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Jennifer and Theresa had only met in college but became fast friends since discovering that they lived two floors apart in the same dorm building and also shared the same discussion section for their general studies class. They'd been roughly inseparable since, spending most of their freshman year together and absolutely no one was surprised when they decided to move in with each other the following school year. They were a perfect pair: Jennifer was by a white girl from the Portland suburbs with cute, mousey features and a budding sense of independence evident in the streaks of green in her dark brown curls while Theresa was Filipino-American, a Biology major with wild eyes and long sunburn hair, still learning to balance business and pleasure.
The prefect pair. Until they weren't anymore.
Sophomore year had been … rocky and the two had quickly found out that friendship and cohabitation very different endeavors. Everything had been a struggle: an appropriate bedtime, who was sup
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I think there is something interesting going on here, the two fighters are quite contrasting and this makes the picture stand out for m...


05 Irina v Stevie
Irina had dominated the early stages of the fight - she'd been faster to the punch that Stevie and  it had looked like it was going to be a quick win for her. But Stevie, who had taken some blows in these early stages, managed to get a solid punch to the head which left irina open to a volley of punches culminating with a wicked right fist aimed very low to Irina's belly. The belt rule, such that it was with such low cut shorts, made this a very debilitating punch. Io Stevie's satisfaction Irina's let out an agonised groan as pain swept through her.

Would she go down?


Les Miller
United Kingdom
I've been away from Deviant art for about a month, but, am now getting back into the swing of things.. I always like it when I can start a new project and now that Leanne v Anneko is well and truly finished, and Leanne is being carried off into the sunset (so to speak),  and to whatever fate you want to imagine! I think Akina and Emma still have some mileage, I promised to re-visit this fight which is rather more 'no holds barred' so perhaps has more potential..  

So future postings will definitely have at least a few more Akina and Emma, any suggestions on where this fight might go would be greatfully received, as would sugestions for the next fight.. I'm working on new characters, slightly meatier than Leanne and Anneko, but, would you like to see some of the existing ones return to the ring? ANd, any favourite scenarios you like to see?



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MerlinKing Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've just finished reading the 2 parts of your Debbie's Topless Boxing fights.  It is really an excellent story and has left me wanting more!  Many thanks!
I see you completed them some years ago, so I presume that you decided not to write a 3rd and 4th instalment at that time.  Do you intend to continue the story at all or have left that one behind?
tj-lesnig Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018
Hi Merlin

Many thanks for the interest, I'm glad you like the Debbie stories as I think I learn't a lot from writing those.

I've definitely not left them behind, the delay in writing (and even posting images) was due to a pretty busy work life for the last 4-5 years...  Thankfully I've recently changed jobs so am working more normal hours now and trying to catch up on all the projects I'd wanted to do

I've written parts 3, 4 and 5 - so far as a single story but I think this will benefit from splitting into at least two parts..  I also became distracted with two other stories  so essentially I have about 3 mostly finished stories that just need a final bit of polishing and editing.  I'll make at least a cover image for each one as well, but I was thinking of illustrating the stories with more images...  Historically I seem to have written stories - with next to no imagery - and images, with next to no story!

Of the other two stories - one is a novice fight  over unlimited rounds- The first time they've fought more than 3 rounds before, wearing much lower cut shorts than they've worn before, without breast protectors for the first time and using lighter weight gloves - this sounds derivative of the Debbie idea - but this is in a totally different style. Debbie was first person, this story is told from both fighters perspective, the mistakes they make as they adapt to the new conditions, the painful lessons they learn and what happens when two fighters are so evenly matched that neither can finish the other off. (well one does eventually)..  This story isn't as long as it sounds so will be a single story

The 2nd story might not be be one that can be posted here...  it is a much requested sequel to an older story (Sam v Julie) . A fighter retires to have a child but some months after she's given birth she is tricked into a grudge match against a rival. The rival isn't as good a fighter, but our heroine has a distinct disadvantage which is cruelly taken advantage off...  The winner is?  Actually, I have the last part to finish but I know where it is going. This will end up as probably 3 parts with part 1 definitely finished, part 2 more or less completely and part 3 I've just started.  

I'll hopefully post the Debbie stories, certainly fights 3 and 4 as a single story, in the reasonably near future. I want to add some images first. the final fight in her first 5 fight series is also finished in rough but needs a few re-reads and fine tuning. Then it's a case of what happens to Debbie next! I've set the scene for a continuation but haven't fleshed out how or what that will be in any detail.  

Other stories of mine are in a yahoo group -…. I'm sure some could be posted here so will look at that but some are probably not suitable. I know the limits with imagery, but I need to read up on what is/isn't allowed with text.

Best regards

MerlinKing Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hi tj,


I am really pleased to hear that you are planning to post more boxing stories.  I really enjoyed the two parts of the Debbie story and was hoping that you might do some more.  I particularly liked the first person narrative that you used, which I thought was very effective.  I have applied to join the Kandibox Yahoo group and look forward to reading the stories you have posted there.


You are right to be cautious about running foul of DA’s policies on content.  I recently had some of my pictures removed and it wasn’t completely clear why some of them had offended the rules more than others that have been left alone.  Here is a link to the relevant page on DA about their policy in this area, if you haven't been able to locate them already:…


Would you be happy for me to continue any conversation about your stories, etc via the notes?




QDWF Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
Hi! Thanks for the watch! XD
abelundercity Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for Watching by abelundercity  and for faving 

Mature Content

Down for the Count by abelundercity
georgemcfly818 Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for watching!!
EM-Farrow Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
ChosenMii Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Helloooooooooooo!! I love your sheer force; in other words, I love your literature and characters. I'm a fan of female fighting and boxing; do you do roleplays? I'd love to fight one of your OCs in a fist-fight. ;)
tj-lesnig Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017
Hi, glad you like my stories and characters, I'm hoping to have a new Debbie story up soon (well in a few weeks) and I should be able to start posting images again in the near future.  Working away a lot over the last 12 months has meant I've only been able to post a couple of times, but, I have been working on some images and stories in the background so these will soon start to come out.

In terms of roleplay. Never done that and I doubt I'd have the time to do it justice just now. But in the future, if time allows, I'll certainly consider giving roleplay a go.

ChosenMii Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Note me when that time comes! :D
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