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Blossom .:portrait:.


Painted last of the .: Portrait :. series, this one is a remake of the previous Blossom: [link]

Other girls:

Why did I remake it? Well, simply because the previous one is not a close up portrait. Not to mention the fact that she's half-naked. :O so it is out of the pattern! Not very leader-like!
Credit: PPG is trademarked to Cartoon Network and PPG creator: :iconcmcc:
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(gasps at vampire red eyes) AND I LIKE IT Clapping Pony icon: Nighty Moon 
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oh it wasn't meant to be vampire-like. but thanks!
i'll do better next time!
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So sophisticated :D
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she looks sophisticated young proper and gives lots to respect to people and herself and she full of knowledge
Lolibeagle's avatar
She kinda looks like a vampire here lol
AJInu-Okami's avatar
She looks beautiful and more wiser too :)
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Her chin looks a little too big. Other than that, awesome work. Love the outfit choice!
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You're right, this image is more inline with the other "Portrait"s-- although due to the darker colors used, Blossom looks somewhat demonically possessed... the erotic image ("half naked") is flipping beautiful.
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thanks! seen the latest one yet? first one I made this year :D ([link])
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I don't particularly like Blossom, but this is amazing!! very well done!
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thanks, I'm glad you like it! ^^
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I think this is excellent...Very well done, though..I think she looks like Nancy Drew..o.o
SnowBunny91's avatar
Nice. Maybe you should try Amanda Reghetti as Blossom.
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ow yeah... she's hoooot ... mmmmmmm. ... :iconhomerplz:
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very nice. i like it
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nice.It kinda makes me think of Mary Jane from Spider Man or Gwen from Ben 10:Alien Force.
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oho Mary Jane? i think of her as the more feminine type.. lol
thanks !! :D
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exllcent take on Blossom here
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