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November 15, 2011
Powerpuff: Prodigy by *tjota

Suggested by several people. It's nice to see the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys all grown up in this awesome movie poster!
Featured by TommyGK
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Powerpuff: Prodigy

A "sequel" poster to the first "movie" poster:

This one features the grown-up Rowdyruff Boys, after many demands :)
View the other Powerpuffs here:…

- Photoshop CS5 / wacom intuos 4
- Everything is painted, except the texts
- Took 3 - 5 hours per character
- heavy reference used to draw faces and the globe
- no reference on hairstyle and clothing

- I maintained consistent style with the first movie poster, most notably the dark background, the sun, fonts, and miniature Powerpuff girls flying.
- the first movie features Townsville as environment background emphasizing that the city is at stake.
This time it is Earth at stake. Hopefully making it look more epic =p

- Olivia Wilde has always been my choice for Blossom. Megan Fox is replaced with Odette Yustman because-- well, I received a number of complains in the first poster. Jewel is replaced too (not an actress!) with Dianna Agron (i just realised how beautiful she is! Holy SH!T !)

COPYRIGHTS and other boring stuff
Based on the Powerpuff Girls created by :iconcmcc: and licensed to Cartoon Network.
I don't own the franchise, HOWEVER, I'm still responsible in their complete make-over.
Thank you! :woohoo:

***EDIT: gwahh!! a DD! my 2nd DD!! yay! heaps of gratitude to `WildCharmander for the feat!
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© 2011 - 2021 tjota
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CashWolf14's avatar
I sure hope this movie will be better than the series
tjota's avatar

it's crazy right, when i heard the announcement (of the series) I'm excited !! i made this 10 years ago !

Nenril-Tf's avatar
Recently Icediamond600 asked me to do a cover for a book of her that is basically your work under a work by another artist.

She said that she asked for permisison and you agreed, but since this "answear" came in a very strange time i would like to to you first: did you gave the permission to edit your work for her cover?
tjota's avatar
Hello, yes I put a little reply on your, um, argument thread. I'll write it here again;
she did ask for permission, yes. She told me it's for a fan-fiction, so technically she can't sell it anyway. could be a school project. But then again, there are cases of people stealing artist identities by claiming that it's their work. well that's just crazy. Thieves like this don't usually ask permission, of course. If such thief go around and tell people that, and maybe get asked to do a commission for them, they can't do it. So what are they gonna do? i don't see the point of doing that. UNLESS they somehow print the artist's work and sell them online or in a flea market, somewhere. then yes, i'll be mad.

in short:
- if she's claiming the resulting work is 100% hers, it's pathetic and pointless, i think.
- if she sells the resulting work en masse, then she's violating art etiquette.
- if it's just for random fun, non-profit project, she only needs permission from the artists ;)
Nenril-Tf's avatar
Well, i'm happy to hear that you gave her your permission and i hope you gave it an year ago since she is trying to do such thing for almost an year as i can see from her comment section.

When i told her if she has the permission to do so she said that you and the other artist i had to copy and paste his work on yours hasn't given the permission yet and i get mad since you can't use another person intellectual property like this, there is time and effort under work an a simple copy and paste for me is terrible above all if nobody allowed to use for such a thing.

I'm very sorry to having bother you but i though it was your right to know what was going on, also because she continue to write journals where she cried and accuse artist to not ler her have her cover.
tjota's avatar
well, let me know how it turns out. i'm a little curious now, lol
and if you decided to go on with it, i'd like to see the result too :D
Nenril-Tf's avatar
Actually she blocked me, she unblocked me asking me for doing her commisison again obv without having the permission of the second artist XD

can u make a third movie please

tjota's avatar
i probably should, shouldn't i? it's been awhile since i made any fan-art :D
zeetrip's avatar
Are you a fan of the Powerpuff Girls in love with the Rowdyruff Boys
RyeMJ's avatar
YES!!! Blossick Kiss Icon Boomubbles Kiss Icon Butchercup Kiss Icon Blossom Blinkie Bubbles Blinkie Buttercup Blinkie Boomer Blinkie Brick Blinkie Butch Blinkie 
zeetrip's avatar
SonSilvShad18's avatar
Deadpool, Skurge, and Toad.
tjota's avatar
haha! i see what you mean ! :D
SonSilvShad18's avatar
I'm guessing you made me love Boomer more. :D
ShakiraGlover23's avatar
This is truly amazing
tjota's avatar
thank you Shakira :D
CashWolf14's avatar
Is there a movie like this coming out soon or is this just something amazing to look at? Because if it was a movie, I'd totally pay $17 to see it.
tjota's avatar
haha I wish so too. thanks Cash !
CashWolf14's avatar
If it was a movie coming out soon, do you think it'd be live-action or CGI?
tjota's avatar
Live action sounds okay. something like those Marvel flicks. damn nice. :D
CashWolf14's avatar
Or imagine if it was that cool CGI animation like Beware the Batman. That would be cool
Jadeiplier17's avatar
OH YEAH I WOULD WHACTH THIS JackSepticEye Dancing It's gonna be good, ya -Markiplier (free2use) JackSepticEye Dancing Moves Ahhhhhhh! - Markiplier .:*Emoticon*:. Blossom- RAPPING JackSepticEye Is the new DJ in town xD|Emotion | 
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