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Fleeting Butterflies
Your easy laughter,
Your sparkling eyes,
How I foolishly wish you were here,
But dreams are fleeting like butterflies,
I’d play a song for you,
I’d show you who I am,
But my scars are still bleeding, still new,
And this dream? What is it but a sham?
I’d give you a rainbow,
I’d give you the pot of gold too,
But the truth is that I know,
I’m just being foolish for you,
Your easy laughter,
Your sparkling eyes,
Oh how I really wish you are here,
You are my dream; dreams are fleeting like butterflies.
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 2
Mature content
A Night's Promise :icontjk911:TJK911 0 0
Running Away
Stop telling me it's going to be okay,
Nothing's going to make me stay,
Try to understand why I say what I say,
When I say I'm running away,
I'm leaving this place,
And the past that I can't erase,
Please give me one last embrace,
Before I run away in disgrace,
Please don't tell me I should stay,
I've led everything into disarray,
Trust me, trust me when I say,
I'll be back some day...
:icontjk911:TJK911 3 5
Your Beautiful Smile
We kissed beneath the stars,
And lay bathed by the moonlight,
You brushed away all my scars,
And made everything alright,
Eyes that reflected the truth,
Words that promised forever,
You’re more than I can afford to lose,
Please don’t go, stay here,
Lie down with me,
Just for another short while,
I see life’s true beauty,
Each and every time you smile.
:icontjk911:TJK911 4 7
And so he fell
This boy just wanted to play,
But somewhere along the way,
Fate had something better to say,
“You’ll care for her, each and every day”,
So he looked at her curiously,
And at that moment was struck silly,
He fell in love, and loved her dearly,
And his past became history,
And so for the first time,
He truly fell in love,
An emotion simple yet sublime,
With her, he fell in love</b>…
:icontjk911:TJK911 4 4
Mature content
In My Arms :icontjk911:TJK911 4 14
You're My 'Air Supply'
Please don't lie,
When you avoid my eye,
It makes me want to cry,
Please don't let the conversation die,
When you end so quickly with a bye,
It makes me want to cry,
There's a reason you don't reply,
But my imagination isn't my ally,
It makes me want to cry,
To find out what you imply,
Without getting you awry,
Please don't say goodbye,
Don't put a wall between us,
Because there's nothing worse,
But I'm probably overreacting,
Just telling you I'm here for you, for everything.
:icontjk911:TJK911 1 4
The Sky Wasn't Candy
What oh what is that big blue thing?
Covering hovering over this beautiful spring,
With fluffy white puffy cottons in it,
It's so pretty is it something I can eat?
What could it be that rumbling sound?!
And where oh where would is it bound?!
From afar I see the hulking abyss,
Coming surrounded with a black vengeful mist,
Together they clashed the demon and angel,
But it was one-sided, there was simply no battle,
Everything beautiful was devoured,
And on it went, the demon empowered.
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 1
Richard Cory's Death
I am at peace,
For death is my release,
An end to past, present and future,
I am simply, here,
In life I put on a facade,
The dream in everyone's heart,
In life I seem noble and polite,
But they know not the insecurities I hide,
Never satisfied with all that I have,
That's what eventually led to my death,
The same will go to people that looked at me,
And said among themselves "He's got everything, you see?"
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 1
Predisposed, But Don't
Predisposed to forget the good parts,
Every time we hurt each other's hearts,
Don't; please my dear try to remember,
The laughs and comforts, not just these tears,
Predisposed to trust a photograph,
To portray your sweet beautiful laugh,
Don't; I don't believe it ever will,
Your beauty is just so surreal,
Predisposed to fall to my weakness,
It hurts me that you're forced to bear witness,
Don't; please don't turn away from me,
There's so much more that we can be...
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 2
Emotional Constipation
Frustration boiled within him as he fervently tried to write something worth reading. His fingers would fly across the surface of his laptop and the words would form, but each time he would delete them a moment later. Dissatisfaction with his own work. At times like these he couldn't help but to doubt that perhaps Journalism really isn't his line of work. But then again, he has already lost so many certainties in his life he doubts that he can handle a sudden change in this. A boat without an anchor is what he would turn into. With that in mind he brushed off his insecurities. With that in mind he tried to write again.
He couldn't understand which of it was lacking. Was it passion? Or was it skill? Is it the fact that his English skills simply isn't good enough that is holding it back? Or is it because he isn't passionate enough, he isn't feeling enough, that is holding him back?
It hurts when he feels. It hurts when he fails to feel. It hurts all the time in short. The only thing he c
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 1
Just Another Silly Poem
Easily hurt,
Hardly fine,
With death I flirt,
Ignoring passing time,
Bitterly done,
Sweet sorrow,
Life line gone,
But here comes tomorrow,
Bleakly ignorant,
Vividly pushed out,
Never forgotten,
Just too left out.
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 2
Devil At My Door
The devil's at my door tonight,
Walk away before I turn everything into a fight,
It's not a dream not a nightmare not a threat,
Come a little closer I'll show you it's a fact,
I've unlocked the cages and unbarred the doors,
Let the demons roam and wage war,
Against the fragile sanity of my mind,
The gatekeeper's given up, he resigns,
I'm embracing the fury red insanity,
Sanity was but a myth and a fantasy,
Tomorrow I may hold my demons at bay,
But as the Devil greets me, not today.
:icontjk911:TJK911 0 2


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New eyes
Take a breath dear one,
thinking of sweet things.
Your eyes slowly close,
while butterflies jump into your dreams.
And when you open your eyes,
the music that begins to play,
is saying goodbye
to the innocent love you seek,
in the land of hope and loss
lullaby dreams will speak.
:iconkupkake-army:kupkake-army 3 6
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Teoh Jun-Kai
Artist | Literature
Current Residence: Malaysia
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Alternative
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic 160GB
Wallpaper of choice: Time Flow by Vladstudios
Personal Quote: I'm not a stranger, just a friend you haven't met
I've got to get myself into DA-action. Really. Have had this account for a short while now but I rarely update or do anything, even though I am surfing DA much more these days.

I am still really unfamiliar with the site. Lol. But each time I come here I get wow-ed away by all the great work by all these artists around. Sadly for me, I'm not familiar so I rarely remember to favourite them, but I am doing that more to show them I appreciate their work.

Oh, before I sign off, I'm not really doing all that (points below) at the same time. Lol.

OH! One more thing! This band here rocks and needs your support!
  • Listening to: Running Away by Midnight Hour
  • Reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
  • Watching: Ghost Whisperer
  • Playing: S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky
  • Eating: Yogurt!
  • Drinking: Coffee


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