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Powerpuff the Movie

About concept & technique:

- painted in Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Intuos 4 tablet
- took around 3 - 5 hours per character.
- another 8-10 hours to paint Townsville, 3 hours for the villains. (rough estimates)

- view the teaser poster here:…

About Powerpuff and cast:
- yes, I know the Mayor is supposed to be bald. I just can't imagine a bald Christopher Lee :crazy:
- Blossom's make-up may be a little overdone. sorry, Blossom! ^^
- Jewel Kilcher is the only non-actress cast here. I like her face as Bubbles.
- for those who are not sure; top left is Mojo Jojo, and top right is Fuzzy Lumpkins.

About credits and trademarks:

- I did this only for fun; to please myself and especially PPG fans.
- Obviously, the names on the credits are all made up, including the title, release date and website.
- Any movie-production logo displays are for decorative purposes only.
- PPG is trademarked to Cartoon Network and the creator: :iconcmcc:
Thank you! :woohoo:
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Seeing Christopher Lee in such an openly comedic, energetic and buffoonish role would have been a treat.

Rest well, Lee.

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hehe yeah, I thought so ! I made this way before his death, see :D

I saw the news about the official movie. I heard it's going to suck. Not for me. I think something bad is good and something rushed is bad.

tjota's avatar

technically it'll be a TV series. we'll have to see. I hope it's good !

CashWolf14's avatar
What's the plot?
tjota's avatar

err.. i never thought about it haha

CashWolf14's avatar
Well, whatever it is, just promise me it won't me suckish and stupid like the series
thatsmashguy's avatar

U know something I love you're ideas infact I think that you should tell Warner Bros and legendary pictures and new line cinema on making thee Powerpuff girls live action movie and release it in 2023 and also make a sequel and release it in 2026 and a third final film it in 2029

tjota's avatar
owh i had that fantasy back when I did this. this is a relatively old work, like, at least 10 years ago lol

So tell me who is thee movie director of this film and thee producer's

can u please do a third film and a fourth film and a fifth film please

and plus i thin warnerbros and legendary pictures should make this

u know something i think its a pretty dam good idea to make a live action movie and make the girls all grown up

Tragould's avatar
R.I.P. Christopher Lee!
Landy-Lov-Alot's avatar
Wish it is real 😂😂😂
tjota's avatar
hahahh yeaah do it like they do the superhero movies lately. awesome :D
Landy-Lov-Alot's avatar
Which actress do you think made the best character for powerpuff girls??😏
CashWolf14's avatar
They were all pretty good.
Cat Cavadini provided a decent sound of dominance for Blossum as a team leader, Tara Strong provided something totally innocent sounding, which was perfect for a superhero as heartfelt as Bubbles, and EG Daily...well...self explanatory for Buttercup
tjota's avatar
Hard to say...
I watched that movie Ouija the prequel, Annalise Basso. might be good for Blossom. and she's already a redhead. perfect!
either of the Fanning sisters might be good for Bubbles.
then someone with fierce face for Buttercup, err.. i saw the Lure (the weird mermaid movie) with Michalina Olszańska, yeeaaah look at those eyes, daymn
TjsWorld2011's avatar
Do you think I could take this and remake the credits?
(That is, if I find a larger version)
tjota's avatar
to be fair, that credit is there for aesthetic purposes only, i didn't write down my deepest emotional thought or anything. lol
and sorry i don't think I have the large version anymore, lost it in my old corrupted drive :/
PunkGirlVI83's avatar
If I see this poster at a real live theatre I dash inside and say "Shut up and take my money!" and run straight to the door to watch it XD
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