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Welcome to the TJ & Amal Club!

This is the story of two dudes who drive from Berkeley to Providence, sleep in seedy hotels, smoke too much weed, get kicked out of a goodwill, eat terrible chinese food, sleep in seedy motels, get kicked out of goodwill, contemplate fate versus chance, piss into the sunset, start a brawl in waffle house, and fall in love.

TJ & Amal (aka; <Epic) is a comic project and now published graphic novel by E.K. Weaver (bigbigtruck). The story is updated in a serialized fashion online or you can purchase the first volume in graphic novel form (along with many other goodies) here. Volume Two is slated for a September 2012 release!

TJ & Amal have gained many fans throughout Deviantart and other art communities, and this club is dedicated to their story. Let's spread the love folks!

:bulletblack: TJ & Amal Website (Updates Tuesdays)

:bulletyellow: Big Big Truck @ Tumblr
:bulletblue: E.K. @ Livejournal
:bulletyellow: TJ & Amal @ Twitter
:bulletblue: TJ & Amal @ :new:
:bulletyellow: TJ & Amal @ Formspring

Fan Communities...
:bulletblue: TJ & Amal Club @ Y!Gal (18+)
:bulletyellow: TJ & Amal Facebook Group
:bulletblue: TJ & Amal Facebook Fan Page :new:

And just because...
:bulletblack: TJ & Amal @ TV Tropes






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Ashen-Phoenix Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was so bummed to find out about Whisper Grass and its stupidly cheap price, only to see it sold out before I could get a copy. :cry:

I hope there'll be a re-printing someday. :fingerscrossed:
DarkChibiShadow Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
EK has said there will absolutely NOT be a re-printing- so your best chance is to find somebody re-selling it or to find EK at a con where she's selling it!

(I got myself a copy tho!)
otterguy10 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
Just stopped by to say I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you get well soon.
DarkChibiShadow Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This is not run by EK (The author of TJ+Amal)!
Her DA is here: [link]
Spooky-Yuki Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
Heh heh heh heh! My cosplay of Tj has 69 comments LOL... =D
Oh my, your comic is amazing. It is so real in terms of characters and plot. Gotta love it all.
DarkChibiShadow Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
It's not our comic it's :iconbigbigtruck:'s!

So go tell her how amazing it is!!
powerful-pineapple Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012   Artist
I love this comic and watching ek's KITTONmobbed livestreams. I'm awesomemvs on and firework-comic on tumblr!
colorsoftuesday Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011
I'm just gonna stop by and recommend this here amazing ficlet [link] (it's second from the bottom)
coldfire323 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Hm.. I've always had a question about this one part of the webcomic and I figured someone on here might know. When TJ talks about the first time he gave head ("transitive properties of beef"), I didn't really...get the dialog. And was Amal shocked because he didn't know TJ was into men..? I figured I'd let it go but it was referenced in a recent update and got me curious all over again.
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