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Since the last site was taken down, here is a new link to my brush set!…

Official FB ||…
Official CGHub ||
Official Site ||
Official Livestream ||
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Thank you very much ^^
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Thanks so much for sharing :)
I always love seeing what brushes are used by the greater artists.
I noticed you do live streams as well, I'll be sure to watch them. I can definitely learn a lot from it.
Right now most of my work are just studies.
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you're welcome =)
If you want to follow the livestreams check on my FB page for updates, I announce them there :)
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I don't use facebook anymore :( (long story XD)
Do you announce it in your journal as well?
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unfortunately not; I can't keep track like that, I have to keep updating too many social media, so I've truncated it all to facebook.
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I understand.
Found your facebook ;)
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thanks for sharing! :hug:
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Thanks for letting us know and giving us a new link. I really love your brushes btw. It makes concept art infinitely easier. ;)
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Heh, don't thank me. It's a mashup of a ton of different brushes from different artists, only a few are mine =)
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There's trojan alert when you click 'download' from link with brushes, if tries to open popup window with trojan.
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well, that's kind of odd since I'm using only the .abr file exported from a mac. So, it might be on the site. Don't download it if you don't trust it! Tho, I'm not sure what I can do about it - i had the same problem with megaupload as well for some
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yes, I think it's on the site whitch tries to redirect you to somewhere else when you click on 'download' button. Hopefully my firewall blocked it.
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Oeh, yeah hope so too! Its about enjoying brushes, not wrecking PC's xD
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Ooh nice! Thanks for sharing. :)
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Thanks for sharing. :>
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Thanks for sharing, I rarely use custom brushes but they are usefull sometimes ;)
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I'll check that out :)
Nice of you to share!
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