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Powerpuff - Battlesuits

BOOM!!! "NOT so fast,</i> [insert villain name here] !!!"

I've been thinking; tis logical that the Powerpuff girls wear tear-resistant suits, yes?
I'm sure casual clothings will be torn to pieces, given what they do.
I mean, I used to draw them in thin blouse and stuff:

Specifications & other not-so-interesting trivia:
- made with PS CS5 / wacom Intuos 4
- notice that they still retain their (my) original design, particularly their hair-do and also Buttercup's pose.
- Blossom is loosely based on Amanda Righetti
- Bubbles is loosely based on Dianna Agron
- Buttercup is loosely based on Odette Annable
- no other references used.
- approx. 12 - 15 hours stretched over 2.5 days
- Close-up:

Also, somebody came up with a more detailed profile, complete with their stats:…
It starts to sound like an RPG game. Very interesting!
Extra note: no copyright infringement intended. PPG created by :iconcmcc: over Cartoon Network.
Thank you! :woohoo:
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I like how Blossom kinda looks like Black Widow from the Avengers :)
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muaha, the fact that this was made on the same year as the first Avengers movie came out is a coincidence :v
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I believe this would be them more than any other artwork I have seen so far, I have seen alot too.
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hehe thanks !! have you seen Artgerm's or Sakimichan's ? they're amazing !! world class!
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I have not yet.
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Excuse me Tjota. I'm currently writing a Powerpuff girls fan fiction about each of the girls' sons, forming their own team on fan fiction .net and would very much like to use this image as my cover art. If you agree, I'll be sure to give you credit for the art. If not, no hard feelings
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wow okay... yeah sure! it's kinda.. err. my old work so please don't mind the quality. haha
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Oh well, while I appreciate your permission, you never got back to me with an answer so I took that as a no, then I asked someone else and they gave me permission. Thx anyway and I think the quality is top notch, a lot better than I can do.
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This is really cool. ;]  And that means a lot as I'm not a fan of the show... though I am a fan of your art now! ;D
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hehe thank you. this is kinda old work, though. lol
You should a team poster of the Rowdyruff Boys with their Ray Park, Ryan Reynolds and Karl Urban designs from your other poster.
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hahah yeah i probably should expand this! thanks Nick !
You're welcome
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Lovely work on this piece ! :)
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mabye the rowdyruffs could be the villainPervy Rosalina Pervy Rosalina Pervy Cynthia Pervy Cynthia 
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This is absolutely amazing.I am a dummy! 
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Powerful art 
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And here come the PowerPuff Girls! Good work!
You need to get permission to have a comic or animated movie series. It would be extremely popular.
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