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kill a god



a scene from my novel
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I know this piece, and many of your creations, have been posted for quite some time, yet I wanted to tell you that I love everything you have done, they are all beautiful, and your attention to each little detail is amazing, and brings out the every changing focus of your pieces, especially in this one, but you bring that level of passion and talent to every picture, and it is beyond phenomenal.

This picture in particular, intrigued me immensely. The death of a God in itself, is remarkable, and to just think of what it might take to actually "Kill a God" is unique in itself, but to see through your eyes, and talent to actually experience the aftermath, is breathtaking, especially if the character on the beautiful Phoenix was the one who achieved such a feat. I would love to know the idea of this extremely beautiful creation.

I have to say that you are extremely talented, and I hope you have kept up with this passionate work through the years, I would hate for you not to have continued with your passion, yet I know how real life can stop us from doing those things that we are passionate about, and are very talented at doing.

All I can say, truly, especially if you have not shared your creations elsewhere, thank you for sharing your works here at least. Yet if you have any other places you have shared your talent, can you please, let me know of those places, especially anything of yours that is newer than this beautiful piece of art?