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My Angel of Death Vega costume!

I wanted to not only capture his grace & beauty but also that arrogance like he thinks he's God's gift (but we know he is XD)

Probably the most difficult piece I've ever drawn T_T

Costume design and description here >>

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He needed to look like this when he caught chun li in her shower...

Oh wow! The most amazing image of my favorite narcissist.

TixieLix's avatar

Thank you! Glad you like it ^^

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Omg He is so sexy

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SebastiansSire's avatar

Make an appearance check. Make a pose check. Be deadly check. Most importantly, look sexy mission accomplished.

V-AIZEN's avatar

Outstanding!!! 🤩🤩🤩

Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar

This is so grand, so glorious, so beautiful! :love:

TixieLix's avatar

Thank you very much!!

PinkLars's avatar

As a Vega player, it would be disgraceful of me to not Fave this epic depiction.

TixieLix's avatar

aww thank you very much!!

Ashyndrala's avatar

I've got no words. Just epic! You've captured his character very well!

TixieLix's avatar

Thanks so much!!

UV-blue's avatar

He's really beautiful and perfect

TixieLix's avatar

aww thank you!! :3

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Vega is once again very well-made and detailed. I like the Shadaloo emblem on the fist of his claw.

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AngelsModz's avatar

Someone asked me to make this for SFV actually now that I see it in this art I may actually wan to make this happen. HMMMMM

TixieLix's avatar

OooHH! Can you please show me if you do? I'd so love to see that happen :D

AngelsModz's avatar

Wait a second, was it you who asked me to do it??

TixieLix's avatar

I wasn't me - someone else requested it ^^ (I gave permission for whoever wants to try)

AngelsModz's avatar

If someone does request the commission, you got it, I will definitly show you my friend. I draw as well so I'll have to draw the texture on the pants all over again, so I was like oh heck that's gonna take forever lol. Great job on the artwork.

TixieLix's avatar

Thanks! I look forward to it if you do! If the time comes and if it will help, I can send you the pattern design already drawn :)

AngelsModz's avatar

That would actually help tremendously I wanted to ask but then I wasnt sure.

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