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match ideas for Tjman461
So he made a bio so why not do this 
If you want one of Match es just say and i will give it to you 
Dick Simmons Does Nerd Stuff in Death Battle!
So two people have  terrible anxiety and can not talk to girls and use Rocket Launchers 
Sold to:

Two db writer who have some of the same Powers and Arsenal (the Universal Remote  Foot Flurry Helicopter Kick Burning dropkick and 
Burning dropkick) and both say thy ugly (can t say if thy ugly myself i m not a stalker) 
Sold to:

Two people who have 
trouble talking too some people and tj did say this "

Kind of a yandere (If someone likes the same person I like I get jealous, I don't kill people
:iconalexandrmcfly:Alexandrmcfly 1 4
Pokemon Trainer Creator by jcling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjcling:jcling 15,173 4,741
Bill Cipher Drives DEATH BATTLE Mad!
Bill Cipher
Occupation: Dream Demon
Debut: Gravity Falls : Season 1, Episode 19 : Dreamscaperers
Gender: Probably Male
Age: Really, really, really old.... Like at least a few million years

-Almost succesfully got the code to Stan's safe, well he did, it was just shot out of his hands
-Successfully started Weirdmageddon and turned Gravity Falls into a madhouse
-Has caused havoc for The Pines Twins, Stanley Pines, Standford Pines, basically everyone
-One-shot the Time Baby
-Has made at least a cameo appearance or is pictured in almost every single episode
-Sealed Mabel in a bubble

-Created reality-warping bubbles that caused people to go insane
-Knows everything in the universe
-Outsmarted the likes of Ford Pines, who was supposed to go to the best college in the entire world

-OHKO Time Baby
:icontrident346:Trident346 37 17
CDI Link vs Starbomb Link - PRELUDE
NOTE: Yes, I know. I said it'd be a royale between these two and cartoon Link, but I felt he'd be a bit too OP for this. So....

Lo: Link, the hero of time. One of Nintendo's mascots and possibly the mot dignified one of all of them with so many different versions
Dy: And now let's make his most ridiculous ones fight!
Dy: Link, of the CDI Games
Lo: And Link, of the video game band, Starbomb!
Dy: Which one of these fairly goofy heroes of time will win in a duel to the death?
Lo: We are about to find out!
CDI Link

First Appearance: Link: The Faces of Evil (October 10, 1993)

Occupation: Knight of Hyrule, Youtube Poop Material
Race: Human?
Likes: Bombing Dodongos, Eating, Zelda, Fighting Evil
Lo: While mostly known for Nintendo titles, Link, as well as Mario, have both ventured to a different system
Dy: And while Mario realized how bad
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 7 6


Hello friends now that i'm out of the prison they call high school I can finally work on bios. Here's the list of bios i'm gonna make. I'll also be making fights don't worry.

-Brendan from Pokemon (The mattyburrito version, look it up)
-Tom and Jerry (in progress)
-Unikitty (Cartoon Network version, not the movie one)
-The Thing (The one from the horror movies)
-Tallahassee (Zombieland, If you haven't seen the movie please watch it, its freaking amazing)
-Mr. Pickles (His feats are actually pretty cool and the show is decent in my opinion)

Now I might and might not do some of these bios and keep checking back because I might change the list. The Tom and Jerry one is confirmed though.
Bios i'm gonna do this summer.
Edit: I took out Mordecai and Rigby and Bill Nye because I won't have time to do them and the character from paladins i'm not doing because they don't have feats. I also took out Soos and Spencer because those were joke bios and I didn't feel like doing them.
120f1f84-fb09-427f-8a74-0aac149ba835 by Tjman461
(Series Premiere): Spongebob Squarepants vs Deadpool (Completed)
Connection: Comedic characters with an insane healing factor.
C001f3b4-43a0-42b7-a68a-c3280c842c20 by Tjman461
The Killer Klowns vs The Gremlins 
Connection: Teams of comedic monsters that terrorized a town.
6b62f657-99c6-4aaa-9761-7f0404e8d5ae by Tjman461
Patchy the Pirate vs Jack Sparrow 
(Not Finished)
Connection: Pirates.
E51dca4a-d3fc-497f-a520-0b2d15fb6264 by Tjman461
Starbomb Link vs Hotel Mario (Not Finished)
Connection: Parody/lesser version of a popular video game protagonist

18cc66fa-3bb0-4f81-a3c8-769f94e04b28 by Tjman461
Leonardo vs Greninja 
(Not Finished, TN made by OmnicidalClown1992)
Connection: Aquatic animal ninjas.
59a77096-ed64-44fa-9f62-224093797138 by Tjman461
Chowder vs Patrick Star
 (Not Finished)
Connection: Classic cartoon characters who are fat, dumb, and eat a lot. 
D422c2a0-0ccc-4121-9ea1-de8066116869 by Tjman461
The Thing (John Carpenter’s: The Thing) vs Ditto 
(Not Finished)
Connection: Shapeshifters that change into what they have encountered or killed.
45cce621-17c6-42ba-9c01-83a8ca61bfa5 by Tjman461
Magikarp vs Glass Joe 
(Not Finished)
Connection: Considered the weakest in their universe.

E6d6cb72-2936-4baa-942d-6ab3c531387a by Tjman461
Giffany vs Yandere-Chan
Connection: Yanderes. Nuff said.

(Season 1 Finale): Boomstick vs Tjman461 (Not Finished)
Connection: Funny Death Battle researchers.
Season 1 Lineup
Alrighty I got my season lineup done. As I get the thumbnails done I’ll add them.

EDIT: I added the thumbnails and I made all of them except for Spongebob vs Deadpool and Greninja vs Leonardo. (Greninja vs Leonardo was made by OmnicidalClown1992)

EDIT 2 Electric Boogaloo: The order of the fights might change so keep checking back, I’ll post status updates when I change it. I also might change whole fights.

Edit 3 (insert some other crappy joke here): If you haven't seen yet, the order is not a thing anymore and the order is however I want it except for the season finale since it's the finale so it has to be the last one.
Yang Xiao Long vs Tjman461
Yep I'm doing this as my second DBX. The connections are: Both get stronger when they're angry, both are teenagers, and both have unique weapons. I'm gonna start writing this right away because it's too perfect and I was also really excited to use myself in a fight.
Note: Just so I don't make myself too OP the way I'll get feats is by real life stuff, stuff I did in video games, and stuff I make up but has to do with something I've done. For weapons I'll choose one's from video games and things i've used in real life. Basically i'll label something as real life, video game, or i'll explain how it applies to me if it sounds unrealistic.

Not gonna put an image of myself cause I'm hella ugly. But for the sake of needing a picture for a thumbnail use this picture (I used a pokemon trainer maker and made a trainer that looks like me. The maker was made by jcling):
PkmnTrainer 000 by Tjman461

Character Name: Tjman461

Full Name: Trevor (Not gonna put my last name).
First Appearance: When I was a sperm traveling towards the egg.
Occupation: Nerd in High School, Grocery Store Worker (yes this is my actual job), Pokemon Trainer.
Theme: I don't have one.


-Made it to the egg first before any of the other sperms. (Real Life)
-Has gotten the jocks out in dodgeball before. (Real Life)
-Got the Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts. (Real Life)
-Managed to get a job at the Grocery Store (Real Life)
-Has gotten good grades throughout his school career (Real Life)
-Can stay up almost all night and still get through the day (Real Life)
-Got a ball that was stuck in a ditch for his little cousins (Real Life)
-Knows how to animate (Real Life)
-Though he's unpopular af he still has amazing friends (Real Life)
-Can tolerate listening to Nyan Cat for hours (Real Life)
-Has 10 watchers on Deviantart... Pls watch to me...
-Is a pretty decent writer.
-Saved his Grandpa (It was on the game Find Mii and for some reason I chose my Grandpa for the Mii Plaza thing)
-Has beaten the Pokemon League of every region. (Video Game, Pokemon)
--Has also beaten the Nuzlocke Challenge.
-Protected his house from all zombies with plants. (Video Game, technically in PVZ you're playing as yourself protecting your house so it counts.)
-Has defeated dragons before. (Video Game, Skyrim)
-Has survived in a nuclear wasteland. (Video Game, Fallout)
-Was a recruit for the Ghostbusters. (Video Game, Ghostbusters Wii)
-Has survived in the wilderness and defeated the Ender Dragon (Video Game, Minecraft)
-Has beaten Master Hand (Video Game, Super Smash Bros 4)
-Kills people daily with guns and explosions (Video Game, GTA 5)
-Was the apprentice of Darth Vader (Video Game, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, I actually look a lot like the guy in the game)
-Tricked :iconforceofnatureandcorn: into reading this. I know I'm a dick.
(This may get updated frequently when I think of "epic" stuff I've done in real life)


Note all the ones that say "when angered" have to do with the fact I can get raged a little easy.
-Can beat up Bowser, Donkey Kong and Ganondorf. (Video Game, Smash Bros)
-If mad enough can punch someone through a roof.
-Can slam people around hard enough to break their bones with the force. (Video Game, The Force Unleashed)
-Can punch really fast when angered.
-Has a rather powerful kick and can cause earthquakes by stomping if he's angry enough.
-Can explode cars and people with kicks. (Video Game, GTA 5 with cheats)
-Can jump incredibly high. (Kind of real life because I can jump higher than a lot of people)
-Is MUCH stronger in his super hero form. (Shown Below)

-Was the fastest sperm (I totally didn't steal that joke)
-Ran a mile in 8 minutes (Real Life)
-However if he's angered he can dash back and forth really quickly.
-If he's scared he can run across rocks without getting hurt really quickly. (Real Life)
-Can dodge lasers (Come on bro I know in some game I did that.)
-Can pretty much matrix dodge dodgeballs (Real Life, yes I can dodge really well)
-If angered can run fast enough to where fire and lightning forms behind him when he runs
-In his super hero form is much faster (Shown Below)

-Sometimes gets hurt and bleeds without noticing the blood until looking at it. (Real Life)
-Got hit in the face by dodgeballs multiple times (Real Life)
-Got hit in the face by a drill because I wasn't holding it still (Literally happened to me a couple days ago)
-Can take hits from many powerful characters (Video Game, Smash Bros 4)
-Can wrestle with his friends (No not in that way you perverts) and get bruises but still get up (Real Life)
-Can effortlessly run through walls if angered.
-If angered is really tolerant to pain
-Can be enhanced with armor from Skyrim
-Can survive the vacuum of space and can be next to the sun and be fine. (Not really from anything I just wanted this feat)
-Is much more durable in his super hero form (Shown Below)


-Is actually pretty chill if you're on his good side.
-Kind of a yandere (If someone likes the same person I like I get jealous, I don't kill people don't worry)
-Is usually a happy person
--But usually it's just to cover the fact that he's depressed af
-If tired can be kind of an asshole
-Has terrible anxiety
-If he feels like it, he'll be a sarcastic asshole.

-Has gotten A's and B's in school
-Somehow in a miracle managed to pass his Geometry class. (Seriously, fuck that class)
-Can come up with strategies on the fly
-Was smart enough to become Eagle Scout
-Anxiety can cloud his intelligence and make him panic

Powers and Abilities:

Note: I'm not going to list every power I have from the video games I've played, I'm just going to list the ones I feel are most worthwhile.
Image result for skyrim spells
-Spells from Skyrim
--Many others that I don't really feel like listing off (I'll update this later, I don't have all the spells in the game i'm listing the ones I actually have in the game)
Image result for gta 5 cheats
-GTA 5 Cheats
--Can use these to fly, have exploding punches and kicks, spawn cars, spawn weapons, and do all kinds of other cheats that are in GTA 5. Look them up
Image result for star wars the force unleashed
-The Force
--The power of the force from the Star Wars movies and Star Wars the Force Unleashed.
--Has access to many powers such as:
--Force Push
--Force Grip (My personal favorite)
--Force Lightning
--Force Repulse
--Force Maelstrom

-Mii Powers from Smash Bros 4
Forceofnatureandcorn Explosive Side Kick by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
Exploding side kick
-Flaming side kick
Forceofnatureandcorn Burning Dropkick by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
Burning dropkick
forceofnatureandcorn Helicopter Kick by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
Helicopter Kick
-Diagonal spin kicks in the air
Forceofnatureandcorn Foot Flurry by ForceOfNatureAndCorn
Foot Flurry
-Fast moving kicks
-If on the ground, he'll charge forward when this is happening

--Can teleport
Image result for planet explosion
-Anger Explosion
--If he is so very angered he will scream which causes an explosion powerful enough to destroy a planet.
--After using this he becomes kind of weak and tired.


Image result for red lightsaber
--Is very skilled with it because of the training from Darth Vader
--Can be thrown like a boomerang
--If stolen, he can use the force to call it back
Image result for proton gun
-Proton Gun
--Used to kill the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and many other ghosts.
--Got this when he was a recruit for the Ghost Busters.
Image result for diamond sword
-Diamond Sword
--A powerful sword
--Can be broken if used too many times

-Skyrim Armor
--The same armor I have on my character in Skyrim. I'm not going to list off what I have so just know it enhances my Durability.
Image result for machine gun
-Machine Gun
Image result for grenades
Image result for rocket launcher
-Rocket Launcher
--His preferred ranged weapon
--Can aim really well with it
Image result for pokeball
--Can catch items and people and Pokemon inside them
--These can be broken out of
--Can run out
Image result for peashooter plant pack
-Peashooter Plant Pack
--Can be used to plant Peashooters
--Needs to collect 100 sunlight to plant them
Image result for pizza
--Can heal him
--Has a limited amount
Image result for remote
-Universal Remote
--Can be used to rewind, fast forward, pause etc.
--If stolen, can be used against him.
--Can be destroyed kind of easily because it has the durability of a remote.
Image result for laser musket fallout 4
-Laser Musket
--From Fallout 4
--Can disintegrate opponents
--Has to be winded up
--Can run out of ammo
South Dakota by Tjman461
-Universal Fanny Pack
--Like Doraemon's pouch, it can hold any of his weapons and any item he may need. (The picture above is me with the fanny pack on)
--Sometimes takes a while to find what he needs.


Image result for tan dodge dakota
-Dodge Dakota Truck
--Not really used for combat, it's more used to drive to school.
--Can run people over
Image result for bicycle
--Can go really fast on it.
--Has gears from 1 to 6. The lower gears are easier to peddle but not as fast, the higher gears are harder to peddle but makes it go much faster
--Didn't learn to ride it until like 5th grade (True Story, make fun of me in the comments)

Alternate Forms:

Image result for werewolf
-Werewolf Form
--Comes from being a furry. (And also the fact I dressed up as one on Halloween as a kid)
--It has to be a full moon.
--Senses are increased ten-fold and has sharp claws.
--Strength, Speed and Durability are a bit increased.

-Super Trevor Form
--A character from a series of comics I made when I was a kid, it was basically me as a super hero. (They're pretty cringey, but sometimes I write some new ones because it's fun, and the ones i've recently made are supposed to be so bad they're good, If you want i'll redraw them on deviantart and post them, if I can get 5 comments saying "Post the comics!" I'll do it)
--He basically looks like me but with a black cape like a generic super hero.
--Powers/Feats (These are all feats and abilities from the comics I made):
  • Karate chopped a Robot in half and made it explode.

  • Caught someone from falling at the last second while also having time to transform into his superhero form.

  • Saved someone from falling off a cliff. (He had to fly all the way from school and go all the way to the cliff to save him as the person was falling)

  • With help defeated an enormous monster by one-shotting it. (He and his friend were both using an attack)

  • Built a giant robot with his friends.

  • Defeated an enormous amount of aliens with his friends.

  • Controlled and helped create a giant robot to defeat aliens.

  • Defeated his nemesis.

  • (Accidentally) Destroyed an entire city with his ultimate flaming palms.

    • Though he later got a genie lamp and wished for the city to be repaired.

  • Flew to the moon in a couple seconds.

  • Dodged lasers with little effort.

  • Got through a dangerous dungeon that had booby traps with little effort and obtained a genie lamp.

    • The booby traps didn’t affect him at all.

  • Destroyed 20-30 robots (it didn’t exactly say but it was mentioned to be this many).


  • Can Karate chop a robot in half with ease

  • His mega punches can destroy buildings

  • He punched his nemesis so hard he crashed into the moon and the moon exploded.

  • He punched a boulder rolling towards him and it turned into rubble.

  • Threw a bunch of human-sized robots around with ease.


  • When he destroyed the city with his flaming palms he survived the explosion. (The explosion destroyed the entire city and he said it hurt him a bit so he can probably survive more or he wasn’t close enough to the explosion, so it’s debatable)

  • Bullets literally bounce off of him and he gets no reaction whatsoever when hit by bullets.

  • Survived a robot zapping him with electricity

    • He showed pain but he didn’t get knocked out or anything.

  • Destroyed an entire army of robots by himself with only a couple scratches afterwards.


  • Can dodge lasers

  • Flew to the Moon in a couple seconds with no signs of getting tired


  • Along with his friends built a robot (twice)

  • Overall is pretty smart but he may rush into things without thinking (like the time he rushed in and tried to defeat the aliens)

  • He has shown that he doesn’t think before he acts because of the time he accidentally destroyed the entire city.


  • Laser Eyes

    • Was said to be able to go through anything

      • However it wasn’t able to go through a ufo

    • As he is using the Attack he can make it into a more powerful laser

  • Flaming Palms

    • A stream of fire is shot out of his hands.

    • Can be more powerful if he absorbs energy from the sun (when he uses this attack he yells “Ultimate Flaming Palms”.

      • He was able to destroy a city after absorbing energy from the sun.

      • The person he shot it at dodged it the first time he used it though

  • Mega Punch

    • Basically a charged up punch.

    • His fist can be made bigger to do more damage.

      • Was able to destroy a building with this attack.

    • Was able to make his nemesis crash through the moon and destroy the moon with this attack.

    • Completely destroyed a boulder bigger than him that was rolling towards him with this attack.

  • Flight

  • Super Speed

  • Enhanced Hearing

    • Can hear people from miles away when they yell “Help Super Trevor!”


-Cares about his hair too much and may fix it during the battle
-Is a BIG coward
-His anxiety can make him panic and not think straight
-His rage can also not let him think straight
-He can tire out rather easily
--But he can fix this by eating pizza to heal himself
-A lot of his weapons can break
-Is still pretty much a human
-Has a bad memory so it's hard for him to use the GTA 5 cheat codes
-Fucks up on a lot of things due to bad memory, clumsiness, or anxiety.
-Gets really scared when talking to girls, so if he's against a girl opponent he could have trouble. (Yes, in real life I have a lot of trouble talking to girls)
-Is a pacifist
-His werewolf form has the traditional werewolf weaknesses

Super Trevor Weaknesses:

    • His laser eyes/ mega punch couldn’t go through a UFO.

    • Overall his laser eyes can be a little bit inconsistent but not too bad.

    • Got captured by aliens.

    • Didn’t know his trusty sidekick was evil all this time.

    • His attacks can be dodged if the opponent is fast enough

Tjman461 Joins DEATH BATTLE Cause He Felt Like It!
Yay I finally made a bio and it's of myself! I promise I'll try to make more fights and stuff more often. Please feel free to use this bio because I really want to see what crazy fights you people might make. Enjoy


United States
Hi I’m basically here to make Death Battles and I’ve made many Death Battles before on Death Battle Fanon Wiki. Here’s my profile which had my fights if you wanna see.…


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