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Ghost sea huge devil

Water colossus

The Ghost sea was always famous for its dangerous.but the economic value it contains was also the hot theme in adventurers' talk.Although the people returned from the sea is much less than the people who had go out, there always have a lot of adventurers whose heads were rushed by hot blood want to tast the dangerous water, hunt the monster for their magic core,gather the eyes of young girls and become a hero in the story of the poet.As the veteran's veteran, elite of the elite in sailing,Tesdylou mercenaries group is always the main character in the story. Although it's lower members keeps changing forever,But as long as the colonel and the water and wind archmages alive,Tesdylou will never lack of money and passion .However,this time their's good luck in past twenty years has run out!This is not the huge winds and waves,the much bigger waves would be stoped in front of the archmages.This is not a ordinary monster, the much stronger monster could be defeated by the naga colonel. This is a existence they never thought, and never encounter.They can only to pray ,Pray the huge devil despises the ship which carried their honor and history .
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So detailed!I love it!I like your style,looks really interesting.
Good luck!:D
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I am very sorry for reply late. just thanks very much for your comment! :D
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it's ok,you're welcome!:)
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Awesome, love both the concept and the illustration!
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very thanks to you!
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This is really awesome dude. Keep it up.
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thanks very much!
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very nice work!
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Wow I think this has a lot of chances to win. And I really mean it. The design is original and it's perfectly executed. The water looks gorgeous, and the scales too. Maybe I would have worked a bit more on the sails...but then again, they're just sails.
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thanks very much !
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Terrific piece of work! Wonderful details and hues.
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thanks very much
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Wow.. This is.. Epic.. *-*
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thanks a lot!
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