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Published: December 6, 2018
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Yay finally new art! XD This is the first in the group of larger paintings I want to be making this next year, focused on the world building of my comic's world named Taria ^^ While this isn't what I'd really consider "world building", it's in that theme haha

Here is my character Nika'maar, who was previously shown here: Alpha Nika'maar. (character information there should be relatively current) She is a cheetah Alpha, along with my other character Alpha Ra'maar, from my recent comic pages; and the mother of Ti'maar and Lue'maar also in the comic ^^ (In case I didn't explain lately... Alpha basically means she is the Cheetah kingdom's queen, equal in power to the male Alpha :P )
In this painting she enjoys a peaceful bath in her palace, while being attended to by one of her favorite servants :P Who knows what is going through his mind haha

I really like how this turned out, especially since I haven't used this workflow in anything aside my profile icon. Making something this big was the real test haha. So I'll continue to use it in future paintings ^^ Yeah lighting isn't super realistic here, but I wanted it to look cool :P 
Currently I am working on my commissions, and here soon I'll hopefully have a new comic page up! Thanks for the patience everyone! ^^

I hope you enjoy the painting! Let me know what you think and if you have any constructive criticism :P Thanks! ^^
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DukurowHobbyist Writer
I vaguely remember her...isn’t she the one Lue’maar gets his sadistic streak from?
Obligatory “she’s a cat” joke spotted! Keep it classy, m’lady!
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Haha, cats are gonna be cats - even in a bathing pool, they are still going to lick themselves clean. :D It's great to see more art of Nika'maar, she holds herself with the regality of a true queen, even in a casual situation like this one. I really like the attention to detail in this picture, like the ripples in the pool and Nika'maar's wet fur. ;) And the fact that you painted the lynx slave and the cheetah guard with the same detail as Nika'maar is totally awesome! 
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CryoftheBeast Traditional Artist
I love your comics and characters. I think i've read all the comics you've posted so far, but if you have something with more info on this world you've created, i'd love to read it. 
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NovaNocturneProfessional Digital Artist
The perspective in this is lovely, and the rendering for the colors and textures are so immersive!
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regnoartHobbyist Photographer
Doing a little mlem there ;)
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J3susChr1stHobbyist Digital Artist
anthro > furry
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That is one hot lady cat. Emphasis on the lady part.
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Nightfire2006Hobbyist Interface Designer
good job
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this reminds me of the cat people from the quest for glory series
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KellilovestigerHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg this is so pretty
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This is just so precious! Its warm to the heart and the eyes :)
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KeyoteaHobbyist General Artist
Looks like cats in that world are okay with being wet...come to think of it the reason why cats don't really like getting wet is because wet fur slows them down by a large margin.
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want to add that the rhythm of conversation that the comic has is perfect because it does not vomit a ton of information from the world in a few vignettes, it feels natural, and that only makes it more affable with the reader. ... and this of course also allows to develop a comic that unfolds in more pages, turning it into a great big project which I just want to know more about.
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The desire to live your story and interact with the characters being one of the elite cheetah warrior is affecting my life / brain hahaha.
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RussianHackerV2Hobbyist General Artist
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SickAede Digital Artist
Beautiful background and detail work! U w U
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AsaYuriHobbyist Digital Artist
I kinda recognize ur style... I might be talkin bull, but have u done anything for Nordic Fuzzcon at any point? (i maybe am just remembering wrong)
But anyway, niice art! all of ur gallery! Niiice eue
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TitusWeissProfessional Digital Artist
Nope, I've never heard of that ^^ But my style is similar to a few other artists I've seen :)
Thank you! :la:
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AsaYuriHobbyist Digital Artist
Ur cool either way! Keep it up <3<3
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