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Art for me :D

The Cheetah and the Vixen by 0laffson The Cheetah and the Vixen :icon0laffson:0laffson 351 105 Giftcember: A Small Act by TEK427 Giftcember: A Small Act :icontek427:TEK427 19 18 The Serval and the Coyote by 0laffson The Serval and the Coyote :icon0laffson:0laffson 267 141 Run, cheetah! Run! by 0laffson Run, cheetah! Run! :icon0laffson:0laffson 382 88 Sleep, Dream fairy tales... - sketch (FanArt) by DagoKrakus Sleep, Dream fairy tales... - sketch (FanArt) :icondagokrakus:DagoKrakus 7 27
Art done by others for me :D



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Titus Weiss
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-I don't do, requests, trades, etc. Sorry!-

I announce here when commissions are open! Or you can check my website here:


I moderate the comments on my posts ^^

Daily Deviation!

Hello all! ^^ I woke up today to find my drawing (
Arcan) was given a Daily Deviation! :la: It has been a long time since I have had one and it makes me super motivated! XD Thanks to :iconfe-addict: for commissioning it! :D (Also, I've had a flu the past few days and it really helped my mood! ^^ )



Speaking of commissions, I'll be opening up commissions next 
Saturday, November 24th! Slots will be more limited than last time (probably 6 slots) because I need to have most of them done my the end of the year! XD I still have 2 more of the first batch to finish (I haven't even emailed you both in ages -_- ) More slots will open early next year though! ^^ Thanks for being patient everyone!


Where I've been

After my last journal, I ended up taking more time off 
:P I played a lot of Destiny 2 with my younger brothers since it was free on Battlenet, and recently I have really enjoyed playing Battlefield V since it came out for PC on the 9th ^^ It has a lot of glitches still, and isn't even released fully yet, but I have loved it! I've played the battlefield series since Battlefield 3 and this is the most fun I've ever had in the series XD I just hope they get all the bugs fixed and add more content (Like the Americans and Russians :P )


DeviantArt Eclipse

Now, DeviantArt Eclipse! XD I've been trying it out for almost 2 days now... and I love it XD It is very fast (and fresh) on my PC, tablet, and on even my phone (viewed in desktop version). Feels even faster than the old version honestly! I have seen people complain about the lack of custom code on profiles and CSS and stuff like that, but I never used those features. I do hope they consider adding that stuff back in because it kind of sucks to lose such premium features (also because I'd hate to hear all the complaining about it :P ) I am really loving the direction they are taking the site in, and it's so much more enjoyable to look at (Dark Mode :la: ) It will be a bit of a transition for everyone of course, but I hope others will enjoy it as much as I do! ^^


2019 Plans

I've been thinking over my plans for 2019 and I thought I'd mention my goals :D The main things I will be focusing on is comics, commissions, and world building (in my personal works). I've been spending years building my technical skills, and while I always have improvement in my mind, it's time that I focus on applying my skills! Comics, commissions, and world building will be my way of doing that! Specifically in my personal works, I want to focus on more creativity and story. Less of the repetitive portraits and character concepts I have done in the past while have been building my skills XD While they are great for experimentation and practice, it's far too much in my comfort zone. I know it has gotten old too, and I really could do a lot more! I really look forward to it ^^ (and of course, I need MORE drawing in general. I have been very lazy this year and feel extremely guilty about it. NO MORE haha)

That laziness and guilt (and anxiety) has effected more than just my work... comment replies XD I am constantly behind in replies, and have MANY from the last few months I need to get to. So here comes the "me replying to your 4 month old comments" time once again :P Please forgive me! I know I have said it before, but I'm really going to try my best to be more active here and on all my social media sites in 2019. I'm 100% introverted, and a hermit, but that shouldn't totally excuse me from being a part of the community ^^


Anyways thanks for reading! ^^ I hope you all have a great thanksgiving next week (if you celebrate of course) and thank you for all of the love you have given my work! I really appreciate the support! :D


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sweetlilkitty Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I love your art and as a furry i wanted to ask if you could do a ref sheet for me? I got a hyena adoptable a while ago and i fell in love with it! But i didn't feel like it had a lot of detail and it wasn't anthro either! So I got the permission of the creator and i was wondering if you could take the hyena adoptable and make the colors look cleaner and nicer, make it anthro and more realistic because the lineart doesn't really look like a hyena! So please respond and i will send the hyena art and a small desc and could you maybe get me a price range? Also I saw your commissions were closed but i would be delighted if you would put my art on hold so when commissions do open im front in line! thanx for your time! :3
NicnakO44 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  New Deviant Professional Filmographer
Hey there!
Thanks so much for watching <3
TitusWeiss Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you too! Welcome (back) to DA! :D 
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hello, you must be the creator of Taria. Nice meeting you. Noted that the jackal species are, the greybacks(Lupulella mesomelas), side-striped bwehas(Lupulella adustus), and Eurasian golden jackals(Canis aureus). The African golden wolf (Canis anthus) is not only looked a lot like its Eurasian cousin, yet both African and Eurasian golden jackal wolves are more closely related to wolves and coyotes than to greyback and side-striped bwehas, by genetics. I'm so excited about the new pages and episodes coming up. :)
vildedyr Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018
Thank you for nameing all the species relations there. I didn´t know all their names in english. Great to know. ...I also very excited about new pages !  ...cant wait ! XD
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Plus there were 3 more kinds of hyaenids for Taria, besides the spotted, are striped, brown hyenas, and aardwolves. I know the spotted hyena is the biggest hyena species, while the aardwolf is the smallest hyena species, while brown and striped hyenas are the middle-sized hyena species. Otherwise, the brown hyena is sized between spotted and striped, while the striped is sized between brown hyena and aardwolf. You're welcome.
vildedyr Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2018
I must take the minute to congratulate you for the awsome job you are doing. It´s been a while since I went through you gallery, and may I say I would fave all of it. Love every bit. The style, colours, moments, it is like you are able to capture the essence of a world I wish I could live in. ...that distant past ( or even dream ), were life was simpler, and you dressed just properly XD. I wish I could merge with it. ...and there aren´t that meny pics of art that achieve that. Awsome art you have.  

And of course, very few artists draw cheetahs and serval cats ( if Im not mistaken XD )...and even less draw them well.
Irbeus Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018   Digital Artist
Hey, thank you so much for watching me! I love your stuff! La la la la 
BlackStarWolf100 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
I’m definitely sending you a request for a commission in the future. ;)
TitusWeiss Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I look forward to it! ^^
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