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Ken vs Vega... again...

By TixieLix
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Again, my partner and I as our SF characters (I'm Vega). This time, we didn't have our usual SSF4 fight night coz the xbox wasn't around. All we had was a really old playstation with Alpha 3 on it. So my partner gives me the semi broken controller (yeah thanks), and I was of course struggling at first. Gradually, I learnt to compensate for it (plus survived several sabotage attempts) and as I was about to overtake his wins total, he pulled the plug on the game O_o

This comic was done with reference to a previous piece and is a TRUE STORY (except, I didn't smash my partner in the end over what he did :P )

Click to enlarge if not already - enjoy!

UPDATE: I had a rematch of sorts the night after I posted this. My brain was so blocked coz Vega copped such a beating from my partner's Ken (1 to 5 wins ratio to be exact.) He then had me unlocking characters on the original sf4 he just installed on his computer XD Vega became Ken's biatch!
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Ken, you are so smug...
JRoqqs25's avatar
Oh god my stomach's aching on this. XD
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How fights against Vega usually go.
PokemonMaster555's avatar
Uh, Ken? Behind you! :O
TixieLix's avatar
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this is so funny, ken's hilarious
TixieLix's avatar
Thanks :D  Glad you enjoyed it!
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Ken....Behind you...
TixieLix's avatar
Sshhhh!!! Haha XD
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:rofl:  This is hilarious! 
TixieLix's avatar
Thanks again XD Glad you like it!
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The way he rolled his eyes!!!!!
CX Wonderful job!!!!
I can't stop looking at this!
TixieLix's avatar
Haha thanks again XD
Solarablaze2's avatar
LOVE how you make their personalities seem fun!
TixieLix's avatar
Thanks again ^^
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Vega, i wish u could stahp cheating >:U
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Vega's claws might get some of Ken's blood.
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I knew Ken was a bad loser. ^^

That's the reason why I love this comic :)
TixieLix's avatar
haha thank you XD  Glad someone else besides me can relate hehehe
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