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Hey everyone!

I have a gumroad tutorial available about 'The art of asking questions' 

Here is the description:

In this video I will be talking about the thought process that most concept artist go through, either consciously or subconsciously. I talk about the questions you need to ask yourself in order to set yourself up to deliver good work. This is not about how to get into the industry but more a realistic look into how the industry works and how to be able to make successful work. There is a video in which I make a 1 hour sketch, compressed at 2.5x speed and the .PSD to come with it. 

Who this is for: People who would like to know more about the process that goes on behind these images and the questions and struggles concept artist face daily

Who this is not for: People curious about the technical aspect of how I create my paintings. It will be in the video but, I don't talk about it and it moves pretty fast!

Make sure to visit some of my other, free content over at my website at or visit  the LevelUp channel on youtube to find more free resources. If you have any questions after this video don't be afraid to ask me on Facebook or to shoot me a mail.


It's time...
From January 12th until February 12th I will be hosting a 1 month online class for 5 people. It will be 2-3 hours per week and will have all the trimmings. Personal review, homework, paintovers you name it.

To sign up please follow this (really hope that works...)
On January 4th I will pick 5 people. I plan to do these classes way more often (this time not with a year in between) if the interest is high enough so everyone can have their turn.

Price: 300 EU

Please leave a comment if I forgot anything or if you have any questions!

Library by TitusLunter
on my tumblr right here:
I know many of you dont have facebook or use it and in an effort to do the same I am moving to Tumblr. I am a lot more active there and hope to see some of you there!
Heya everyone!
I've done an hour and a half live demo for my students and here is the link!…


LevelUp by TitusLunter

Hey there everyone!
Just letting you know that tonight at 7PM CEST I will be a guest on Level Up. I've been invited by the devilishy handsome and crazy talented: :iconjonasdero: :iconwojtekfus: and :icondaroz:
I will be doing a live demo and talking about the game industry and concept art in general. There will be Q&A so prepare any questions you have. The video will be recorded and posted on youtube but for those who want to catch it live check it out here:

More on the Level Up Facebook page here:
Hey everyone!

I've picked the 4 people for my painting class. I had to expand it by 1 because I felt bad because I got so many applications! I still have to disappoint a lot but to those I say not to worry! Im working on a very cheap alternative through Skillshare.

More info on the winners here:

Thanks again for all the support and applications!
Often I get asked what it takes to get into the game industry and, aside from the very obvious 'be good at what you do and know people', you have to have the right attitude to get there. It's a very tough world out there so you have to learn how to roll with the punches. You'll get good feedback, terrible feedback, smack from people you've never even heard of!
It's all about how you handle it and how you move on. Keeping a positive attitude is not always easy but just know that everyone goes through shit times and break down every now and again.
Here was an average day for me before I got work:
11:00 get up
11:05 get breakfast
11:10 get to work
18:00 get food
18:30 back to work
03:30 stop working
04:00 Sleep

It got me down at times but I knew it was all about attitude so I tried to keep positive and push through. Willpower is definitely a finite resource so dont overdo it! Take breaks, get fresh air, relax. I didnt do that enough and I really regret it.

The thing is, it's a rough path but its worth it. Remember you have fellow artists out there who have gone through the same. Feel free to share your thoughts here, we can all help each other out.
Signup by TitusLunter

It took a while but, it's finally time!
I shall be hosting a 4 week online environment concept design class / tutoring for 3 people. It will consist of the following:

- Live demo's. Watch me paint as I do for clients like Ubisoft and Wizards of the Coast 
- Homework assignments with overpaints and crits
- Weekly evaluation of your progress and a customized plan to strengthen your portfolio
- Insights into the industry with Q&A sessions

The roster will be:
Sunday: Overpaints followed by assignment and Q&A (except for the first Sunday which will be a live demo)
Wednesday: Midweek review with feedback on ref, composition, mood and design
Friday: Live demo with Q&A session and general info on the game industry.

To apply simply send me a PM that you are interested. I will select 3 people on Friday the 28th. The course will start Sunday the 2nd of March and will end on Sunday the 30th of March. I will hopefully be hosting more of these in the future, it's a bit experimental for me as well to use this format!

To check out my work visit my website here: 

I'm very excited to finally be able to do this, it's been a long time coming! Please share and spread the word. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

Hugs and Kisses

20 minutes unedited footage of me making 2 thumbnail sketches. Enjoy =)
If the player doesnt work here is the link!…
And for Germany:

Now, You may have seen this on facebook but if you haven't this is how it works:

The first 10 people to comment on this status will receive from me, sometime in the next calendar year, a gift, but it will be a surprise! There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me.
The catch is obviously that those people have to do the same, the whole paying it forward thing - so feel free to do so!

I know its supposed to be a surprise but...The gift will be an Signed Print and the High resolution wallpaper of a yet to be made, exclusive, painting.

Have fun!

Lets start 2013 off proper!

The first 10 people who commented have been selected! Im sorry there was some confusion about this. If you are selected please let me know if you actually want this gift or not, otherwise it goes to the next person in line =)

Gift receivers :
So i check into the hotel in istanbul to check my mail even tho i am on vacation... Which is difficult for me apparently.. And i see the DD. Hah, you guys rule. Thanks so much for sending some love to an older piece. Its taught me a lot!

Have a great day and keep making good art.

Hugs and kisses
- Professional Concept Artist -
Website / CV :

Heya folks!

Wondering if you can see me paint live? Worry no more!
Wondering if you can get some feedback? No problem!
Wondering if I also eat food? You bet!

Tuesday's at 8 P.M GMT+1 (Amsterdam time) - Tune in for Titus Tuesday where I review, paint over, talk about and paint on stuff that you send in!
More info on Facebook!…

I'd embed the video for you guys but I cant... so please go here!…


As some of you may have seen already at GamesCom the project I've been working on for months has finally been announced meaning I can share it with you guys! Hope you enjoy it.

Some more places to read about it:

Since the last site was taken down, here is a new link to my brush set!…

Official FB ||…
Official CGHub ||
Official Site ||
Official Livestream ||

Since I'm doing all this random stuff all over the web I've decided to make my Facebook the spot where I link new video's etc.
I'm not putting all my random doodles on DA so you guys might miss a few since they will only be on Livestream as videos, or if I like 'em enough somewhere else on the web.

Official Facebook link:…
Official Livestream link:

All updates regarding my Vimeo / Livestream will now only be on Facebook (or maybe my shoutbox) - just to keep stuff organized for me. So if you want to see vids, be sure to like / follow me there!

Heya foks,

I´ve been getting a large amount of requests for tutorials, vids and livestream. Due to my crazy weird schedule I dont always have time to do any of those which makes me sadface. So, what I´ve done is made a vid from a random speedpaint and I´ll try to make more as often as I can. When / if my hours ever become normal I´ll start doing livestream as well should you guys wanna check that out (so let me know!)



Official FB ||…
Official CGHub ||
Official Site ||
You can share it here and we'll indulge your pity for a moment haha we can all feel sorry for ourselves every once in a while right?
My bad luck this year? getting my drawing hand smashed by a heavy table leg while trying to assemble it
drawing hand damage assessment: 2 heavily bruised fingers with possible finger tip fractures and 1 regular bruised finger. recovery time est. 2 weeks. But im sure there are people are out there with even a worse deal! share it and we will give u *pats* =D
in the meantime take care and have a great start of 2012!
Heya Folks!

Some exciting news here for all you (tower defense) game lovers.
I'm currently working on a title for Ipad that just got announced!

And you can join in the fun as well since there is a kickass contest involved with an Ipad as the grand prize!
Take a look at the website here:

To stimulate this a bit I will have a little contest of my own as well. Those who facebook or journal this contest will be able to win a commission from me. Pretty nifty huh?
January 2nd I will put all the names in a basket and randomly select the winner. So, facebook and journal away but be sure to post a link to a screenshot or something so I can tell you did it in this journal.

Good luck and have fun!
Heya guys

For those who didn't catch it (like myself haha) my tutorial on Drilling Core is up on 3Dtotal here:…
Thanks for watching and keeping the support up. I'm swamped with freelance stuff atm so I might be a bit slow with the responses =)

One of my pieces was just featured on the front page of 2Dconcept section… . I'd like to thank everyone again for their support. I know its a bit of a cliche, but life as an artist - contrary to how it sometimes can look - is extremely difficult and hard work. It's not all fun and games, since even now I'm struggling to get by! But, thanks to the support of the community, there is no shortage in motivation. So, thanks for keeping me going - I hope I can make a lot more cool artwork for you all to enjoy.

Oh, I'll be posting a little WIP over on 3Dtotal as well of the image Drilling Core (soon-ish I hope) -I'll share some secrets with you guys to how I paint =D.