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X-men Everlasting-Catwrench
It was dead in the night when I woke up, Naomi tugging on my sleeve, looking much like a worried animal. Shaking and scared.
"What?" I asked her drowsily glaring at her before checking the clock; it was one twenty three in the morning.
"They're gone" She whispered her voice cracking.
"Who?" I asked sitting up and rubbing sleep from my eyes
"Everyone" Naomi whispered, looking much like a frightened cat. I leapt to my feet.
"Everyone?" I asked confused, she nodded
"Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Summers, Xavier, the man with the cold blue eyes, the one with the
wings, and all the others, there gone" She said distressed shaking still. Worried.
"Come on" I growled creeping from my room and downstairs, she followed me closely as we went into the living room looking around carefully, tensed, I wasn't taking any chances.
Together we started checking the obvious places, kitchen living room then eventually bedrooms. Naomi was right; there was no sign of life.
"What are we going to do?" She asked her voice s
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Gryfin by Tizzy324 Gryfin :icontizzy324:Tizzy324 0 6 Inconspicuous Night :3 by Tizzy324 Inconspicuous Night :3 :icontizzy324:Tizzy324 3 7 Maggie by Tizzy324 Maggie :icontizzy324:Tizzy324 0 5
X-men Everlasting-Kurts Schatz
I crouched in Xaviers office, for once ready to take Logan to the top of the Eiffel tower and drop him, just to see if he'd live. With his abilities he most likely would.
I felt as if I had taken the Blackbird without permission, sitting in that chair, again. Logan stood, claws sheathed, but he had been unusually level headed about the whole situation.
Logan..." Xavier said scoldingly
"They did fine Chuck, neither of them woulda got hurt" He grunted angerly
"It vas still irrizponzable!" I snapped back unable to held back my anger any longer "You cannot shust allow zomeone elzez kinder to run vild in a death trap!" I hissed at him whirling around and bounceing up to balance on the rim of the chair glareing at my friend.
"Both of you, calm down!" Xavier said tencly. I had never heard him yell before and honestly didn't want to. I sat back down in the chair, wriggleing around to face Xavier.
"This is whats going to happen, Kurts right in his own way Logan, you had no right to take control
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X-men Everlasting- Danger Room
The light was different then the ones around the people here. It flashed a bright red color, again and again. It hurt my eyes. But Devon didn't seem to be worried about those, he seemed to be worried about the things sticking out of the walls.
"Naomi, were gonna have-" I never heard what he said because the things pokeing out of the wall were now shooting at us! I had been shot at before but never with that many weapons at the same time! We leaped away from each other, cartwheeling away, tail tucked between my legs.
I foucused on one of the guns and closed my eyes enviosioning myself there, suddenly I was standing on the gun. I balanced on my hands and lashed my tail in a downward ark, it slammed into the gun makeing it crunch in on itself.
"Naomi!" Devon barked and I felt as if I should duck, so I did. Something loud sounded over my head and I looked up at the giant hammer that had almost taken my head off. I leapt to the ground, turning to bare my teeth at it. Hearing shots fireing t
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X-men Everlasting-Devon
I follwed Xavier closely, head dipped slightly between my shoulders, tails flicking, keeping me balanced.
"Devon,  bet you'd really like a bath wouldn't you?" Xavier asked and I sighed
"That sounds so good right now" I told him takeing the few steps that brought me side by side with him.
"Good, but first I want you to meet someone" He explained and I nodded, after a few more seconds of walking we came to a door, the window in the front was tinted, but betrayed two people's shodows inside. Xavier opened the door.
He went in first then slowly I followed him, meeting the eyes of a girl with a very swollen stomach and the fuzzy blue man that had reached into Naomi's crate. I wanted to lash out at him, rip him apart.
Naomi had felt threatened and had managed to protect herself on her own though, so there was no need to lash out at him.
"Devon, this is Kitty Pride..." Xavier said gestureing to the girl with the swollen stomach, brunette hair tied back into a ponytail. She smiled up
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X-men Everlasting-One Down
I was sitting beside Jean in the infermery. Feeling like an idiot for beleiveing my little girl might not have been changed in the last six years.
"I am zo zorry," I apoligised again
"Kurt, its shallow, im fine" She told me for the hundreth time, growing aggrivated "I shouldn't have tried to brush the hair out of her face, im not even sure she noticed it dangleing in her way"
"Ja," I whispered looking at the ground.
"Kurt, go back down, its not like there going to go anywhere, and your just going to keep mopeing if your up here, go check on Devon" Beast said as he passed Jean the first aid kit. I sighed and nodded, teleporting to the 'mental ward'.
"Ah! Kurt Watch it!" Kitty said glareing at me where she was sitting in the swivel chair
I had imagined teleporting to the back of.
"Keety? Arn't you zupposed-" She cut me off
"To be relaxing and waiting for this turd?" She asked rubbing her swollen belly "Bobby kept makeing whale noises to her, I had to get away somehow, and I wanted to see
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X-men Everlasting-Scared+Alone
I woke up slowly, all I could see was white, clean crisp white. No blazeing colors burning my eyes, no people tugging at me or trying to touch me. nothing. I slowly sat up and looked around.
Thats when I realized something, I was right, there was no one in that padded white room. Devon. I shrieked to the sky, if the people had hurt him I would kill them. I leaped to my feet, pressing against the walls one thing on my mind. Get to Devon.
Door, door, door, door, door, door where was the damn door! Finally I found it and tried to rip into it tug it and push it but it wouldn't budge.
I slammed into it viciously, again and again, I just had to get to Devon. Those evil people were keeping us apart so we couldn't escape.
After hours of trying,  was exhausted, alone and hadn't made any progress. I crept into the corber furthest from the door and curled up in it, my tail makeing it difficult, the spikes sticking streight up.
I foucused on everything in the room, one at a time. Bed. Do
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X-men Everlasting- Secrets
As soon as Rouge and I had teleported to the Jet she grabbed a bandage from the first aid kit and then grabbed at my arm, wrapping it quickly. I was to shocked. I thought he was dead.
He wasn't breathing when I first saw him, not at all, Mystic had to take him to the other room, so Wanda could foucus on Naomi. Mystic had said she'd taken care of his body, but had she really gotten him to breath and taken him for herself?
"Kurt, Kurt come on now snap outta it!" Rouge said her southern accent cutting into the hundreds of questions I had.
"Rouge, He vas alive, he vasn't dead" I explained
"What in the heck are yah talkin bout Kurt?" She asked rolling her eyes, she hadn't been in the room when i'd told the others. Neither had Logan. I sighed.
"Naomi vas the second born! Not ze first, zat boy vas..ach iz her twin brother" I explained not sure how to react to the fact that he wasn't dead.
"What?!" Rouge asked confused I nodded vigorously.
"We had thought he died as Vanda gave birth, he vasn't
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X-men Everlasting- New Naomi
Who was this strange man in front of me, trying to touch me? I had no idea, but none dared touch me unless they had that button in there hand. No-one. I bit down hard drawing blood then released him scittering to the back of the crate and hissed at him.
Devon hearing the commotion rose up on his haunches as well, hissing and spitting violently at the stranger as he also backed up into the corner of his crate. My eyes narrowed on them, I don't know why, but there was something familer about them.
I didn't care, he had touched me. The man gasped as he tugged his hand out cradleing it.
"Naomi...?" He asked me, how did he know my name? Little basterd I thought and hissed at him more violently, my tail already spiked up badly. A girl stepped forward, her long ruby hair swishing around. The man I had bitten was looking at me, pain in his eyes as he stepped carefully back.
The woman looked down at me, suddenly I felt something in my head. Immediatly I shrieked and started clawing at my head,
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X-men Everlasting-Surpirse
I crouched in the danger room, going through the movements, not really careing if I got tapped out or not, everything was useless now. Nothing was worth living for.
"Elf your not even trying!" Logan snarled at me as I sloppily dodged one of the claws, reaching out for me. I didn't say a thing. Not a single word. Why should I? We hadn't found Naomi and everyone except me had givin up.
We wern't going to find her. Ever. I felt a claw wrap around me and let it.
"Vell, im out" I said flatly and though we had another hour to practice, the danger room shut down. All of us, were compleatly confused, looking up into the danger room control center, Jean's little one, Arnold, about seven years old had pressed the override button.
"Arny! were training here kid!" Logan growled up at the small boy. Arny grabbed the microphone.
"Mom says she needs Mr. Wagner, In Cerebro" He said a little nervously, I didn't blame him, I hadn't exactly been open to others, the other day I had over heard Bobby calling
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Mature content
X-Men Everlasting- + Six Years :icontizzy324:Tizzy324 0 4
X-men Everlasting-Missing
"I have to!" I yelled at them trying to tug the tube in my nose out ready to port as soon as I was clear of the machine.
"Kurt, you can't you can barley move!" Scott argued I glared at him.
"Do you have a child, Scott?" I asked
"Yeah but he's only a bab-" I cut him off there was no way I was going to listen to the sheer heartlessness.
"Imagine him scared alone cold and hungry with nothing to do and no one to turn to!" I hissed at him finally tugging the tube free and grasping at a cane at the side of my bed.
"Kurt, stay down" Logan growled at the other side of the room. Slowly carefully I stood, immediatly a lashing pain ran through my spine. I felt my tail struggle to balance me. It was nearly impossable. Scott pressed my shoulder lightly and I fell back to the bed.
"Hey! Lassen mir auf, Let me up!" I hissed at them tail lashing.
"No, Elf, stay down" Logan grumbled
"Hate to say it Kurt, but Logans right, Jean's looking for her and every X-men that can be spared is searching, we'll fin
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X-men Everlasting- Mistake
Lily flew us over the traps the other X-men had set up on the lawn setting us safely on the other side of the entrance. First me then Ben.
As I waited I listened for Logan or Jean,  to come out into the yard to get us. But no-one did. Soon all three of us were saftly on the other side of the fence.
We didn't say a word, we knew the plan, go to the park. We were going to the park at night, when the grown ups were asleep. It felt, exciting, to break a rule, I had always followed rules and never even thought of breaking them unless I had to.
Now we were because we wanted to.
I had never been outside without people cringeing before, I just hadn't. It was a cool quiet night, my heart fluttering in my chest. Ice tricked threw my viens, something wasn't right.
We walked down the street and carefully over to the park. Everything was silent.
"Ben?" I whispered "Why are we here?" i asked
"It looks cooler at night" He said, as if it was obvious, it was obvious to me that I was scared. D
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X-Men Everlasting-Break Out
"Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, lettuce, mayo, tomatos...anything else?" Jean asked curiously, looking at my sandwhich as if it was strange, I shook my head slowly, not remembering anything else daddy had placed on his special sandwhichs.
She passed the sandwhich to me and I devoured it as quickly as I could, all the flavors blending together. I hadn't noticed how hungry I was in the last few days. As I licked the peanut butter from my fingers a little boy walked into the kitchen.
"Mrs. Summers can I..oh-" He said looking at me and flinching, looking me up and down, I knew that look, the look before someone said something about my fur or hair or tail.
"Don't bother, i've heard the insults before" I grumbled turning my back to him. Jean sighed.
"Ben this is Naomi, Naomi, Ben, now Benny what do yah need?" Jean asked the little boy, I turned to look at him again, his brown hair was thick and flopped over his head a bit, green eyes wide.
"Um, I was wondering if I could go outside
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United States
Yeah, Im five foot ten inches with shoulder length (i cut it ) blonde hair and "ocean" blue eyes. Im nearly always hungry but my Metabolism is fast so it seems like i dont gain a thing. I walk on the pads of my feet (unless im wearing shoes) and am addicted to Burger King Whoppers (YUM!). When im bored i walk out in a pasture near my house and thing up different charciters and scenerios with them, there actually kind of funny!

Current Residence: Charles Xaviers School for Gifted Children :P
Favourite genre of music: Rock and a very few rap and country
Favourite style of art: Cute lil Chibis!!!
Favourite cartoon character: nightcrawler (any and all styles)
Personal Quote: "In the darkness there may not seem to be a light, but maybe, your eyes are closed
After a pretty tedious family issues im back and working on photoshop right now I really missed ALL of you so very much. I'm glad to be back guys. <3 :3


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