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Death Battle: I Need A Hero! (THE FIGHT)

UL: Alright, the adversaries are ready! The curtains are rising and the show is about to begin!

Mettaton: It's time for DRAMA!~

UL: It's time for VIOLENCE!
Mettaton: It's time for ACTION!~

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One Minute Melee: Link vs Red - TQFM2 - Part 1

this is part one of me and :iconforceofnatureandcorn: series of OMM fights
Link was walking through a strange forest he has never seen before… he is suddenly spotted by a Pokemon trainer who approaches him and sends out 5 Pokemon, Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur and Gengar


Pikachu charges at Link and uses Electro ball at him, link however blocks it with his shield and impales pikachu. He then throws him to the side and charges at the other 4 Pokemon
Link slashes at Blastoise a few times before being picked up by Charizard. Charizard uses flamethrower to burn Link and throws him to the ground. Venusaur then starts charging up solar beam.
Link uses his hookshot to grab charizard and pull him towards him, slashing him. Charizard fell to the ground where link shot an arrow at Charizard, causing him to faint and
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OMM: Ice Climbers vs Mei - TQFM2 - Part 3

this is part 3 of me and :iconforceofnatureandcorn: on going One Minute Melee series: The Quest for Mewtwo
read part 2 here: 
OMM - Papyrus vs Skeletor - TQFM2 - part 2

"Any traces of him, Nana?"

"Nothing yet, Popo"
two figures, cloaked it what seemed like heavy parkas, were traversing the icy, cold, barren land
"We were told specifically by those two skeletons this Mewtwo guy was spotted here"
"Yeah, but how could we trust them, they were skeletons!"
"Hey, just because they don't have skin doesn't automatically make them liars!"
before the two could continue their argument, they could hear a loud piece of technology ring from behind them
"W-what's that noise?"
Mei had readied her endothermic blaster
"Alright... you two better stay away from Mewtwo! H
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match ideas for Tjman461
So he made a bio so why not do this 
If you want one of Match es just say and i will give it to you 
Dick Simmons Does Nerd Stuff in Death Battle!
So two people have  terrible anxiety and can not talk to girls and use Rocket Launchers 
Sold to:

Two db writer who have some of the same Powers and Arsenal (the Universal Remote  Foot Flurry Helicopter Kick Burning dropkick and 
Burning dropkick) and both say thy ugly (can t say if thy ugly myself i m not a stalker) 
Sold to:

Two people who have 
trouble talking too some people and tj did say this "

Kind of a yandere (If someone likes the same person I like I get jealous, I don't kill people
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Pokemon Trainer Creator by jcling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjcling:jcling 15,176 4,847
Bill Cipher Drives DEATH BATTLE Mad!
Bill Cipher
Occupation: Dream Demon
Debut: Gravity Falls : Season 1, Episode 19 : Dreamscaperers
Gender: Probably Male
Age: Really, really, really old.... Like at least a few million years

-Almost succesfully got the code to Stan's safe, well he did, it was just shot out of his hands
-Successfully started Weirdmageddon and turned Gravity Falls into a madhouse
-Has caused havoc for The Pines Twins, Stanley Pines, Standford Pines, basically everyone
-One-shot the Time Baby
-Has made at least a cameo appearance or is pictured in almost every single episode
-Sealed Mabel in a bubble

-Created reality-warping bubbles that caused people to go insane
-Knows everything in the universe
-Outsmarted the likes of Ford Pines, who was supposed to go to the best college in the entire world

-OHKO Time Baby
:icontrident346:Trident346 39 18
CDI Link vs Starbomb Link - PRELUDE
NOTE: Yes, I know. I said it'd be a royale between these two and cartoon Link, but I felt he'd be a bit too OP for this. So....

Lo: Link, the hero of time. One of Nintendo's mascots and possibly the mot dignified one of all of them with so many different versions
Dy: And now let's make his most ridiculous ones fight!
Dy: Link, of the CDI Games
Lo: And Link, of the video game band, Starbomb!
Dy: Which one of these fairly goofy heroes of time will win in a duel to the death?
Lo: We are about to find out!
CDI Link

First Appearance: Link: The Faces of Evil (October 10, 1993)

Occupation: Knight of Hyrule, Youtube Poop Material
Race: Human?
Likes: Bombing Dodongos, Eating, Zelda, Fighting Evil
Lo: While mostly known for Nintendo titles, Link, as well as Mario, have both ventured to a different system
Dy: And while Mario realized how bad
:iconforceofnatureandcorn:ForceOfNatureAndCorn 7 6


Neutral attack Hits the opponent with a long bone. Does a three hit combo.

Dash attack Slams a bone down on the opponent. 

Forward tilt throws a bone slightly forward 

Up tilt Throws a bone slightly upwards 

Down tilt Swings a bone under the opponents feet.

Forward Smash Summons a Gaster Blaster That shoots a powerful laser forward. The longer you charge it the more blasters there are.

Up Smash Same as F-Smash but it shoots upwards.

Down Smash Summons a gaster blaster on both sides of him but only one appears on both sides no matter how long you charge it, when you charge it it’s just stronger.

Neutral Aerial Spins around with a bone

Forward Aerial Swipes in the direction he’s facing with a bone

Back Aerial Throws a bone backwards, works like Villagers sling shot back-aerial.

Up Aerial Two bones appear horizontally and they swipe up.

Down Aerial Throws a bone down horizontally.

Grab Sans Uses his telekinesis to grab the opponent.

Pummel Hits the opponent with a bone

Forward Throw throws the opponent with the telekinesis

Back Throw Sans throws them backwards with the telekinesis

Up Throw Throws the opponent upwards with the telekinesis

Down Throw Slams the opponent down multiple times with the telekinesis

Neutral Special Shoots big bones forward that are summoned vertically. They move until they hit someone.

Side Special Summons a bunch of gaster blasters that shoots in the direction he’s facing, if you hold it you can change the direction they’re facing using the analog stick.

Up Special “Shortcut” Sans Uses the same shortcut he uses to get to grillbys and basically teleports. Use the analog stick to change the direction

Down Special “Blue Mode” If He’s standing right in front of an opponent they’ll turn blue and their jumping will be much worse and they’ll move slower. Once they’re hit too many times it’ll wear off. You have to wait a few minutes before using it again. If you try to use it while it’s recharging he’ll shrug and wink.

Final Smash “Bad Time” Sans Throws a bone forward and if it hits an opponent they’ll be transported to Sans’s boss fight. They’ll all be in a box and will be hit by barrages of Gaster Blaster and Bones. However much damage they take is how far they’ll be launched afterwards.

Side Taunt Sans looks at the screen, shrugs, and winks

Up Taunt Sans plays the trombone.

Down Taunt Sans’s text box shows up and it says “You wanna have a bad time?” While it’s happening Sans looks at the screen shrugging and smiling.
Sans Dunks on the Competition! (Smash Moveset)
I’m gonna start making random smash bros movesets for fun
Y’know I think I’m gonna start making smash bros movesets for fun to commemorate smash ultimate, it’ll be fun.
Dda069e2-1a08-4151-8878-a3cd1eed854c by Tjman461
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Player 1: Sonic
Player 2: Kirby

Let’s Rock?
Alright! <—
Uh, one sec...
Location: Dreamland.

Kirby is seen frolicking through Dreamland enjoying the nice day on the planet. Suddenly, Kirby heard rapid footsteps from afar which he replies to with a question mark above his head. A second later a blue blur smashes into the poor pink puffball, but the blue figure stops and reveals to be Sonic the Hedgehog.

”Woah! Sorry about that little guy I didn’t see you!” Sonic says, not looking for trouble.

“Well anyway I should get going.” Sonic says before starting to run away until he’s stopped by Kirby.

”Poyo!” Kirby says trying to sound threatening since he’s mad that Sonic carelessly ran into him.

”Oh... you wanna fight? Well I’m trying to chase after Eggman right now but I guess I could use a break.” Sonic replies before they both get into a fighting stance.


(60 Seconds)

Sonic doesn’t hesitate and immediately runs at Kirby and kicks him like a soccer ball. Kirby flies a few feet but lands on his feet and runs at Sonic to kick him back. However, Sonic runs around him and rams into him with a spin dash to knock him into a tree. The pink balloon then sees a hammer enemy and sucks them up with his inhale ability. The hammer enemy tries to escape but Kirby is able to suck him up and turn into hammer Kirby.

”What the...” Sonic says in confusion to the fact his adversary just ate someone. Kirby giggles a bit at Sonics confusion before dashing at him. He quickly hits Sonic with the hammer which knocks him into the air a long distance but Sonic regains his balance in the air and hits Kirby with his homing attack.

(50 Seconds)

Sonic rises back into the air due to the impact of the homing attack and uses it again but is met with Kirby’s hammer launching him into the air once again. Sonic realizes he needs to get rid of the hammer ASAP and dashes at Kirby through the air. Kirby gets ready to hit him into the air again but Sonic goes much faster this time and is able to grab the hammer before Kirby can react. Sonic then throws the hammer far away so Kirby can’t use it. Kirby looks around for another enemy he can suck up and sees a fire enemy. Kirby quickly eats the enemy and becomes fire Kirby. Just then, a red wisp is seen flying around and Sonic jumps towards it.

”Looks like it’s time to fight fire with fire!” Sonic quips, laughing at his own joke. Sonic quickly grabs the wisp and gains it’s power.

(40 Seconds)

Kirby shoots fire at the Hedgehog but Sonic flies though it with ease and smashes into Kirby multiple times but Kirby is immune to fire in this form so it doesn’t do very much. Kirby decides to use a different tactic and proceeds to jump at Sonic and punch him hard which knocks the wisp out of him. Kirby then shoots fire at Sonic but he’s able to run around it with ease.

”You’re too slow!” Sonic taunts before spin dashing at Kirby again which makes him fly into the air a bit so Sonic follows up with a kick that knocks Kirby to the ground. Due to the damage Kirby loses his fire power so to keep up with Sonic he gets out a phone and calls in his Warp Star. Kirby’s Warp Star quickly comes in and Kirby rams into Sonic with it. Sonic fights back by using his homing attack, they clash over and over for a bit until Kirby gets the upper hand and punches Sonic to the ground.

(30 Seconds)

Kirby flies down to the ground and starts moving back and forth into Sonic with the Warp Star. Sonic waits for Kirby to go towards him again and begins to do a homing attack and manages to knock Kirby off of the Warp Star. Sonic continues by kicking Kirby to the ground and dashing back and forth to hurt him. Kirby finally punches Sonic, knocking him backward and suddenly a sword enemy appears which Kirby eats, giving him a sword. Kirby runs at Sonic and starts slashing him with the sword many times. Kirby pours some energy into the sword, turning it into the Ultra Sword. He starts to slash Sonic around many times and does one last slash down which knocks Sonic to the ground. He struggles to get up because he’s bruised and bloody at this point. Kirby starts to run at him with the sword once again but he kicks the sword out of Kirby’s hand making it fly far away.

(20 Seconds) 

Kirby then grabs Sonic and starts punching him multiple times, injuring him more and causing blood to fly out of him. Sonic uses the rest of his strength to break free and gets surrounded by chaos emeralds.

”Now I’ll show you!” Sonic yells before turning into Super Sonic. He picks Kirby up and slams him into the ground and dashes back and forth to hit Kirby over and over. Each hit causes immense pain on Kirby and he’s barely able to keep up with his opponents new speed. Kirby calls in his Warp Star once again and eats it to get the Star Rod. Super Sonic gets ready to punch Kirby but he shoots Super Sonic with the Star Rod doing a surprising amount of damage. Kirby shoots at Super Sonic with it multiple times while Super Sonic does his best to ram into Kirby.

(10 Seconds)

“Time to end this!” Sonic yells and proceeds to pick Kirby up and throw the Star Rod far away. Super Sonic flies into the air higher and higher until him and Kirby are in space. Super Sonic then starts flying back to the ground with Kirby on the bottom, hoping to smash Kirby into the planet.

(5 Seconds)

The two continue to plummet towards the ground and they trade blows as they fall.

(4 Seconds)

Super Sonic and Kirby try to switch who is on the bottom so the other can survive the fall.

(3 Seconds)

Kirby is able to grab Super Sonic and throw him down.

(2 Seconds)

However Super Sonic flies back at Kirby and starts dashing as quickly as he can towards the planet.

(1 Second)

Kirby attempts to break free but Super Sonic’s grip is too strong and they both crash into the planet, with Kirby taking the damage due to being on bottom. This causes a massive explosion.


Sonic is now back to normal and looks at Kirby who is now knocked out cold.

”Well, sorry it had to end that way pal.” Sonic apologizes before running away to find Eggman.
Ed848fc5-b50c-42b8-be61-e4ec7c7af733 by Tjman461
So since this year is coming to a close, what do you think my best Death Battle is overall and what my best OMM is?
Stephen Hillenburg is gone... My fucking childhood...


United States
Hi I’m basically here to make Death Battles and I’ve made many Death Battles before on Death Battle Fanon Wiki. Here’s my profile which had my fights if you wanna see.…


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