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Brony@Home Protein Folding Poster

A collaboration vector to promote protein folding.

General Information
What is protein folding?
Who is bronyathome?

Credits to the other three people who worked on it
:iconbattlefox: for the sketch of the whole thing
:icontheonewiththeoctaves: for vectoring the back pony
:icononeriusorkhal: for vectoring the ceiling, counters, and floor

I vectored the front pony, the electron beam scanning microscope, and the wall decoration.

This is one heavyweight SVG image that was in the works for a little over a year. Been so long to get it released because everyone that was working on it was busy, including myself.
I will probably be having 1000 or so copies printed in an offset printing. If anyone wants an 11"x17" poster of this, please PM me.

SVG linky:
1920x1080 wall paper:…

Updated 3/7/2015 for minor corrections
Image details
Image size
5100x3300px 1.69 MB
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Whaaa sweeeeeeet! Hard to believe this came from my sketch 0m0 I wanna posterrrrrr
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A lot of people put in a lot of hours to complete it. A good sketch was needed to get started as a guideline for the full detailed version :3

Thanks again for the sketch! If you really want a copy, just PM me. Also there is a chance I will be hoofing these out at babscon 2015, I'll keep everyone updated as I get new information.
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So your username is lysin, huh? Beware of the superuser!
Is that service --status-all?
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Ha, good eye. Yeah it is... and technically it should be root(at)lysin too... after it was basically done I realized this and "meh, hardly anybody knows what linux really is anyway". I more or less made the GUI based on ncurses and some sort of tiling window manager of some sort.. but enh, not that it really matters. If you want to get really technical, I have a bunch of fun headcanon that sweetie belle ended up making the first real operating system thats a lot like all the other *NIX OSs out there. If I could write, that would be a part of my fanfiction... oh well.
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Could I use the lab backaround for a few artworks in that this is the best vector of a lab I have seen in the my little pony format?
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I suppose it depends on what you want to do. I spent a flank ton of hours working on it, adding details in that are not visible in a 17"x11" poster. So... what do you have in mind?
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I was thinking of using as a mad scientist lab in that this is the vector I currently use as a mad scientist lab… and…
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I suppose its alright, just make sure there is credit given.
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