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Draw This Again: Bison Alt Cammy



The first time I tried drawing this alt was also around the time I started drawing digitally.  It wasn't like I couldn't draw but going from traditional mediums to the tablet and figuring out Photoshop was like having to learn from scratch all over again.  On top of that, I hadn't really developed my own style(s) then so it was like yeah... I didn't know what I was doing ಠ_ಠ 

Couldn't even line work let alone shade properly - later, I figured I couldn't just use the standard brushes and had to create my own to resemble the textures I was used to with real brushes.  For some reason, tutorials only ever did so much for me - maybe it's because a lot of them were showing you how to create in someone elses' styles and I was focused on finding my own.  Learning was mostly looking at the art others created and just dissecting and analyzing them in my mind to figure out what makes them great and then trying to apply it in my work.  That's the thing with being self-taught I guess... learning things the hard way.

Also, I grew up heavily influenced by anime/manga styles so deciding to move into semi-realism meant I really had to get the human anatomy down - no where to hide when you decide to go down this path.  Looking back at the old stuff I did is kinda embarrassing but it's good to acknowledge there has to be a start in any journey and I'm far from reaching my goals still.  We'll get there!

NOTE: these images are cropped for this exercise.  Here is the latest one in full Cammy (Alt 2) by TixieLix 
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