (from the 1989 "A Little Mermaid"), despite the fact he's a cyclops....

Grubber looks like crossed between Slimer (from "Ghostbusters"), Stinky (the 'Larry' of the Ghostly Trio) and Quasimodo (the titular "Hunchback Of Notre-Dame").....

Little Arturo looks crossed between some emo kid (from "South Park") and of course Pain (the fat imp from "Hercules", next to Panic), but his under-bite and his stiff short limbs literally resembles those of a pug...

These random generic normal-skinned thugs with green sweaters in the car which she's lifting, on the other hand, they looked (almost) more like those low-ranking gun-wielding masked lackeys of the deadlier gang known as 'the Pact' from "Batman The Telltale Series 2: The Enemy Within", globally recruited by none other than the 60-year-old Riddler himself.

You know, it's kinda funny because it seems that both "The PowerPuff Girls" and "Batman"/"Dective Comics" have already crossed-over universes with each other, as If Telltale Games decided to make Townsville co-existed with Gotham. I mean, judging by the looks hould the Pact be the very criminal group because I know none of these thugs in this car can be the Gangreen Gang unlike the original cartoon series, plus three of them must be or could be the Riddler and his right-hand Eli Knable and even the tattooed brute named Bane...after all, those three who don't that have nothing to do with the Powerpuff Girls are all normal-skinned and wearing masks!

By the way, if the Riddler is actually in this car with the other masked crooks, he would become a extremely violent stalker-with-the-crush toward Blossom just because she's smart and only smart people can solved riddles without hesitation! That totally remind you of something from the Disney's 1996 adaptation of "The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame", doesn't it? I know, it's kind of too creepy to imagine.

Anyway...since when or how or where did you get this imagination from? I don't need to be rude, why did you design the Gangreen Gang, the usual criminal gang, to look like somebody else, to look like any random bank-robbing group unfamiliar to me and my sister?

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oh my, um. Sweat 2 Extreme shy emoji free to use sweating  I made this like, 6 years ago Sweat Emoticon
i remember that the idea is to have them to be more realistic, before they get transformed into the amoeba things.
i don't know what i was thinking man, this was made for fun, because I didn't do commissions back then (not enough skillz)
peace out Chanyeol [Sweet Peace] 
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I understand, all is forgiving. Even though your art is only 6 years old, the Gangreen Gang still are looked unfamiliar in it that they're mistaken for any random generic masked burglar gang if they're not really 'green skinned', it's a wrong kind of weird for them that is. Mojo Mojo, on the other, looks okay in your other 6-year-old picture.

At least you didn't add that disgusting 'Puppet Zelda' pictures in you gallery nor were you mindlessly addicted to 'Puppet Zelda' like Bellhenge, Onisuu and the First-4-Figures company did...because my sister seriously despises 'Puppet Zelda' with every fiber of her being ever since she first played "Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess".

Anyway, here's a request...just for kicks. Since 2017 when "Batman The Telltale Series 2: The Enemy Within" first released, my sister actually likes Telltale version of Riddler very much because he's got something more decent than a spandex (unlike the other version of the Riddler in "Batman Forever" portrayed by Jim Carrey)...he's wearing a suit-jacket and trousers, even a tie, something which that the other Riddler--portrayed by Cory Micheal Smith--from "Gotham" often seen wearing, but that's not the only reason. He is voiced by none other than Robert Atkin-Downes, rather than high-pitched and wimpy (like Jim Carrey's) it is deep and very scary when he laughs and Cory Micheal Smith's portrayal of him is not some corny ditzy pussy, either! He's also the most rationally threatening and deadliest villain ever, with a competent fighting skills, an gritty act of violence and a dark combo of hood and mask, a most awesome character she had ever seen in her life since the Beagle Boys in "Mickey, Donald & Goofy As The Musketeers" 2004. The guy is a complete nightmarish monster, so yes and that's when I occasionally called him 'Edward Claude Gollum Nygma Frollo', but it's also satirical since that's perfectly normal for a actual villain so it's guilty pleasure for my sister...

...whereas 'Puppet Zelda' is nothing but an pathetic half-baked short-sighted intentional generic sissy-villain porno cheap-shot so beyond disrespectful, honer-less, offensive and sleazy in the form of an conniving materialistic seductress mistaken for a innocent mystical damsel-in-distress which that reminds her too much of Holli Would from "Cool World", Azula from "Avatar: The Last Air-Bender" and Azshara from "Warcraft: War Of The Ancients", it ripped off "Sailor Moon" and makes "The Exorcist"/"Evil Dead" look stupid and "Beauty & The Beast"/"The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame" look bad at the same time...blame Nintendo for scarring her for life, if you catch my drift.

So can you draw him in your art-style, just for fun:)?

Of course if you're not interested not would you want to, that's fine with me and my sister. We won't brother you any further.

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These are so cool! I would love to see a live action if we could get your concept types into play. Never was a fan of the original concept, but this makes it much more fun. Love it!
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hehe i appreciate it Aaron. thanks!
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hehee glad you like it !! ^^
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aww thanks!!
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hehee thanks friend!
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Wow she Blossom is looking good too....
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yes yes yes, i made them sexy a little bit. if you're complaining about that, then you should complain to over half of female fantasy characters in the world of digital art, including those made by artists way more professional than i, working on multimillion dollar projects like warcraft and league of legends, instead of a fan-art. I double dare you to send a letter to Blizzard and say the same thing about how they clothe their night-elves. oh how about Wonder Woman? you can send a letter to DC and tell them to cover her cleavage because that outfit is practically useless and not very protective.
you know, Artgerm also made a PPG fanart… and it's just as hot. go and complain to him how the clothes are thin and tight, skirt too short. too sexualised. he will say the same thing: it is is a FAN-ART. nobody pays us to create it. it is there because we like doing it. a hobby. and it seems to please a lot of people. don't like it? did we ruin your childhood fantasy? then don't see it.
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:iconwonderwomanplz::iconsaysplz:You're developing into quite the fine heroes.

:iconppgbubblesplz::iconsaysplz:One day we'll be just as developed as you.

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