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Powerpunk Girls

here's the Powerpunk girls, evil versions of the Powerpuffs.
They're (from top to bottom) Berserk, Brat and Brute.
The way I understand it, they're different persons, not Powerpuffs gone bad. So I give them similar (but twisted) styles but different faces.

- PS CS6 / Intuos 4
- made in 2 days; about 10-12 hours.
- previous Powerpuffs:

Thanks to mr. bossman *AdmiraWijaya for the many tips & tricks as well as correcting my crappy painting skills, and to new colleagues at :iconchekydot-studio:
Extra note: no copyright infringement intended. PPG created by :iconcmcc: over Cartoon Network.
The costume redesign is my original work, though.
Thank you for viewing! :woohoo:
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Once cute and adorable, now scary and badass.
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Wow this looks great I wonder what their names would be? 
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Berserk (red), Brat (blue) and Brute (green).
it's in the cartoon :p…
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If Powerpunk Girls exists on real life:
This art
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haha omg this is my old stuff XD
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This is awesome! It looks so realistic..! :''D
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lol thank you. not realistic enough, i think :/
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This looks so real!Woohooooo! 
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uhh this is old work, so i don't think so. lol
but i appreciate it !
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You just ruined my a good way!  This is amazing!!!
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thanks Ben, I appreciate it very much :D
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hehe cheers !
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Oh my god, that is so awesome! You have a talent!
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thanks friend !
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Great job , all the powerpuff girls look so strong and sexy. I love how you made them look older and updated their outfits.
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Badass and cool!
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thanks! i'll make more, for sure !
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Evil is cool, evil is sexy 
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Dear god this looks like a movie poster, BRILLIANT!
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